Mission: Inter-house Unity

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Chapter 1: Ideas and Preparation

It was an unusually warm October evening and so while given the opportunity Harry and Ron had made their excuses and dashed off to a 'friendly' Quidditch match between Gryffindor and Slytherin. I had declined the offer to watch, as I don't approve of the friendly matches any more than I do the cup matches. This was just another excuse to flare up house rivalry, and I wanted nothing to do with it.

Infact, I as the new head girl feel it my duty to stop all this inter-house rivalry and that is how I, Hermione Granger found myself in Professor McGonagall's office explaining to her my thoughts on the subject.

'Its so immature professor,' I implored, 'I was thinking that, being head girl and all, that I could, with your permission of course, organise some sort of event to promote unity within the houses.'

'A wonderful idea Miss Granger, may I enquire to the event you had in mind?' queried the Gryffindor head of house.

'Of course professor, I was thinking of a games evening, the first to third years together, the fourth and fifth years, and of course the sixth and seventh years, all in different venues throughout the school. I thought that the first, second and third years could be in the great hall, and perhaps be supervised by some teachers- if of course they will consent. Then the fourth and fifth years..' I paused, gulping, 'in the room of requirement, and also supervised by some members of staff. Which leaves the sixth and seventh years, and I thought that because we are older, and all the prefects are in our year and the sixth year, we wouldn't need to be chaperoned.'

Very well Miss Granger, but where do you propose to hold the evening for the sixth and seventh years? I can think of no place,' prompted Professor McGonagall.

I had this question all sorted though, 'in the Gryffindor common room Miss,' I thought it would be large enough and the password could be temporarily changed for the evening.'

'Well, okay then Miss Granger, have you a date for this evening?'

'I think Friday would be best Miss, that way people will have time to catch up on any homework missed,' I beamed at my head of house happily.

'You have my permission Miss Granger, I hope you wont let me down,' smiled Professor McGonagall while indicating to the door, 'well be off with you, I'm sure you have much to arrange.'

I left her office and went in search of some prefects I could rope into helping, spotting Ernie Macmillan and Hannah Abbot I called them over and informed them of the activities. 'Oooh,' cooed Hannah, 'what about decorations?' I smiled at her and said, 'all for you to arrange Hannah, I want you and Ernie to be in charge of organising the great hall the first, second and third years.'

'Brilliant,' she smiled and dragged Ernie towards the library in search of old muggle group games.

After failing to find the Ravenclaw prefects I sighed and strode over towards the bunch of Slytherin seventh years lounging around on the grass outside the entrance hall. 'Malfoy,' I called, 'I need your help.'

'Hear that everyone?' he smirked at the Slytherins, 'the filthy little mudblood wants my help.'

'Don't make me hex you Malfoy,' I said warily, indicating to my wand hanging loosely in my right hand, 'I need all the prefects help, but seeing as you are headboy I thought I'd ask you before that,' she nodded towards a giggling Pansy who was cooing over an awkward looking Goyle. The words acknowledging the fact he was headboy seemed to have struck Malfoy because he quickly got up and rushed over to me.

'All right Granger, no need to start insulting, what is it you need?'

I quickly told him about my convosation with Professor McGonagall and informed him that he was in charge of decorating the room of requirement and that he was to arrange games for the fourth and fifth years to play.

'Right, I guess you and Weaselby are going to sort out the Gryffindor common room?'

'That's Right, Ronald and I will, and Harry will get us the butterbeer from Hogsmeade.'

'How? There isn't a Hogsmeade weekend for a month,' he exclaimed.

'Oh, I guess its just… magic Malfoy,' I giggled not wanting to reveal my knowledge of the schools secret passages and Harry's invisibility cloak to Malfoy, even if he was headboy.

'Magic?' he muttered incredulously and after giving me an almost pained look, he strode back over to the mass of Slytherins.

(A/N: back to narrators view- Hermione's wouldn't work for the rest of the story)

Notices went up overnight and all that anyone talked about over the next few days was the games evening. Hermione passed some third year Hufflepuff's whispering excitedly about a rumour they had heard that Victor Krum was going to come to the games evening. 'Sorry girls,' Hermione had interrupted, 'no celebrities coming, and hand over that fanged Frisbee, they're banned.'

The prefects worked tirelessly over the next few days to organise the games evening. Harry, Ron and Ginny had snuck out to the three broomsticks on Thursday evening returning with a trolley each full of butterbeer, Fire whiskey and sweets.

Hermione had refused point blank to allow fire whiskey into the first through fifth years evenings so she had to hide all the fire whiskey, (using a highly advanced concealment charm) in the common room to make sure it was only the sixth and seventh years that drank it. 'Besides,' she had whispered to Harry after hiding the fire whiskey, 'I don't want them all getting drunk in front of all the Professors.' Harry laughed as the image of drunken first years lolloping around Snape came bounding, fully-formed into his mind.'

Late on Thursday evening, the prefects were still hard at work when Dobby had appeared and insisted, much to the disliking of Hermione, on taking all the sweets and butterbeer to the other venues.

'Dobby insists on helping, young Miss should rest,' he insisted, leaving Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny to amble their way up to bed.