A/N: The demonic language is the English language spelled backwards… In any case, I'll put the translations beside it. The finale of Fallen is here!


He took a sharp intake of breath and sat up abruptly, panting as the three people crowded him and asked if he was okay. Sasuke looked at his right hand, seeing and feeling it shake. His head hurt like hell and he thought he would give in to Hellarium if Iruka and Derick hadn't helped him out, not to mention… "Reshin…" he thought, looking at Sakura who returned it with a worried look. "It was you all along…" he said, still gazing at her.

They felt the whole place shake as all quickly stood up and glanced at the open window, seeing a winged man, his crow-like wings tattered, his hair long and a dark blood-red color, two sharp horns growing from his head, and his fangs very sharp and pointy, and his eyes were the color of purple, the pupils looking like a snake's. There were black marks all around his body, his topless form showing off his bulky size and a sinister grin on his lips. By instinct, Sasuke pushed Sakura behind him and glared at the new arrival, Jiraiya and Iruka stepping up beside the Fallen in their fighting stances.

"Apocalypse…" Iruka said, sweat dripping from his forehead. "That could only mean that the Cartum is defeated…" the said man laughed an evil laughter as he stepped inside, his bare feet sizzling the wooden floors of Jiraiya's dojo, hinting that he really came from hell. He pointed his right index finger at Sakura, showing his finely sharp nails that secretly had poison in them. "Eht nesohc, evig em eht nesohc…" (The chosen, give me the chosen) Sakura hugged Sasuke's arm, shutting her eyes and burying her face on his sleeves as she shook. She didn't understand demonic language, but she knew that Apocalypse was talking about her.

The Angel of Life turned to Jiraiya who gulped and faced Sasuke, who remained impassive and kept Sakura behind him. "Ton ni noillim sraey…" (Not in a million years) he answered in the same language, causing the Apocalypse to snicker, and the other three to glance at him. Iruka and Sakura were a bit shocked to find out that he could even speak Demon, while Jiraiya, who knew about it, didn't bother to say anything. Apocalypse then charged without warning, and Sasuke quickly pushed Sakura to Life who flew away from the fight as Jiraiya went to look for the Demon-Sealing scroll.

Chapter 9: Withered Wings

Iruka used his wings to keep chunks of wood from hitting the Chosen. He watched as Sasuke continued to duck and evade Apocalypse nails, sensing a deadly toxic inside the Apocalypse. "Eid!" (Die) the demon growled, aiming for Sasuke's throat. Having no time to evade the attack, Sasuke grabbed the enemy's wrist with both hands, stopping it from stabbing his throat in a mere inch. His back was against the wall and Apocalypse only forced his hand to the Fallen's throat. "Damn it…" he thought, trying to fight the force of the apocalypse.

He felt his mark sting and his grip on Apocalypse's arm loosened a bit, causing the demon's nails to give a scar on his left cheek since he dodged the assault, preventing it to hit his vital spot, only since the nails had poison, he too was poisoned. Falling to his knees, his right hand went over his mark, his eyes shut tight as the black seal started to spread over his body. "No, don't…" he ordered, letting the mark fall back. He panted, feeling the toxic rapidly invade his blood. He felt his chakra slowly draining from him as he looked up with a blurry vision. "Ouy lliw eid…" (You will die) says the demon as his right hand grasped the Fallen's neck, lifting him up a feet in the air as Sasuke struggled to break free. "I have no choice…" he thought, closing his eyes as he let the mark take over, his hands performed hand seals and when he opened his eyes, he revealed them red, the sharingan back in action as he took a deep breath and smirked at the Demon's face. "Katon: Goukakyuu no jutsu!"

Apocalypse instantly let go of the Angelus and shriek in agony, the fire of the Fallen burning his skin as he glared menacingly at the smirking Uchiha. "On eno reve did ekil a Fallen's erif."(No one ever did like a Fallen's fire) He stood up and summoned out his katana, getting himself to a fighting stance. "Tahw deneppah ot eht nosiop? Who emoc er'uoy ton detceffa yb ti?" (What happened to the poison? How come you're not affected by it?) Sasuke narrowed his sharingan eyes, having full control of his full-Fallen mode. "A lluf-Fallen edom sah fles-gnilaeh, ni dna tou." (A full-Fallen mode has self healing, in and out) and his body emitted a blue aura, his eyes closed and his wings appearing behind him, ready to block in case an attack was to be made while the Angelus was still healing himself.

Sasuke brought his katana in front of him, making it look like it divided his face into half. He glared at Apocalypse. "Emit rof uoy ot eid." (Time for you to die) and he attacked his opponent, the katana in his hand, the blade producing blue electricity, the sound of a thousand birds erupting from it. Iruka's eyes widened a bit. "Did he just enhance his raikiri?" Jiraiya came back with a scroll. He untied it, opened the whole thing as he heard the cry of pain the Apocalypse yelled out when Sasuke's blade stabbed the demon's chest.

Quickly placing the opened scroll down, the monk did a few seals and had his right palm face the middle kanji word of the scroll. He looked up and waited for Sasuke to pull out his sword before he gave a chant, light emitting from the scroll as Apocalypse winced at the wound he was given. He fell to his knees when his ears picked up the sound of holy mantra and his skin get touched by holy light. "Game over…" Jiraiya said, doing a final hand seal.

"Damn it!" Naruto cursed, his demon form slowly reverting back to normal. "I'm loosing more chakra than I thought." He said to himself, panting as the weakened but still fighting Seraul advanced towards him. His blue eyes turned to Neji, who was still fighting his own mark from taking over, then at Ten-Ten who was having a hard time to take down the rogue and Kakashi, who still had a battle on going with Kabuto. "I can't give up just yet…" he did a hand seal and smirked at the Seraul. "Can you handle two Narutos?" he asked, a clone forming beside him. "Or three?" he added another. "Or…" he grinned sheepishly. "Kage Bunshin no jutsu!" and a thousand more of him appeared. "A thousand?" and they all attacked the Seraul with their best shots, the real Naruto forming his own technique, waiting for every clone to disappear. "Here goes!" he started to sprint at the rogue, his attack ready to kill it.

