OK, this is my first attempt at an Alien/Predator fan fiction. I've had this in mind for years, as my friend and I have spent many an hour thinking up character and events for this story and hopefully it will be to your liking. It's the story of Drake, and young boy whose parents are murdered, but he is taken in by a Yautja and must adapt to the ways of the galaxy's most nastiest hunters, and… well you'll see. Hopefully you'll like it.

I've seen a few stories with similar concepts, but I swear to God I'm not trying to rip anyone off! Also a few of my dates might be off, regarding the destruction of Earth in the Aliens comics.

Predator, Yautja and all related characters are © 20th Century Fox.


Earth Colony LV-359.


Twelve years after Earth Destruction.

"Where are you?"

The thug shot a spray of bullets from the assault rifle. They cut through the air as he wildly aimed around the alley.

"Jesus…Oh man…"

Terrified beyond words, the thug ran out into the street.

The scene in the alley was one of nightmarish proportions. Five gang members were hanging from a fire escape, dead. But what was truly sickening was what happened to them.

Their skin had been ripped from their bodies, leaving the muscle and flesh exposed, raw and covered in blood. They were eviscerated- something had torn their organs straight out.

But the worst part was what was hanging them up. Tied round their feet and to the fire escape, were their intestines.

From the top of the fire escape, something watched the last one flee from his life. A shimmering mass of light seemed to be moving through the air…

The street was just as bad. A sudden explosion sent a police car flying through the air onto the top of another car. Gunfire was filling the streets as the two gangs continually fired. Dozens of gang members, police officers and civilians were dropping in pools of blood.

It seemed like an eternity before the thug finally reached others of his gang.

"Yo! Where you been, you…"

"Shut up man…it's after me…Oh Jesus…"

"Dude, calm down! Now that the…"

"I don't know but…El Diablo…they're dead…all of 'em… it just killed them…god, there was nothing…makes me sick just to think about it…"

"What is it?" One of the gang members asked as he reloaded, "The Voodoo-pricks? Or those god-damn drug…"

"Shut up, man! Ain't no-one messes with Los Matadores!"

One of them suddenly looked up onto a balcony that overlooked the street.

"What in the f…"

The Shimmering suddenly leapt down, as the sound of metal sliding out was heard. It stopped in the middle of them as they whipped out their guns.

"Shit! What is that?"

"Who gives? Just shoot the…"

What looked like an arm suddenly swung round as a pair of blades shot out, cutting two through of them. With the blades still extended, it turned to face the last one from the alley.

"El Diablo…El Diablo…"

Suddenly, a few drops of water fell on top of the shimmering object. The man looked on in horror as the electricity faded, revealing the face of his attacker.

It stood eight feel tall, half-covered in metal armour and with brown-yellow skin. Blades were fixed to its wrist and a massive cannon was suspended on its shoulder. A metal mask covered its face and its hair was in thick black dread locks.

Desperately, the gang member reached for his gun. He aimed straight up, but in an instant the blades were upon him, slicing down through his chest.

The rain began to fall heavily as the gang war continued to rage. Amidst the chaos, no one noticed the hunter as it skinned its prey.

Not far down the street, the chaos was even worse. Another cop car exploded in a hellish fireball as another, its tired shot, veered out of control into a pair of SWAT officers.

"We need backup!" One of the officers yelled, seconds before a hail of bullets sliced through him.

Scarface continued to watch the unfolding chaos. With the rain now pouring down, his stealth no longer worked. Therefore, he would have to go for the heads-on approach.

A group of Les Serviteurs, otherwise known as the Jamaican Voodoo Posse, cheered hysterically as another group of cops fell before the waves of gunfire.

They suddenly looked up in terror as the demon leapt toward them, a strange, jagged spear suddenly extending. It landed in the middle of them, swinging the spear round as one of them, who managed to escape, whipped out his gun and aimed at the monster.

The demon suddenly whipped out another gun. This one shot out a net, which took its hapless target flying into a wall as the corners dug into it. The net began to contract, slicing through the skin, as the attacker stabbed the spear right into his heart.

Suddenly, a missile shot into the vehicles that served as Les Serviteurs' protection and blew it to smithereens. A pair of massive robots unleashed a hail of machine gun fire, blasting through the gang members. The SWAT team had finally called out the Exosuits.

Behind them, another group of civilians were fleeing. As the gang members scattered before the power of the machines, one of them was shot in the stomach. As he fell, his gun suddenly went off, a spray of bullets flying toward the running family.

There were three of them. A young man, his wife, and a small boy. He couldn't have been older than about 5.

After a split second, the bullets hit.

The man and woman were dead before they hit their ground.

The child could only stand there in horror as one of Les Serviteurs, out of his mind of drugs, pulled out a gun, laughing hysterically.

Scarface looked on at what was about to happen. These…criminals…the human equivalent of Bad Bloods…had just slaughtered a family and were about to kill a defenceless child.

Without hesitating, Scarface suddenly leapt through the swarm of thugs, cutting them apart as he whipped out another weapon. As he fired, a small spear suddenly shot out, slicing through the gang member.

The boy immediately turned and fled, heading down an alley to the side of him.

It took over five hours for the SWAT Teams to restore order. The death toll was in the hundreds.

Scarface was there the whole time. All through the night, until the Police finally arrived.

Later, in that alley, the boy was still there. He suddenly looked up, seeing something step toward him through the rain. He backed against the wall at the sight of the demon stepping toward him, tears streaming down his face.

Finally, the demon came to a stop.

Something in its mouth suddenly clicked. Finally, a voice came from behind the mask…

"Do not be afraid."

The boy was still clearly terrified.

"I will not hurt you."

The boy finally spoke:

"My mom…my dad…"

Scarface was unsure of what to say to the child.

"They're dead…" The boy sobbed.

"What is your name?" Scarface finally asked.


The creature nodded. "My name is Kura'Tha."

It was at that moment that Scarface came to a decision, looking down at the helpless child.

"Please…" The child cried, "Don't…don't hurt…"

"I will not hurt you. I…will help you."

Thus begins Drake's tale! I know this tale starts with Drake as a kid, but the main event will take place, as the chapter title suggests, Eleven years after this, when Drake is 16. The first few chapters will concern his life, and a particular event in a few chapters that will cause another major change in the boy's life.

If you're wondering why I keep referring to Kura'Tha as Scarface, the answer is coming. (Though it shouldn't be too hard to figure out.)

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