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Tyson and Kai have many different ways of kissing; from quick, brief ones to long, passionate ones. All their kisses mean something and all of their kisses are special.
When passing each other or when one of them had to go somewhere, one of them would lean over silently and press a quick kiss on the other's cheek. Tyson would pull away with a wink, while Kai would pull away with a small smirk.

These little smooches would often be in doorways or a leaving gesture. It had taken a while before such kisses were performed in public, but the meaning was still the same: soft and affectionate.

Sometimes these little kisses would be placed on the tip of the other's nose, an earlobe or a brow. But the quick pressure of lips against skin or another pair of lips, however fleeting, tended to coax a smile or a tender, gentle expression from the other.

These were the quick kisses.

Or when they were lying in their bed or on the sofa or on the grass on the hill, Tyson would roll over on top of Kai, causing the older teen to open an eye in curiosity. Smiling at him, the bluenet would dip his head and press his lips against the older teen's, the touch soft and gentle.

Kai would neither push his lips against Tyson's, nor would the younger teen press his down any further, allowing the kiss to be feather soft and gentle. Sometimes their eyes would be open, staring at each other with meaning that words weren't needed for.

Or sometimes when Kai was feeling insecure, Tyson would crawl over to him and where words weren't working; he would lean forwards and brush his lips against Kai's, eyelids fluttering closed. Kai's shoulders would sag at the soft, affection contact as his insecurities or worries would melt away.

Or when Tyson was in need in comfort of reassurance, and he would ignore his friends and go off to mope somewhere in a sulk, Kai would follow. The older teen would sit beside him quietly, not saying anything and waiting for Tyson to burst out in a flurry of irritated exclamations.

Soon Kai's patience would run out and he would reach out and turn the younger's teen's head by placing his fingers on his jaw. Sometimes Kai would tell him to shut up quietly, other times he would say nothing, pitching his head forward to brush his lips against Tyson's, keeping him and reassuring him at the same time.

These were the soft kisses.

When the night drew near, their lips would be crushed together harshly, sometimes they would be parted, allowing their tongues to slip out and brush together in a sensual dance. As they pulled away their lips would be swollen as they would catch their breaths before pressing their lisp together again.

These kisses would always be in private as they crushed their lips together in want for the other, the kisses long and sexual. They would tilt their heads in a fashion so they had a better angle to express their physical like for one other.

Sometimes hands would wander as they laid, sat or stood in a spread-eagled kind of fashion, wanting to get closer, needing to get nearer the other. Their arms would wrap around each other as they brought themselves closer to each other, lips pressing frantically as they expressed themselves with the most intimate of kisses.

These were the kisses that would never be shared with anyone else, a kiss meant to show the other their attractiveness to the other by moving their lips against the other's.

These were the passionate kisses.

When Kai was lying down somewhere, Tyson would normally be lazing about on top of him, head nestled neatly underneath the older teen's chin or resting on the other's shoulder. Tyson liked to express his affection for the older teen and would raise himself up to scatter fleeting kisses against any bare skin he could find.

Kai would be mildly surprised but wouldn't complain, allowing the younger teen to press small kisses along his neck, travelling upwards to scatter kisses along Kai's jaw line (after nudging him lightly to get a better angle), moving up slowly to kiss his way along his lover's face.

Or when little amounts of clothing was covering them and their lips would brush against any pieces of skin they could find, dragging them along sensitive spots and mapping out areas to store away in their knowledge. Their lips discovering spots that made the other gasp or shudder or places that encouraged a fascinating facial expression.

These were the exploring kisses

When in public, or separated by solid objects while at a BBA meeting or in school or another public place where kissing solidly for five minutes wasn't widely acceptable, Tyson would find another way to express his affection for the older teen.

He would catch his attention by a variety of ways, calling his name, waving or throwing something at him being the most common, and would wink, ensnaring Kai's interest. Placing his fingertips to his lips, he would pull them away as he blew a kiss in the dual haired teen's direction.

Kai knew the bluenet was being silly rather than being serious and he would roll his eyes and then frowning at the bluenet when he would flutter his eyelashes in a girly way at him. The disapproving expression tended to make Tyson stop being an idiot in public, but it didn't wipe the cheeky smile off of him.

Looking away so that his face was hidden, Kai would smile very gently and softly, so that the younger teen would see and comment on it later.

Even though Kai never participated, these were the blown kisses.

When Tyson and Kai were about to kiss for the first time, (as Kai often spent time remembering), they had their faces close, their bangs mingling lightly, nose tips close enough to touch now and then. It was chilly outside and their breaths had risen in misty white waves.

Tyson had managed to unstick his tongue from the roof of his mouth to take in Kai's open expression. Overcome by a rush of emotions, he had leant forward as his eyelids fluttered close, brushing his lips over Kai's the contact barely there, but noticeable enough to make the older teen jolt slightly in surprise.

Not caring about the consequences (after all, Tyson had made the first move), Kai had let his own eyes slide closed as he leant forward enough to increase the pressure just enough the make it a proper one. Tyson eyes had snapped open in shock before sliding closed again.

They had pulled away, before inching slowly back together again to press small, gentle kisses on the other's lips, neither had wanted to take it to far too soon.

This was the hesitant kiss.

When Tyson was curled in Kai's lap or just crawled on there, he would raise his face and stick it in Kai's line of sight, earning an irritated look from Kai. Tyson would just smile sunshine at him until the dual haired teen's facial expression softened into a faint smile with just a hint of annoyance in those red eyes.

Laughing quietly, even though there was no real reason for his amusement, Tyson would lean forward enough so his nose was touching Kai's, never breaking eye contact. Making a small happy noise in his throat, the younger teen would rub his nose against Kai's in a small, childish, affectionate gesture.

Kai's smile would grow slightly in amusement and affection, before he would tilt his head so he could rub the side of his nose against his lover's, earning a pleased laugh from the bluenet. Their hands would come up to cup the other's face as the affectionate nose rubs continued, their eyes maintaining contact.

These were the Eskimo kisses.

And when at night time, when Kai would be rolled onto his side and eyes shut ready to sleep. Tyson would rolled over with a tissue, wrapping one arm lazily around the older teen's waist and would smile when Kai's hand came up to hold his own.

Reaching over, Tyson would wipe at the blue marking adorning his lover's cheeks gently, rubbing off the dark blue face paint with tender care. With the war paint off, Tyson would toss the blue stained tissue carelessly over his shoulder, hoping in the back of his mind that it would somehow land in the bin.

Leaning forward, Tyson would press his lips to Kai's cheek in a small, goodnight kiss, earning a tender smile from the older teen, to which he returned with a cheery smile of his own.

These were the goodnight kisses.

Yes, Tyson and Kai have many different ways of kissing, all of them having different meanings, but one thing in common: they all expressed love.
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