"Rasengan!" and when he hit the rogue's chest, it turned to black smoke. His eyes widened at this and soon, his back got hit by the Seraul's staff, causing him to hit a nearby tree, a pile of snow fell on him and again, he cursed loudly. "You fucking piece of shit!" he growled, the Seraul seemingly smirking, finding the blonde demon's antics amusing. Its smirk was wiped off its face when a hard kick landed at the back of its neck, causing it to break, finally killing it. "It takes another blonde demon to kick your sorry neck!" Came a feminine voice. Naruto looked up and gave a wide grin. "Ino!"

She gave a wink and a peace sign. "Yamanaka Ino is here to save the day!"

"Troublesome girl…" Naruto looked behind him to see Ten-Ten on the ground, on her knees, panting and Shikamaru in front of her, his holy gun aimed at the Seraul and he pulled the trigger, letting the blessed bullet hit the rogue's heart. He smirked slightly. "Sorry we're late, had to get rid of those Crusades and Seculars, good thing the Sand siblings came to the rescue, and yes, they're good guys who act bad to catch Oro-bastard, as Sasuke calls him, off guard."

"Put a sock in it…" Neji murmured, landing on the ground and letting his cousin kill the rogue Fallen. Hinata returned back to her normal state, her hair growing shorter once more as she smiled slightly. "Now it's only Kabuto left…" they turned to Kakashi who kicked Kabuto on the abdomen and followed it up with his chidori enhanced scythe. The white-haired demon got electrocuted from the contact with the weapon and slowly slid to unconsciousness. "No, we still have Orochimaru and Apocalypse to deal with."

"Apoca-who?" Naruto asked, scratching his head.

"My father."

His eyes widened when the final seal didn't do any effect. Apocalypse snickered at the monk's bewildered face and he slowly turned his gaze to the glaring Fallen then smirked. "Ouy thguoht ouy evah now..?" (You thought you have won..?) he snickered some more. "Ecnis er'uoy ym s'nos "nos", neht taht sekam uoy ym nosdnarg!" (Since you're my son's "son", then that makes you my grandson!) Sasuke's eyes widened for a split second until Apocalypse pushed him away, letting the Fallen hit his back on the wall. "Rof eht tsal emit, evig em eht nesohc!" (For the last time, give me the chosen!)

"Che, hell no."

Apocalypse growled and charged at Sasuke, only to be stopped by a chidori-enhanced scythe. He glanced at the user, smirking upon seeing his only son, Death, stop him from killing his "grandson". Kakashi narrowed his eyes at his father. "Don't kill my son…" he said in a threatening tone of voice, griping tightly onto his scythe. Kakashi's father only laughed as the rest of the team arrived. "Tahw sekam uoy kniht uoy nac pots em?" (What makes you think you can stop me?) Kakashi remained silent for a while, thinking up of an answer as he opened and closed his mouth, unable to answer the one he calls father.

"We don't think," came Sasuke's voice as he jumped over Kakashi and kicked Apocalypse away, causing him to fall on the ground on his butt, the Fallen heading behind him, a few feet away. "We know." Kakashi finished, hitting the floor with his scythe as he stood there, glaring at his father, Sasuke standing across him. Apocalypse's eyes widened when the rest of the gang positioned themselves, forming the six-pointed star position. The four guardians of the Chosen as well as Life and Death stood on their respective points. Altogether, they did some hand seals, stopping at the tiger. "Siht si ruoy dne…" (This is your end) Kakashi said, glaring at his father before a gust of wind gathered around the star and towards the middle, a black portal opening, the zephyr appearing to suck Apocalypse in as the six concentrated their chakra on the middle.

He felt his legs being pulled down, panicking at the same time. He glanced around, seeing the Chosen just a few feet away, and he smirked evilly at this, his arm seeming to suddenly stretch out like rubber to seize the Chosen's ankle, pulling her with him. Sensing this, Sasuke attempted to drop the seal and pull Sakura out of Apocalypse's grasp but Kakashi beat him to it, pouncing on his dad, giving extra weight to push his father down to hell, causing the demon to let go of the Chosen's ankle. Iruka took note of this and applied more chakra, doubling his energy ki to keep the portal open until Death could fly back up.

"Seal it!" he heard Kakashi yell. Iruka's eyes widened at this. "Are you crazy! If I seal it now then you won't be able to get out!" true, if they all let go of the seal, Kakashi will definitely not be able to come back. "It doesn't matter! Seal it not before my dad breaks loose of my hold!" Life hesitated, "SEAL IT!" regretfully, Iruka dropped the seal, having the breeze suck up everything else until the portal disappeared, the four guardians falling on their backs after being pulled by gravity, Iruka falling to his hands and knees as he shut his eyes tight, his brow creased. It all happened too fast for him, and because of numerous rogues appearing, he never even had the chance to send more time with Kakashi, and it only made him shed tears.

Sasuke stared at where the portal was once, not seeming to believe that his supposed father was gone with Apocalypse. Being in his state of shock, he failed to sense Hellarium approaching closer and performing a body-binding skill, causing all of the people in the room to freeze up and realize too late that they have been trapped. "Fools." He said, snickering. "Apocalypse was only a trick to lure all of you away, as well as to have Death go back." He turned to Sasuke. "You were always one step ahead of me, but now, it looks like I'm two steps ahead of you. First, I sent rogues to deplete your chakra and try to take over your body, and then my next trap took place when I sent Apocalypse, having all of you waste more than half of what's left of your chakra, weakening all of you in the process, and having your marks act up." When he said those words, all the four guardians felt the stinging pain on their marks, forcing their hands to grasp them yet they couldn't move.

