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Green eyes blinked as the owner of it continued to look at the angelic figure before her wearing white clothes. Who would've thought that angels do exist? Like what most books and other pictures described them, Angels were really beautiful, whether it was a he or a she.

She turned to her right to hear bat-like wings flapping, seeing a Demon dressed in dark crimson and black. A bit frightened, she backed away slightly and observed the new arrival. Based from her grandparents, it was all true, Demons did look attractive but you can sense an aura of negativity in them.

Swirling around to the left, her eyes caught sight of a man, all clad in grey, his coat was long enough, reaching his knees. According to her father, they were not to be messed with, especially when they stare at you for a long time, waiting for you to look away. A Hunter, one who hunts down and kills rogue Demons and Angels; also, it searches for another being, one far stronger than the rest.


The girl named Sakura slowly looked behind her where the voice came from. There stood a boy her age all dressed in black, the same color like his eyes and hair, most of all, his wings… they were pure ebony, celestial ones at that. This was a Fallen; a combination of an Angel and a Demon. The so-called Angelus, yet its slang name was Fallen. Why so? They either fell from heaven or are banned from hell, wherever they came from, one must be warned when coming across a Fallen; once they are in full Angelus mode, they will be the last thing you see.

But, there is one thing that a Fallen will not hurt, a gifted one, the chosen one. In short, his Mistress; and because of that certain person, a Fallen grows stronger to defend her with his life. This was his destiny, this will be her fate, now that her dream and warning has come, she will have to expect Seculars, a group of rogue Demon warriors, and Crusades, rogue Angel soldiers.

Myths and legends, they were mostly true; some were altered and some were false. Some are just told for fun yet some, were shared because of caution and signs. This is what Haruno Sakura believes in, from the day she was first told of these creatures, to the very present time.

Chapter 1: Raining Blood

She continued eyeing the blackboard, yawning from time to time. History was really boring; she could sleep if she wanted to, but no, she had to keep her conduct grade, she needs to make a good impression, and since it's already her senior year, she has to keep up no matter what.

Ever since her so-called gift was developed, she started seeing things no one else can. Demon wings, Angel wings, Hunter marks and Angelus ones; she's seen it all. Even Crusades and Seculars, she's been able to be a witness to their existence. They were like humans, but only half, the other would be their supernatural ones.

Sakura turned to her front and looked at the very middle column and first row. "Mischief Maker Uzumaki Naruto, status is half-human and half-demon. Personality wise, as a human, perfect, as a demon, failure, why? He's too caring to be one." She sighed and turned to the boy seated behind the blonde demon a few seats away. "Smart-but-lazy Nara Shikamaru, status is half-human and half-hunter. As a human, typical, as a hunter, negative; he's too lazy to even look for rogues, and even if there is one in front of him, he just sits or stands there, gazing at the clouds or at something else."

The pink-haired girl shook her head and averted her gaze to the seat on her left, making sure she doesn't get caught like the last time. "Lastly, we have ice-block Uchiha Sasuke. As a half-human and half-angelus, he's pretty good. Besides from gaining more than half the population of girls' attention here in Sugo-shizen High, he has good control on his powers; definitely perfect on both statuses, problem..? He cares-NOT for anybody here." She nearly fell off her seat when the Uchiha's gaze turned to her, onyx eyes directly staring into her own green ones. "Shit, I got caught again!"

"Oi Haruno,"


"Kakashi's talking to you."

Sakura blinked and turned to the front, noticing how the class' eyes were turned to her and how the teacher, Hatake Kakashi, was not so pleased with her lack of attention. She gulped, knowing what was to come. "Oh no… not detention…"

"Haruno Sakura, I've been calling you for eight times yet you still continued…" he glanced at Sasuke for a brief moment then back at her. "…Spacing out. Is there anything interesting outside?" he asked, gesturing to the window beside Sasuke's seat. "If there is, kindly share it to the class."

"Y-yes sir." She said and stood up. "I just thought that it was… well… that the weather is really nice today… and…"

"Very nice Haruno, kindly tell me what's so nice about a rainy day."

