Epilogue: Reunion

A stray of sunlight trickled on her and pulled her out of her sleep. With a contented sigh, she turned her face away from the sun and opened her eyes, smiling. She couldn't help it. Before, she kept waking up crying while being apart from Logan. Now, she kept waking up with a smile. A big smile if she was still in his arms, but even when she woke up and found him gone, there still was a smile on her lips. The same smile she had now. She had already known that he wasn't in bed with her the moment she drifted out of sleep. Otherwise his arms would have been around her.

What a shame. She wouldn't have minded to wish him a proper good morning.

There was a note on his pillow which she noticed now. Lazily, she reached for it.

Had to go out for coffee as I don't have enough to last you half a morning.

Stay put.



She gave a half laugh and let her head fall back on the pillows. Coffee. Well, after the last, what, forty hours or so she definitely could need a cup of coffee. Forty hours of pure bliss. Forty hours of making love, being whole again, being home, in his arms. How she had ever survived those terrible months apart from him, she had no idea. Being here, back with him, she knew that she wouldn't be able to do it again. She simply couldn't. She needed him.

With a sigh, she closed her eyes again.

Unfortunately though, once this week was up she had to go back to Yale. She didn't want to go… she wanted to stay here, where she belonged. But… there were her studies. Two more months and she would be done though. She couldn't drop out now, she knew that. Rory would never forgive herself for that. Plus, Logan would never let her. Still… the thought of being apart from Logan again, so soon, tore at her heart.

At least, this time, it should be better than during the last few months. After all, they were back together now and though they hadn't talked yet about the future or their relationship, she was certain that this was what Logan also wanted. Stay together, be a couple again. That meant she could call him whenever she wanted, she could e-mail him, text message him and first thing back in the States, she'd go buy herself a live vid, a video cam or something like that so they were going to be able to see each other, even while being so many miles apart. And for once, she'd use the money she had, that Logan had. She was going to come to London for as many weekends as she could manage. And Logan could come see her at Yale as well.

It was going to work. It had to. Because there was no alternative, not for her.

First though, Logan had to agree to the game plan. And while she wasn't really worried about receiving a positive response from him, there was that tiny, little doubt left. After all, so far, Logan hadn't mentioned a word even remotely in that sense. But his kisses, the urgency she could feel in him whenever he made love to her, the longing and love with which Logan pulled her into his arms whenever he could and keep her there as long as possible, all that told her that he wanted her back as much as she wanted him back.

They belonged together, that much was clear for Rory after this year.

The door to the bedroom closed quietly and she heard soft steps heading over to her. A moment later she felt him kiss the spot between her shoulder blades, slowly trailing up to the crook of her neck and she felt him inhale her scent with a deep breath.

"Morning, Ace," Logan whispered between two kisses.

"Hmm, morning," she whispered back and turned her head to give him a proper good morning kiss. "Where's my coffee?" she wanted to know once they separated.

Logan grinned. "In the kitchen," he told her.

She gave him her puppy dog eyes. "Bring it to me?" she pleaded.

"I could do that," nodded Logan and gave her another chaste kiss. "But where would be the fun in that?" he asked with a raised eyebrow as he drew back again.

"Logan!" Rory protested.

"No can do, Ace…" Logan replied, shaking his head. "Either, you get up and go get your coffee yourself, or…" he stopped and moved to climb over her.

"Or?" Rory asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Or…you work for me to go get your coffee," Logan told her with a smirk.

"Oh… and have you any ideas in mind just what this work shall entail?" Rory asked playfully and couldn't help but smile.

"Some," he confirmed and his eyes darkened with lust.

Oh, boy! Who would have thought that she'd ever had to work so hard for coffee and enjoy it that much, Rory thought, before her mind clicked off as Logan leaned down to capture her lips in another deep kiss that sent a wave of sensations through her body and she was lost in fervent passion.

"Well… where's my coffee now?" Rory asked later. "I think I definitely earned it now."

Logan groaned. "No protest here."

