Chapter 16

Hiro got up and paced around the house, it had been five weeks since his return home. And today was a day he wasn't looking forward to. Well, he was looking forward to it because he was going to see K whom he hadn't seen since his return home. But at the same time he was going to have to watch him go. Today K was returning to the States. Butterflies swirled in his stomach and he was so restless.

"Geez, Hiro what are you so antsy about?" Yuuji wondered walking into the livingroom and switching on the TV.

Hiro looked at his brother who'd decided to stay with his parents, at their request. He hadn't told his brother of the things that had happened on the island. How he'd fallen in love to a man that was leaving to the other side of the world today!

"You know, you were right about the rain coming today Hiro. How did you know that? The sun was shinning bright this morning," Yuuji said sprawling out on the couch. "Say why don't you take a load off and chill out bro…play your guitar or something. You've only just stared at it since you got back." Yuuji spoke once more.

He still couldn't believe that his parents had bought him a new guitar. A beautiful ivory coloured electric guitar. It was as if they were encouraging him to play music instead of their customary ridicule of it. "I can't," Hiro said distantly. He couldn't because his heart was beating to fast and he couldn't concentrate. Because today felt like this was the last time he was ever going to see K!

Then a knock came to the door.

Hiro almost tripped on his sprint to answer it first. He took a deep breath and hauled the door open. There stood K, dressed in casual clothes and a trench coat. Only his coat was wet and his sunglasses spotted with water. It was still raining.

"Why don't you have an umbrella?" Hiro wondered.

K took off his glasses, "The rain feels good."

Hiro understood, when he wasn't fidgeting around, he watched the rain today too. It was soothing. He spotted the cab waiting on the street. "Are Judy and Michael waiting for you?"

"Actually Judy couldn't wait for my papers to be in order and left two days ago…her work is very important. You know how it is," K said with a shrug.

"HIROSHI why not let the man into the house and out of the rain!" hollered his mother.

"Oh man I'm such a dweeb, come in K at least for few minuets," spoke Hiro with a shaky voice.

K flashed his eyes at him when he heard Hiro's voice. "Can we be alone for a few minutes? I paid the cab good money to give me some time," K wondered.

"We can go to my room. Mom I'm just going to show K something in my room," Hiro said loudly and looked at K, "Come on."

K took off his shoes and followed Hiro but he didn't take off his coat.

Hiro noticed that right away and sighed. They went upstairs and down the hall to a door with a poster of Van Halen on it. "Had this since I was in highschool," Hiro said indicating the poster. His parents never changed his old bedroom.

"Eddie Van Halen, one of the best guitarist's in the world. Great band, too bad they never kept the original singer though," K mentioned shutting the door behind him. He scanned the room quickly before looking back at Hiro.

"That's what I thought!" Hiro exclaimed animatedly.

Then they both fell silent and watched each other.

K stepped closer and touched Hiro's face, cupping one side in his palm. His hand moved through his hair, "You've dyed your hair all back to red."

"Yea…" Hiro whispered. Quickly as if time were suddenly the enemy he briskly embraced K, wrapping his arms around him like a vice. He buried his face into K's wet coat, feeling strong arms enveloping around him. "K," he said his throat threatening to squeeze off all his words as tears tried to push forth. "I don't want you to go..." he urged.

K pet Hiro's hair while holding him close but he lifted Hiro's chin to look at him. What met his eyes made K sigh heavily, "Aww Hiro, don't cry." He wiped the tears away with his thumbs. But then K looked all serious and he said softly yet directly, "Just tell me you love me Hiro and come with me." K held out an extra ticket, "I love you Hiro and only you…please just take it."

Hiro was stunned for a moment, he hadn't thought of this and his fingers took the ticket. He stared at it when suddenly all the what "ifs" swirled in his mind. What about his parents? What about Shuichi? What if he was making a mistake! Hiro was scared, this was worse than choosing music over education. K offered him some hope but Hiro couldn't. "I can't K…I just can't," Hiro offered curtly, his fists clenched in the worst hurt ever.

