Chapter Nine

"Unbelievable! The last time I saw you, you couldn't even afford to buy yourself some food. Now, look at you: you are staying in one of the more expensive hotels in Philadelphia and you have a car. A car!" said Rose when Jack opened the door of his bedroom.

"Things change, don't you think? Look at you, the first time we met, you were a perfect first class girl, and now… You left your fiancée in the middle of the ceremony."

They smiled and kissed. They had been apart for so long…

"Excuse me, I'm still waiting for some explanations here." Kelly interfered.

"She's right." Rose said getting out Jack's arms. "What have you been doing?"

"Hey, hey, hey. Not so fast. How did you two met? I want details."

"You didn't tell her? Fine, I will. Does the word Titanic mean anything to you?" Rose said.

"The boat that sunk? I can't believe you were on it!"

"It was a ship, Kell. And yes, we were on it."

They briefly told her how they had met and how they had fallen in love. They also told her how Rose had risked her life just to stay with Jack.

"You really did that? Now I know why you wanted so bad to find her. If someone did that for me I would owe him for the rest of my days."

"He also risked his life for me. Many times."

When they reached to the part of the ship finally sinking, Rose said:

"Now… This is the part I'm interested in. One moment I was holding your hand, and the next one you were gone. What did you do?"

"Well, the same thing happened to me. I was kicking to reach the surface and suddenly I realized that I wasn't feeling your hand anymore. I shouted your name, but no one came. Then a boat picked me up and took me to the Carpathia. There I kept looking for you, but you weren't there."

"My mother and Cal were faster and they saw me while I was searching for you. I tried to break free, but I was to weak. I couldn't bare to think that you were gone and I was alright."

"When we docked I had nowhere to go, no one to turn to. Of course I knew Kelly had moved in, but that had been 7 years ago. I didn't know if she had left, or what. The thing is that for I couple of weeks a get back to what I used to do, draw portraits of wealthy people for 10 cents a piece. One of April's last days, a man saw me and saw my paintings. He told me I had I gift and that he could make it grow. I had nothing to loose, so I accepted."

"He was the owner of the art gallery I visited, wasn't he?" Rose asked.

"Yeah. He gave me everything I needed to do my paintings, and I handed him in a couple of them. Then, he showed them in his art gallery and they were a big success. Unfortunately, he began to ask me to paint more and more. That wouldn't have bother me, but I came across a newspaper that made me change my priorities."

"A newspaper? And when do I appear?" Kelly wanted to know.

"Any minute now. Well, I was walking one day, trying to fin something to get my mind off Titanic and all that, when a saw a newspaper dropped in the street. I picked it up to throw it away but something about the headline caught my eye. It said something as: 'After miraculously escaping from a sinking, young business man marries his young fiancée.' I don't know why, but I had to read the whole article. Luckily. The first line named this guy, and guess who he was. Cal. I kept reading and soon I found what I was hopping I would: your name."

"So that was when you realized I was alright, wasn't it?"

"Yeah. I was so happy, I can't tell you. I got into my card and was about to go get you (the newspaper mentioned the address) when I thought it twice. It had been two month already. Who knew what had happened to you? Perhaps you were over me and you wanted to marry him. I admit it, it was a stupid thought, but I had to be sure. I had to get someone inside your house. But who?"

"And here I come… right?"

"Yes. I was walking to my place, thinking only about you, when I heard someone calling my name. It was this annoying voice I knew so well but on the other hand, how could she be there?"

"Hey! What about my voice?"

"I turned around and, who did I see? My sister. That was for sure my lucky day. The two most important women in my life had appeared out of nowhere. She looked as surprised as I did. Apparently, she hadn't taken me seriously when I told her that some day I would go to New York and find her."

"Firstly, you were 13. Who takes someone that age seriously? (A/N. not true. Don't get me wrong) And secondly, I found you, not the other way around."

"What ever…" her brother said.

"Let me guess. You told her that you needed her to work as a maid in someone's house and promise you would explain later. You also asked her to talk to me and found out what my feelings were. Am I wrong?"

"That was what he did, indeed. He refused to give me any kind of explanations."

They didn't say nothing for a while, then the oldest broke the silence:

"I still can't believe that you where on the Titanic. And that you didn't even tell me! You do realized that you could have died there, don't you? What was I supposed to do if that happened? Live my hole life thinking that my brother was somewhere out there?"

"Honestly, I don't care. I'm alive, aren't I? And most importantly, I found Rose. And I also found you. What else could I ask for?"

"Jack that's so sweet…" said Rose.

"You really are good with women. Now I understand why every girl at school had a crashed on you…"

"Excuse me?" asked the youngest.

"Thank you very much, Kell. I really appreciate that."

"Oh, look at the time! I have to get going now. See ya. And Rose… I was joking. As a matter of fact, I used to think he was gay…"

"Kelly, out! Now!" he ordered, and then added to Rose. "She was kidding. I'm not gay, but I didn't spend my time seducing girls just for fun."

"I know." she answer. "I played mad because I wanted her to leave."

"Really, what for?"

"You know… I was suppose to be on my honeymoon by now."

"I get it… Well, where do you want me to take you?"

"To the stars." She said before kissing him.

They were so in love… They had missed each other for so long… Now there really wasn't nothing on earth that would come between them.