Naminé felt like a bug on the wall. She was utterly bored, waiting to be commanded to do something, sketchbook open and waiting to feel the scrawl of a pencil against it's rough paper surface.

Idly, she began to sketch a face. A simple circle for the main part with a branching triangle to form an egg-shaped head. Letting her mind wander, she flicked the pencil across the paper, and soon found herself drawing Marluxia. She half-wondered why in god's name she had drawn Marluxia, but her hand continued to move, despite her blank brain.

As she watched her hand form a sort of drawing, she realized that she had drawn a giant bird under Marluxia. "…Emu?" Naminé blinked at the drawing, even as her hand continued to move. One of Marluxia's fists was thrust into the air, holding a giant hammer.

Beside the bird, the man and the hammer she doodled a little square shape, and wrote the word 'Gazebo Shop - Marluxia works here' over the square. The entire drawing made her want to smack her head against the wall, and she laughed. It was pretty stupid. As if Marluxia would ever ride an emu to work with his hammer.

Upon hearing a noise at her door, she lifted her head.

Oh god.

Marluxia threw the hammer at Naminé, and it broke the wall just to the side of her. "NEVER DRAW ME AGAIN." He then rode off, down the hall on his emu.

Naminé burst into a fit of giggles.

Castle Oblivion was better than LSD!