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Little Secrets, Big Surprises 11/11

Rating: possible R

Disclaimer: I only own Edith and Alex

Summary: Greg has a secret. Only two people know what that secret is; Gil Grissom and Jim Brass. What happens when Greg is hurt? How is that secret revealed? Sandle and a little Grillows


Carefully lifting himself from the mattress, Greg winced, feeling as a sharp pain rattled his back side. "Damn it." Resting for a second he moved to get up. Making his way from his room, he went to wake his little girl.

Sliding quietly into her room, he smiled, seeing his angel sound asleep, a light snore pulling at her lips. Stepping up to the bed, his smile grew bigger, noticing how much more beautiful she had gotten in the last ten hours. "Alex baby, time to get up."

Groaning softly, she whined. "No."

"Come on sweetie." He nudged her small body waiting for an answer. Getting none in return, he boasted, "Fine, I'll just go to the fair myself." Walking to the door.

Turning over, she sat up, screeching. "What?"

Smiling widely, he turned around, "You know the fair. Roller coasters. Cotton candy. Prizes." Every new word Alex's eyes doubled in size.


"Yup." He smiled watching as she squealed in joy. Remembering his agreement with Sara, brought a serious tone to his voice. "Hey sweetie, would it be alright if Sara came along?"

Her eyes stayed large as she asked. "The pretty brown haired lady?"

"Yes, the pretty brown haired lady."

Jumping from her bed, Alex squealed. "Yeah."

Chuckling at his daughter's antics, he shook his head. "Alright miss 'Cirque de sole' , go brush your teeth."

Standing in her spot a few seconds, she got an odd look before scampering into her bathroom.

Shaking his head once again, Greg moved to the kitchen.

Ten minutes later, Alex burst from her room screeching. "Daddy, I ready."

"Ready." He whispered turning gaze away from the stove and to his little girl. Glancing her up and down, he burst out laughing; finding her half-heartedly dressed in her day clothes and her hair messily put up. "What did you do?"

"I dressed." She announced, jumping up and down. "Less go fair now."

Coming over to her, he dropped to her level. "Baby, we still have a lot time before we have to go." Chuckling he pulled her closer, straightening out her clothes. "Where did you find these clothes anyway?"

"In Bisket."

"Oh… you mean basket." He said, turning her around; gently pulling the hair tie from her hair, he ran a hand through her caramel locks, making sure to pull out the few knots there. "Well at least there clean." A knock from the door startled them both making Greg drop his arms. "You stay here honey and I'll go get the door." Moving to the door, he opened it, surprised, to find the brunette. "Sara."

"Hey." She smiled, leaning forward to give him a peck on the lips.

"Hey…I thought we were meeting at the fair?"

"I know." She shyly turned, "But I thought the three of us could go get some breakfast."

"Well I was planning on making breakfast but I like that idea better." Opening the door more to let her pass, he added. "Come in…I got to get dressed, but Alex is already ready… she decided to dress herself today."

"Did she really? That's so cute." Sara purred, stepping into the house.

"Well it's only cute if you're at a Manson concert."

The image of a wildly dressed Alex bouncing around at a Manson concert brought a billowing laugh from her lips. "Now that would be a sight."

Nodding toward the living room, Greg called out. "Hey Lexi-bear guess who's here?"

Jumping up and down, the little girl guessed, "Uncle Bugman? Uncle Brassy?" Inching closer to her fathers voice. Meeting them halfway she found Sara standing next to her father. "Pretty brown haired lady." Squealing loudly, she bounced up and down.

Stepping closer to the brunette, Greg whispered in her ear. "Sorry, she still doesn't know your name."

Breathing in his sweet scent, she turned her head, flashing him a bulging smile. "That's alright, I like being called pretty."

"How 'bout I do'ya one better." He purred, locking his gaze with hers. "Beautiful."

His whisper sent a tingle rolling down her spine, making her shiver uncontrollably; clearing her throat she stuttered. "How 'bout you go get dressed and I'll watch Alex." Turning to the little girl, she asked. "Is it alright if I stay out here and play with you while your daddy gets dressed?"

Alex's eyes bulged into saucers once more as she nodded eagerly. "Yeah."

"Well it looks like I'm not needed; I'll be out in a few minutes." Greg announced, tossing both of his girls a smile before leaving the room.

Watching him disappear down the hallway, Sara turned around, stunned to see the little girl eyeing her slightly. "What?"

Lightly sucking on her thumb, Alex's eyes turned amazed once more. "You vewry pretty."

"Thank you." The older woman said, dropping down to the child's level. "Your very pretty too." Pushing a hand through her dirty blonde locks, she asked. "Do you want me to brush your hair?" Watching the little girl nod, she sat on the couch, motioning her to follow. Letting the girl drop to the floor in front of her, Sara found a brush on the table. "Alright do you want it down? In piggy tails? Or I could do a French braid."

"Piggy!" Alex exclaimed bouncing in her seat.

