AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is all just going to be short little blurbs that I think up randomly. Inspired COMPLETELY out of envy for KouenTaisai, who writes the most wonderful drabbles I've ever read! KT read this for me and said to post it... so I did. I'm such a little lemming!


If the rain would only stop, everything would be better. That was all he wanted right then. No food or drink, just for the rain to stop. Because then, maybe, Sanzo would smile or talk or do SOMETHING other than look ready to die any minute. He didn't want Sanzo to die, not ever.

An eight-year-old Goku glared up into the blackend sky, letting the rain fall into his eyes and slip through his hair. "STOP RAINING," he shouted, stomping his bare foot right into a puddle. All he got was more rain. Nobody was listening up there.