This is my first Doctor Who fanfic, I live in the States so I just saw my first episode. I find The (ninth) Doctor to be... never mind that.

A young woman, she could not have been older than 18, was walking by an alleyway when she heard the sounds of a fight. She looked around, trying to find someone better to break up the fight, trying to see where the people were, but there was no one else around, just a strange blue box which looked like a phone booth.

"You don't really —" she heard a very British voice said from the darkest part of the alley. It was followed by a thud.

/Those Brits, always in trouble/ the young woman thought. She pulled her long brown hair into a ponytail and reached out for what ever she could grab. She suddenly had a table leg in her hand, wrenched off of the table which had fallen side ways in the garbage heap. She walked down the alley and heard the sounds of the fight, they were quieter now, and she could see their dark shadowy forms in the darker shadows. Two men fighting. One, the young lady saw, was shorter, he had short dark hair, and he wore a black trench coat. He was being attacked by a beast of a man. Standing at least 6 foot 6 and reeking of alcohol. The drunk man pulled back his arm to throw another punch at the smaller man. The young woman stepped up and swung her table leg like a club. It hit the drunk on the back of his head with a sturdy "Twak!"

"Hang in there," she said to the other man, mimicking a British accent to help him feel better. "You're going to be alright"

The man opened his eyes slightly and looked into the woman's forest colored green eyes. She saw that his were a grayed blue-green, the color of the sea during a storm. He said two words, words which were coated with British accent, "Thank you"

The woman began to lift the man, amazed by how light he was, and she carried him to her house, where she was greeted at the door by her younger half-sister. "Kara, who's that?" the girl asked.

"I don't know, Lauri, he was nearly killed in a fight. I need you to call Doctor Maris, understand?"

"Yeah, Kara, I'll do that," Lauri stepped back out of the way, allowing Kara to get into the house. Kara brought the man over to the sofa and put him on it. "The doctor'll be here soon, Kara"

"Thank goodness"

"He needs a name," Lauri said matter-of-factly.

"He must have one already," Kara objected.

"Well, we can't just call him 'That man', now can we?"

"Fine then, how about Daniel?"

"No, how about Carson? Not too bad a name, right?"

"Fine, Carson it is. When's the doctor coming?"

"She should be—" a knock at the door, "I bet that's her! I'll get it!" Lauri bounded off to the door.

"I hear you've got a wounded Brit?" Doctor Maris asked, and then she saw Carson on the sofa. "Ouch. I'll see what I can do for him. What'd he do though, get in a fight with a steamroller?"

"Close enough, here, Lauri and I'll be in the other room, out of your way," Kara said, dragging Lauri out of the room.

Doctor Maris entered the room, "He might have a concussion, but if he does it's a minor one. You decide what to do with him, Kara, you found him, do you want me to take him to my house, or what?"

"He can stay here; we don't have a problem with that. We'll call you when he wakes up, doctor"

"Alright, bye-bye, girls"

Kara had been watching "Carson" all night, waiting for him to give some sign of life. It was about 7 am when he began to stir. Kara thought about going and getting Lauri, but she decided against that.

"Can you hear me?" she asked quietly, once more mimicking a British accent. Carson groaned. "Fantastic," she said, still quiet, but enthusiastic. "We were worried about you"

"Mmgh" grunted Carson. When he finally regained the ability to speak he turned over and looked at Kara. "Who are you?" he asked

"I'm Caroline, but never call me that. Call me Kara. Who're you?" Kara said.

"No one you need to know," Carson said coldly, but Kara didn't take the hint.

"Right, I save your life, and you can't tell me your name. Seems to me that's bloody rude, you know that right?"

"You shouldn't have done what you did, I can handle myself, thank you," Carson grumbled.

"Right, may I ask why? You're The Doctor aren't you?" a grin spread across Kara's face///The Doctor, like the one Mother told me about. Fantastic/

"What gives you that idea?" 'Carson' (a.k.a. The Doctor) tried to defend himself.

"You are, aren't you? This is fantastic!" Kara exclaimed, glad to meet The Doctor, the one her Mom had told her about, the last of the Timelords.

"Fine, I admit it. I am The Doctor. But you can't tell—"

"Yeah, I know, if I tell a soul I die. I also know that you don't have a name, at least not one you recall. Let's call you Carson McKay, Doctor Carson McKay," Kara said, feeling, as always, the spinning sensation she could not identify, but now it was intensified, and she lost her balance.

"How do you know this?" asked a nervous Doctor.

"Me mum told me"

"Who's she?"

"You shouldn't know her, so don't bother. Just play along if Lauri comes in"


"My half sister, she's a bloody nuisance."

"I'm not sticking—"

"Oh, yes you are, Doctor, we think you got a concussion, you are going to have to sit around for a while longer before I let you try to sit up."

"Fabulous," The Doctor muttered.

"Try 'Fantastic', it sounds better"

"Kara!" Lauri's voice shattered the moment. "Is he up yet?" the obviously American voice threw The Doctor a bit.

"Lauri, don't yell," Kara called down the hall in an equally American voice before turning back to The Doctor and whispering, sounding British once more, "Pretend to be asleep"

"'S he up?" Lauri asked again.

"Does it look like he's up? No, now go to school, Lauri, you have to," Kara said sternly. Lauri left the room pouting. Kara smiled softly as she heard a door slam. "She's gone, Doctor, it's okay"

"You're American?" he asked.

"Yeah, bloody wish I wasn't, too. Me mum was a Brit, I get the luck of the draw and get raised in the States," Kara shrugged.


"It doesn't matter, Doctor. You can sit up if you want, you're fine. Just don't let the aura of the house throw your balance off. Does it to me all the time. The first time they told me the world's turning, I knew, I could feel it. The turn of the Earth. The ground beneath our feet is spinning at a thousand miles an hour, and the entire planet is hurtling around the sun at sixty-seven thousand miles an hour, but that seemed wrong, it felt so much faster, so much harder. And I knew the Earth was turning, knew what was happening, I can feel it. And it scared me to death. You know what I mean, don't you, Doctor?" Kara notices the way The Doctor is looking at her, a strange mixture of fear and hope.

"This is me mum," Kara said, picking up a picture. "Here's me dad, I never knew him, but Mum said he was a fantastic man. I miss her. She died a few years back, leaving me and Lauri. But you need to go, you are The Doctor. You have things to do, so good luck. You'll need it"

"Good bye, Kara," The Doctor said softly.

"Good bye, Doctor," Kara said with her hand in her pocket, playing with a metal cylinder, something she knew to be a sonic screwdriver, a favorite "toy" of The Doctor's. /He'll be back she thought, if only for his screwdriver./