Our Wicked Lies…

Chapter 1: The Resolution

"Are you sure he is ready for this, daughter?" Lao Shi-more commonly referred to as grandpa-asked. He stared at his daughter with worry in his jet black eyes. Her face looked a bit tauter and paler than usual.

"Yes, father. We have been married for fifteen years now. He deserves to know what his children are." She said with determination in her dark eyes. She nervously tucked a piece of raven hair behind her ear.

"I just hope he takes it well. We both know he can be-well-a bit…jumpy at times." Her father nodded his head in response.

"There shall be no more secrets in the Long home after tonight!" Mei Long said, feigning a smile. Little did she know, there were many secrets in the Long household…

When Jake Long returned home from school that day, he found his mother in an anxious mood. "What's up, mom?" He asked. She walked over from her pacing in front of the television, and sat down on the couch.

"Your grandfather and I have decided that it is time to tell your father about the whole, dragon thing." Mei stammered. "Do you want to be here?"

"'Course mom, I'll be happy to help." Jake stated encouragingly. His mother had finally resolved to tell his dad after thirteen years, and he was not going to let her change her mind. She smiled thankfully at her son, and jumped up when she saw her husband come in.

"Well, howdy-dowdy, Longs!" Scott, Jake's father, said energetically to Jake and his mom. "How was your day?" He asked no one in particular.

"Oh, fine, honey, fine." Mei stuttered. She brushed off her Chinese pink top, and told her husband, "We have to talk."