"Oh shit…" she thought and gulped. "It's… relaxing… and… cool…" her eyes started to scan the whole room, avoiding Kakashi's own stern gaze. "…I just love the rain, that's all."

From her left, a smirk began to graze the lips of her seatmate, his eyes not leaving her as she continued to answer the teacher's question. In his opinion, she was pretty good at staying calm on the outside despite her panicking on the inside. How did he know? Just one of his many talents of judging what a person really feels by the looks of how sweaty they are, how their eyes keep looking away or just from the tone of their voices.

"Haruno, please see me after school."

"O-okay…" she mumbled and sat back down as Kakashi continued to lecture his class about Japan's history. "Love the rain, che, how can I love a weather I hate so much?" she muttered quietly to herself. Sasuke's keen hearing caught it and slightly turned to her. "In case you haven't noticed, Kakashi just said you were looking outside to save you the embarrassment of answering why you were looking at me."

Sakura's eyes widened as she snapped her head at his direction, seeing a mocking smirk on his face. She blushed and turned back to the front, slightly lowering her head to hide the blush with her bangs. "He is an ice cube, but like most of the girls here, I'm one of the many who got caught in his web." She sighed and tried to calm her fast-beating heart. "He successfully charmed me by just stepping foot into the school…" she recalled how her grandmother told her how a single Fallen had the looks of an Angel and an intellect of a Hunter; plus the wittiness of a Demon and the power of all-three.

Last she heard about an Angelus' history was that they were looked down upon until their population increased and they started to create their own technique. Sadly, only a few managed to gain an original power. One of which was controlling certain elements. Some had power over fire, some on water, a few on earth and mostly on wind. There were others who gained control over sand and some on metal, wood and many more. She did hear about a certain clan, who gained a few genetics and hereditary forms from a group of Angels who had evil (white) eyes, a.k.a., Byaakugan.

The Hyuuga clan was the honorable group of Angels who gained the Byaakugan, not knowing how some of its powers were passed onto a few Angelus. A certain race from the Fallen had the "copy eye" called Sharingan, which sort of literally means "wheel". Name was based from its appearance where the eyes turn red and black commas swirl around the pupil looking like a spinning wheel. "I keep forgetting the name of the clan who got it!" she sighed and started zoning out again. "Uchiha, stop staring at me…" she whispered.

"So it's not okay for me to stare but for you, it's fine?"

"Shut up…"

He did but he still had a smirk. Sakura cursed him under her breath and clenched her fists. "Damn you Uchiha…" and she just ignored him despite her mind going wild. "Also, why do I keep having that dream..? Why do those four always appear in it? And why is it that… I can't see their faces..?" From the side, onyx eyes stayed glued to her until they narrowed slightly as she began to think more of her dreams.

"I know very well that you fancy Uchiha but must you stare at him whenever you get bored?"

Sakura yawned and blinked, rubbing an eye. "Sorry sensei, it's just that I read in advance so I don't have any interests in some of the new lessons, to be perfectly honest, I sleep late because I still have to go to work after school and plus homework, researches, projects and everything." Again, she yawned as Kakashi raised a brow at her. One more thing that was a real mystery was that how their history teacher was such a… well… mystery. The lower part of his face was covered with a mask and he mostly wore black. The only thing that seems bright about him is his silver hair. Some students also wonder where he got the scar on his left eye.

"Would you like me to talk to your teachers about it? Perhaps I can ask them to exclude you from other necessities; you do have high grades that are no doubt to be questioned. Your attendance is perfect, your conduct is good and your participation in both academics and non ones is excellent."

"No, it's okay sir, I think I'll manage."

Kakashi hesitated for a moment before giving a sigh and a nod. "Alright, if that is what you want then I'll leave it at that. Just let me know if you change your mind."

"Okay, and sensei?"


She smiled. "Thanks for covering for me back in class, my girl classmates would've probably waited for me outside to teach me another lesson as to why I was staring at," she raised two hands and formed the peace sign "their Sasuke-kun!" she quoted and brought her hands back down.

