Same Day, New Problems

The day had come that Hakkai had been dreading since the start of their journey. He smiled through the sweat dripping down his back, trying hard to avoid the questioning golden eyes searching for a logical answer. Where was Sanzo for a time like this? Goku was his charge after all! Why did he have to be the one explaining the foil wrapper in Goku's hand? Or the piece of latex that was unwound and dangling between his fingers. Later, he would castrate Gojyo with a tiny chi ball. Then, he would force him to tell every lady from there to India that he was a eunich and unable to service them in a manly fashion. Yes... he would do that. And Sanzo wouldn't mind at all.

"So, Hakkai? What is it?" Goku asked again, waggling the unfurled condom in front of his eyes.

"How, um... how did you come by that, Goku?" he asked with a gentle laugh.

"Gojyo said he had some candy in his bag, so I went ta get it. I thought this was it, but it isn't. It looks kinda like a... well... I dunno what. That's why I'm askin' you."

"It's a, ah... balloon?"

Goku arched a brow and regarded the clearish piece of latex dubiously. "A balloon?" he repeated doubtfully, eyes narrowing suspiciously. "Why does Gojyo have a buncha balloons?"

"Oh, you know... for celebrating," Hakkai lied quickly. "See, he was planning to save them for Sanzo's birthday, but I guess he didn't hide them well enough."

"Oh... okay. Thanks, Hakkai!"

Later that night, when Sanzo found his room decorated with blown up condoms and Gojyo couldn't find a condom to save his life, Hakkai very discreetly snuck down to the bar to avoid the impending fireworks. True, he normally didn't like to leave Goku in the middle of things, but he already knew how this would pan out.

Sanzo would start shouting at Goku.

Goku would whine and say he found the 'balloons' in Gojyo's bag.

Gojyo would then come streaking down the stairs with an angry monk on his heels.

He would be sitting quietly in a corner of the bar with some warm sake, watching the drama unfold while Hakuryuu cooed in alarm.

And they would all live (hopefully) for the next day, to create and face more problems.