Unable to read the emotion on K's face, Hiro closed his eyes when their lips met with trembling breaths. K kissed him so gently and once more they wrapped their arms around each other. When they pulled apart K said, "It's alright Hiro…I understand. But I'm afraid I have to go." K looked down closing his eyes and whispered, "Good bye Hiroshi."

Without another glance K opened the bedroom door and closed it softly behind him. Hiro ground his teeth together as his chin threatened to quiver with sobs. He listened to the footfalls on the stairs, a brief pause, and then the front door open and close. But in a flash, Hiro flew out of his bedroom and raced down the stairs. He ran to the livingroom window, splitting the blinds apart in time to see K getting in the cab. The view was blurry from the rain on the window, but also from the tears that wouldn't stop spilling from his eyes.

With the heaviest heart K sat in the back of the cab. He couldn't even look back at Hiro's house as it disappeared behind him. He'd placed his sunglasses back on, only to hide the anguish on his face. At his sides, he fisted his hands, as if trying to grasp the memory of Hiro in his arms and hold it there forever. K couldn't remember feeling so much melancholy in his life. Maybe he shouldn't have tortured himself by coming here; maybe it would have been easier if he'd just left.

He sighed; no he could never have done that. He could never have left without seeing Hiro one last time. This also concluded that he could never return to NG, it'd be impossible to see Hiro's face…that would be too painful.

But why? Why couldn't Hiro say he loved him? It was written all over the man's face! It was the reason he'd bought a ticket for Hiro, he had to at least try. But it all came back to Hiro's question on the island that day…"You know you and me…me and you. What kind of match do we make?"

And what had he said, that it was just about having fun. What a moron! It was never just about having fun, it was much grander than that! The misery wasn't that he'd lost a lover but his best friend...

It seemed as if the cab driver was a magician, because before he knew it he was pulling into the airport. He parked at the terminal for international departures. K stepped out of the car and grabbed only one bag, just a few clothes he'd picked up while in Tokyo. It also contained the new Sig X-five that Judy bought for him. K still hadn't even loaded the gun, but he had his license again for carrying one. From his work with the Secret Service he gained diplomatic immunity, which allowed him to be armed even in an airport. K also knew that he could've had strings pulled to allow him to go home sooner but he didn't want to leave Tokyo so fast. So he waited the old fashioned way.

Shouldering the backpack, he headed towards a service desk.

A hand was placed on Hiro's shoulder and Yuuji spoke, "Why did you let him go?"

Hiro spun around and grabbed Yuuji by the shirt viciously, "Because he wants me to go to America with him! I can't leave everything behind, what if it's all one big mistake!"

Yuuji only shook his head and looked down calmly at his brother clinging to his shirt, "Did it feel like a mistake on that island Hiro? Rather, didn't it feel like one right now? What an idiot you are, life is about making mistakes! How many times do I have to tell you to live your life how you want to and be happy? You tell everyone else that but you don't practice what you preach? Mom and Dad aren't going anywhere, I'll always be here for you and so will Shuichi. I mean you guys aren't starting up the band right away are you? Why not take a year off and learn to live again?" Then Yuuji plucked the ticket out of Hiro's fisted hand and looked it over.

Letting what his older brother said sink in, Hiro stood still gripping his shirt, "I did live Yuj, I lived more than you'll ever know on that island. In some ways I never wanted to come back! I love him Yuuji why couldn't I just tell him? Damn, I just let him go…"

"Then go after him Hiro, you might not get a second chance," Yuuji told his brother.

Hiro's parents saw the man that was stranded with their son leave the house. They had no idea about the level of friendship and love Hiro had with him. But they watched all afternoon how crazy their son had become. Just when they thought it was all nerves they watched from the kitchen entrance silently as their youngest son stood crying at the window. Hiro never saw them as he yelled at Yuuji and they talked. The things that Yuuji said was so honest and mother and father looked at each other sadly. They knew what they had to do.

"Hiroshi?" went his father's voice.

Hiro let go of Yuuji and wore a look like he just realized his parents were here the whole time. He couldn't look them in the eye.

"I've heard enough Hiro. Your brother is right," his father said quietly.