He chuckled and waved a dismissive hand. "No problem Haruno, now go on or you might be late for your job, which is what by the way?"

"Oh, just a florist in a nearby flower shop, my mom's old friend runs it and she's the one who has been helping me cope with my life after my parents' death." She said, her facial features giving a sad smile. Kakashi sympathized with her. He knew what it felt like to have no parental guidance at an early age. He already knew that the teen before him was orphaned at a tender age of nine and she was lucky someone took her in. As for him, it's another story. "Well, I'll be going now sensei." She said and waved goodbye to him and he nodded as acknowledgement.

She reached the outside compound of Sugo-Shizen High and breathed in deeply. She looked around, trying to see if there were any Seculars or Crusades in the vicinity, finding none, she skipped over to her work place. She was running late…


Sakura stopped when her ears heard an all-too familiar voice, followed by a loud growl of either a rogue angel or rogue demon, whichever, she was tempted to find out what was wrong. She knew who the students in her school who have supernatural powers, yet she can't exactly say if it was exact or just her imagination. She does believe that Shikamaru was a hunter, since she saw the marks on the back of his palms. Sakura was very positive that Naruto was a demon, the tattoo on his left shoulder was already a dead giveaway and she saw it during their basketball practice.

As for Sasuke,

"He's too mysterious that I doubt if that's his real name…" yes, she assumed he was a Fallen, for she saw no marks on him, yet he had this strange aura that clearly hinted that he wasn't a normal human being. There are a lot of Hunters in her school, next would be demons then angels and the rarest would be a Fallen, who also has the rare blood type, AB. As for the gifted ones, like her, it all depends on how their sixth sense is developed.

A sound of birds, a thousand birds at that, rang through her ears and she stopped abruptly to take a look around. Not a single winged creature was there, so where was the noise coming from?

A growl…

Her eyes widened, she recognized a growl of a severely wounded Secular; she can still recall her last encounter with one when she was just ten years old. Luckily for her, her friend's mom was a hunter, so she was spared. Her body shivered as the growls became louder and louder and she slowly sunk to her knees, hugging herself.

Another growl came and it was close, her head shot up, her eyes went wider, she turned pale. Flying towards her was a black creature with tattered black bat wings and purple substance flowing freely down from its wound like a faucet turned on. It was a Secular, its golden eyes glaring menacingly at her and its outstretched claw ready to grab and crush her.

"Get the hell out of the way Haruno!" she heard a yell and was soon carried off bridal style. Just in time when the Secular immediately crushed the ground she was previously on. "What the heck is your problem? Aren't you a gifted?"

Sakura blinked and looked at her savior. She only realized that the Secular was actually chasing someone, and it was her rescuer who did so, who happens to be a Fallen, more importantly, her crush. "S-Sasuke..?"

"Shut up and hold on." He told her and as soon as her grip tightened on him, he made a sharp right turn then flew up, higher and higher. Sakura felt the air pressure whistle in her ear and she nearly went deaf because of it. His black celestial wings flapped and glided, making sure both of them would not fall.

Ironic. He was a Fallen, yet he must not fall, thus sprouts the elegant wings. She looked over his shoulder and saw the Secular closely following them, its mark on its forehead glowing a bright red. "Sasuke, the mark…" she said with a worried and scared tone. She knew that if marks began to glow, that would mean they were going to full stage or full Secular or whatever mode.

"Ever seen a Fallen fight a rogue?"


"You're about to." And he zoomed down like a falcon diving to catch his prey. Sakura shut her eyes tightly, scared of heights. "Whatever happens, don't let go, otherwise, I might drop you and you'll die."

She gulped and gave a nod as he slowed down a bit and flew down the road like a speeding vehicle, the rogue demon still tailing them, red marks spread all over its body and still a fiery red. He stopped and put her down then turned to face the Secular, standing straight and a glare in his eyes. Sakura noticed how his onyx orbs turned red all of a sudden and he brought his hands together, the index and middle finger extended while the rest were clasped. He brought his hand seal closer to his face and waited for the Secular to come closer.