Hinata, Ino and Ten-Ten also felt a slight pang on their own marks, causing the three girls to cry out in pain. Iruka fought the urge to let his own mark take control and instead, glared at Orochimaru who returned it with a smug smirk. "Looks like I win this time," he turned to Sakura. "Your mark hurts too, does it Chosen?" she didn't reply but only writhed in pain from the sting on her left collarbone. "I can't ease it like a Fallen can, but I can take you elsewhere to fulfill what I need and want." He seized her arm, pulling the girl up and hosting her over his shoulder. She couldn't fight due to her weakened state. Her mark is sucking up all of her chakra reserves and she couldn't fight to stay conscious.

"S-Sa…ku…ra…" she heard the father of her child call, forcing himself to stand up, only to fall back on his knees and try to get up again. "Let her go… you… son of… a-" He got kicked on the face by Orochimaru's feet, making him spat out blood as he tried to stand up again, only to get hit once more by Hellarium. "Tsk," he snickered at the teen. "What would your whole family say when they see you like this?" he shrugged and didn't wait for an answer from the Fallen as he walked away from the unmoving people, bringing Sakura with him.

As soon as Orochimaru has gone further away, they were all able to move once again. Catching their breaths, they exchanged looks and turned to Sasuke, seeing his head lowered and his fists clenched tightly. "Jiraiya," he said all of a sudden, startling the said man from the tone he used. "What are the chances of Hallarium bringing Sakura down below?" the monk blinked and cleared his throat. "Zero, he has no intentions to take her to hell, what he plans is…" he trailed off, watching as the Fallen walked over to a particular room. "…You're not going to… are you?" Sasuke ignored Jiraiya and went inside the room, getting changed into his battle clothes, putting on the black fingerless gloves as the finishing touches and summoning out his wings. "I'm going to stop him." He said after emerging from the room in an almost all-black attire. "Even if it means betting my life, I will stop him."

"You do know that she has… something in her womb…"

Sasuke glared at him. "A child, even if unborn, is not a thing." The monk nodded. "And yes, I know that it's my child dwelling inside of her, ours to be correct. And I'll do anything to save the two of them from Hellarium." Iruka stood up and eyed him, followed by the rest of the gang, Neji narrowing his eyes. "It's useless to save them, because the prophecy states that you have to spill innocent blood, and that blood happens to be your child's." he felt the Fallen's hand wrap around his neck tightly, but he didn't flinch, yet inwardly, he panicked as he saw sharingan eyes glaring at him. "I'm sick of following rules, laws, codes and all that crap Hyuuga, so don't tell me what to do, I'm doing this my own way whether you like it or not." He let go of the older teen and turned his back to him. "I'm not stopping any of you from going with me, nor will I force one of you to come, I'll leave that to your decision." And he started to walk away, only stopping when Naruto called him back.

The kyuubi vessel smirked and took a step forward. "I'm coming with you." Shikamaru sighed, scratching the back of his head and also stepping forward. "This is too troublesome, but you'll never know when you'll need a genius." He smiled slightly. "Count me in." the two turned to Neji who shook his head, a smirk appearing on his lips. "We can't be called the four guardians if there's only three of you right?" he looked up at Sasuke. "I'm going with you Uchiha, no matter how much of a pain you are."

"I'm coming too." Iruka said, looking at the Uchiha with a serious expression. "We will too." Ten-Ten announced, answering for Hinata and Ino. Jiraiya smiled a bit and stretched his arms. "Since all of you are going, then I'm going. Besides, I'd like to finally see Hellarium get his ass kicked." Sasuke only gave a nod and turned his head away, a smile creeping up his lips as his bangs shadowed his eyes. "Everyone… thank you…"

She felt the cold winter air caress her bare shoulder. Sakura opened her eyes, blinking until her vision cleared. Her eyes scanned her surroundings, seeing a lot of snow-covered trees and mountains. She shivered when she felt the zephyr blow once more, her long hair going all over her face. She tried to brush her pink strands away, but realized that she couldn't, not with both her hands bound by a rope against a wooden cross, making her look like she was crucified. She wondered briefly why she was feeling cold when she had a jacket on earlier. Looking down, her eyes narrowed and her cheeks flared. She was wearing a light blue dress; the thin straps were over her shoulder, secured to a knot. The hem of it reached down just four inches above her ankles. Her left wrist was adorned with a silver bracelet; her left upper arm had a pink ribbon tied around it. "Why the hell am I dressed up like this?"

"Find your new clothing amusing Chosen?"

Sakura glared at the man that stood before her. "Pervert…" she muttered icily. Orochimaru snickered and shook his head. "As tempting as I'd like to undress you myself, I am not that rude to do that to a lady such as yourself while you're unconscious. I simply asked one of my female subordinates, Tayuya, to take care of your clothing." Sakura looked behind the man to see five demons standing straight, looking at her.

"What are you planning..?" she asked.

"I have to claim you, but since you already have an unborn Angelus living in your womb, it will be hard to do an abortion, especially since we burn when we try to touch a Fallen that is still a baby, or a fetus perhaps." He reached out to her as she struggled, yelling at him, protesting at what he was about to do. "Don't worry, for your sake, I'll make it less painful." He gestured one of the demons to knock her out. She felt her eyelids grow heavy, and soon, gave in to the darkness, but before loosing consciousness, she heard someone yell out to Orochimaru. "Sa..su..ke..?" and she blacked out.

"Orochimaru!" he turned to his side to see red eyes glaring at him. "Don't you dare touch her or our child!" Sasuke yelled, the sharingan activated and his katana poised in a deadly stance. Orochimaru jumped back, avoiding the blade from hitting him as the Fallen stood before his crucified mate, glaring at Hellarium. "Very good timing Sasuke," he snickered. "If you came a second too late, you wouldn't have a child."

