Chapter 5

By: blues-lover

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Yaito watched the scene unfold from a conveniently moveable bush. "Perfect target sighted," she said her forehead gleaming, "Operation 'Revenge' execute."

Netto ran around the place greeting people at the speed of light. This sugar buzz was definitely helping Netto get things done. Enzan stood there awkwardly for about a moment, he wasn't awkward for long because some little kid screamed, "HEY THE EASTER BUNNY IS HERE!"

All of the sudden Enzan was bombarded by dozens of small, sticky, screaming children who all wanted a piece of the large pink bunny. They quickly buried him. Enzan gasped for air, pawing at the air trying to break free. He finally managed to squeeze out from under the children leaving them to fight amongst each other. He ran and hide behind some sound equipment, gasping for air he pulled out his PET, "Blues, I don't think I can do this. Blues?"

But Blues wasn't there.

Netto's PET

"Here you go 500 cyber eggs, courtesy of Yaito," Rockman said transferring the eggs through a link to Enzan's PET.

"Thank you," Blues said emotionlessly.

When Blues turned to leave he heard Rockman snicker, "And what do you find so amusing," Blues asked but he already knew the answer.

"Oh n-nothing," Rockman said suppressing a laugh.

"Hmph," Blues said hopping away. (A/N: Yes hopping)

Just then Rockman burst out laughing, "I-it's j-just that you-your voice so-sounds so f-funny!"

"Well you can blame your Netop for that," Blues said irritated.

"I'm sorry, I just can't help it," the green eyed navi said wiping a tear from his eye, "I just never in my wildest dreams thought that I would see you in a bunny suit."

"Well you have so you can stop your ridiculous laughing," Blues said then he linked back to his own PET.

When he returned he was drowned in a sea of eggs. Blues' foot could be seen squirming and wiggling well the rest of his body was engulfed. He pulled himself out of the pile and took a large breath of air. He looked out of the screen to see a violently fast moving world. He heard Enzan yelling something about Netto paying big time. He realized that the children had sighted Enzan. He would help is operator but there was no way for him to because he was only a navi. Then it hit him he was supposed to be in the cyber world hiding eggs for the younger navis. Oh snap. Blues sighed and linked to the cyber egg hunt area. It was filled with small navis, all of which were running around and laughing. Some had pretty Easter clothes on, well others were in there normal navi attire. The navis seemed much more controlled then the human children. It was probably because they had manners programmed into them. Just then he saw a familiar face. A small girl with light blue eyes, a red helmet, and a red and orange dress like suit. It was the girl he had saved from Gospel. He wasn't expecting to see her here, but it was nice to see that she was well and happy. The small girl was running around with a boy in a green suit with brown eyes. She tagged him and then ran away laughing. She wasn't looking where she was going and she crashed right into Blues, knocking him over and falling on top of him, "Oh I'm so sorry Mr.Bunny," she said grabbing his paw and trying to help him up.

Blues smiled to himself, this wasn't exactly how he planned to greet her but it worked too. "It's alright," Blues said brushing his self off, "It's nice to see you again."

"Again," the little girl looked puzzled.

"Oh well of course you don't recognize me," he said noting that he shouldn't blow the fact that the Easter bunny wasn't real.

"Well I know who you are but how do you know me," she asked.

"The Easter bunny knows all children," Blues said.

"Oh okay," she said grinning. Then she gave Blues a big hug and ran off to play with the boy again.

He smiled to himself for a moment and then realized that he still had to hide the eggs. He sighed, then started hopping around hiding eggs behind an assortment of virtual bushes, flowers, and other types of springtime wild life. He was running out of places to hide the eggs though so he had an idea. He spotted a few stray baskets and put five eggs in each. This way he could hide gift baskets too. He finished up his work quickly so that the children wouldn't catch on to him. He linked back to his PET. He looked out and saw that Enzan was hiding eggs. "I've finished Enzan-sama," Blues said.