"So…?" Rory poked.

Logan opened an eye to look at her sheepishly. "I fear I miscalculated a very important detail in my work plan," he admitted.

"You?" Rory gasped in mock. "Now I've heard it all."

"Very funny, Ace," Logan muttered dryly.

"So… you'll enlighten me on this astounding negligence of yours?" she asked.

Logan shrugged and closed his eye again. "I just didn't include in my estimate that I would have been simply too spent to even lift my head, let alone get up, walk to the kitchen, get your coffee and come back. So I fear you'll have to wait until at least some of my energy is back."

Rory grinned big. Now, how could a girl get annoyed at a lack of promised coffee with such an explanation? Still... no need to not have a little fun though. "I think that screams for punishment," she said in as a stern voice as she could manage.

"Sure, my pleasure," Logan mumbled, not moving one more muscle than necessary. "Just wait a little."

"Boy, you declining sex…" Rory shook her head. "Now that's a first."

"Didn't decline it, just postponed it," Logan muttered.

Smiling, Rory let the matter go and slid down from her sitting position to cuddle up to Logan, her smile growing bigger when she felt his arms circling her waist automatically and pulling her close to his body. With a sigh, she rested her head on his chest and listened to his heart, still beating a bit fast from the previous activity. She closed her eyes. "I missed this so much. I missed you so much," she whispered.

His hold on her tightened and she felt one of his hands run up her back. "I missed it too," he said quietly and opened his eyes to look at the top of her head, her hair tousled, just like he loved it. With a nudge he made her look up at him. "I was going stir crazy without you, Ace," he admitted.

So far they hadn't talked much. At least not about the past nine months. Or about where to go from here on. Silently they had agreed that for now, they would forget the past, disregard the future, and just enjoy the here and now, to be back in each other arms. But soon, Rory's spring break would be over and she had to go back to Yale. The thought alone made Logan's heart ache and he pressed her a little bit closer to him.

"You went crazy?" Rory laughed humorlessly. "Logan, I was a mess. Hell, I sank so low to call your voice mail just to feel a bit closer to you."

"Did you?" Logan asked surprised.

Blushing, Rory's eyes dropped and she nodded.

Logan laughed. "Boy, the phone companies sure profited from us these past months," he commented wryly.

Her eyes flew open to stare at him. "You mean…"

Logan nodded and stroked a stray hair out of her face.

For a moment, Rory processed this little detail. Then she shook her head. "Finn's right. We were fools."

"Finn?" Logan asked surprised.

Rory nodded. "He showed up night before St. Patrick's Day to come get me." She shook her head. "Remember, last year? We made plans to go to Dublin this year. I thought he never remembered my promise to come."

"Not Finn, at least not with such a kind of promise." Logan said. "So you were in Dublin for the parade?"

"Yeah. It was good, I liked it." Rory made a face. "Until we started to hit the bars and Finn got a little bit too personal for my taste. That's when he repeatedly claimed that we're fools."

Thoughtful, Logan played with a lock of her hair. "Colin preferred to call us idiots," he said.


Logan nodded. "Yep. He pretty much used the same scheme like Finn." He shook his head. "I think, Ace, that we've fallen victims to outrageous matchmaking and manipulation courtesy of two certain stooges we happen to know."

Rory chuckled. "Looks like it. Too bad we can't get angry at them for it." She sighed and became serious. "I'm happy that I'm here and I wouldn't be if it weren't for Finn holding me hostage."

Damn right. Logan guessed he owed Finn and Colin now. Especially Finn. But he would deal with that later. For now, he had more important things to deal with.

It was time to talk a few things out with Rory.

"I want you back, Ace," he told her straight out. "I'm sick of missing you every second of every day, sick of feeling so incomplete. I need you." He paused for a moment. "I love you, Rory," he added simply.

Her eyes shimmered with happiness and perhaps a few tears. ""I want you back too, Logan." She shook her head. "I don't think I could bear to be apart from you again, even if I wanted to, which I don't. I need you." She smiled. "I love you," she said as simply as he had.

