Roy/Ed; future domestic fluff.

Warnings for shonen-ai and language.

Obligatory disclaimer: I do not own FMA. That's probably a good thing.


Ed ignored him.


"Yes, Al, it's a very nice kitty."


"Okay, okay, sheesh," Ed grumbled to the small boy on his back. "I'll take you to go see the damn kitty."

"Damn Kitty!"

Fuck, now Roy's really going to kill me, Ed thought, carrying his young son into the pet shop. He stopped in front of the kitten display, one small ball of coal-black fuzz lying just beyond the glass. Ed then proceeded to give every mother around mild heart attacks as kneeled down, flipping the toddler off his shoulders and down onto his bent knee.

"Look, Al, you see? There's the kitty. It's a nice kitty, just like the four you already have at home. We don't need another kitty. Papa Roy's not too happy about the ones we have."

The boy looked up at him, lip quivering, red eyes brimming with tears. "Papa, kitty?"

Ed winced. The kid was barely over a year old, and already had the blonde completely wrapped around his chubby finger. Ed and Roy had adopted the Ishbalan orphan when he was only 3 months old. When they had gone to the orphanage, they had been intending on getting an older child. The woman had just stared at the men when they made their request that the child be 'housebroken'. Roy had chatted with the woman about the particulars of the adoption while Ed had wandered off, finding himself in an empty passageway. A faint cry was issuing from a door further down the hall, and when no one appeared, Ed had opened the door to investigate.

Alone in the room, wailing from his cradle was a small baby with dark skin and a tuft of dark hair. The little boy's eyes were screwed shut as he sobbed, and when still no one came, Ed reached down and took the baby into his arms.

The crying had stopped immediately, and the man was thusly hooked. It had taken a lot of convincing to get Roy to agree, and there was a great deal of extra red tape involved in the adoption process since the child was so young, but Alphonse Elric-Mustang soon became an irreplaceable part of their small family.

It had started out hard; neither man really knew what he was doing, domesticity never having been a strong point for either. Their schedules posed a problem, also; it had been a major reason for wanting to adopt an older child. But with the baby came the joy of him having known no other parents, and hiring a nanny took care of the problem of the men's jobs.

Although finally having reached his goal of becoming Fuehrer allowed Roy some flexibility of schedule, it also meant many more responsibilities, along with a good deal of paperwork that he really should sign. Ed, on the other hand, still worked for the Military as a research Alchemist. Along with his long-restored brother and help from colleagues from Xing, massive strides were being made in the field of Medical Alchemy.


Ed sighed. "I'm sorry, Al, but I'm going to have to say no. You've gotten me into enough trouble this week with your kitties. Roy nearly killed me when he found the couch all scratched up. Humph, I don't know what he was so mad about, I fixed it fine, but Papa Roy's been in a bit moody lately. So, no, Al. No kitty."

The little boy stared at him, only really comprehending the last few words.

"Al no kitty?"

"No kitty."

The lip began to tremble again, tears spilling from wilting eyes.

"I love you, Papa," he said in his baby voice, pressing his tear-streaked face against Ed's chest.

Ed grumbled as he paid for the cat, who was curled up safely in a carrier. He tossed the boy back up onto his shoulders, holding him steady with his unoccupied hand, chubby fingers holding tight to golden hair.

They made their way out of the pet shop, blinking as they stepped into the bright sunlight.

"You sure live up to your namesake, kid. At least Uncle Al only brought home strays, he didn't have me spending money on them. You sure you're not related to us? I swear there must be some Elric blood in you. Maybe that bastard Hoenhiem had an Ishbalan lover at some point, he sure had long enough…" Ed mused, talking mostly to himself.

"Bastard, Bastard!"

"Great, now you're really going to get me into trouble. You want me sleeping on the couch tonight? Huh?"

The boy just giggled, continuing to play with his father's ponytail.

"Edward, just what is that you're carrying?" a voice called from behind them.

"PAPA!" Al shrieked, launching himself from his perch on Ed's shoulders and into Roy's arms.

"You tell me, Roy, he's your son," Ed replied, tilting his head up to meet his husband for a greeting kiss. "I'd say it's your fault for teaching our child to manipulate me so well."

Roy glanced behind him, following Ed's eye line to the store down the block. "You didn't…"

"Papa, KITTY!"


"Come on, Roy, how could I say no?" Ed gave his best I'm-sorry-please-forgive-me-you-can-spank-me-later-if-you-want-to look. "Besides, isn't she cute?" He held the carrier so that the man could peer inside. Bright green eyes stared back at him.


Roy sighed. "I'm never forgiving your brother for giving us that first cat, I swear."

There was a honk, and both men glanced over as Havoc pulled over to the curb.

"Alright, boys, let's go," Roy declared, opening the door and strapping Al into his car seat. He then sat up front with Havoc as Ed slid into the backseat.

"Home, sir?" Havoc asked, flicking his cigarette out the open window.

"Right," he said, pulling out into the traffic. "So, Boss, what's in the box there?"

"It's another cat," Roy grumbled before Ed could answer.

"Another one? That makes, what, four, now?"


"Kitty damn bastard kitty!" Al announced proudly to all.

Ed turned scarlet.


"I'm sorry, Roy!" Ed stammered, putting his hand over the squirming boy's mouth. "I don't mean for him to… OUCH!"

"What now, Ed?"

"He BIT me!"

Roy sighed and shook his head. Even at thirty years old, Ed was still in some ways the same teenager he had fallen in love with.

"Then keep your fingers away from his teeth. Or at least use your other hand."

"Thanks for your concern, Honey," Ed mumbled sarcastically, sucking on his injured finger.

"Honey, kitty, honey, kitty, kitty, honey," Al sang, wiggling his finger through the front of the carrier and babbling happily the rest of the ride home.