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Author's Note: The inspiration for this story came from my initial reaction to Conviction's premire episode. It went something like this: What the hell! How...when...does Olivia know! So I rolled it around in my mind...and this is what I came up with. Three parts for three women. Musings of a Woman in Love is Alex; Musings of a Forgotten Woman is Casey; Musings of a Woman in Turmoil is Olivia. I realize that this fic is a bit...vague and out there...but I really like it personally and would LOVE some feedback.


By RebelByrdie

Musings of a Woman in Love

How could she have ever left her? Her beautiful brooding avenger. Those dark eyes, so deep, so full of pain, so full of love. She'd gone because she thought she'd had to. Now she was back. She'd almost come too late. She'd come so dangerously close to losing her to another. The first time she'd seen her when she came back, it took her breathe away. She'd been with the other. The two had been sharing a smile. The kind of smile they'd once shared. It danced on the razor thin line between friendly and something more intimate. So much and so little had changed. All she had wanted to do is take her in her arms and not let go. She hadn't though, she kept her cool exterior, controlled herself. Dark eyes had lit up at the sight of her. She'd gotten a hug. Lighter eyes looked upon her in shock, fear and challenge. She asked the woman she loved to dinner that very night and walked on the clouds when when she'd gotten a 'yes'.

They'd gone out to a little out of the way restaurant and had talked until the sun rose. When she packed her tired brown eyed girl into a cab, she'd stolen a chaste kiss and that gave her the energy to go through the long day ahead. They'd stolen innocent touches and light kisses as their paths crossed at work. They spent their time off together and soon their two apartments began to merge into one entity separated by half a city.

She was where she belonged now, lying beside her love in bed. She ran her hands across smooth skin and sighed. She would never leave her again. The first time was painful and they'd not even shared a kiss. The second time had been heart wrenching, because she'd stared into those fathomless dark orbs and had seen love and devotion, she'd run from them. She couldn't leave a third time, it wouldn't be just a broken heart, it would be deadly. She loved her brown eyed detective with all of her heart and soul. It was addictive, love. Sometimes, she called her in the middle of shift, just to hear her voice...just to remind herself that this wasn't a dream. She was a woman in love and that was all she needed.