With a nod, Logan cradled her head with his hands. "So we're officially back together?" he clarified.

"Definitely," Rory immediately confirmed.

"Good," Logan said briefly and pulled her up to give her a long kiss. When he broke it off, he leaned his forehead against her. "But Rory, you need to know something. I can't promise you…"

"It's all right, Logan. Your father won't let you come back to the States once your year in London is over, right?" Rory interrupted him.

"How…" Logan started to say, surprised, but then shook his head. "No, doesn't matter. But you're right. He won't. I'm not sure where he wants to send me to next but I fear it will be far, far away from you. Rory, I…"

"Shh… You don't want to go, I know, but you have to. You have to, Logan, don't even think about getting out just because of me. You're born to do this. You're a newspaper mogul through and through and a damn good one at that. I won't let you give that up," Rory interrupted him again.

With a frown, Logan drew back. "That's not your decision, Ace. Yeah… I hate to admit it, but I like what I'm doing, I like the work I've done here in London, for our company. But it meant nothing, simply because I wasn't with you. If being with you means that I have to quit and try to find some other ways to do what I want, then fine. I'm a Huntzberger. I'll make it, with our without the family, as long as I have you at my side."

Sighing, Rory rolled off from Logan and sat up on her knees to look at him. "I have no doubt about that. But it's not necessary. I'm finishing school in June and then I'm not bound anymore to stay in the States. I can go freelance. I'm good, I have established a few good contacts this past year. And if that doesn't work…" She took a deep breath and looked very seriously at Logan. "You know, I'm pretty sure that wherever I go to, there's a certain newspaper corporation that might give me a job. I think you're quite familiar with that organization."

"What?" Logan asked shocked and sat up. "No Rory. You're dream is to be an overseas correspondent. I won't let you give that up, not for me."

"Logan…" Rory bit her lips, searching for words to make him understand. "Who says I can't be an overseas correspondent for the Huntzberger Group?"


"No, wait a minute. Look… I don't need to tell you that the Huntzberger Corporation owns some of the most prestigious newspapers in and out of the States. Before I met you, I've always planned to apply at some of your newspapers, once I finish school. But then I met you. And basically, the Huntzberger Corporation got taboo for me because I didn't want any favors." She smiled sarcastically. "Didn't stop me though to take on that internship with your father. And boy, I really shouldn't have worried about being favored."

"Dad mistreated you. He never would have brushed you and your talents off like he had if it hadn't been for your relationship with me," Logan immediately protested.

Rory shrugged. "Perhaps. And perhaps he hadn't been so wrong after all. He's a hard man, but I'm not so sure anymore that he had really said those things to me just because of you. I overcame them eventually and got back into the game, stronger, better, and part of that is thanks to him. But that doesn't matter anymore. What matters is you and me. I'm not sure what your father thinks about employing me, probably he is dead against it. But you're in charge wherever he'll send you to and I'm pretty positive that I can convince you to hire me, should I really not find any other employment."

Logan opened his mouth but Rory pressed a finger to his lips, her eyes boring into his.

"Yes, I'd hate to get a job like that," Rory admitted outright. "But it's a small price to pay if I can be with you. I need you more than I need the satisfaction of having made it all on my own. Because even if I end up working for you, thanks to you, we both know that I'll work my ass off to be the best reporter you ever had on your staff. Probably even more, just because I'm sleeping with the boss." She winked at him. "And I know also that with all the love you have for me, you won't favor me. If I suck, you'll tell me, even fire me if necessary. And should I be wrong and you really fail in that..." She smiled sardonically. "I'm sure your father won't have any qualms about taking care of that."

Logan could simply stare at her. He didn't know what to say. He wasn't sure how to take these revelations. Truth was that Rory was a damn good journalist. Someone he would vigorously persuade to work for him. But because she was his girlfriend, and because of what had happened during her internship with his father, he had always thought that that was out of the question now. He wasn't sure though if he really felt comfortable if Rory made all these concessions on her dreams, on her plans for the future.