"Good for you," Enzan said sarcastically, "I've been getting torn limb form limb by a mob of insane sugar high children! Everywhere I go I have to hide from them or else they either yell there he is and attack, or taunt me with there aha I'm gonna find all the eggs!"

Blues decided not to tell Enzan of the ease of his egg hiding experience. Instead he watched in pity as yet another child came to torture him. In the bush Yaito continued watching him, she pulled out a walky-talky, "Bring out the gravy."

Just then two waters carrying a large gravy boat came from behind a different bush. They walked past Enzan and pretended to trip, spilling gravy all over him. "What the heck! Where did the gravy come from," he screamed bewildered.

"Yummy, bunny with gravy," Netto yelled pointing at Enzan and then running away laughing dumbly.

"Shut up Hikari," Enzan yelled ringing out his ears.

"Release the dogs," Yaito said grinning evilly.

Just then a van backed up. The back door opened and a man opened a cage containing two male Rott Weilers. The dogs jumped out of the van and landed on the ground with a soft but firm thump. RW1 raised his nose in the air and sniffed. RW2 looked around and saw Enzan who was shouting obscenities and trying to get out of the suit behind a bush so that no one would see him. RW1 took notice as well to the eggshell haired boy. The dogs sniffed the air again the delicious smell seemed to be coming from him. They started panting and then took off towards him hoping for a snack.

Enzan had finally gotten the suit off but he was still soaked in gravy, "Great just great!"

"Umm…Enzan-sama," Blues said worriedly.

"WHAT NOW," Enzan yelled angrily.

"You might want to look behind you," the red navi said trying to keep his cool.

"Why the heck would I want to do tha…," Enzan stopped short and screamed. I swear no one in his or her life, on this planet, ran faster then Enzan did that day. He took off like a jackrabbit on a hot sandy beach. The dogs were right on his tail happily biting and nipping away at his back end. Enzan was screaming like a ten-year-old girl. Yaito was now in plain view with a camera crew filming the whole thing.

"This is going strait to AFV," Yaito said laughing at Enzan as he ran around like an idiot.

"Run, Forest, Run," Netto yelled from the sidelines. He was sugar high and apparently really stupid if he thought he would live for egging him on. (A/N: Hehe egg pun ;)

"Enzan-sama," Blues yelled, "They're gaining!"

Well Enzan was running around a little kid came across the bunny suit and screamed, "Ahhhhh! Somebody skinned the Easter bunny!"

All the children started screaming. They were all crying because someone had killed the Easter bunny. Laika took charge of the situation, Meriu just as willing to help. They gathered up the children into a large group with there parents and tried to calm them all down. "Don't worry kids…. Umm.. That wasn't the Easter bunny..uhh it was an imposter…yeah that's right an imposter the real Easter bunny had to get rid of him but he'll be here soon," Laika said trying to make up an excuse for this whole situation.

Meriu had an idea and took off leaving Laika there alone in front of all the children. She ran over to Netto who was now coming down from his sugar high, hard. "Netto-kun, everything is a mess. We need someone in that suit right now! It's your idea so get in that thing before those children rebel," she yelled.

Everything she said seemed to bounce off of Netto who looked really tired, "Do I have too," Netto moaned finally taking notice to her comment.

"Yes," Meriu said eyeing the children who were advancing on Laika.

"I've been in wars that weren't this scary," they could here Laika yelling as he prepared to run.

Netto, seeing that he wasn't getting out of this, ran over to the suit and quickly slipped it on. He then quickly hopped over to the children, "Kids clam down the Easter bunny is here," he shouted.

This got there attention, Laika took this chance to run. The children grinned happily and tackled him, "Yay! Oh Mr.Bunny we thought you were dead! But you're here your alive," the children screamed happily, covering him with hugs and kisses, "You taste like gravy?"

"Umm," Netto said trying to come up with a good lie, but he didn't have to because just then Enzan came running right at him with Rott Weilers in tow.

"Move," Enzan yelled.

