New story here folks! i know I still need to update Lost and... Found? and Reality Check but this stories been knawing at me for months and i had to post it. This story starts around the time Greg tries to become a CSI. Thank as always to my beta and also for pointing out a problem. Grissom is slightly OOC.

Title: Little Secrets, Big Surprises 1?

Disclaimer: Don't own any CSI, but Alexandra is mine.

Rating: possible R for language

Summary: Greg has a secret.But only two people know what that secret is; Gil Grissom and Jim Brass. What happens when Greg gets hurt? How is the secret revealed?

Checking the clock, it read 11:25. It was twenty minutes till he had to be at work and he was waiting, waiting for...

The knock on his door brought a smile to his face. 'Always on time,' he thought as he opened the door. "Are you always on time?" He smirked, bringing a smile to his visitor's face.

"Well you don't want to be late for that job of yours, do you?" He rolled his eyes. "Now go say goodnight to your little girl and skedaddle." The wrinkled old woman demanded in a motherly tone, pointing towards the room.

Following orders, he obediently made his way down the hall, but not before muttering, "Yes, mother." Reaching the door he heard the old lady huff, "I heard that." A faint smirk made its way to his face as he opened the door and entered the room. His smirk broadened into a smile as the hall light illuminated the small, innocent face.

Stepping to the side of the bed he put a hand to her face pushing lingering hairs behind her ear. "Goodnight angel." He whispered, making sure not to wake her, before laying a gentle kiss to her temple. "See you in the morning." Making his way to the door, he turned. Seeing his angel still sound asleep he quietly exited the room. Saying a final goodbye to the old lady he left the apartment. Ready to keep his angel safe from the demons outside.


An extremely large yawn escaped Greg Sanders' lips as he entered the locker room. Stopping in the doorway he wasn't surprised to find a certain brunette fishing through her locker for something. "Well, aren't we early." Sarcasm dripped from his tone as he spoke.

"Ha ha, very funny." Sara Sidle's light timbre brought a smile to the young man's face. "And I'm only five minutes early."

Rolling his eyes, he huffed. "Really." He paused before starting to his locker. "What, are we starting on another cold case?"

Flashing her most evil look brought a laugh from the ex-tech as he opened his locker. "Um, actually I was wondering." Taking in a breath she let it out slowly before regaining her bearings. "I was wondering if you'd like to maybe get a cup of coffee after shift?"

Turning to the brunette, Greg opened his mouth to answer but quickly shut it noticing her nervous stance. Wow, did she just ask me out? "Wow, um... Sara I'm... I'm flattered. Really. But I can't."

Sheer disappointment etched on Sara's face at his answer. "Oh, okay... maybe another time?"

The hope in her voice rang both confused and intrigued, but not before making his heart dropped to the floor. Why does she have to do this now? "I don't know... maybe." Trying to break the growing tension, he added. "I'm sorry."

Shaking her head, she muttered. "No, no, it's okay." Taking another breath she let it out quickly, grabbing her stuff before slamming the door shut. "See you in the break room." Sara whispered hoarsely as she made a quick exit.

Running a hand through his hair, the level one sighed before turning back to his locker. "Damnit."

"Damnit, what?"

Turning around he found Nick Stokes. "Oh, nothing.

Shaking his head as confirmation the Texan moved forward to his locker. "Hey, did you see the Bulls/Lakers game the other day?"

"No, I missed it."

A whistle the size of Texas itself escaped Nick's mouth as he opened his locker. "Damn, you missed a good game. I have it TiVo'd if you want to come over and watch it."

Retrieving the last of his things, Greg made a move to the door. "Well, thanks for the offer but I have enough on my plate."

"Enough on your plate, like what?" Nick asked confusedly before turning to the younger man.

"Yeah, look, shift's gonna start so I'll see you in the break room." The spiky-haired man mustered before bolting from the room, leaving the other man at a loss.


Stepping lazily into the break room door, Greg dropped to a spot on the couch, before letting his head fall back. Who knew that a B&E could make him so tired? Resting a second longer, he moved to get up. Dropping back to the couch he let out a strangled groan, feeling his feet-numbing sparks shift through his body.


Rubbing his aching toes, he peered up finding his supervisor a questioning eye in his gaze. "More than tired, my feet just gave out on me."

Moving into the room the older man shrugged his shoulders. "Well maybe you need a break. Go home early."

"Griss, you know as well as I do that even if I go home early I won't get a break. "

A smile graced Grissom's face as he stepped in front of the younger man. "Ah... the Lexi monster. She still running amuck on you?"

Choking back a laugh, Greg shook his head. "Runnin' amuck? She can have glass of milk and be bouncing off the walls for hours. "

"Well, she does have your genes." His straight face made the younger man laugh.

"She does... and my good looks." Greg's straight face brought a hearty and unheard-of chuckle from the other man.

"Greg... what looks?"

Pushing off the chair, the level one let out a dry chortle. "Ha... you're funny, Griss. Actually, I must have something." Moving to the refrigerator he pulled out a lunch sack before settling at the table.

Another eyebrow raised questionably as Grissom pulled out a chair across from the other man. "Really... and what might that something be?"

"I don't know but it must have been something for Sara to ask me out. "

"Wait a second, Sara actually asked you out?" Shaking his head, he chuckled lightly. "Damn, I owe Jim some money."

Shaking his head, Greg let out a strangled sigh. "If it helps your wallet any, I turned her down."

"You turned her down... why?"

"Why, Grissom?" Putting his head in hands he muttered before turning his gaze back to the older man. "I have a four-year-old-reason why. I'm not just going to abandon my time with her for a little interaction."

Defensively raising his hands, the older man took a step back. "Okay, okay, but I must say you did a number on Sara."

Raising his own eyebrow, Greg leaned forward. "Why do you say that?"

Another light chuckle escaped the supervisor's lips as he continued. "Because, when she came in for assignments, she demanded that I not pair her up with you."

"Ah... so that's why you paired her with Nicky." Getting up he dropped his now empty lunch sack in the garbage before turning back around. "Thank god, I don't think I could handle that. "

"Neither could I, believe me." Standing, the supervisor moved to the door, before turning back around. "Hey, why don't you take the rest of the night off and maybe sometime next week you can bring that rascal of yours over to the house."

"For starters, Griss, she hates it when you call her rascal." The withering look Grissom brandished brought another laugh from the younger man. "And two; I'm sure she'd love to see you and the many more insects you've added to your collection."

"She's become a buggie?" Seeing the other man's nod, he continued. "Well maybe she deserves an ant farm."

"You're funny tonight, Griss... you know that?" Running a hand through his hair a sigh escaped his lips. "Is that offer to go home early still available?"

"Always... just remember to bring Alex over." Standing up he also moved to the door before repeating Grissom's words.

"Always." Moving past his supervisor, he called back. "See you tomorrow."

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