Kai: This is stupid.

Tyson: No it's not! It's cute!

Me: Precisely. These are just random little scenarios about the different ways these portray affection for each other (smiles)

Tyson: Read on!

Tyson and Kai have many different types of hugging. Why keep it to a simple embrace that lasted briefly when you could out all sorts of different meanings behind otherwise simple embraces?

The sweetest hugs came to Kai from his younger lover when he was least expecting it. He could have been reading a boo, fiddling with his Dranzer or training with it, he could have been dozing outside in the warm sunshine when the bluenet would come over and wrap his arms around him and hold him securely without saying a word.

Tyson would nuzzle his face into Kai's shoulder and inhale the older teen's scent as he pressed his nose to the pale skin covering Kai's neck and into the folds of his scarf. He would travel his hands up and down the dual haired teen's sides and before slipping them securely into a loose clasp behind Kai's back.

Kai would wind his own arms around the bluenet and return the embrace by holding gently, pressing his painted cheek to the top of Tyson's head, the dark blue strands of the younger one's hair brushing against his nose lightly.

A few moments would pass before they parted away just enough so they could rub noses in affectionate little Eskimo kisses or just smile at each other softly. They would kiss gently, brushing their lips together in whisper soft kisses, scattering them over each other's cheeks, brows, eyelids and tips of noses.

Their hands would stroke each other back's through the material of each other's shirts, run their index fingers up and down the other's spine. They would murmur soft affections and whisper quiet affections of love for each other, both pairs of eyes catching each other and staring into each other deeply.

Pulling away slowly, they would ease back into simple cuddling, Tyson worming his way to sit on Kai's lap and curl up there comfortably, resting his head on the older teen's chest to listen to the steady beat of his heart. The slow rise and fall of Kai's chest often caused the bluenet to feel drowsy and warm and Kai would raise a hand to stroke the younger's hair gently.

Kai's free arm would wind tighter around the bluenet's waist as he rested his head back on top Tyson's and sighed deeply; his own eyes shutting slowly as he floated in the affectionate moment.

These were the affection cuddles

And when Tyson would take a comment the wrong way or hurt himself in some way to cause tears to build up in the corner of his eyes, he would search out his lover for some sort of comfort to make him feel better.

Kai, who hated to see the bluenet upset, would draw him into his arms silently and allow the younger teen to cry on his shoulder or blub out incoherently whatever it was that was troubling Tyson. He would keep quiet, silently stroking his hair until his tears dried so he could offer some advice.

Naturally, Tyson would hug him tighter and gush out 'thank-you's' before beaming like a small star at him before bouncing off.

Or when Kai's self-esteem and securities were taking a drop and he would be wandering around on his own in his own little world, Tyson come over to him and wrap his arms around his torso, pulling him close. He would place his lips by Kai's ear and murmur small things to make him feel better.

And when the dual haired teen's insecurities were kept at bay, he would pull back and give the younger teen a small, faint, rare smile before kissing him silently.

These were the comforting hugs.

When an occasion occurred, such as one of their birthdays or just after a special moment, one of them would slip their arms around the other and pull them close, briefly.

They wouldn't last long or weren't particularly loving or affectionate, just a simple embrace where one of their chins was placed on the other's shoulder and when the two pairs of arms would squeeze the other gently.

But when they would pull away, there might not be a smile or tender expression. Instead, all the warming emotions would be present in each other's eyes, little secrets only the other was meant to see in public. Their eyes would be captivated by the other's until they pulled them away slowly.

These were the special hugs.

When Kai was leaning against wall or a door frame, looking rather grumpy and glaring at anyone who dared to invade his personal space, he would snap at anyone who spoke at him. He would brush off anyone who tried to get too close by ignoring them and frowning at them darkly.

Tyson, however, would completely ignore Kai's obvious want to be alone by simply stepping up to the older teen embracing him quickly, squeezing him briefly before pulling away to wink up and him and say cheerily, "cheer up, sourpuss, ok?"

