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Chemistry Class

Ino's Point of View

I had a crush on my friend Shikamaru and he told me one day over IM that he liked me too!
The next day at school was so awkward; we didn't know what to say to each other. We agreed
to talk before class, but we didn't meet up until right before the bell rang. I went to grab my things
for class, and he took my stuff, saying he would walk me there. Then he took my hand. I didn't
want to look at him-I couldn't stop blushing! When we got to my class, I hugged him and said 'Bye',
but he didn't let go. I finally looked at him in the eyes and he said, 'Ino, I would love it if you would
honor me by being my girlfriend.' I jumped forward and hugged him and said, 'Yes!' He kissed me
right then and there, and everyone in my class saw what happened. I know I'll never forget that day;
it was great!