This is a fic telling the known history of my character from RPG-The War Within. I'm doing this because I'm hoping to shine some light on him, for anyone who's even mildly interested, enjoy


Lightning split the sky above Cybertron City. The two gaurds made some small attempt to shelter themselves from the pouring rain. The older of the two, a war vetran who had fought for the decepticons, turned to his companion, a young transformer, created after the truce was instated.

''Slagging earth weather. I'll be glad to get back to Cybertron, especially with the celebrations coming in a few months''

The younger mech smiled at his partner, ''Careful old timer, your not as young as you used to be. Doubt you'd be up for any, ah, celebrating''.

''You don't know what your talking about. More then once I-''. He stopped in mid-sentance, looking past the young mech. He had a stunned look on his face. The young mech turned to see what had caught the old warriors attention. As he turned all he saw was darkness...or was it. He thought he could make out a stocky, shadowy figure. The, there was a red glow. What looked like a pair of optics flared in the dark. The guards raised their guns, unsure of what to do. Since the war ended, guard duty had become one of the most routine assignments. And now something unkown was outside the gates. The older mech moved infront of his companion, and slowly moved towards the glowing eyes. Suddenly there was a flash of lightning, and a figure was illuminated. A metallic form stood in the rain. It had to be a transformer, but neither of them had ever seen it before. It was a beast transformer, its alt mode a large lion type animal. It had a brown body, with a black head. It possed enormous, bulked up shoulders. From its upper jaw, two large sharp looking teeth hung down. As the guards watched it turned its head from one to another, a low growl coming from its mouth. The two moved forward slowly. The vetran pointed his gun at the unkown mech and said, ''Alright, I want to know who you are and what your doing here''. The beast mech merely watched them, growling softly.

''I said identify yourself, unless you want to end up scrap''.

The cat transformer looked at the him, and then reared up on its hind legs. the claws on its fore legs flipped up, and two silver hands came down. Its shoulders broke up, flipped to the side and settled above its arms. The feline head placed itself between the shoulders, the mouth opened wide and a face dropped down to fill the gaping maw. It possesed dark red optics. The bot raised its hand to the side of its head and held it for a moment. It looked at the two guards, opened its mouth, but it suddenly seemed weak. It stood, shaking for a moment, but seem to lose its strength, and collapsed. The guards rushed up, the younger activating his comlink.

''Come in, come in, this is the gurads assigned to the front gate. We have an unkown mech. Its a male, and its collapsed. We need assistance. Bring a medic. Quickly''.

The two guard stood, and looked at each other. Another bolt of lightning flashed in the sky, and in the light they could see damage that had been invisible in the dark. Metal plates had been ripped off and exposed wires could be seen throughout his body. On the top of the cats head, between the feline eyes was a tattered looking autobot symbol, the same symbol could be seen on the robots chest. The warrior looked back at the mech.

''Where the slag did this autobot come from, and what in Primus happened to him''.