Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto-kun but I do owe Sasuke-teme a severe beating…

Team assignment day

Naruto sits next to Sasuke

Sakura sits on the other side of Sasuke

Time passes

Iruka announces: "Team 7, Naruto."

Naruto perks up


Naruto: "Kuso!"

Saske: "dobe."

Naruto: "jackass."

Iruka: "Sakura"

Naruto AND Sakura: standing up ad shouting "Hell yes!"

They look at each other


They rush at each other to embrace but are stop dead by Sasuke sitting in his chair

Sasuke: "dobe"

Naruto: "on three"

Sakura winks

Naruto and Sakura: "THREE"

They grip Sasuke's chair and throw him and the chair in to he air

They tackle each other to the floor and make sweet fooly colly for hours.

Class: "OOOOOOHHHHHhhh!"

Sasuke comes down from air directly kissing Iruka ON THE MOUTH!

Time freeze

Peanut gallery: "this shits messed up!"

Author: "you damn right, fool!"

Time resumes

Vespa woman: crashes Vespa through wall "INDECENT BEHAVOR MUST BE STOPED!"

Vespa woman: grabs Sasuke, WHO HAS FAINTED, "LIVE!" kisses Sasuke MOUTH TO MOUTH!

The world implodes

The galaxy implodes

Reality implodes

All that is left is a black furby

Black furby: "oh no, not again."