Chapter 3:
Found Out

"Good morning," Winry whispered. Havoc lazily opened his eyes, but then quickly shut them again when the light shone in his face. He yawned loudly and rubbed his eyes with the back of his wrist. As he slowly began to sit up properly, he stopped and looked down. Winry was lying beside him with her left arm wrapped around his chest, and she used her right arm to prop herself up. She smiled.

"Had a good sleep?" She asked him, still whispering. Havoc cheeks tinted pink. She looked so cute right now; her hair was messed up and she was wearing her nightgown. She must've woken up and changed, thought Havoc as he stared into her eyes. He couldn't help but gaze into them, they were extremely bright from the intense light in the room and they also shone with kindness.

"Jean?" She called out. Havoc snapped out of daydreaming.

"Oh, sorry about that. Yes, I enjoyed it a lot, thanks to you." He smiled at her. Winry giggled and blushed a bit.

"Did you have any dreams?" She whispered into his ear, seductively. She lightly kissed his jaw line and rested her head in to the crook of his neck, nuzzling him. Havoc was bright red.

"W-Well, uh, I-I think, I mean, I, uh, d-don't know.." He said, stuttering the whole time. Winry giggled.

"Haha Jean, you're so cute!" She said, kissing his cheek. He continued blushing and grinned, hugging her.

"Mr. Havoc, your breakfast is ready," The nurse said, interrupting them. As Winry got up, she heard him curse under his breath and started to giggle as she headed towards the bathroom.

"I'm going to go change into my regular clothes," She said, opening the door.

"Alright" Havoc muttered. He was little distracted by the tray of food in front of him; Havoc loved the breakfast here. As he began to eat, the nurse fluffed his pillows up and fixed his bed up a bit. He thanked her as he stuffed his face into the plate. The nurse chuckled.

"You must've been hungry, huh, Mr. Havoc?" She asked him. Havoc nodded.

"I didn't really eat dinner last night since I had company." He said.

"Oh, you mean the girl in the bathroom, Miss Winry?" The nurse asked and Havoc nodded slightly, blushing this time.

"She's very attractive Mr. Havoc, I suggest you treat her well," She said, winking at him. Havoc grinned and chuckled, scratching the back of his head.

"Well, we just met yesterday and I haven't even really asked her out yet," He smiled kindly.

"I suggest you do it quickly then, before some other man sweeps her off her feet," She said jokingly. Havoc stopped a moment as the nurse laughed and took his plate away. He really never thought about that; someone really could just come and try to steal Winry away from him, I mean look at her, she was gorgeous. He quietly huffed and frowned at the thought of someone taking away his girlfriend.

"Pardon me, but how old is she Mr. Havoc?" Havoc looked down. That's another thing he never really thought about, either. She had to be sixteen, which didn't matter since she was way too young for him, anyway. Why didn't he realize this? How come he never thought about these things until now? He knew that if he made any kind of move on her, it would be extremely wrong; yet he went on and even made-out with the girl! He slapped his forehead and groaned loudly.

"So, you don't know how old she is, do you Mr. Havoc?" She asked him. Havoc sighed.

"No, I know exactly how old she is, I just never-I mean, yes, she's about twenty-three." He lied. The nurse looked at him amazingly.

"Really? My goodness, she looks incredibly young for her age!" She said, loudly. Havoc grinned.

"Haha, yeah," He said, scratching the back of his head.

"Well, good luck with your new girlfriend, Mr. Havoc" She said, walking out the door.

"Thanks" He muttered and sat there, thinking as he waited for Winry to return.


As Winry was buttoning up her shirt, she smiled and thought about what Havoc thought of her now. So, am I officially Jean's girlfriend now? Can I do anything I want with him now? Winry blushed furiously at the thought of her and Jean lying on top of the bed, passionately kissing and touching each other. She turned bright red and started to brush her hair to distract her from thinking about that.

"Hm, I think I'll wear my hair down today," She thought out loud. When she finished brushing her hair, she stood in front of the body mirror and made sure she looked just right. She looked cute, really; she was wearing a beige buttoned up blouse with her famous black skirt and let her hair loose, which really brightened her face. Heh, I look really cute, actually She thought, smirking. When she finishes brushing her teeth, she's just about to unlock the door until she hears a voice coming from the room. An awfully familiar voice.

"Hey Lieutenant Havoc, have you seen Winry? She's been missing ever since last night and I've been looking all over the place for her." Oh, no, it was Ed. She placed her ear against the door and listened carefully.

"Sorry Chief, haven't seen her since last night, either." He said, lieing. Winry sighed. She really had to thank him for this later.

Ed sighed. "Can you tell me if you've heard from her, or seen her? She's been gone and I'm really starting to worry about her." Winry blushed. He was worried? About.. me? She tucked some strands of hair behind her ears and continued to listen.

"Uh, sure, Chief. Heh, you really care about her, don't ya?" Havoc asked. He wanted to use this opportunity to see if Ed had any feelings about Winry whatsoever.

"Well, I mean, she's a good friend of mine, so of course I care about her." He said and rubbed the back of his head, shrugging. Winry slowly slumped to the floor, her ear still against the door. She was blushing and her heart was pacing fast. What? He really cares about me? I.. I didn't think he.. cared about me that much.. maybe I should just go out there right now and-

"What? Feelings for her? She's just my automail mechanic and a friend, but she's nothing more than that to me!" He said, quite frustratingly. When Winry hear that, her heart felt like it was ripped out of her chest and thrown onto the floor. She felt like running away again, how could he be such a jerk? Tears started to trickle down her cheeks as she held her legs to her chest, trying to muffle her sobs so neither of them could hear.