"I'll send your sorry ass all the way down!" and after he said that, his katana began to give off a blue light, static electricity emitting from it, the chirping of birds rang through everyone's ears. "Chidori… Nagashi!" and he charged towards Orochimaru who took out his own sword, Kusanagi, from his mouth and blocked Sasuke's attack. He felt the electricity of the katana and immediately pulled away, a bit shaky after the assault. Sasuke smirked at this, the chakra from his sword not dispersing. "I owe Kakashi for giving me the chance to copy this attack. Looks like whatever defense you do, you'll get electrocuted."

"Nice trick." He commented, snickering. "I'll enjoy this fight."

"Sakura, Sakura!" Ino continued to pat the Chosen's cheek lightly, trying to wake her up as Hinata and Ten-Ten got rid of the annoying little imps that kept attacking them. When Sasuke attacked Orochimaru, the rest of the guys followed by charging straight at the five demons; the three of them, on the other hand, took Sakura and removed her from the cross. "If these good for nothing little bastards keep coming- I swear I'll murder them!" The Huntress yelled. "That's the whole point Ten-Ten." Ino muttered and continued to shake Sakura. "Wake up already!"

Her brows squint and she slowly opened her eyes, seeing a pair of blue ones that gave a relieved look. "Finally! I thought I had to bang your head to wake you up!" Sakura blinked and looked around, seeing Neji engaged in a battle with a big demon, who was chubby. Then at Shikamaru who fought with Tayuya. Naruto was busy with a two-headed demon, and Jiraiya was facing the other one. As for Iruka, he fought against Kabuto.

"You annoying little Fallen!"

She turned to the voice, seeing Sasuke stab Orochimaru on the arm with his chidori enhanced katana. Blood splattered on his face, covering one of his sharingan eyes and staining his raven hair. Sasuke pulled back and crouched low, still having his weapon coated with electric chakra. After having attacked Oro, he figured that the purpose of Chidori Nagashi was to numb an opponent when hit on any part of the body, if not, effectively knock him out or kill him. He glanced at his bloody katana.

"Kakashi…" he thought. "If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have learned the advantages of chidori." He smiled slightly. "Thanks dad." And he turned his gaze back at Oro who couldn't use his right arm after the hit he received from the Fallen. "You annoying dirty-blooded angel…" the Uchiha's eyes widened upon hearing the insulting name of a Fallen. Noticing this, the smirk on Orochimaru's face grew as he walked closer. "Dirty-blooded Angel, that's right… your race is an insult to all, that's why you were all called Fallens, but that was not a very dirty name to call an Angelus, that's why they resorted to calling you dirty-blooded, and more effectively, since males are mostly on the Demonic side, they get insulted when they are called Angels."

Sasuke shook a bit, the grip on his katana tightening as he lowered his head, letting his blood-covered bangs shield his blood-smeared face. "What did you call me..?" he asked in a low and dangerous tone. His enemy smirked. "What's wrong? Did I offend the angel? You and that child of yours dwelling in the Chosen are dirty-bloods. And I'm sure, when that child is born," he smirked. "He'll experience hell from the people who despise your race."

"Keep my kid out of this…"

"Why? Your heir would die anyway."

"Shut up!" blinded by rage, he moved without thinking, and Orochimaru took this to his advantage and the Fallen's downfall. "You are too easy to piss off…" and he crouched low and used his sword to pierce the approaching target. He saw blood splatter on his blade, and he smirked, seeing the Fallen wince from the pain. Orochimaru pulled his kusanagi out and took a few steps back, watching how Sasuke fell to his knees, using his katana to support his body, his free hand held onto his wound. It was a vital hit on the abdomen, so instantly, he let his wings wrap him in a cocoon while he closed his eyes and concentrated on healing his injury.

"Caught you."

His instincts told him to look and when he did, his eyes widened when Orochimaru's sword emitted a black aura. "Shit! My wings won't be able to stop that!" he couldn't cease from healing; it was a risky move if he stopped his chakra flow from curing his wound. "He tricked me…" he thought, eyebrows knitting as he tried to think up of a plan. He got up slowly, his feet staggering and stopped his self-healing technique, causing his body to weaken a bit for loosing too much blood, at the same time, not completing the jutsu. "At this rate… even if I kill him, I have to die…" his katana glowed blue again when he performed Chidori Nagashi. His knees were shaking, and he knew that he was on the brink of dying. "But I can't die, not until I kill him." He glared at Orochimaru who was fast approaching. "Not until I… fulfill my task…"

And before he knew it, he saw more blood splash. Only, it wasn't his blood nor his flesh that was stabbed by Kusanagi. His eyes widened, and gasps could be heard, and somehow, even Orochimaru was surprised from what happened.

"Damn you woman…" Shikamaru cursed, blocking the attack Tayuya sent him with his sword. "Haven't you had enough?" true, they've been fighting for a long time, and it appears that Shikamaru had a higher level than Tayuya, which caused the female Demon to pant and glare at the Hunter. Still, he gave her credit for fighting, despite the deep wounds he implanted, including the spraying of holy water and throwing three talismans at her. "She's tough, just like Ino." He bit his thumb, withdrawing blood from it and did numerous hand seals: "Summoning technique!" a bog cloud of smoke engulfed him, and when it cleared, Tayuya saw Shikamaru's arms crossed and a smug look on his face. He was standing on top of a big lion, its forehead boring a red X. "Let's end this." And the lion charged at Tayuya.

"Shit!" she cursed inwardly after feeling the paw of the lion on top of her, putting all its weight on her as she cried out in pain, vomiting blood. Shikamaru jumped down and with the use of his right index and middle finger, he wrote holy kanji words in mid air. After completing it, he made the seal of a tiger and opened his eyes. "Demon-Banning Technique, send this Demon to hell!"

A six-pointed star appeared below Tayuya and she felt the strong wind push her down the portal. She couldn't fight back, especially after receiving so many holy attacks from the Hunter, and the lion's paw pushing her down as well. Shikamaru sealed the opening and the lion disappeared in a cloud of smoke. He turned to see what the commotion was all about when he heard the girls gasp. When he saw what happened, it was his turn to freeze.