On the other hand though… if everything went according to his plan, then Rory might have trouble getting employed at any paper outside the Huntzberger Corporation anyway, he thought, glancing at his night table. It was pretty hard if not next to impossible to get a job at another newspaper when you were married to one of the heads of the competition. So perhaps, this was really the perfect solution. If Rory wanted to do it, or at least was okay with it…

"Hey… we still have a few months to work everything out, think it through," Rory distracted him from his thoughts, making him look into her eyes again. "For now… I think you should have recovered enough by now, shouldn't you? I'm still waiting for my coffee, you know." She sighed. "Really, what kind of service is that… to make a lady wait hours for her coffee?"

"Ah… Didn't I hear something about punishment though?" Logan asked, wriggling his eyebrows at her so that she had to laugh.

"Coffee first," she declared though.

"But I've been such a naughty boy," Logan pouted.

"You're insatiable," she said, shaking her head and attempted to get out of the bed.

Logan was quick to grab her arm though and pull her back, flipping them so she was laying under him. "With you, always," he told her seriously, before he went on to prove her just how much he couldn't get enough of her.

The sense of someone watching him dragged Finn out of his heavy sleep. Or perhaps it was the strays of sunlight poking his face, something, that shouldn't be happening. He always slept with his blinds closed so opening them had always been a simple but very effective way to wake him up, especially after a night of partying, more bearable.

Something he was reminded of right now.

Growling, Finn turned his head to see what clown had thought it funny to disturb his well deserved sleep. He didn't need to look far.

There he was, sitting patiently by the window, reading one of Finn's books.

Dimly, Finn wondered if he should be surprised to see him here. Well, if he should, bugger. He hadn't the energy to muster up any remark yet. It was fucking too early for that. Still… he did wonder to what circumstance he owed the honor of this visit.

"What are you doing here?" he wanted to know, asking with a grumble. "And at this ungodly hour?"

"And a good afternoon to you too," Logan said and closed the book, putting it on the small table beside him. "I brought Ace home and thought I'll drop by quickly," he then added in explanation.

"Come back later," Finn grunted and closed his eyes again. His head pounded from the aftermath of the previous night. Well, to be honest, it was the aftermath of a whole week spent mostly with drinking and brooding. He sure hadn't been in the mood to party.

"Sorry, Finn, can't help it. I got to go back to London tomorrow and the program until then is overloaded as it is," Logan said with a shrug. "But I needed to talk to you, so here I am and I guess you'll just have to go back to sleep after we're done."

"What if I'm not in the mood to talk?" Finn wanted to know, irritated. He definitely wasn't in the mood to talk, let alone to Logan of all people.

"That's too bad then. Deal with it," Logan answered simply.

Finn sighed. Logan sounded pretty determined and Finn knew his mate. He wouldn't leave before they had that talk Logan wanted. Resigned, Finn opened his eyes again, turned and sat up so he was leaning against the headboard of his bed. "So talk," he told Logan, pulling up his right knee and leaned his arm on it in order to get more comfortable.

Logan eyes met his. "You'll need to keep yourself free June 29th."

Okay, that didn't make much sense, Finn thought, frowning. "And I should do that because?" he asked.

"You'll be my best man," Logan answered, smiling lightly, his eyes twinkling with happiness.

For a moment, Finn just stared at Logan, took this in and connected the dots. Normally, he would probably have picked up on it sooner, but hell, his head wasn't functioning fully yet. Now that he did though, he couldn't help but start to smile big, even if there were a few sharp stabs to his heart. "You idiot finally came to your senses?" he asked.

"I wouldn't word it quite like that, but yeah, I asked Rory the big question," Logan confirmed, still smiling.

"About bloody time," commented Finn and run a hand through his hair, taking a closer look at his best friend.

