By the time Jack and Locke got back to the Hatch, Ana Lucia was dead. She died in Jack's arms, struggling on her finals words.

With wondering eyes she managed to ask Locke, "I did my good, right?"

Jack didn't understand, but it was clear to Locke. She didn't care if she died if it meant saving Lily, her guilt and left her empty and alone, the guilt of revenge, of running away, of killing Shannon and fighting pregnant Kate, causing her to loose Lily's twin. She did her good, she saved Lily, hoping as she closed her eyes one last time, that her good deed might fix something she screwed up, that her good deed could let her rest in peace.

Kate couldn't help but cry when she woke up to see Ana Lucia's body laid out on the couch, Libby weakly leaning against Hurley and sobbing as well. Claire silently looked at the floor as a single tear rolled down her cheek. James stood solemn, a million thoughts racing through his mind.

Jack took a deep breath as he walked towards James, his shirt bloodstained, dark circles around his eyes.

Kate held Lily tight to her chest as she slowly walked over to Ana's body, reaching down and touching Ana's left hand which rest on her chest. She couldn't even thank her, couldn't tell her how much it meant to her that she had Lily back.

"She made it as far as she did on pure adrenaline." Jack said to James, who was watching Kate, he looked away, trying to hide the sadness in his eyes.

"She took out three of them. From what she said, they weren't guarding her well. She was going on and on...but it was hard to make out what she said. How she did it..."

"No sense dwellin' on how's or why's..." James sighed. Jack nodded as he too another deep breath.

"We're going to bury her in a few hours."

James nodded.

The funeral was simple, as they had all come to be on the island. They didn't ever have the perfect words to say, and nearly everyone stood silent. Kate and James spoke their thanks and Jack spoke rather highly of Ana. Though she wasn't the most liked person of the group, what she did was honorable, so everyone paid her respects and Claire, Libby and Kate left wildflowers on her grave as Eko prayed.

With every door that closes in life, another door opens somewhere. James and Kate knew this as they walked down the beach, the cool wet sand under their feet and their precious baby girl asleep in James' arms. With every birth there was a new life, a new beginning, with each soul set free another could come and be linked to its flesh. Aaron's birth saw the death of Boone, Ki-Min was conceived as Bonne's soul left, soon followed by his step sister, Shannon and Ki-Min's birth saw the end of the love triangle that once existed between Jack, Kate & Sawyer. Lily's birth brought forth new beginning's for James & Kate, and the death of Ana Lucia, whose emptiness was finally ended as she lay in the could earth, redeemed by her good dead & sacrificing her own life for Lily's. Everything, including Life, has an end, a good movie, a good book, a first kiss & the sweet gift of life itself. They counted their blessings that day, said a few prayers and hoped like little children that death wouldn't come lurking around again anytime soon.

Kate & James stopped, Kate wrapping her arm around his waist, she turned and smiled through her tears and they both turned and stared, beyond the sea.


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