"Ugh…" Ridoumaru was smirking while choking Neji and pinning him to a tree. The Angel's hair was messed up a bit, strands of it covered some of his face and blood trickled down the side of his head when the demon he fought with hit his head hard against the strong bark of a tree. "Worthless Angel…" the demon said, throwing Neji on the snowy ground with great force. Neji gathered chakra in his hands and did a fighting stance after he got up, legs spread and knees bended, he activated his byaakugan and waited for Ridoumaru to come.

"Hakke…" he whispered as the Demon ran. "….Rokujuu…" he bent lower and when Ridoumaru was near… "…Yonshou!" he attacked with full speed, closing all tenketsu points of the demon, making sure that he won't be able to use his chakra any longer. "It's not yet over." He said. "Jyuuken!" with faster movements, he did a lot of punchi and kick combos, delivering fatal blows to any part of the Demon's body. Neji smirked afterwards when Ridoumaru was about to deliver a deadly attack on the Hyuuga. Bracing himself, he pushed his feet, making it slide on the snowy ground, and then twisted his whole body in a spinning feat. "Hakke Shou Kaiten!"

It caused Ridoumaru to fall back on his butt, grunting at the pain his body sent his brain, an after effect of Neji's combos. "Don't call me worthless, I merely had you thinking that you were winning. It's a simple trick. Not to mention how Demons easily fall for it, because of their ego." He did a few hand seals, letting his mark spread all over his body. His wings sprouted from his back, scattering celestial feathers on the snow-covered soil, blending in with the whiteness of it. "Time for you to go back to hell." He said, having stopped at the tiger seal. "Sealing Technique: Send the Demon back to Hell."

Just like what happened to Tayuya, minus the portal, a black hole opened below the ground that Ridoumaru was standing as it swallowed the demon, bringing him to the black abyss of Hell. Neji released the seal, closing the portal. He heard his girlfriend fall to her knees, staring at where Sasuke and Orochimaru was. Wondering what was wrong, he turned to where she was staring and his brows creased while his eyes widened, his whole body shaking from what he saw.

Naruto spat out the blood in his mouth. Even in his demon form, Sakon almost managed to keep up with his level when he himself let his mark spread as well. "I feel so insulted to have to face you," he spat. "You're the weakest demon I've ever met." Naruto clenched his fist at this, his orangey aura growing more abnormal than ever, instead of four tails, it turned to six, a fast way for the Kyuubi in him to get stronger. His whiskers were more visible now, and his eyes gave a dangerous glint when he set them on his prey: Sakon.

"Fierce." The older demon commented, snickering. "Come." And the bearer of the fox demon charged on all fours. Sakon's eyes widened when the teen was able to use the extra chakra for attacking. He never knew that he could be touched by it. Taking his mark to the next level; a horn grew on his forehead, his teeth turning to fangs and his nails turning to claws. His hair grew longer and skin darker, he laughed at the Kyuubi demon, taunting it some more. "Taren Ken." He said, giving a series of punches and kicks to the younger demon. It was too fast for him to block all, if not, most of the assaults.

"My turn…" Naruto said, smirking. He rushed head on at Sakon, performing a seal and cried out: "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" four replicas of him came and immediately cornered Sakon. "U-ZU-MA-KI…" said the four, kicking the adult demon upwards as the real one jumped up in the air and followed it up with a strong kick, sending the demon in the ground with great power and strength. "Naruto rendan!" his clones dispersed and he jumped back, checking the damage he has done.

Sakon slowly staggered to his feet and coughed out a lot of blood. "Not bad kid." Naruto gave a goofy grin and pointed at him. "It's not exactly original since it's my own version of Sasuke-teme's Shishi rendan, but mine's better!" he glared at Sakon when the demon scoffed. "I bet the Fallen's attack is stronger though." He laughed and charged again. Naruto smirked and when Sakon gave a punch, the blonde demon turned into a log. "Replacement technique!" he sensed Naruto behind him and his eyes widened upon seeing the seal of the tiger. "He's going to send me back!" But…

"Hatake Kakashi's original technique: Sennen Goroshi! Pain of a thousand years!" and Naruto sdid a powerful ass-poke against Sakon's rear, causing the older demon flying to the sky. "It's not yet over!" Naruto said, doing a couple of handseals and also stopped at the tiger seal. "Return Technique: Trap the demon in hell!" and when a portal opened Naruto did a clone of himself, having the fake take his place as his demon wings appeared from his back, letting him fly after Sakon. "Down to hell you go!" he yelled, kicking Sakon with a forceful kick, sending him falling down to the pit like a speeding bullet. The clone released the seal once the hole swallowed Naruto's opponent up, at the same time, the fake Naruto vanished into a puff of smoke.

"Heh. I love pranks." He heard Hinata emit a small gasp of "Oh no" and when he turned his head, he felt his knees bukle, causing him to drop to the ground. "W-what- n-no way…"

"You have got to be kidding me…" Kabuto muttered when his back was against Jiroubou. The two were cornered by Iruka and Jiraiya who had smirks on their faces. The two Demons were bound by one of Jiraiya's chakra strings that were specifically made for Hunters/Huntresses to capture rogues, Angels, Demons or Fallens. Whichever, it was an effective way to send or eliminate them. "Iruka, care to do the honors?" Life nodded and did the same seals Neji did earlier.

They didn't fight at all. They just took the advantage of their opponents being near to each other, and with Iruka's smarts and Jiraiya's sneaky mind, they managed to capture the two with just one attack. As the saying goes, they killed two birds with one stone. Stopping at the seal of a tiger, a portal opened, this time, above the two demons and it sucked the two up, along with the chakra strings that Jiraiya used.

