Hello to all the dedicated readers and fans of this story!

Unfortunately, this is not an actual real update with a real chapter to bring this story to a conclusion. Rather, it's a notice to everyone that I haven't forgotten about CSAG and that I'm still determined to wrap it up. To help me get back into the groove and do that, I've been going back through the chapters from the very beginning, rereading it, cleaning it up, tweaking things that maybe didn't make sense or felt a bit out of character, etc etc. I've been doing this over the past several months and it started to build up into enough changes that I ultimately felt like the story deserved to be reposted.

Which is why it is being reposted at Archive of Our Own! Like I said, the hope is that this'll get me back into the mindset I need to wrap this baby up, so all future updates will be happening over there. Here's the link for everyone who wants to follow along the editing journey with me: /works/7271614

Thanks so much to everyone who continues to enjoy the story, new readers and old alike! It seriously warms my heart to still see reviews come in. I haven't forgotten CSAG, I still love it and draw art for it, so I hope you'll transfer over with me!

Much love~
- hikaranko