It was easy to see that Logan was happy. Gone was the brooding, hurting and short-tempered shade of Logan of the past nine months and instead, there was the mate sitting in Finn's chair that he had missed so much. But he could also see and feel clearly, there was now more calmness and seriousness in Logan. Damn, looked like Logan had grown up. At least he definitely seemed to be centered now, settled. And deeply contented.

Well, he should be. After all, he was marrying the most wonderful and precious girl Finn had ever known, held her heart.

Logan nodded. "Yeah, it is," he agreed lightheartedly, but then grew serious. "And most of that I owe to you."

Finn looked away and nodded. "You sure do. And you better don't forget that. I claim your first born to be my godchild and namesake," he replied. He never had been a big fan of modesty. "Though Colin had done his part to get you two fools finally back together as well."

"Okay with making you godfather, though Rory will have a word on that as well. But the name…" Logan shook his head. "Dream on, Finnegan. I'm not doing that to any child of mine," he stated, making a face. "And I'll thank Colin as well. But I know who initially had been behind this little matchmaking," Logan said quietly, growing serious. "Under the circumstances I'm not even mad about it. In fact, I'm here to thank you for what you have done, for me, for Rory."

Slowly, Finn looked back to Logan, met his eyes, saw the honesty in them. Simply, he accepted the thanks with a nod.

"But I wonder why you've done it?" Logan added quietly.

Finn frowned and shifted a little, a bit uncomfortable with that question. "My friends were miserable. I needed to do something."

For a long time, Logan said nothing, but just held Finn's eyes. Eventually, he shook his head once. "That's not what I meant and I think you know that."

Okay, Finn definitely didn't like where this was headed, he thought as he refused to give an answer.

With a sigh, Logan got up and came over to stand in front of Finn's bed. "Okay Finn, I've talked openly so much this past week that I'll just continue to be frank. This is just between us, man to man," he told Finn, waiting a moment to see if Finn had something to say.

He hadn't.

Logan nodded. "You're in love with Rory," he stated calmly.

A shudder ran through Finn, but he said nothing. There was no point in denying it after all, not when Logan could say this so matter-of-factly.

"And I want you to know that I don't mind that. In my opinion, any man who isn't halfway in love with my Ace is one big idiot," Logan continued. "I won't say that I'm sorry at how things played out though, because that would be a lie. But… I do appreciate very much what you've done, or not done, in spite of your love for her, for your loyalty to me," he added, his voice very quiet and soft.

Finally, Finn talked up. "There's no need to thank me for anything like that," he said firmly, his eyes boring into Logan's. "There never had been any other option, Logan. She's yours, had been right from the beginning."

"That she is," Logan agreed. "But don't sell yourself short, Finn, that doesn't suit you. She loves you as well. If you had wanted, you could have won her over, turned that love from friendship to something else. But you didn't and for that, I'm grateful." He smiled ruefully. "You've always been a good man, better than me. In your place, I doubt I would have done the same thing. I'm too possessive for that, too egoistical."

Finn frowned. While there was a trace of truth in Logan's words, Finn didn't quite agree with his words. Logan was better than he thought he was… he just lacked people to show him that, to believe in him. But he guessed Rory would take care of that now. And that was the point… if Logan was as bad as he thought he was, he would never have managed to win the heart of a person like Rory.

He shook his head. "Logan, if you were in my place, you'd have done the same thing. Because there is no choice, no option, Logan." It was his turn to smile ruefully. "It's you, Logan. It always had been, and I'm sure it always will be, just you." He shrugged and his smile turned to be more real, if perhaps a little lopsided. "Just like it's always been her for you since the moment she entered your life." His eyes fixed on Logan. "You should treat her well though," he warned his best friend, meaning every word.

Logan didn't hesitate and nodded immediately. "I will. And should I still fuck up I trust you to kick my ass."

"No worries about that. I wouldn't worry about your ass though. That won't be where I'll kick you, mate," Finn promised Logan seriously.

