Hello! I've decided to try my hand at a two-shot. (I don't think I'd be able to do a one shot…) Keep in mind I haven't done one of these before…so you are warned. Also keep in mind that this will be slightly depressing in the beginning. Now on with the show!

Disclaimer: I have never owned this show despite how much I love it. I'll go sulk in a corner now.


Nothing Less Than Torture

Part One

I see him standing there in the hallway, just staring at me with a look I can't define. No matter how hard I try, I can't seem to rip my eyes away. I see Paulina hanging off his arm like a leech or some other form of creature that I'd like to incinerate. I still don't know how we drifted so far apart, but I know it's at least partially my fault. I somehow tear my eyes away from his gaze when my boyfriend taps me on the shoulder.

"How many times have I told you not to do that!" I say irritably.

"Sorry, sorry."

It didn't sound sincere. It doesn't really matter to me. I was planning on dumping him later today after the movie date anyways. I smile at my boyfriend, Timothy, when he puts his arm around me, but I'm really only doing that as a reflex. In my mind, I smile grimly to myself as I reflect upon happier times. I didn't know exactly how good I had it. We start to walk down the hallway. As we get ever closer to him, to Danny, I get more uncomfortable. I avert my eyes, looking at Timothy instead while trying to plaster an adoring look on my face that I only half hope is convincing. I don't know if it worked or not, but I know my boyfriend was fooled.

Danny would have noticed, at least before we turned our separate ways. It's depressing how things unfolded. Danny had started to gain some serious muscle from fighting ghosts, and it started to show. Not to mention that he was getting more handsome in the eyes of the popular crowd. At first, when they started to advance, Danny didn't even give them the light of day. That was, until Paulina deemed him good enough to dump Dash for. He couldn't get away from us fast enough. Well, maybe that wasn't completely true. I have to admit, he tried his hardest to be friends with the popular crowd and us geeks, but the strain didn't help him, neither did the peer pressure.

To be honest, I was rising in popularity as well, just not in the same way. The popular group had split, for lack of a better way to describe it. There was the standard popular faction and the more…unique faction I guess. My extremely unusual Goth attire and eating habits earned me a practically instant spot. Some guys started to notice me then. I resisted. It struck me as disgusting that people who wouldn't give me a second glance before now suddenly realized I existed just because I had a higher social status. After awhile though, I folded. Yes, me, the world renown non-conformist. I think it was a combination of things. I normally wouldn't care about peer pressure, but some other stresses in my life led to weakness.

To start it off, my parents are a pain. When they caught a whiff of my new status in the school, they were delighted. They spouted some garbage about making connections. They were also overjoyed to hear that me and Danny were getting father and farther apart. Another thing that made life difficult was a lack of support. In the splitting of the group, Tucker was left to fend for himself at the bottom of the food chain. I couldn't even look at him without some popular freak dragging me away. I had no real friends anymore. To in other words, I was craving for someone to lean on. Too bad that the boyfriends didn't help. They cared nothing about me; they only wanted someone to make out with.

In short, my life sucks. I never knew how hard Paulina had it. Yeah, even though I hate her guts for taking Danny, I at least know where she's coming from. Now that I think about it, I'm pretty much the same as her. In fact I hate myself now. I let Danny go, I abandoned him, I didn't tell him when I had the chance. I'm an idiot.

I'm brought back from my depths of my mind when Timothy pushes open the school door and we go out into the sunlight. I can still feel Danny's eyes. I look up into Timothy's eyes, and I keep my frown to myself. It's not there. It never was. Why do I keep looking? Past my Gothic exterior, I'm really a hopeful idyllic romantic at heart. I know I am, I think Danny might have known. It's all about Danny now, even though I've let him go. It will always be about him.

Timothy stops and brushes aside my hair. He kissed me. I feel nothing. He's a great kisser, one of the better ones I've been with. There's just nothing there. There never was. There never will be. I break away and give him a fake smile; it feels like it will split my face in half. Maybe it will. I almost hope it does. He smiles back and wraps me in his arms. I feel trapped. I see Danny and Paulina exiting the school over Timothy's shoulder.

It hurts me, to see them together. I see them kiss and I feel what's left of my heart lurch painfully in my chest. When Danny wraps his arms around her, I wish with all of my heart that it was me there and not her. Nothing happens, and even though I expected it, my idyllic, romantic side of me weeps. I think it will always weep. I would probably be better if I was really unfeeling.

I'm trapped in a prison I willingly walked into. All I can think about is him.

It's nothing less than torture.


Alright. So how was that? It was really a bit of an experiment, and something to remove my writer's block for my other stories. Please tell me how you like it! Critics are welcomed.