For You

Kira is the older brother, it's his duty to protect his little sister; he even has scars to prove it. But Cagalli can't help but cry for him every night. But though he's hurt, he still smiles for her. She can't help but feel weak around him, and when he starts hurting himself, how can she bear the painful love?

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Chapter 1 Cause

Watching the rain slowly slide down the car window, Cagalli smiled weakly and leaned against her older brother Kira. He looked down at her and smiled before rubbing her head and messing up her already messy short, blonde hair. She yawned and he yawned afterward before leaning back in his seat with his little sister's head leaning against his shoulder.

Watching the little girl close her eyes slowly with a serene smile on her face, Kira looked to the front seat where their parents sat. His father was driving and his mother was listening to the classical music on the radio. He saw her green eyes look up into the review mirror and stare back at him with bliss shining. "Are you tired Kira?"

Being the little boy he was, he had to say no. "No mother, I'm not even sleepy," he mumbled as a yawn escaped his lips. His mother smiled.

"Kira, try and get some sleep, it's still a long drive home."

The brown haired boy grinned. "But, I'm not sleepy…" he said with another yawn. The woman brushed her violet hair behind her ear and turned in her seat so he could see her.

"I love you Kira,"

Kira smiled back at his mother. "Love you too," but he was cut off when he heard his father shout.

"Caridad!" And bright light filtered through the windows.

The car swerved and Cagalli was jerked awake as Kira clutched her close. Their mother screamed and lifted her arms to shield her face from the flying glass as the front window shattered. Kira on brotherly instinct, spun around to cover his little sister. He cried out in pain when small shards of glass became embedded in his back. Cagalli screamed from lack of knowing what was going on when the car felt as though being flipped over. It wasn't just a feeling.

Horns, screeching tires, screams, and rain were the only noises he could hear when he opened his eyes. Looking down, Kira saw his little sister looking at him in fright. He felt a warm trickle of blood drip down his forehead and he smiled. "It's okay Cagalli, I'm fine." The little girl just frowned and copied Kira as he unbuckled himself. It didn't take them long to realize something was amiss. Their parents weren't asking if they were all right. "Father?" Kira asked loudly as he crawled to the front of the car. He gave a stifled gasp upon seeing his father hunched over the steering wheel. The boy could see glass punctured into his father's back and he knew he didn't want to see his face. Instead he turned to see his mother lying against her seat. Scratch marks from flying glass were on her face, and her eyes were closed, but he knew she was still alive.

Kira turned around to see his sister trembling. "Kira, what's going on?"

Kira smiled reassuringly. "Don't worry Cagalli; it was just a car accident. Now let me help you out of the car, okay?" The blonde nodded and grabbed Kira's outstretched hand when he offered it, and allowed him to pull her out of the broken backseat window. The doors had been jammed and he had no other choice.

When he got his sister out, he helped her stand up, but she nearly fell so Kira steadied her. When they looked up, they saw a small crowd of people watching them and men and women in white uniforms help others out of their cars. A woman in a white uniform hurried over to them and smiled.

"Don't you two worry, everything's going to be all right," Kira frowned seriously; he had to help his mother now. The woman stretched out her hands, "How about I take you two to the ambulance? We can make sure neither of you got hurt, how's that sound?" she asked, eyeing the little boy worriedly. His shirt was soaked with blood. Kira pushed Cagalli forward.

"I have to help my mother, watch Cagalli okay?" The woman gave him a blank look, but widened her eyes when the little boy ran to the passenger side of the car and yanked on the handle.

The door finally opened and Kira sighed in relief. His mother's body seemed unharmed enough to get out of this with only a few scratches. He reached for the seatbelt buckle when he felt something warm clasp his hands. He widened his eyes when he saw delicate fingers with blood caked over them clutch his hand tightly. He looked up into the smiling face of his mother. "M-Mother?" he asked. Caridad had tears running down her cheeks.

"Ki-ra…" she mumbled. Kira looked up into his mother's eyes, trying to find the source of her sadness.

"Mother?" he asked worriedly, shaking her hands. Caridad coughed and blood spilled from her lips.