With a surprised lift to his eyebrow Hiro blinked stupefied, "What?"

Then his mother, who at one point would have gone crazy about such a thing, saying that her son was corrupt nodded in agreement. "I'll be honest I don't want you to leave again Hiro but you have been through so much. It wouldn't be fair for us to hold you back," she said.


"I think their trying to say get out of here brother," Yuuji offered with a small laugh.

Hiro went to hug his parents and asked, "Are you sure?"

They nodded and his mother said, "Hiro you'll always have a home here." And his father added, "You better hurry don't you think?"

He couldn't believe this; his parents had changed so much in two years. Humph, two years of thinking he was dead. Hiro sighed, time had changed everyone not just him and K. He looked from his parents to his brother who always stood by him, but his eyes landed on something on the coffee table.

Yuki's book!

It suddenly hit him! He was like Naoki, the moron that almost let Miharu out of his life forever. No! Hiro realized he HAD to chase K and confess his love. He had to tell him before he got on that plane! Before he lost him forever…

"Quickly go grab your new passport and all your new documents," Yuuji urged, "I'll drive you there, lets use your old motorbike. Of course I've kept it in top shape."

Breaking into a huge grin, Hiro nodded and raced upstairs to gather a few things. On his dresser he saw the seashell necklace K made for him and grabbed it. But he hesitated; he wasn't returning to the island, he was returning to the man. It was time to move on from that island and find himself all over again. Slowly he placed the necklace back on the dresser and left the room.

Tossing on his jacket and slipping into runners, his brother thrust a helmet into his hands and he put it on. Hiro grabbed one more thing and stuffed it in his inside pocket. Then he kissed both his parents and told them he'd call them often. Hiro climbed up behind Yuuji and held on as they sped out of the driveway. Yuuji didn't hold back he drove way over the speed limit and weaved in and out of traffic. The motorcycle was perfect and once his brother drove up onto the sidewalk to avoid a red light.

Hiro wasn't freaking out; he was cheering Yuuji on and looking around for cops, getting pelted with rain. It felt so good, he opened his visor and closed his eyes and let the rain splatter on his face, it stung a little but he felt alive.

"Hang on!" Yuuji yelled.

"Just don't kill us brother!" Hiro clamoured.

K didn't have to check any luggage and looked at his watch. His plane was leaving in half an hour. With a sarcastic snort, he removed the watch and put it in his pocket. They'd be calling to board very soon, although he wondered if there would be delays due to the rain. He turned to look out the large paneled windows and saw that the rain just seemed to have stopped; a sliver of sunlight was breaking through. Hrmph no delays, he thought with dismay. In so many ways he didn't want to go. He knew Judy would try and press the marriage issue again, K didn't think he was ready for all that right now. But he wondered if in time he'd just give in for Michael's sake.

The speakers announced his plane was ready to be boarded.

Shaking off his thoughts he headed for the gate to board the plane that awaited him.

Yuuji skidded to a stop outside of international departures. "Hurry Hiro!" he hollered and Hiro almost took off still wearing the helmet. He stopped and yanked off the helmet and threw it at his brother who caught it. "I love you Yuuji, wish me luck!"

Hiro scampered into the airport and looked around sort of like a mad man. He looked everywhere for K's blond head but he couldn't see it. Man how was he going to find him in this crowd! He ran up and down the lengthy departure building, he almost tackled some tall blond foreigner who he mistakenly thought was K.

"K!" he yelled.

But no one responded except the security guards. Hiro's eyes widened as two big Japanese guards, armed and looking sternly at him, walked closer. Shit! He tried to explain and said excitedly, "I'm looking for a friend, he's either on a plane or about to board it. I have something important to tell him!"

"Why don't you calm down first and come with us to the office," said one of the security guards calmly.

Crap! They think he's crazy; they are only going to detain him he thought. He felt cornered, frantically Hiro stuck his hand into jacket. "Don't come any closer, I have a gun," he warned and the men stopped.

"Hey aren't you that guy from that band…"

"Shut up Akio! He's gone mad," said the other guard.