"Goodbye…" the monk teased, waving mockingly at the two as the portal faded. Iruka looked up as the winter breeze blew pass them. "Kakashi… I hope you'll come back someday…" his keen sense of hearing picked up the sound of a sword being pierced through flesh, and he felt two souls being lost. Eyes widening, he and Jiraiya slowly turned their heads, dreading what was to meet their eyes. "Sa-Sa…ku..ra..?" The Angel of Life turned to look at how the Fallen was taking all this, as he expected, Sasuke stood there behind Sakura, his katana on his side, the chidori fading, and his sharingan eyes reverting back to onyx, showing how his eyes went wide and dilating.

Orochimaru immediately let his sword go and stepped away, his hands shaking after seeing the blood of an unborn Fallen stain his sword. Sakura coughed out blood, her hands shakily pulling the sword out of her stomach. She let out a cry of pain, snapping everyone back to reality as they all ran towards her. Sasuke quickly caught his wounded mate, preventing her from falling to the ground. His eyes clouded with tears when he saw her in pain, when he saw how she still managed to give a small smile to him. "S-sorry…" she whispered. He tightened his hold on her body, feeling her skin grow colder as each seconds tick by. "I'm… sorry… to cause you… this much trouble…" she continued. "Stop it…" he said, "Stop talking…" he forced a smile despite the tears he shed. "You'll be fine… just hang in there…" he choked, the others stood there, unable to say or do anything.

She smiled again, her face was still beautiful and angelic even if she was covered in blood. "I wanted to start a family with you…"

"I know… I do too… and we will… once this is over, we can…"

Sakura slowly shook her head, reaching up to touch his face. "We can't…" she whispered. "Too bad… it can't happen…" she felt the pain on her wound and she flinched from it. "I-I'm sorry our… son had… to die…" she said, feeling her life force slowly draining. She looked at him and forced a smile, her eyes closed. "I love you…" and her hand dropped. At that moment, he felt like the whole world crashed, he felt his heart shatter to pieces; he felt that he was alone in this world, again.

"Sakura..!" he called out, shaking her. "Sakura…" he said again. When she didn't respond, he knew it was hopeless, but he couldn't help but cry out her name over and over. "Sakura!"

"I wanted to start a family with you…" he could remember her dying words, and he couldn't help but cry. For the first time since his family's death, Uchiha Sasuke cried. "Too bad… it can't happen…" and indeed, it couldn't.

"Tsk," Orochimaru said, clicking his tongue and shaking his head. "Tsunade told me that Sakura-chan wouldn't dare sacrifice her son to fulfill the prophecy, but look at what happened, she just did." He turned to Sasuke, seeing his head lowered; both blood and tears rolled down his cheeks as he cried silently. "It's all your fault, you worthless dirty-blooded angel, she died because and for you. Now you have to face the consequences. You killed your own family, just like what you did back then." He snickered. "You're destined to be alone. Face reality, Sakura-chan is gone."

"Don't call her that!" he replied harshly, gaining the attention of all. "Why not? Even when she's dead, you're still possessive of her? That's not a Fallen's trait." Sasuke lowered his head some more, giving a light, tender kiss on Sakura's forehead, brushing her bangs away. "Sakura, thank you…" he didn't know what he could say any more, so he just thought of it, thanking her for everything she has done.

"Looks like the law was false," he said, casually checking on his nails as if he was a preppy girl. "I'm not yet dead."

"You'll pay…"

"Hm?" he looked at Sasuke, a bit taken aback when he saw his eyes, his wings sprouting from his back and his mark starting to activate.

"I wanted to start a family with you…"

"You'll pay…" he whispered, holding her lifeless body close to his, black celestial wings engulfing the two of them as his mark continued spreading across his body. His eyes turning completely blood red, the commas of the sharingan spinning wildly as they glared into Orochiamru's yellow orbs. "I won't forgive you for this…"

"Too bad… it can't happen…"

Those were her last words, and he was going to make sure that he would get his revenge for his mate and his child. "I'll send you crawling back to hell!" and with a blink of an eye, he was behind Orochimaru and had his arms locked around his neck.

The others stared in disbelief at the speed Sasuke had displayed. Hellarium felt sweat trickle down his face when the Fallen's grip on him tightened, choking him on the spot. "L-Let… go o-of… m-me…" he said, trying to break away from the grasp of the Angelus. Sasuke wrapped the two of them in his wings and closed his eyes. He distributed chakra all over his body, feeling his muscles heat as he engulfed himself in flames, along with Orochimaru who could escape his grip. Hellarium cried out in pain and agony, feeling the fire burn his skin.

Even if Hell was said to be a fiery place, an Angelus' fire is hotter and intense than below: which is why most rogues and other beings back away or flee when they sense a Fallen's urge to use fire power.

"What's happening..?" Naruto asked, shaking after hearing Orochimaru's ear-splitting scream. Neji gulped at this and tried to calm down. He never did want to come across a rogue Sasuke, as he'd like to dub him when his mark spreads. "Fire…" Hinata said when she activated her byaakugan. Instead of performing the usual fire technique that comes from his mouth, he's letting the flames engulf his whole body, yet not getting burned at all."

"Kakashi… you taught him this… did you?" Iruka thought grimly. "It'll be followed up by a higher level enhanced chidori."

"What?" Ino asked, turning to face Life. "That can't be possible!"

"It can. Especially if he's willing to die just to kill Orochimaru."

"But I thought we were just going to send him back?" Ten-Ten asked, joining in on the conversation. Iruka shook his head. The Cartum instructed me to send Hellarium back if we can't kill him." He glanced over his shoulder. "Isn't that right, Tsunade-sama?"


Surprised, they gave questioning looks at the blonde who had bandages all over. "I may be Magna Carta's leader, but I don't possess self-healing techniques. After Apocalypse came out, this is what happened, that's why I couldn't stop Hellarium." She looked at where the scream was coming from. "But he can."