"Okay piggy tails it is." Running the brush gently through her hair, Sara smiled. "Your hair is so soft, has anyone ever told you that?" Parting Alex's dirty blonde locks, she ran the brush through it one more time.

"Daddy say my hair fun to play with."

Pulling the brushed hair through hair tie, the brunette tightened it to the little girl's head. "That doesn't surprise me with who you daddy is."

Turning to Sara, the little girl raised a questioning eye. "What do you mean?"

Gently pushing Alex's head forward, she continued. "Well a few years ago when you were probably just a baby, your daddy used to dress all crazy and he had the wildest hair, I have ever seen."

"Like that?" Alex asked, pointing toward the hallway.

Looking up, Sara let out a chuckle, seeing her boyfriend, his hair tousled in a million different directions. "Yes, just like that." Pulling up the last of the little girl's hair, she placed a kiss to it, mumbling. "There you go." Before standing up and moving over to Greg. "What's with the flashback?" She asked, running her hand through his spiked masterpiece.

"Well I figured, since this is supposed to be a date that I should spiff up a little bit." He purred grandly, placing a childish kiss to her cheek.

Putting her other hand into his hair, she smiled. "Well, I think it's adorable." Placing a kiss to his lips, she had to restrain herself from deepening it, remembering there was a child in the room. Pulling back, she breathed. "We should probably go."

"Yeah." Wiping his lips, he turned to Alex; smiling when he saw the perfectly placed pig tails on her head. "You ready sweetie?"

Nodding widely, Alex bounced over to her father. "Yeah, less go."


Arriving at the diner, Greg stopped at the door, dropping down to his daughter's level. "Alright sweetie, remember this is a public place, so please behave yourself, okay?"

Rocking back and forth on the balls of her feet, Alex nodded. "Otay daddy."

Placing a kiss to her cheek, he opened his arms. "Come here." Lifting her into his arms, he turned to the brunette; who at that moment stood behind them watching the sweet scene unfold. "You ready?"

"If you are?" Sara answered with a smile, seeing the love between father and daughter.

Gently grabbing her hand, Greg moved forward pulling the three of them toward the front desk.

The old lady behind the desk looked up; she smiled seeing the little family in front of her. "Table for three?" She asked, leading them to a nearby table.


After breakfast the little 'family' piled into their Denali.

"You ready for the fair baby?" Greg asked, looking in the rear view mirror at his hyper daughter.


Both adults winced feeling the obscenely loud screech in there ears.

Gazing at Sara, he smiled. "I guess that answers my question."

Turning in her seat, the brunette came eye-to-eye with the little girl. "What ride do you want to go on when we get there?"

"Bumpie Cars."

"You like the bumper cars too. There my favorite."

Pulling into the parking lot Greg put the car in park, before turning in his seat. "Whose ready to have fun?"

"Me, daddy, me!" Alex shrieked jumping in her seat.

Smiling at his daughter's eagerness, he turned back to the brunette. "And what about you Ms. Sidle?"

"Me? I'm ecstatic." She squeaked, throwing her door open. Moving to the back door, she un-strapped the little girl from her booster seat and lifted her out of the car. "Come on." Before sprinting to the entrance of the park.

Watching his girlfriend's enthusiasm brought a chuckle to Greg's lips as he bolted from the car. "Wait for me."


Three hours later, brought two exhausted CSI's and one sleeping child back to the Denali.

"I think she's officially wiped." Greg whispered, gently lifting his little girl from Sara's grasp and placing her in her booster seat; strapping her in, he closed the door before turning back to his girlfriend. Leaning against the car he let a smile slip. "Did you have a good time?"

Grinning widely she stepped forward putting her arms around his neck. "The best." Before placing her lips on his; she smiled feeling as he tried to deepen the kiss. Puling back she shook her head. "Not right now mister."

He groaned hearing the words leave her mouth.

Shaking her head, Sara smirked. "I'm not going to get frisky with you while were out in public and your daughter is asleep in the back seat."

"So if we go back to my place?" He trailed off, a hint of a smile on his face.

"Get in the car."


Arriving back at Greg's house he put Alex to bed before rejoining Sara in the living room. Dropping down next to her on the couch, he put his arms behind him relaxing into the cushions. "So…is that offer to fool around still open?"

"I never said anything about fooling around." She smiled, watching as a frown came across his handsome features; moving closer, brought there faces mere inches apart. "But I never said we couldn't make out."

"Mmm I like the way you think." Greg beamed, pressing his lips into hers.

There slow, attentive kiss continued for a few minutes before Sara pulled back, breathing heavily. "I do have one question though."

Chest heaving, he put a hand into her hair. "Oh yeah and what's that?"

Looking him eyes, her voice turned serious. "Are there anymore 'little secrets' I need to know about?"

Shaking his head a smile curled on his lips. "Nope…none."

"Good." She squeaked, placing her lips back on his.

Maybe keeping secrets isn't so bad after all, Greg thought deepening the kiss.


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