Hurt Is My Friend


"Kara!" Lee yelled as he entered the bunk room. He was beyond pissed with her. He had just covered her briefing, standing in for her when she failed to show up. He was dressed in his uniform rather than his flight suit. He should have been in the cockpit over an hour ago. The few people in the bunk room looked at him, saying nothing. He turned to the closest person, hardly caring when he saw it was Kat.

She smiled at him a little, prompting his scowl to deepen. He didn't miss the gleeful look in her eyes as she took in his angry state. Normally, he would have called her on it, but not wasn't the time. He wasn't sure he should even get involved. It was probably best to let Kara sort the problem out herself.

"Where is she?" He snapped. Tilting his head, he glared at her, demanding the truth right fracking now. She didn't miss the look, sitting up a little bit straighter on the bottom bunk.

"Said she was going to the gym, sir." Kat replied with a shrug. It was clear that she looked up to Lee, but trying to impress him by getting Kara into trouble wouldn't work with him. He disliked it at best, and right now, he could have cheerfully strangled her for trying it.

"When was this?" He asked through clenched teeth. His jaw was so tight, he could practically feel his teeth cracking. He took a breath, forcing his temper down a notch or two. He rubbed the back of his neck, soothing the tension there. It didn't help much, but the headache that was threatening backed off a little.

"Couple of hours ago, sir." Kat said. "She had a bottle with her." Kat added. Her tone was one of calculated concern. It didn't hide the fact that she was loving being in the middle of the excitement.

"Thank you." Lee ground out, turning on his heel and walk quickly out of the door. The remaining pilots exchanged silent, but laden, glances behind his back as the door slammed shut. No-one said a word. The didn't have to- everyone was thinking the same thing. Kara had gone too far this time. She wouldn't get away with it.

It didn't take him long to reach the silent gym. He yanked the door open, ready for a fight. He threw the door shut behind him, not caring when it thudded into the frame with a loud enough bang to make his ears ache.

Looking around the room, he missed the prone figure at first. Seeing her laying crumpled in the corner, he swore and sprinted over to her. Panic set in when he couldn't tell if she was breathing. He brushed a few strands of hair away from her face, shocked by how pale she was. The smudges under her eyes looked like bruises.

Forcing himself to calm down, he rolled her onto her back, reassured by the fact her chest was moving. Her bare arms were covered in goose bumps. Quickly taking off his uniform jacket, he laid it over her. He wondered how long she lad been laying there to get so cold. He hated to leave her, but knew he had to get help. Backing away from her, he used the intercom to call for a medical team. Within minutes, they had arrived and whisked her off to sick bay. He watched them go, mixed feelings churning in his stomach.

Turning, he bent to pick up his discarded jacket. Only then did he notice the half empty bottle, tucked away in the corner. He didn't have to smell it to know what it was. He felt as if the clear liquid was mocking him. Picking it up, he marched grimly to tell his father what had happened.