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Last Time: "Bye Shrimp." Misao said while ruffling his hair. Yahiko glared at her.

"Have a good day at school Yahiko-kun." Kaoru said with a smile. Yahiko rolled his eyes and waved them off.

"Oh, go to work you two…I'll see you after school." Yahiko said before walking off to get his things together. Misao smirked at Kaoru and they linked arms as the left, Aoshi and the others falling in behind them.

Misao and her sister were walking downthe street on their way to their cafe, the four men following behind them. The buildings lining the street gradually became nicer and in better repair. She and her twin did indeed live in the slums.

She was still trying to forget the embarrassment of this morning. But it seemed as it was not meant to be when she heard Aoshi come up behind her. She stiffened slightly as she waited to hear his reprimand.

"Misao, just what were you think?! Coming out in a towel!" Aoshi said harshly. Misao looked at him sheepishly over her shoulder, shrugging.

"Uh, obviously, I wasn't." She said flippantly. Aoshi looked angry, icy. She winced his expression and turned back around. She knew Aoshi was about to continue his triad so she looked around desperately for a distraction. That was when she saw Megumi.

She grinned and let go of Kaoru's hand and waved excitedly. "Kitsune-chan!" She called gleefully. That woman's timing was perfection itself.

Megumi had been walking in their direction to walk with them the rest of the way to their work and she looked up at her call. A bright foxy grin spread across her face but she did not pick up her pace. She was annoying that way.

Misao did pick her pace up a bit and she knew her twin was rolling her eyes good naturedly at her antics.

She caught up to Megumi in a short time and they embraced for a moment and then stood there why they waited for Kaoru and the men to catch up.

Kaoru had lengthened her stride slightly so she caught up after only a small while. She hugged Megumi in greeting and then she turned to watch the men with Misao and Megumi. None of the men had deemed it necessary to pick up their paces at all so they took a little longer to arrive. Megumi grimaced in disgust when she saw Sanosuke leering at her and she turned away with an exaggerated flounce.

Misao rolled her eyes, and linking her right arm with Megumi's left, she proceeded down the street. Kaoru covered her mouth with a hand and chuckled as she turned to follow her twin and friend. The men fell in step behind them.

"Don't think you can change the subject so easily Misao-chan…" Aoshi said coldly from behind them. Misao winced and tightened her hold on Megumi. The taller woman turned her head to glance down at her with a mischievous grin on her face and Misao felt the sudden urge to have the earth open up beneath her and swallow her.

"Nani? What, exactly, is the subject Misao-chan is so desperate to change?" She asked with a deceptively soothing purr. Misao flinched and attempted to pull her arm free but Megumi tightened her hold and bent down to leer in Misao's face.

"What did you do Misao-chan?" She demanded softly with a foxy grin. Misao choked and ducked her head as she looked pleadingly at Kaoru.

Kaoru shook her head and she smirked. Misao wilted as she realized that Kaoru was not going to protect her; and Megumi would worm the morning's events out of her (or one of the men, they certainly would enjoy her mortification) and then she would never let her ever forget it. Her life as she knew it was over.

"Oh, not a thing really… the nit simply decided to walk out into the main room clad in nothing but a towel while I, Yahiko, and the men were there. That's all." Kaoru supplied casually. Misao winced back and looked up at Megumi from beneath her long lashes. Megumi's face was blank for several seconds before she broke out into gales of laughter.

"I cannot believe you Misao! The things you do!" Megumi chuckled and Misao bowed her head in chagrin.

"It was hilarious." Kaoru spoke dryly as she slung an arm over Misao's shoulders. Misao cringed.

"I'll never hear the end of this will I…" She mused hopelessly.

"Never." Was the unified response of all her companions. Misao felt doom descend upon her.

"So this is what hell is like…" She mused to herself in despair.

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