The little lavender eyed boy looked up at her in terror. "Mother, what's wrong?" The woman closed her eyes for a moment before opening them again and allowing more tears to fall.

"Kira," she breathed. "Take care of your sister…and always remember…I love you…" her voice grew weaker with each spoken word and Kira had to listen hard.

"Mother, help is coming, please wait!" he cried as he looked over his shoulder to see two men and a woman in white uniforms walking towards him. Caridad coughed again and closed her eyes.

"Kira, protect your sister. And always remember…I love…y-you…" her last words were so soft, Kira could barely hear them.

"MOTHER!" The young boy shouted as his eyes grew wide. He gained a lost look in his eyes as he felt someone pull his hand away from his mothers' and shake his shoulders. He could see nothing but a small lavender seed floating in his mind, and it shattered. His lost look became one of anger and ill understanding. Thrashing his arms to get away from the woman holding his shoulders, he screamed for his mother. "MOTHER! MOTHER! MOTHER, COME BACK!" he screamed at the top of his lungs.

The woman holding Cagalli on her hip watched sadly as the small, chestnut haired boy was carried towards the ambulance. It took three paramedics to hold him down on a stretcher as another injected a sedative into his arm. Cagalli watched; her golden eyes wide in terror. "Kira!" she shouted and gripped the woman's shoulders with her young hands.

The boy stopped thrashing minutes after the injection as the sedative began to take its toll on him. His eyelids became heavy, and everything in his mind was fuzzy. Except he could hear his mother's voice, calling to him. Telling him her final words, in such a calm manor. It caused him to pant out of breath. "Kira, protect your sister. And always remember…I love…y-you…" her voice repeated in his mind till he closed his eyes and fell into a dreamless slumber.

Flashing open his eyes, Kira sat up and ran a hand over his sweaty forehead. He always had this dream, every night. It had happened eight years ago, he had been eight at the time, and Cagalli was six. Now he was sixteen and still had that dream.

He looked down at the thin sheet covering him, and noticed a light green comforter also laid over him. He smiled as he looked and saw a blonde girl lying next to him. Her short, scraggly blonde hair was pulled into two low ponytails and her hands were clutching his free hand. "Cagalli," he whispered in a soft voice as to not wake her. He slowly pried her fingers from his hand and stood up. He cringed when he felt the cuts on his back sting and he stumbled as he leaned down to cover up his sister with the two blankets.

Turning, he winced and his hand held his stomach where Muruta had kicked him last night. How he hated that man. But Kira made his way to his dresser and grabbed his school uniform consisting of dark red pants, a black collared shirt, and a dark red blazer with a black tie. He slipped the shirt on over his bare and bruised chest and pulled off his boxers before putting on a clean pair and then pulling up his pants. He turned around to cast his little sister a smiling glance before leaving the room and heading towards the kitchen.

Opening her golden eyes as rays of the early morning sun shone through her window, Cagalli sat up and reached over for Kira, but knew he wasn't there. She sighed sadly when she remembered last night.

She squeezed her eyes shut and cowered in the corner of her room, her hands gripping her arms which were wrapped around her knees. Kira screamed in pain again and was followed by a thump as he fell to the ground. Cagalli felt the tears sting her eyes and she wanted so much to run out of her room and help her brother. But she was always held back by the little voice in the back of her head. Kira's orders: "Never come after me, even if you hear me scream." She shook her head and clutched her arms tighter.

Muruta began calling Kira worthless and a coward. The blonde girl felt anger bubble up inside her, "You bastard, you don't know how hard Kira works to please you. He works hard to keep you from me," she pressed her fore head against her knees and let the tears out. She was so pathetic and weak. Kira was always the one who got hurt. Before long, she heard a muffled cry of pain and heard Muruta walk towards his bedroom and slam the door.

She quickly stood and opened her door. Slipping out of her room quietly, she tiptoed down the hallway to the main room where Muruta had beaten her brother. She stood against the wall as the boy stood shakily and tried to walk to his room. He fell twice, but finally made his way to his room and fell onto his bed. Cagalli hurried back to her room and pulled the heavy light green comforter off her bed and back to Kira's room.

