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Run the Risk

Tenten's Point of View.

I liked my guy friend more than I had ever met before. He was Neji.
One night, my best friend, Sakura, tried to get us both to confess who we each
other had feelings for, but I said 'No one' and that's what Neji said too. I wanted t
o tell him how I really felt, though… it was like one of those feelings that you just need
to get out of your system. But we were outside and it was getting dark, so we decided
to all go home.

Neji was down the street and almost to his house when I started running toward him.
I knew this was it; this was the time when I was going to be brave and bold, which I
normally am not.

When I caught up to him at his house, I grabbed his arm. We stood there for a second
and he asked me, 'What?' I looked at him and said, 'I lied to you. I told you I didn't like
anyone.' He said, 'Well then, who do you like?' and I answered, 'You.' We just stood there
and he stared at me. I wanted to die. I really wanted to leave and I swore I felt a tear coming
to my eye and I started to turn away.

What happened next changed me forever. He said, 'To tell you the truth, I love you.' The next thing
I knew, he grabbed my hand and pulled me to his front porch. He said, 'I've wanted to do this forever,'
and he wrapped his arms around me and gave me my first kiss. I couldn't have been happier. And we've
been dating for two years till now!