Orochimaru suffered from third degree burns, and if that wasn't enough, Sasuke did the unthinkable. He enhanced his whole body with chidori, causing Orochimaru's body to go numb, at the same time, shake from the electrocution. Sasuke's arm loosened, and he pulled back, jumping in the air. His breath was shallow, and he could feel his chakra draining fast. "This is it…" he said, closing his eyes and doing a few seals.

"Ka-chan, I'm sorry to use this technique…" he flew down towards Orochimaru and drew out his Katana. He stabbed Orochimaru's long cloak to hold him in place. "You're finished!" he did the final hand seal: "Fuuinjutsu Shiki Fuujin!" the group watched as Death appeared, in his hand was the katana of Uchiha Mikoto, the one that was used to take away the Uchiha Matriarch's life, including the demon that possessed Sasuke when he was a child.

"Kakashi!" Iruka yelled.

Kakashi didn't respond, yet he hesitated in stabbing his son from behind. "Sasuke…"

The force of the summoning Death technique had the winter air blow stronger than a storm. Sasuke craned his neck and looked at Kakashi in the eye. "Do it…" he said. Kakashi shut his eyes and plunged the katana through Sasuke's stomach, all the way to Orochimaru until the sharp point of the blade can be seen emerging from Hellarium's back. Sasuke coughed out blood and glared at Orochimaru, sharingan still activated. "D-Damn you…" Hellarium cursed. "This is… for all the mistakes… my ancestors and I did… I'm correcting them by killing you!" he felt Kakashi slowly pull the sword, making sure Orochimaru's soul was getting absorbed by it.

"Teme, don't do it!" Naruto yelled, attempting to stop both Sasuke and Kakashi from finishing the technique, yet Tsunade blocked his path and looked at Naruto with a sorrowful expression. "He has to do this Naruto…" she turned to face the three men. "It's his fate… and the only way to get rid of Orochimaru once and for all."

"Pull it…" Sasuke whispered, feeling weaker as the seconds tick by. Kakashi shakily pulled the katana, at the same time take up Hellarium's soul until the sword completely devoured it. "Seal!" Sasuke said, doing a one hand tiger seal and Kakashi pulled the katana completely, causing Sasuke to fall on his knees and Orochimaru to fall dead on the blood-soaked snowy ground. Tsunade quickly took action and performed a few seals, chanting a holy mantra as she had her palms over Orochimaru's unmoving body. White light emitted from her and it ate away Hallarium's corpse, causing it to dissolve and let the wind carry it far away.

She faced Sasuke with narrowed eyes. "This was the alternative way, why didn't you just kill Orochimaru with any of your attacks?" Sasuke lowly opened his eyes and sat up with Kakashi's help. "Iruka… sen… sei…" Life looked at him as Sasuke gripped onto Kakashi's sleeve, feeling the wound on his stomach eat away his remaining life force. "Get Sakura…" he said, his eyes squinted. Iruka carried the girl and ran over to them, laying her on the ground. "Tsunade…" she looked at the Fallen. "Our deal…" he reminded. "You should know why I… chose this…"

Her eyes widened.

"I'll kill Orochimaru, but you have to promise me one thing…"

"And what's that?"

"If that day happens, you have to revive one of my comrades or loved ones who died."

"…Alright, but I can only grant one person to live."

Tsunade looked down and opened her mouth. "Iruka…"


"Perform the resurrecting technique."

"On who?"

Tsunade turned to Sasuke who held onto his wound. "Bring Sakura back to life."

Life nodded and bent down on one knee, doing complicated seals as he stopped and chanted. Slowly, Sakura's wound healed, and her face returned to her normal color, her cold body growing warm, and again, her chest moved up and down. "She's alive, but she'll wake up tomorrow. However, the baby… I cannot resurrect him."

Sasuke pushed Kakashi away a bit and looked down at his mate. "Leave that to me."


The others joined them and stared at Sasuke in disbelief. What the hell was he talking about? And it seems that Shikamaru had just voiced out their thoughts. "Even if you can, your chakra is not enough to bring back the dead!" Sasuke ignored them and closed his eyes, placing a hand over Sakura's womb, he concentrated chakra on it as they all saw a blue light being transferred to her stomach. Kakashi's eyes widened at this. "Sasuke, stop it!" he yelled and was about to yank his arm yet the Angelus' wings prevented Kakashi from doing so.

"What is he doing?" Naruto questioned Death who still tried to stop his son/student from completing the transfer. "Don't you dare-" but he stopped when the blue light faded, and when his son slowly collapsed to the ground, unmoving. A few seconds pass, Ino screamed.

She slowly opened her eyes, feeling the warmth of the room she was in. Sakura sat up and rubbed her eyes. "Finally awake Sakura?" she turned to see Tsunade and the rest of the gang looking at her with relief. She smiled at them. "How are you feeling?" Cartum asked. "Fine," she said and looked around, apparently searching for someone. "Tsuande-san, where's Sasuke?" all remained quiet afterwards, and their smiles turned to a frown. She blinked and saw Kakashi. "Sensei, you're back!" she exclaimed, but when he didn't return her smile, she felt something bad happened.

"Sakura," she faced Iruka. "Sasuke, he's…"

Her eyes widened.

"…Dead." Kakashi finished, looking away. "W-what..? N-no! You're lying." She tried to laugh. "Okay, okay, you got me, stop joking around, where is he?"

"He's fucking dead okay? We're not kidding around!" Neji snapped and soon left the room, slamming the door as Ten-Ten apologized to Sakura and followed her boyfriend. "H-How can… that happen?"

"When you died," Iruka began. "He fought with Orochimaru. He killed Oro by summoning Death," he turned to Kakashi. "He did the alternate way of killing Hellarium, just so that Kakashi can come back here, just so that he wouldn't suffer in Hell." Iruka took a deep breathe in. "He made a deal with Tsunade-sama, that when he kills Orochimaru, she would grant at least one life lost to return. He chose you Sakura."

"But how did he die?"