"What does he plan to do?" she asked in her mind, watching him.


The rogue got closer and closer.


And finally…

"…no jutsu!"

And Sasuke breathed out a big ball of fire as the Secular flew towards him and stopped immediately after getting into contact with the flames. It screamed in agony, wailing and flapping its worn out wings wildly, looking a lot dangerous when you come close to it. The Secular flew upwards and Sasuke followed it, this time, a blue ball of lightning on his left palm, his right hand gripping onto his left wrist and the sound of a thousand birds came ringing in Sakura's ears. "Raikiri!" he yelled and plunged the ball of blue lightning inside the gut of the Secular, earning another scream of pain.

The teen flew right through it, covered in both purple and red blood, the former coming from the creature he had just killed while the latter was his own. From below, you'd think it was raining blood, a mixture of red and purple. He stayed in mid air, watching the Secular dissolve, the remains carried away by the soft breeze until nothing, not even a trace of blood, was left. Only the blood that covered the Angelus was left.

Sasuke's eyes turned back to black and he slowly flew down and reached the ground, his wings slowly disappearing back inside of him. He gave a deep sigh and ran a hand through his messy and icky hair. He grumbled; the purple goo would be hard to wash off compared to his own blood that began to dry up on his skin and clothes. He eyed Sakura, checking if she got any wounds or anything but saw that she was clean, except for the few bits of blood that he gave her when he wrapped his arms around her to save her from the rogue.

"Are you…" she trailed off. Sakura knew it would be a stupid question to ask if he was okay. Sasuke nodded none the less. "Yeah, I'm fine." Sakura wanted to whack herself, of course, one of his special abilities is to be able to give an accurate intuition, in other words, he can be psychic when he wants to be.

He sighed again and was about to walk away when he realized that he had brought her really far from well… wherever she lives. "Need a lift home?" he asked, closing his eyes and concentrating his energy ki, in other words, chakra, on his back and his black wings began to appear again, spreading wide, enough to wrap his whole body into a cocoon.

Sakura was about to refuse when she noticed that she didn't know where she was. "If it's not much of a bother…" she whispered, slightly embarrassed. Sasuke nodded and gestured her to come over and when she did, she nearly jumped when her feet left the ground and he again, carried her like they were newly weds.

"Just tell me the directions to your house." He said and she nodded and told him where to turn or go. Later, they finally reached the Haruno residence and both landed on the front door of Sakura's apartment. "Um, thanks for the… flight…" she said, grinning.

"Sure," he said and pocketed his hands, turning to leave but he stopped all of a sudden, feeling his body staggering and weakening. Sakura took notice of this and quickly rushed to where he was about to fall, catching him before he made contact with the cemented ground. He felt weak though he was still conscious yet couldn't move. "Sasuke-kun, hey, what's wrong?" he flinched and shut his eyes tight. "Secular's… bite…" he said before blacking out.

"…" her eyes widened. "A Secular's bite is poisonous…" she whispered, looking for his wound, finding it on his left shoulder then she tried to carry the heavy teen into her house. "Damn, for a basketball player, he's heavy…" Grunting, she leaned him on the door and pushed him there then fumbled with her keys, opening the lock and she pushed the door open. Unfortunately, Sasuke's unconscious body was leaning on the door and one of his arms was around Sakura so when he fell, she did as well, right on top of him.

"Okay… this is awkward…" she muttered and got up, pushing down the blush and closing the door. "What do I do..?" she sighed and tried hard to put him on the couch and make him feel comfortable, not like he could complain or not but hey! She's aspiring to be a doctor so she might as well treat her first patient the right way.

"How will I remove the poison? It's too late to suck it out…" she placed a hand on his forehead and pulled it back. "He's cold…" she whispered, fear evident in her eyes. "No way, I'm not gonna let you die on me!" she gave a determined look and tried to recall what his grandmother told her about healing or removing poison from a half breed. "Let's see…" she closed her eyes and clasped her hands together in a prayer form and began to chant as she glowed a bright white light and placed her palms over his wounds, slowly healing him, at the same time, removing the poison from his body.