Logan winced a little, but flashed Finn a grin. Then he grew serious again. "As it is, there's something else I want to ask you. Though I'm pretty sure it's not really necessary. Still, I'd like your word anyway." He stopped and looked down, his hands twitching nervously

Finn raised an eyebrow and waited for Logan to continue. He wasn't sure what Logan was aiming at now, the way he saw it, pretty much everything that needed to be said had been said already. Plus some things that hadn't needed to be said, in his opinion. And from the way Logan acted, he wasn't sure he was going to like whatever would come.

"If…" Logan took a deep breath. "If anything should ever happen to me, I want you to take care of Rory. And of the kids, should there be kids. But most of all I need to know that she will be looked after. And there's no one better suited to do that than you," he finished quietly.

"Logan," Finn started to say something but stopped. Nope, he definitely didn't like this particular conversation.

"Promise me, Finn," Logan demanded softly, but urgently.

Finn hesitated but once he saw the determination in Logan's face, he slowly nodded. "I promise," he pledged in a whisper.

Logan sighed with relief and smiled. "Thank you. And now, I have a deal for you."

"What?" Finn asked surprised. What the hell? Would Logan perhaps stop to blindside him time and time again today? "What deal?"

Logan's eyes met his and there was the mischievous, sly mate Finn had grown up with. "I offer you one day, Finn. One day, during which Rory is yours. We may tag along, but it's your day, Finn."

"What the fuck are you talking about?" Finn asked incredulously.

"St. Patrick's Day," Logan explained. "From now on, this shall be yours and Ace's day." He shrugged and grinned. "Actually, it had been yours for two years now anyway, so why not continue with that tradition? You two are crazy on that day, way too crazy. So yeah, she's yours for that day," he elaborated.

That was insane. And… "If your girl ever gets wind of that…" he muttered darkly.

"We'll be in hell," Logan finished nonchalantly and he smiled wickedly. "But where's the fun otherwise?"

Finn wasn't sure if Logan didn't underestimate Rory's wrath there a little, but… damn, Finn couldn't deny that he liked the idea of 'having' his love to himself on St. Patrick's Day. Of course nothing would ever happen, Logan knew that as well as Finn. And often, Logan and Colin would be with them. But Logan was right. St. Patrick's had been more his and Rory's day than anyone else's.

"One day, huh?" Finn asked slowly.

Logan nodded.

He couldn't otherwise. For that, the offer was too tempting. "Okay," Finn agreed to the deal with a grin. Logan's matched his grin.

For a while, neither of the two friends said anything. There was nothing more to say. Finally, Logan nodded. "All right. I should get back to Ace. We're heading to Hartford for the evening," he said.

"Why would you ever do that?" Finn asked perplexed.

Logan grinned, and once again, his happiness shone through. "To go give Emily a heart attack by telling her one, that Rory and I are getting married, and two, that the wedding will take place in a little over three months, and three, that no, we don't want to get married so soon because Ace's pregnant, but because we were apart long enough to not want to lose even one second together more than necessary and last, but not least that the wedding will take place in Stars Hollow, at the Dragonfly Inn." He laughed. "I'm already looking forward to hers and Richard's faces. Lorelai sure threatened me with a very painful death if we don't wait with spilling the news before she and Luke joined us."

Finn laughed as well. "I bet she did. Actually, I'd be very thankful if you'll pull one of your spying devices out of the reporter armoire and record it for us to amuse ourselves for ages to come."

"I'll see what I can do," Logan nodded with a grin. Then his grin faded and his eyes hardened. "And from the Gilmores I'm heading over to my parents. I already told Dad, but I shut off my phone after my announcement, so I haven't heard from Mom or Grandpa yet, but I guess that it won't go too well."

"Rory's not tagging along?" Finn asked.

"She wants to, but I won't let her. She doesn't need to hear what Mom and Grandpa are most likely going to say." His face darkened. "If Dad's reaction is any indicator, it's going to be ugly."

"He didn't take it well," Finn stated without surprise.