The short embrace was usually enough to melt Kai's icy exterior so the corners of his lips would curl up briefly before he looked away to help fend off the pink stains on his cheeks he would feel appearing.

Tyson would beam at him happily before waving at him in farewell and bounding over to bewildered friends, who were wondering just how Tyson had managed to do that without losing an arm or a leg or some other body part.

Normally when one of them was feeling down, or grumpy, or sad or other negative emotions, a quick embrace from the other tended to ease the emotions away and coax out more positive feeling out of them.

These were the quick squeezes.

Kai would be sitting on the sofa in the living room when Tyson would come over and immediately clamber onto the couch beside him and curl into the side. Kai would absently place an arm around him, keeping his eyes on the words printed on the pages in his book.

Tyson would then crane his neck up to nuzzle his cheek against the older teen's painted one, the blue triangles smudging slightly. He would normally get a irritated glance from the older teen and therefore inch down to nuzzle the dual haired teen's neck and shoulder affectionately, mouth curling up into a cute little smile of contentment.

Kai's hand would drop and the book would slip from his slack finger as he flickered his gaze to his boyfriend nuzzling him little a kitten. Uncaring that his book had dropped to the floor, he would nudge the younger teen until he got the message and raised his head up.

The dual haired teen would cock an eyebrow in slight confusion as to why the bluenet was nuzzling him but he would only get a cheeky little smile instead as Tyson reached back up again to nuzzle his cheek again. Frowning in distaste, Kai would his head slightly until Tyson moved to nuzzle something else.

The bluenet would press his nose to Kai's and rub slightly in an Eskimo kiss, blue eyes sliding closed as he laughed lightly. The older teen would respond by his own eyelids drooping slightly as he inclined his head so he could rub his nose against Tyson's in return.

These were the nuzzles.

Or when Kai had to go somewhere and Tyson would wrap his arms (and sometimes his legs too) around him and cling tightly, burying his face in Kai's shoulder blades and whining about not wanting him to leave.

Kai would eventually get annoyed and pull Tyson away from him slowly trying to explain that he would be back shortly. Only, Tyson would pout slightly and re-wind his arms tightly around Kai's waist and murmur something about being lonely if he left.

The older teen would attempt a second time to pry away the younger teen before giving up when the bluenet would make a noise and just cling tighter. Slightly irritated, Kai would drag himself to his destination with the younger teen stuck to him like a leach.

Unfortunately, such dragging was slightly uncomfortable for Tyson and he would pull away slowly, reluctantly, looking unhappy as he let Kai go alone.

The older teen would sigh in a long suffering way before wrapping one arm around Tyson's shoulders and giving him a quick squeeze, promising to be back soon and earning a small smile from the younger teen before he turned and left.

This was the clinging

When Tyson would be browsing in beyblade shop for spare parts or simply browsing in some other random store, sometimes someone would come over, male or female, and flirt with him. Tyson, being his natural clueless self, would place it down to simply friendly not be suspicious in the least.

Kai, however, who was often forced to accompany him on these little shopping trips, would spot the danger immediately and stalk over to prevent anything getting out of hand. The person flirting with his younger lover would eye him warily but would make a larger point to Tyson to pay attention them instead.

Eyebrow twitching, Kai would step up behind the bluenet and wrap his arms securely around his waist and draw him back against his chest, his grip tight and unmoving. Placing his chin on the top of Tyson's head, he would narrow his eyes in a dark glare at the offending person until they got the message and scuttle off.

Blinking, Tyson would curiously comment on what Kai had against them before the older teen would tip him back to press a hard kiss on his mouth, muttering something about not sharing him.

These were the protective hugs

Indeed. Kai and Tyson have many different ways of hugging.

Me: There.

Tyson: (blinks) how you can make hugging sound complicated?

Kai: Does it matter?

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