Bunnies, Eggs, and Chocolates

By: Blues-lover

Disclaimer: Me no own Rockman.EXE. Me wish me did. Me own plot though. You steal me kill. (Taps a giant hammer in hand)

Authors note: This is an Easter fic. I don't know if it'll be any good so he he. I hope you like it.

"Netto-kun is this such a good idea," Rockman asked nervously.

"Of course it'll be fun," the chocolate eyed boy said grinning, "This American holiday sounds fun and I'm sure Enzan and Laika won't mind."

Netto knocked on the door in front of him jumping from foot to foot eagerly awaiting the door to open. Enzan opened his door. "Netto? What are you doing here," asked the cerulean-eyed boy.

"One word Easter bunny. I need you and Blues to be the bunnies for Easter tomorrow," Netto said seriously. He had been planning this sense his father told him about it last month. He had forgotten a few details though like the Easter bunnies. After this he still had to get Laika to help and that would be much easier then convincing Enzan to dress up like a giant bunny.

"First of all that's two words and second there is no way on this planet that you are going to get me or Blues into a bunny costume," Enzan said annoyed.

"Oh come on please!" Netto begged, "All my other friends are going to help me decorate eggs and find a place to have you hide them."

"No," the dual haired boy said firmly.

"Alright then but I'll just keep asking and asking and asking an…"

"Okay I'll do it," Enzan hollered cutting Netto off and immediately regretting saying that. He knew that he would hate every minute of it but it was the only way to shut Netto up.

"Great," the younger boy said grinning from ear to ear, "Hears your costume," he said filling Enzan's arms with a large pink bunny suite, " And hears the chip for Blues' costume. I'll have Rockman send you an e-mail when we are sure when the egg hunt will be held. Bye."

"Wait Netto," but before he could finish the other boy was gone. Great he thought now Blues and me are gonna be stuck playing the part of a large possibly gay rabbit who hides eggs for little children. Half of which aren't found and some poor soul would have to deal with a rotten egg. This was going to suck horribly.

"Enzan-sama, who was at the door," Blues said appearing on a large screen on the wall and cutting into Enzan's train of thought.

"Blues," the camouflage clad boy shifted uncomfortably, "I hope you like bunnies."