Title: Of Mild Interest
Author: Ya-kun
Pairing: Kanata Saionji and Miyu Kouzuki
Fandom: Daa! Daa! Daa!
Theme: #10: #10
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Daa! Daa! Daa, and all entities related to it, is the property of Mika Kawamura. I simply borrow the characters and manipulate their sorry lives. Haha. Also, the scientific fact about oxytocin isn't mine either.

7:21 P.M.

It wasn't that she was stupid. On the contrary, she was quite the bright student. But the scientific realm just failed to make sense to her, and considering that her parents were currently working for NASA, that said a lot. So, her concerned overseas parents arranged tutoring sessions with the most evident choice for a tutor.

"Are you even listening to what I'm saying?"

Miyu exhaled loudly before glaring at her tutor the best as she could from her spot on the table. She was leaning on the table heavily with her arms stretched outward like a 'V' and her head resting on the table laterally. Glaring at the aforementioned tutor proved to be quite a challenge… especially with her long blonde hair obstructing her vision and with him seated in front of her.


Kanata sighed before taking off his glasses and pinching the bridge of his nose. Alternating between pinching and rubbing the bridge of his nose for a few seconds, his hand slowly trailed down his face before providing support for his chin.

His eyes softened as he gazed wistfully at her. She looked so adorable when she was tired… Suddenly becoming conscious of the direction of his thoughts, he shook his head in a feeble attempt to get rid of them. Needless to say, it didn't work. Kanata opted for another option.

"You do realize that tomorrow's the big biology test, right?"

"But this tutoring stuff is so boring!"

His concern quickly dissipated into annoyance. "If you weren't such a baka then you—"

He quickly regretted his words— of course— even though he didn't show it. Hurt flashed through her eyes as she sat upright and faced him. She was already upset with letting down her parents and he knew that she didn't need to hear his habitual taunts. Heaving a sigh, he flipped the pages of the booklet until they settled on the pages he was searching for. He then began explaining to her, cautiously at first, the wonder that was the endocrine system.

9:49 P.M.

Kanata was more than relieved when she sported a happier disposition around two hours after his undesirable outburst. She was currently answering some follow-up questions… very enthusiastically. He mentally chuckled. Kanata had always loved her sheer determination... and behaving cutely while she was being determined was a definite plus.

"I'm done!"

He smiled faintly as he reached out for the sheet of paper. 'That's my girl.'

9:54 P.M.

"Well? Well? How'd I do?"

"You did great…"

"I knew it!" She couldn't help the smugness that crept into her voice. 'Take that, Kanata!'


She stopped short. "Eh?"

"Oxytocin… you forgot something about oxytocin…"

She snatched the sheet of paper from his hands and reviewed that particular part. Miyu unknowingly missed the smirk on her tutor's face.

9:58 P.M.

"You jerk! I didn't forget anything!"

She was panting heavily. It sounded as if she had run ten laps around the soccer field at school than just reviewing her answers to the follow-up questions.

"Yes you did."

She leaned across the table allowing blazing emerald eyes to lock onto his. "I demand to know what exactly I forgot."

Kanata leaned in as well and unfortunately (or fortunately?) for Miyu who was apparently too furious to notice, their noses were currently almost touching. He could feel her hot breath coming out in short little huffs which made him all the more motivated. Shifting slightly, their lips were now just a few millimeters away from each other.

"It is a scientific fact that kissing signals our brains to produce oxytocin, it's the hormone that gives us that good-all-over feeling we experience when kissing."

She was a few seconds too late when Miyu finally understood the situation she was in.

10:00 P.M.

Miyu then came to a conclusion that tutoring sessions weren't as bad as she originally thought them to be… and that Kanata was definitely the best tutor she's ever had… or ever will have, anyway.

Note: Ohoho! I'm such a dork XD. Anyways, I hoped you liked it! Feedback is surely appreciated. Thanks a bunch for reading, I hope you'll support me as I reach the 30th kiss!