"Because of summoning me here, it could kill him, yet having Uchiha Derick in him prevented me from taking away his life as well, and instead, Derick sacrificed his own, which is why Sasuke still lived after that technique." Kakashi glanced at Sakura's womb. "He only had enough life force to transfer to you, to let yours and his son live. In exchange, he gave away his life."

Her hand went to her stomach unconsciously, feeling the life that was in it.

"He wanted you and the child to live, yet I can only grant one life, he chose you to be resurrected, because his remaining life force won't be able to bring you back to life, yet it can, however, return the child." Kakashi walked over to her, presenting the katana Sasuke used to keep Orochiamru in place. "Keep it." He whispered. "It would protect you when we're not around." She held onto the sheathed katana, afraid of letting it go, as if it was Sasuke.

"I'll always be here to protect you…"

Epilogue: I promise…

It's been years since Hellarium was killed, and Sakura had given birth to a boy, almost identical to his father, except for his eyes which were green like hers. Like his father, he too had the sharingan, and the blood of a Fallen running in him. "Come on Saki-kun." She said, pulling her eight-year old son as they walked down the street, Sasuke's katana strapped around her back. She stopped at Kakashi's palce, where they both live, and entered, announcing their arrival.

"Hey Sakura, Saki, welcome back." He greeted, still busy cleaning the whole living room. "Uncle Kaka!" Saki cheered, running over to Death, hugging his pant leg. "Whoa!" he exclaimed, smiling and ruffling the boy's hair. Saki reminded him so much of Sasuke when the boy was only eight. "I wonder if Saki will take after his father's personality too…" he looked away for a moment, staring at the dining area, recalling the days where he would have a drinking contest with Sasuke and Sakura trying to stop them from drinking more.

He chuckled at the memory, earning questioning looks from the two. He waved it off, saying that he just remembered something before starting to clean up again. Sakura shrugged and continued to unpack the groceries. When she took out a tomato, she stopped and looked at the ceiling, feeling odd. She shook her head and continued with her task.

Saki, on the other hand, went up to the attic and climbed out of the roof. He sat there and watched the skies, smiling at how the birds flew and chirped. When he saw one that seemed so near to his touch, he got up and tried to reach out, yet he lost his footing and slipped. "Ka-chan!" he yelled when he fell off the roof. He shut his eyes, awaiting the pain he would get from the ground when he lands, only to feel calloused yet warm hands catch his little body. He felt the owner of those hands, carry him like a baby. Saki peered over his shoulder, seeing raven hair like his that were spiked up to the back.

"You still don't know how to use your wings, huh Saki?"

The eight year old pushed himself away gently and found himself staring into deep onyx eyes that reflected his image. A smile formed on his lips as he gave a childish laugh, like he was being tickled. "Nope, I don't!"


He looked up when he heard his mother call him. He grinned when half of her body came out from the three-storey high window and looked down, ready to scold her son but she stopped and stared instead. "Ka-chan!" Saki waved. "Look who caught me!" he exclaimed. "He's back ka-chan! Tou-chan saved me!"

She paid no heed to her son's words, but instead stared into the eyes of the man who had her son, technically, his as well. "Sasuke-kun…" she whispered, her eyes starting to water. Saki looked at his dad and smiled. "Tou-chan's back." Sasuke put his son down and looked back up at Sakura, a smile on his face. "Hey forehead…" he whispered back.

"Heaven, Earth or Hell…"

She stepped out of the window and stood on the roof, her bluish-white wings sprouting from her back s tears started to roll down her cheeks, her lips curved into a smile.

"Wherever and whichever…"

He, in turn, smiled warmly at his mate and had his celestial black wings come out of his back. He flew towards her as she jumped down and flew down to him.

"I'll always find a way to be with you forever…"

He wrapped his arms around her waist while her left one rested on his shoulder, her right touching his face, making sure this wasn't a dream but reality. "Sasuke-kun…" she cried. "Sakura…" and he pulled her to an embrace as she wrapped her arms around his neck, holding him tight.

Below, Saki watched as his parents were reunited once more. Kakashi stood beside the kid and smiled, glancing behind him when he felt a presence. "You're too soft you know…" he commented. A snort replied him. "Very un-lady-like Tsunade-sama."

"Well, I can't help seeing Sakura sad and crying herself to sleep." She turned to Saki who was oblivious to her. "Besides, that kid needs a dad, his real dad." She turned around and raised a hand. "Well, I have to go back to Magna Carta, looks like an Angelus isn't really dirty-blooded; otherwise, he wouldn't be able to enter my realm."

"Right, you actually welcomed him there."

"Say what you want." And she faded into the light. Kakashi smiled and turned back to the two lovers who were still in the air and in each other's arms. "Come Saki, let's leave them alone for a while." He tugged on the boy's hand who followed his uncle eagerly inside the apartment.

"Sasuke…" she whispered, looking up at him. "How..?"

He smiled at her. "I'm half Angel and half Demon, therefore, depending on how good or bad I was, I can enter either Magna Carta or Hellarios. Since I killed Orochimaru, Tsunade welcomed me in Magna Carta, and granted me life, another chance to live here."

"What took you so long?"

"I had to do a few more things to prove to the councils and elders of Magna Carta that I am worth to be resurrected again. And it seems that a child's prayer is the strongest request and proof ever." Sakura blinked confusingly at him. "You didn't tell Saki that I was dead, so he prayed, every night, that I return from where I came from."

"I see…" she said. He smirked and pulled her up, flying ahead of her up in the clouds. "Sasuke..?" he stopped and pulled her up to be in eye level with her. "Watch." He said, turning to his left as the sun began to set. She gazed at the big ball of fire, entranced by its beauty and majestic glow. "Like I said before…" she faced him again. "…I'll always find a way to be with you forever…" he leaned down to her, their lips centimeters apart as she tilted her head and closed her eyes.

"I promise…" he finished. "Sealed with a kiss…"

The End

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