"Yup, I've lost my mind now back off!" Hiro threatened and looked around quickly. He saw a main office and someone just coming out of it. Maybe he could find the announcement system in there. He bolted for the door and heard the pursuit of the guards behind him. He managed to shut it and it clicked with its automatic locking system. But the guards would be in here in a second, Hiro saw only one woman at a desk and hauled her up by the arm, "Show me were the announcement room is!" She screeched and began to point to the left corner of the room. "Look I'm sorry, I have to find someone. I can't let him leave before I tell him that I love him. Please," begged Hiro, "I'm not really armed I only did that to fool the guards, I swear it!"

The woman blinked at him like he was indeed crazy, but crazy in love. The guards where just opening the door.

"Stop right there!" one yelled.

"Don't move guys or he'll shoot me!" cried the woman and cut Hiro a look.

He sighed in relief, she was playing along. But he continued to hold her by the arm and lead her to the announcement room. He kept his hand in his jacket pocket like a gun and the guards couldn't do squat. There was one person in the announcement room currently talking into the microphone. The man finished quickly and turned around in shock. The woman spoke to him quickly and quietly. The guards were looking on and one was talking into his radio.

Hiro leaned over and switched on the system.

Shoving his backpack into the compartment above him, K sat and sighed heavily. He was looking out the window on the plane feeling like utter shit. He hoped that his mind would stop thinking so he could just sleep most of the way there. Taking off his sunglasses he rubbed his face in a stressful gesture. His calm composure wasn't so easy to keep these days. Emotions were on high alert and fear of flying again making his stomach hurt.

But at least Michael was waiting for him anxiously back home. It was something to look forward to. He watched the ground crew driving their luggage trucks around and other planes parked along the airport, anything to distract himself. But he closed his eyes for a moment and laid his head back, vaguely paying attention to the two stewardesses coming up the aisle.

"Did you hear that all planes are on stand-by until they capture some nut inside the terminal?" went a stewardess to another.

"Yeah he's got some office worker at gunpoint, it's happening right now. Did you hear what he was saying on the speakers?" asked the other woman incredulously.

The other woman giggled, "Yeah he was calling out for someone named K…and then Claude. But the funniest part was he kept saying 'I love you Claude, please wait for me.'"

K's eyes snapped open.

"Probably an upset lover that just got dumped or do you think…" But the woman was cut off when a big blond man grabbed her arm.

"Did they catch him?" K asked hurriedly.

"Sir you must sit…wait are you Claude?" she asked.

K didn't answer he only hollered, "I have to get off this plane. Now!"

"But sir no one is allowed into the terminal until…"

Not waiting for permission, K grabbed his backpack from overhead and dug for his brand new gun. He shouldered the pack as people gasped and one stewardess fainted. K ran to the exit and some guy tired to stop him, but he backed off when the nose of K's gun was pointed at his head. "I said I wanted off," K growled.

He ran down the gate and past the airport personnel and into the main terminal. Above his head loud and clear was Hiro's voice. "I'm sorry I was so stupid Claude. I love you…can someone stop his plane or at least go tell him I'm here? No? Dammit can't you let me on the plane then?" Pause. "They're not letting me come to you K; they say I'm getting arrested," a weak laugh, "I guess I have no choice but to come to LA after I sort out this mess. Please don't hate me…I love…will someone get him off of there already!" hollered a new voice over the PA. There was a little scuffling noise before someone shut off the mic.

"I'm coming Hiro!" K called out and laughed uproariously. He put his gun away as he ran to the offices.

Hiro was just being hauled out by two big men. "I told you I had no real gun, aww common I wasn't really going to hurt anyone," Hiro was trying to persuade the guards to let him go, "Please take off the handcuffs."

"He said take them off," K told the guards calmly.

Hiro looked up at him, "K!" he said in disbelief. "You heard me then?"

K grinned and chuckled, "Yea I heard you alright."

One of the guards let go of Hiro and drew his own firearm on K. But K only smiled and showed his palms. "Really I think things have gotten carried away here. I'm Claude the guy he was talking about on the speakers," K informed them, thinking about going for his gun again.

The one security guard that recognized Hiro was from Bad Luck also remembered who both of them were, "Isamu, they are those two in the paper…you know, stranded on that island for two years."