"No, he didn't like it one bit," Logan confirmed and Finn could sense his rage. But also iron hard determination. "But I had a few things to say for my part as well and he knows now that he'll better not try to mess with Rory in any way again and in fact, he should treat my wife with the respect she deserves or he won't like the consequences."

Finn saw that Logan meant every word and that none of them were shallow threats. This was another change. Logan had always complained about the pressure of his father, the family and he had fought often with Mitchum, rebelled. But Logan had always lost because in the end, he would have backed down, not daring to go through with his threats. Not anymore though. It was obvious that now, Logan was going to fight and wouldn't be stopped until he had what he wanted. His Ace. His life. "Good," Finn said quietly.

"Yeah," Logan nodded and turned. "I've got to leave tomorrow around nine in the evening. Ace and I would like to meet you and Colin beforehand. Grab some dinner, have a few drinks in celebration."

"Sounds like a plan," Finn agreed with a grin.

"I'll call you then," Logan said. "Later," he bid his farewell and left.

Thoughtful, Finn looked after him. This talk had held quite a few surprises for Finn. Not Logan's news about his impending marriage, Finn would have been seriously pissed if, after all the effort he and Colin had gone to, Logan wouldn't have grabbed the opportunity to finally bring out the ring he had already bought the first summer after getting together with Rory. The fool had honestly believed that Finn and Colin hadn't known about it. Well, to be fair, Logan did manage to keep it secret until the night he had gotten drunk after his first break-up with Rory. But he hadn't expected Logan to ever mention Finn's love for Rory. Hell, he hadn't been sure if Logan even knew about it. He had tried to keep it hidden from his best friend, but Logan wouldn't be such a good reporter if he wasn't able to read people pretty well. But even if he knew, Finn had expected for that to be always a silent matter between them, never to be mentioned. After all, there was not really any need to discuss it. Logan had seen her first, had fallen first. Rory was his, no doubt about that. And she had chosen Logan a long time ago as well. Logan knew that, Finn knew that, hell, even Colin knew that.

Then there was that deal. Finn wasn't sure yet what to think about it, he hadn't had time to really process it. But… one day. He would have one day with Rory every year and that was more than he had ever hoped for. Perhaps it would never work, perhaps it would make it even worse, and perhaps, Rory would one day get wind of this little deal and kill them – or do worse things. Still… it was one day and Finn's heart beat a little faster at the mere thought of it.

And damn if he wasn't already thinking about next year's St. Patrick's and where they could go. Of course it'll be contingent a bit on where on this nice planet the young Huntzbergers would end up residing for the time being. Well, not so much really, they were part of the jetsetters after all, but still, he would have to put that in consideration. And then he'd need to get another promise from Rory for next year's big day. After all, Logan may 'lend' her out for the day, but Rory still needed to be okay with that… without knowing about it, of course. The next year shouldn't be too much of a problem. After that though… well, Finn always loved a challenge.

But first, there was June 29th. Shit, that really wasn't much time. Emily Gilmore wouldn't be the only one on a frenzied roll for the next three months. There was much to be organized and prepared. At least Finn's wedding present for them was almost done, so that was one detail less. Still, the list of things to do was long.

He would make sure that this wedding was going to be outstanding and memorable. And of course, the bachelor party of the century had to be organized as well.

After all, two of his best friends were going to marry and he was pretty sure that this couple was going to be the kind of 'was going to marry only once'. So it had to be perfect. Tremendous. Superb. Extraordinaire.

Yep, fucking unforgettable was the plan.


(Author's Note: I'm finished!!!!!!!!! doing a little happy dance Wow, what a great feeling that is! Hmm… if I were Logan and Rory, I would be seriously worried about Finn helping organize their wedding. Yep, definitely. And as for Finn… God, I love that guy, that accent! I am a little sad that I couldn't give him a true happy end, but I do hope that he got at least something in the end. Hoped you all enjoyed the ride. Thanks for all the fantastic reviews, I'm over the clouds over them!)