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Summary: Presenting! A dramatic, bold, and possibly heart-throbbing tale! I present you, Sleeping Deadly Beauty!... Starring Tenten and Hyuuga Neji!

A/n: Sorry... But I have no idea what this fairy tale is! Seriously, I haven't even saw the movie or read the book! All I know it's another "happy ending" tale. And yadda yadda, all those crap, I RESEARCHED THE INTERNET JUST FOR THAT!... Ahem... Well anyway, Enjoy! This story would only have three chapters though...

Chapter 1- The Announcement!

"We need a quick fix." Tsunade sighed. "Other villages are coming over for the festival. The festival that everyone's been talking about."

"Will you just cut the crap out already, and tell us why you called for us?" Naruto interrupted.

"Well, we really need something interesting just so our village could rise higher from the others. We need to be original this time! Any ideas?" Tsunade asked giving a bloodcurdling glare for Naruto.

"How 'bout a Fashion Show?" Ino suggested.

"Grow Up!" somebody screamed, though I can't point out who it really is.

"How 'bout a fighting contest! Whoever wins takes a prize!" Naruto also tried.

"Boriiing!" somebody criticized again, and I still can't figure who it was.

"A singing contest?" Sakura recommended, to tell you the truth she didn't even like her own idea, but she really want to leave.


"A dancing contest?" Sakura again tried.


Sakura gave up.

"A Puppet Show!" Kankurou advised. Wait...


"Why are you here?" Tsunade asked, he shouldn't be here! They are planning for a surprise, why would he be there.

"Oops, guess this is the wrong channel!" he quickly went out of the room.

"Swimsuit Fashion Show! Definitely!" Kakashi and Jiraiya advocated.


"A play." Tenten suddenly proposed, getting annoyed by the complains she's hearing. But really, she had no idea where that concept just came! It just popped in her head and seems like her own mind controlled her whole system. But, Trust me! She's regretting that she said that!

"Eww! Thats just plain too tedious!" the unknown voice run throught their ears again.

Tenten scoffed, "who's the annoying, incapable pain who keeps on whining about everything!"

"Yeah, who?" everybody asked.

"I know! Maybe it's those random voices that keeps on going inside the Hokage's office!" Shizune concluded. The others made a reaction of an 'Ooh!'

"You're a very artistic, endowed, brilliant, gifted, and talented woman, Tenten! That's it! That's what I'm trying to hear!" Tsunade banged her hand at the table. "It's hip! It's cool! It's original! It's totally trendy and innovative!"

"The problem is, what play? It has to be dramatic. Theatrical. Spectacular yet a little old-fashioned. Like Romeo and Juliet!" Tsunade rubbed her chin playfully.

"Nah, Romeo and Juliet is too familiar. Any suggestions?" Tsunade grinned generally.

"Cinderella?" Sakura tried.

"Beauty and the Beast?" Ino also tried.

"Sleeping Beauty?" Neji also suggested, just so this could end faster.

"Extravagant!" Tsunade reacted.

"Now who would want to be Sleeping Beauty?" Tsunade asked, trying to find volunteers. Nobody stirred, who knows, maybe the handsome prince wouldn't be 'that' handsome.

"Hmm..." Tsunade gaped at the girls in Konoha. All were worth getting the role.

Suddenly Tsunade was grinning madly. "Aha! Tenten, you can get the role! You were the one who got the idea anyway! Your partner would be Neji, he's also the one that helped in this, right?"

Now, Tenten and Neji is sorry for what they've done.

"What a huge mistake!" they both muttered.

"Alrighty then!" Tsunade sat at her chair and began to scribble something at a scroll.

Sleeping Beauty (Aurora)- Tenten

Prince Philip- Hyuuga Neji

Flora (Fairy no.1)-Haruno Sakura

Merryweather (Fairy no. 2)-Yamanaka Ino

Fauna (Fairy no. 3)- Hyuuga Hinata

King Stefan- Asuma

Queen (Aurora's Father)- Yuuhi Kurenai

Malefecient- Shizune

Narrator- Hatake Kakashi

Hubert (Philip's Dad)- Naruto

"Well? How's that?" Tsunade asked. While the others got all wide-eyed.


"Nobody should protest! Now all of you just rehearse your scripts and..." Tsunade paused and gather her breath, "DO IT GOOD OR I'LL SLAY YOU AND MAKE A WHOLE DAY A LIVING HELL AND YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE!" Tsunade terrorized.

"Y-Yes, Tsunade-sama!" everybody answered.

"I'm so nice to them!" Tsunade grinned.

A/N: Hey! Sorry for the short chapter, indeed it is! But I'll make sure to you that the last chapter would be long! Well... at least longer than this!