After what seemed like eternity to her, she finally finished her job and panted for air. "H-how did I know how to do that..?" she felt something aching on her left collarbone and placed a hand over it, trying to soothe the pain. She glanced down and saw nothing out of the ordinary. "Maybe I'm just tired…" and she yawned afterwards. "No, I can't sleep…" she shook her head to keep awake and felt his forehead. "At least he's back to normal temperature, and his breathing is even." She smiled and went up the stairs, taking a pillow and blanket with her then went back down. Carefully, she lifted his head and placed a pillow under it then wrapped the blanket over his body. "Consider this as my repayment for saving me." She smiled at the sleeping Sasuke and noticed how his brows furrowed and he tossed and turned like a child.

"He's having a nightmare…" she ran her fingers through his hair, trying to calm him down and began to hum a soft tune to keep him at ease. Soon enough, he was calming down and drifting off to a peaceful slumber and she was glad at that. Her eyelids began to become heavy and she yawned as sleep finally took over her, not noting how her head made Sasuke's chest as her pillow.

He felt something heavy and move atop his chest. Slowly opening his eyes, he nearly jumped when he saw Sakura's head there. She was still asleep and still wearing her uniform, hair slightly a mess and a look of content on her face. Sasuke carefully sat up to not wake the girl and gathered enough chakra to control the air, making the element lift the girl up as he sat down and made her rest her head on his lap. He took the blanket and wrapped it around her body and placed the pillow he had used under her head. "Normally, I'd just leave you but then, I couldn't just do that since you saved my life…"

She stirred a bit, slowly opening her eyes and meeting onyx orbs staring down at her. Shocked, she quickly sat up and blushed from the close contact they had. "Um… are you… feeling… better?"

"Yeah," he said and got up, pocketing his hands. "Thanks."

"S-sure, anytime…"

"Can I ask you a question?"

"Of course…"

"Why are you so nervous around me?"

Silence answered his question as she started fiddling with her fingers and the hem of her skirt. How would she answer this one? Looking around to avoid the topic, her eyes caught sight of the time, 8:54 AM, and she yelled. "Shit! We're going to be late!" she got up and ran around the room, the Fallen only staying calm and having his eyes closed as she went about conduct grades, being early and not being late ever since she started schooling, etc.

"It's Saturday."

He said it so simply that everything went quiet again. Sakura looked at him with a dumb expression. "Wha?" Sasuke slowly opened his eyes and repeated himself. "It's Saturday." And she fell down anime style of how calm her companion is. "Ehehe, sorry, stupid of me to forget…" she stuck her tongue out and rubbed the back of her head while sitting on the floor.

Wouldn't you like to know what was running inside the Angelus' mind? Well, he may be stoic on the outside but inside, he's debating with his conscience that is the opposite of him. "No, she is not cute…" he told himself but his other ego thought otherwise and he just shut the voice off. "Look, answer the question and I'll be off."

"I don't know how to answer you, maybe because you have this 'I'm-so-great' aura or just the fact that you're anti-social so maybe you talking to me just makes me nervous."

"…That's it?"

"Y-yeah," she said. "Why?"

He shrugged and sat back down. "For a minute there I thought you were one of those mindless girls in school who think of nothing else but snagging a date with me." He smirked at her and she blushed, looking down to avoid his gaze. "I wouldn't mind telling you a few things as long as you keep it a secret."

Sakura's head shot up; was he opening up to her? What a treat! If the other girls found out about this, they'd pay big bucks to get something, anything about this bishie. "Deal." She said enthusiastically.

"Alright," he said, closing his eyes. "Did you know that I am responsible for the death of my family? Believe it or not, I merely killed them when I was only nine years old."

To be continued…

Next on Fallen: Chapter 2: Chosen's Mark

"You're not just a gifted person, you are mainly the target of every rogue that has escaped the pits of Hell and the gates of Heaven, you are none other than the Chosen, and for that, you must be marked in order for us to protect you."

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