"Well, thanks Lieutenant. See ya around." He said, walking out. When he shut it, Havoc sat there and stared at the door, giving it almost a sort of upset look. So Ed doesn't like Winry.. I'm happy about that but, would Winry be? He thought. Suddenly, he heard a click coming from the bathroom and looked up. It was Winry.

"Winry, you were still in the bathroom?" He asked her. When she looked up, Havoc felt an awful pain coming from his chest. Her eyes and nose were red and puffy, tears staining her cheeks. She clenched onto the end of her shirt and started to cry again.

"You know, I really thought.. that Ed sort of, well, liked me," She said, hiding her face with her bangs. "But.. he doesn't like me at all, does he Jean?" She looked up at him and smiled, trying to let Havoc know she was alright, but it just didn't help at all when he saw trailing tears shining brightly from her face.

"Winry.." He said, a tint of sadness in his voice. Winry collapsed into Havoc's arms and she hugged him tightly as if he would go away if she let go. He held her with equal force and lightly kissed her forehead.

"I'm sorry, I really shouldn't be burdening you with all of my problems. After all, they're mine, not yours." She said, still holding that sad smile onto her face.

"No, you're not bothering me at all, Winry. In fact, I'm glad that you're here with me." He told her. Winry looked up at him.

"R-Really?" She said, sniffing. Havoc stared down at her. He was baffled, really; he hated to say this at such a time, but Winry looked beautiful right now. Her tears glistened at her eyes, which made them look more teal then sapphire, and her skin was pale and looked softer, her cheeks were rosy. Havoc slowly leaned into her and started to close his eyes.

"Yes, I am." He whispered so quietly that Winry could barely hear. She slowly started to close her eyes as she wrapped her arms around his neck. Havoc closed the distance between them as he placed his mouth on top of hers. Winry moaned a little bit, which caused Havoc to lust for her even more. Then he wrapped his arms tightly around her tiny waist as he deepened the kiss, feeling her mouth slightly open. He pushed open her mouth with his tongue and dove in, exploring the inside of her mouth.

"Havoc" She slightly moaned. Havoc deepened the kiss even more, causing Winry to grip tightly onto his shirt. His arm sneaked lower, from her waist to her thigh, and started to slowly sneak up her skirt. Winry quietly gasped and placed her hand on top of his, continuing to push it up further. She could feel his smirk while they kissed. All of a sudden, they both stopped when they heard the door open and a bunch of papers fall to the ground. It was Ed.

"So, is this where you've been all this time, Winry?" He asked her quietly. Winry looked at him for a second, but then just looked away.

"And is that what you've been doing this whole time?" He turned to Havoc. "And I thought you were better than that, Havoc!" He yelled, clenching his fists. Winry suddenly hugged Havoc and held onto him, wincing. She couldn't take it anymore, just looking at him made her want to cry. She was so confused; did he like her at all, or didn't he? Havoc wrapped his arms around her and snarled at him. Ed just grunted and walked out. Just as he was about to close the door, he held his hand to the doorknob and stopped.

"You know, Al and I, we were worried sick about you, and this is what I find?" He heard Winry muffle her cries into Havoc's chest, but he couldn't comfort her now, especially how she went off and found her doing something like this.

"Don't expect us to come back for you. Oh, and have fun with your new boyfriend. " He slammed the door shut as hard as he could and quickly paced towards the elevator. He knew he had already passed up Al, but he didn't really care right now, he was absolutely furious.

"Brother, Brother what's wrong? What was Winry doing that made you so mad?" He asked with worry. Apparently, Al heard Ed yell at them from the hallway. Ed slammed his fist into the elevator button and groaned loudly.

"This whole time Winry-" His chest ached just saying her name. "Was staying with Havoc. " Al was puzzled.

"Is that really so bad, Brother?"

"I walked in on them, kissing, Al." They both fell silent after that and quietly walked into the elevator, not saying a word on the way down.


Winry could easily tell how frustrated he was, especially when he spat out that last word, boyfriend. She didn't know what to do now, she certainly couldn't go back now. I didn't think he'd be that mad. Well, actually I could, but he seemed more frustrated about Havoc and me then about anything else.

"Hey, Winry?" Winry's thoughts were disrupted when Havoc started to rub her arm. She looked up to find Havoc extremely worried about her, sadness in his eyes.

"Are you okay?" He asked her. Winry sadly smiled and shrugged.

"Mmhmm." She murmured.

"Don't worry about Ed, Winry. I'm sure he'll get over it sooner or later. He needs to understand that you're older now, and that there are other guys besides him for you." Winry looked up, blushing brightly. What? Other guys besides him? Is that how he really feels? Havoc chuckled.

"Heh, why are you blushing so brightly?" Winry looked back down.

"Oh, it's nothing really, I'm just flushed, that's all." She quickly stated. Havoc smiled.

"So, you sure you're alright?" He asked her. Winry smiled kindly at him and nodded slightly. She went down into the bed with him and wrapped her arms around him, cuddling into the warm blanket. As Havoc fell asleep, Winry still stayed up, bothered about everything that happened.

So was Ed probably.. jealous?