"Yes that's us, have some mercy," Hiro pleaded. "I just wanted to tell him..." He looked at K again, "…that I love you Claude."

K felt his tough guy exterior crumbling at that. Hiro's words were stupendous; dynamite…it touched his soul. "I've been waiting to hear you say that for so long Hiro, will you come with me to the US for awhile?"

"I want to," Hiro said.

"Wait a minute, no one is going anywhere!" scowled Isamu, still holding his gun on K.

But by now a crowd had gathered around. And many looked unhappily at the guards' words. "Aww let him go." One said. "Haven't they been through enough?" went another. "He's just a lovesick idiot." On and on went a new voice from the crowd and the security guards looked flustered.

Suddenly Yuuji broke through the crowd. "Hiro, what the heck did you do?" he asked bewildered. "There's cops outside waiting to arrest you…they almost arrested me. You forgot your ticket." Yuuji stood waving the ticket in his hand.

"Isamu I don't think he's going to run take off the cuffs at least," offered Akio, looking almost pleadingly at the other guard.

"Fine…" sighed Isamu and he unlocked Hiro's cuffs.

As the cops threaded through the massive crowd, people either giggled or began to clap and cheer. When they reached the middle they stood thunderstruck as a smaller Asian man, on his tippy toes, was kissing a tall blond foreigner—both had their arms wrapped around each other passionately. The cops looked around…so where was the terrorist?

After everyone was called off and a good explanation of actions was heard, Hiro and K were let go. The airport almost denied them the next flight to LA, but the two guards from earlier convinced security that they were not criminals or terrorists. So after everything settled down and the airport returned to normal, they waited for the next flight out. Hiro even took advantage of the wait to call Shuichi. His best friend was saddened to hear he was leaving again but he wished them luck and love. Hiro mentioned that maybe they'd all be back together again…one day. But for now he had to rediscover himself. Shuichi understood.

Now they sat in the waiting lounge for the next flight out.

"Man…Hiro couldn't you have just came back and got the ticket and found out what gate to go to. Or better yet have asked someone what gate to go to? You could be half way there by now," Yuuji told his younger brother as he pulled his helmet back on.

Hiro chuckled, "I dunno bro. I guess I wasn't using my head." He laughed.

K smirked a little, "I don't know I thought it was extremely romantic. Hostages, guns, and high stakes all in the name of love. That was the coolest thing anyone has ever done for me." He even blushed now that he thought about it again.

Laughing Hiro said, "Wow K that sounded a lot like your old self."

"Oh my god I recall the stories of you way back when," Yuuji said dramatically to K.

"Like I said, we'll be fine," K offered with a smirk.

They all chuckled now and eventually Yuuji hugged his brother good bye and gave K a warm hand shake. Hiro felt saddened to see his brother go, but he smiled at K and took his hand. "Together again…are you nervous?" Hiro asked softly.

"How can I be nervous with you in my life?" K replied honestly and amiably. "I'm so happy right now there just aren't enough words to express it…well okay maybe I'm a little nervous about the flight. But your brother made me realize we'll become our old selves again but with everything we've been through included. We'll be better people Hiro. But there are just so many things I'll never look at the same way again."

Hiro listened carefully, "I'll hold your hand the whole time I promise. But yea I know, I don't think I valued everything as much as I do now."

"Like a bar of soap," K said matter-of-factly.

"Gah, yea soap," Hiro said with laughter. But he turned serious, "I hope I'm not intruding by my coming with you K."

K squeezed his hand tighter, "No, I told Judy I couldn't be with someone just for the sake of our child. She understands she's even helped me get my own apartment. Who knows maybe we'll just stay for just a little while. I sorta have the urge to travel."

"Travel? K, aren't we sick of airplanes…"

"Not planes, a car, or a truck maybe. I'll come back and visit Michael or he can come with us a few times! At least I'll be closer to home for awhile," K said as ideas came fresh to his mind. "I don't know but the thought of being cooped up doesn't sit well with me."

"Hmm, travelling all over North America…that could be really cool," Hiro said and smiled widely. It could be a chance to fit back into the civilized world again.

