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Chapter 3

"Harry get up," said a voice

"mgmmphh go away," replied a boy

"You leave me no other choice, torntipula!" (that's a tickling spell :D)

"Ahahahahahahaha! I'm up, I'm u-Hahahahaha!"

"Finally we have to go get our stuff from Diagon Alley today, we may even run into those exchange students we were told about," said a tall redheaded boy. The boy who had just woken up was Harry Potter, the savior of the wizarding world by killing Lord Voldemort, however, Voldemort was not dead. He actually was just brought back to life a little over a year ago. The other boy was his best friend, Ron Weasley with flaming red hair.

"Even if we met them they probably won't speak English that well," said Harry as he got dressed. He had been hearing rumors about guards that would be at Hogwarts this year and remembered the Dementors.

"Boys? Are you all ready?" cried Mr. Weasley, He had flaming red hair like all Weasley's.

"Sure thing Dad," said Ron

"Well come down, were leaving in a minute." Said Mr. Weasley. Ten minutes later the boys were down and dressed. They walked over to the fireplace, took some floo powder in their hands. Ron dropped it into the fireplace said "Diagon Alley" and disappeared in a plume of flames. Mr. Weasley, Harry, and Ginny followed soon after.

"Oh crap, my glasses broke," said Harry

"What's all the whining for? Were wizards remember? Reparo!"

"We should probably find your mother before we go and get your things," suggested Mr. Weasley.

Arthur! I've been looking all over for you!" said Mrs. Weasley as she came into view.

"Wow that sure is convenient," thought everyone. Harry noticed two boys following Mrs. Weasley and realized that they must be the new students. One had spiky blonde hair and wore a black t-shirt with a orange spiral on the back with baggy black pants. The other had black hair with onyx eyes and had a look that said "get the hell outta my face." (I suck at clothing descriptions so use your imagination) 4 hours later everyone had all of their stuff and were ready to go to Hogwarts! When the Golden Trio had bought all of their things they decided to go take a look at the new students.

"Hello my name is Harry Potter, what is yours," Harry asked in a very polite fashion. Harry is a very polite person.

"Uzumaki Naruto," the blonde one said.

"Uchiha Sasuke," said the other one. Their cold nature made Harry back off.

"Um, what time are we going to Kings Cross?" asked Harry

"8:30," replied Mrs. Weasley. Harry couldn't think of anything else to talk about so he waited until they got to the fireplace.

"The guards aren't coming with us?"

"No, they will get their on their own and will stay at the Leaky Cauldron tonight, but you'll see them tomorrow on the train.


"I hope this mission ends soon, I'm already bored," said ANBU hawk, aka Sasuke in Japanese

"C'mon Sasuke it's pretty fun, with all of the new shops and things to buy. I think that the broomstick thing is pretty retarded though."

"Those people will never get me on those thin" he was cut off from the door opening and 4 wands pointing at them.

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