"Kira?" She asked like she'd done every night since they'd come to live with Muruta. Cagalli winced when she saw Kira's bare back. He had new cuts and bruises along with scars and old bruises. He tried to sit up but he didn't have the strength. Cagalli walked towards him and sat on the edge of his bed, covering him to his waist with her comforter. "I'll go get a wet cloth, try not to move." she told him quietly and rose to walk to the kitchen.

Coming back into his room, Cagalli sighed to see Kira sitting up and trying to bandage his chest. "Kira, I told you, 'No moving'," He looked up at her and smiled weakly.

"Don't worry about me Cags, just go to bed."

The blonde shook her head and went over to her brother. "Lie down, face down." she ordered. The boy complied and lay down to allow her to clean his cuts with the cloth. "Kira, why do you let him hurt you?" she asked finally, like she did every night. Kira was staring blankly at the wall.

"To keep him away from you. I promised to protect you, so I will. No matter how much pain I have to go through." Cagalli sighed and finished bandaging her brother.

"Kira, I love you..." She whispered, laying her head on his back as her hands rested on his shoulder.

He shifted under her so he could look at her. "I know Cagalli, I know."

Cagalli rubbed her eyes and stood before walking out into the hallway and towards the kitchen. When she entered the large kitchen, she wasn't surprised at all to see Kira dressed and fully awake already, and making breakfast. "Morning Cagalli," he smiled at her serenely as she sat down at the table.

"Morning Kira," she replied back with a fake smile on her face. 'How can he smile? After everything he's been through?' she thought sadly as he placed a plate of pancakes in front of her.

"Eat quickly. You don't want to be late for school." he ordered. Cagalli nodded. If she took too long eating, Muruta would see her first thing in the morning, which was the main reason she got up so early. Cagalli knew Muruta might think of something; she shuddered whenever she so much as worried about it.

The girl finished her breakfast in moments and hurried off back to her room to change into her school uniform. Opening her bedroom door, she slipped in and closed it before making her way across the carpet towards her dresser. Opening her dresser drawers, she grabbed all she needed and began undressing from her night clothes.

Slipping off the light green t-shirt, she grabbed her bra and put it on quickly. Then she hurriedly slipped off her green shorts and pulled on her least-loved item of clothing she had to wear to school, the dreaded, dark red skirt. Sure it came down to her knees, but still: it was a skirt. Cagalli grumbled as she slipped it on. But the girl felt the odd feeling of someone watching her.

Turning around, she gasped in embarrassment and uncertain terror at the unwelcome peeper. Muruta stood in her doorway, staring at her with a glint in his eyes. Cagalli turned away and covered her chest with her arms and asked quietly, "Azrael, do you need something?" Her voice quivered and her eyes widened when she heard the man begin to walk into her room.

"Actually, yes. I need for you to-" Cagalli let out a silent sigh when she heard Kira's voice.

"Azrael, your breakfast is ready." The boy informed the man with a masked tone.

Turning around, the pale-blonde haired man set his ice blue glare towards Kira. "Of course." he spat as he walked by Kira. The man's arm hit Kira in the chest on a new bruise, causing the boy to cringe. A smirk made its way onto the man's face and he left the hallway, out of the siblings' sight.

Kira turned to Cagalli and had an apologetic look on his face. "I'm sorry, I didn't think he'd be coming this way to breakfast-"

Cagalli smiled reassuringly. "It's okay Kira, I can take care of myself." she told him. Her brother smiled, but then blushed and turned around so he wasn't facing her.

"Finish getting dressed, all right? I'll wait outside your door." Cagalli nodded and heard the door shut as she turned back around again and pulled on a black collared shirt under a dark red, long sleeved blazer fitted for a woman.

Cagalli quickly tied her tie before pulling on white socks and rushing towards her door. She then opened the door to find Kira standing against the wall holding their school bags and lunch boxes. The girl took her things gratefully and followed her brother to the front door. They slipped on their school shoes and Kira opened the door for his sister before they stepped out into the sunlight. At least school isn't as bad as their home life…or is it worse?

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