"Gawd Hiro I'm so glad you're here," K breathed out meeting Hiro's eyes, "I really didn't want to go on without you…"

Surprised and yet touched Hiro was reminded of how they talked like this on their island. "K, I was so scared that what we have was only brought on because of that island. I thought you'd forget about me once we got home. But that didn't happen at all. Our whole experience was fate in its own way and if I had let you go…I would have made the worst mistake of my life," Hiro explained reaching over to touch K's face. "It's like we've been given yet another chance to live but this time there is nothing holding us back."

Speechless for a moment, K leaned over and captured Hiro's mouth in a kiss. They held it there for a long time, eyes closed, hands placed on the side of each other's head. It was loving and it was sweet. And when their lips parted, they placed their foreheads together, fingers still in each other's hair.

"I'm always going to love you Hiro…"

"And I'm always going to love you Claude."

Three months later Shuichi was checking the mail. He picked up a small parcel and eyed it carefully. His violet eyes beamed when he read it was from Hiro and K…only this package was addressed to Yuki. Hrmph, how odd Shuichi thought with a frown, taking the mail inside and setting it on the kitchen counter. Yuki was making a late lunch since they'd both slept in way past breakfast. The thought of his best friend Hiro made Shuichi look at the news clipping he'd put on the fridge. He laughed and sighed pleasantly everytime he gazed at it.

In full colour was a picture of Hiro and K kissing in front of a massive crowd at the airport. A crowd that he noticed was made up with a lot of cops, but most of them stood with their hands on their hips. Shuichi giggled imagining what they thought seeing that spectacle. The title was the best part though, 'The Coconuts Went Straight to Their Heads'.

"For some reason Hiro and K sent something in your name Yuki, can I open it?" Shuichi begged with saucer eyes.

"It has my name on it right? So no," Yuki replied and grabbed the package from his lover's hands. He looked it over carefully, eyeing Shuichi, as he purposely took his sweet ass time.

Shuichi was almost ready to beg and wag his tail or run circles around Yuki's legs.

Yuki huffed with amusement and finally tore it open. He slid out the contents which was a book. His amused look vanished as he realized this tattered and worn out book was Flight, one of his very own novels. He blinked with wonder.

"A book?" Shuichi wondered with a perplexed face. "Why does it look so worn out?" He picked up the bubble envelope and found a smaller envelope with a letter inside. Yuki grabbed it out of his hands.

With Shuichi peering over his shoulder Yuki read…

Dear Yuki and Shuichi (Hi! Shu it's me Hiro, I made K let me write this part and put your name on here too :P)

First of all we are fine and right now we're on I 65 going through Alabama, Hiro is driving and I'm writing this letter. Sorry it's in English, so you might have to read this to Shuichi, deal with it. Anyways, great news we might get hitched in Canada. Haha yeah I can just see your faces now. Alright, Hiro is giving me that "look" so I better start explaining about that book eh.

On our fourth month on that island your suitcase washed ashore good buddy. We never thanked you for all the joy your stuff brought us. Those bottles of whiskey, man…you have no idea how great that was. Oh Hiro is telling me to thank you for the toothpaste, is he the cutest thing or what!

Anyways, above all else we wanted to thank you for that book of yours. Not only did it entertain us lonely bastards out there, but in the end it brought us together. Besides two necklaces, that book was the only thing that came back with us. We will treasure it always and wowzers you gained two new fans! Fucking saps or what? Seriously though…thank you.

Now why do you ask did we return your book…well apparently letting go of things from that experience is beneficial. Some information Hiro got off the Internet. Besides we wanted to let you know how much we cherished your book and decided to return it to the rightful owner. Who knows maybe it will bring hope to someone else.

Oh and Hiro says he will call Shuichi like usual on Friday night. Well I hope things are swell, maybe in a few months we'll come visit. Damn planes, I'm sure you all hate them as much as we do…

Love – K and Hiroshi


I just wanted to say, I'm sorry I made a weapon out of your foxy underwear Yuki. Rawr, I'll never forget those! Thanks buddy!

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