Netto tried but he couldn't get out of the way in time. He was plowed over by Enzan and trampled by the dogs. "Owwww," Netto grumbled.

"Mr.Bunny, are you okay," a little girl asked helping Netto up.

"Yes, I'm fine," Netto said holding his head.

"Good I don't want you to get hurt," the girl said giving Netto a hug.

"He.. thanks," Netto said balancing his self.

"Your welcome," the little girl said happily and then ran off to her parents.

"That was nice of her wasn't it Netto-kun," Rockman said smiling.

"Yeah it was," Netto said but his train of thought was derailed by yet another girly scream from Enzan, "Oh yeah we should probably help him."

"Hmmm..You think," Rockman said sarcastically.

"I've got an idea," Netto said hopping off after the dogs.

He let out a loud whistle, "Hey doggies come and get me. Nice and yummy bunny with gravy right here!"

With that the dogs stopped in their tracks and turned to watch Netto who was taunting the dogs and making obscene gestures. This did not make the dogs happy, they stopped chasing Enzan and started running towards Netto. "Netto what now," Rockman asked.

"I don't know I didn't think of that part," Netto said as he broke into a mad run.

The kids saw this and started screaming, "Oh no! Mr.Bunny is going to get eaten by the mean doggies!"

Great, now Netto is gonna get eaten! Meriu thought. Then she had an idea to get rid of the dogs, she pulled out her PET, "Roll, find Rush quick!"

"Roger," Roll said and then disappeared form the screen.

"Enzan-sama, are you all right," Blues asked.

"No I just got attacked by angry dogs," Enzan yelled, "God I hope they didn't have rabies!"

"Umm, Enzan-sama what are you doing," Blues asked as he saw Enzan poke his head out from the bush.

"Ayanokouji was behind the dogs I knew it," Enzan said as he saw the blonde standing there filming the whole thing.

"Enzan-sama, I think this is what they call karma," Blues said.

"I really don't see how this could be called karma," Enzan said rolling his eyes.

Blues rolled his eyes, which no one saw, sometimes Enzan could be just as dense as Netto if not more.

In The Cyber World

Roll wandered about Net City hunting for the dog, "Rush, rush!"

Just then she spotted Rush by a treat shop, "Rush Meriu has requested that you come to her she has a favor to ask!"

Rush saluted and the dog a hole into the real world right next to Meiru. "Good Rush I need you to do something," Meriu said and she leaned down whispered in his ear. Rush nodded and took off towards the dogs. He caught up quickly and started barking. (A/N: Okay the dog speech will be translated into human for those of us who do not speak dog.) "Hey guys what are you doing," Rush said angrily.

The dogs stopped in there tracks, "Oh umm Rush we was just uhh," Franky (RW1) stuttered.

"You know you can't just go trying to eat my friends," Rush said shaking his paw in their faces.

"I-I'm sorry buddy we's just doin our job," Itchy (RW2) said nervously.

"Well I'll forgive you this time but you have to leave now," Rush said.

"Okay," Itchy said, "We still up for poker Thursday?"

"Of course. See you later guys," Rush said waving.

Netto leaned over panting, "Gasp…thanks Rush.. pant.. I owe you one."

Arf, arf.

Over in the bush Enzan was still glaring at Yaito who was taking the tape out from the video camera and hugging it. "That little brat," Enzan said.

He then jumped out of the bush at Yaito, "GIVE ME THAT TAPE!"

Yaito screamed and took off running, "NEVER YOU WILL NEVER GET THIS TAPE!"

She ran to one of her maids and gave her the tape, "Quick take this to the safe!"

"Hai, Yaito-sama," the maid said and a jetpack appeared on the maids back. She took off into the air leaving a very angry Enzan on the ground.

Two weeks later

"Enzan-sama," Blues said hesitantly, "There is something on the television you might want to see."

Enzan turned on the TV only to see himself running away from the dogs, "You freckin kidding me," Enzan yelled. He smacked his face, "Blues remind me never to help Netto again."

"Hai Enzan-sama."


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