Enter the Dragon's Lair


Chapter 1

"Jade! Stay here! Please, please don't so any where!"

"But Jackie!"

"But nothing Jade!"

"Hmph!" Jade crossed her arms angrily and stared at the wall.

Jackie ran off to help Uncle and Tohru with Drago and his crew.

Why am I always being left behind? Haven't I proven that I can take them and take care of myself? I'm not as helpless as he thinks I am. Jade signed, uncrossing her arms and slowly looked around the abandoned store.

Oh, yeah,…like I'm going to be any safer here.

Jackie had told her to remain in a sword store. A freaking sword store. Numerous kinds of swords, dagger, katanas, and others that she couldn't describe; it even had the occasional pendent hanging off the walls, but she had to admit though, they had some pretty cool designs here. One in particular caught her interest.

That one looks a lot like eastern dragon. But who in the world would what to buy such a weird looking thing. Jade slowly walked up to it, intending to get a closer look at it.

"Oh, man…" The pendent was too high out of reach for Jade, hanging on a small nail. Looking around the store, she found a ladder that seemed tall enough. Before she could take a step, the building began to shake, knocking some, if not all, the swords down form their place on the wall.

"Oh no! Gotta hide! Gotta hide!" Jade ducked under one of the chairs as the weapons hit the ground.

Just as suddenly as it began, it stopped. Jade slowly crawled out, making sure that she didn't step one any of the weapons or any sharp. She soon spotted the dragon pendent; it had landed on its back, its face pointing to the sky.


Jade walked up to the pendent, not noticing that the eyes had begun to glow an eerie red, she was too busy making sure no blade cut into her feet.

When she finally approached it, she pick it up off the floor, holding on the leather neck piece, it begun to pulse blood red, following the rhythm of her heart. It suddenly flared brightly; knocking her back into ground.

Jade groaned. "My head…" Jade raised a hand to her temple. "What the?" Jade openly stared at her hand, which had sleek hunter green scales, claws adorning her fingers. She looked around the shop; everything had become clearer, sharper, more defined than ever before. She looked down to examine the rest of her body. Apparently, she also grew a bust, her shirt just barely covering it enough to deem it decent. Her arms and legs grew to be lean and muscular; her pants had now become short shorts. She glanced up, only to see the roof of the store cave in.

Jackie watch in horror as the store caved in after he kicked DJ Fist in to its wall.

Oh no! Jade! I left Jade in there!


"Oh? The little pipsqueak was in there? Well, one Chan gone, three more to go," Drago said sadistically, opening his mouth to flame Jackie. Drago was immediately hit by a large green beam, pushing him back and onto his group that were behind him.

"JADE!" Jackie ran to the rubble, only to leap back when a large slab came at him. When the dust settled, after being so rudely disturbed, a green reptilian hand was shown. Soon enough, an arm and a shoulder appeared; pushing down on a slate to pull the rest of the body up towards the surface. Raven colored hair covered in dust was the next thing to show up; followed by another arm. The whole upper torso was exposed in a short period of time; then pushing herself the rest of her body up and out of the debris.

"Hehehe….ummm….Hi, Uncle Jackie?" Jade shakily stood up, still not used to having a tail to help balance or now having to stand on the balls of her feet. The uneven surface she was on wasn't helping either. She licked her lips. "Like the new me?" She asked, tail flicking uncertainly.





Drago hissed. "What the hell is going on? I don't recognize that demon chi. I can't even smell what type it is."

"Uhhh….yo, D? Like you want us to do somethin' about her or what?" Strikemaster Ice looked to confused as to which one he and his crew to attack.

"Just get the demon chi that Chan has back. I'll deal with this…..." Drago softly exhaled, smoke coming out of his mouth.

"Jade! Come here Jade!" Jackie started towards his niece but was soon blocked off by a stream of fire.

"I don't think so, Chan. Your deal is with us. Let D-man take care of the little lady."

Ice ran straight onto Jackie, tackling him to the ground. Fist went towards Tohru, and each began to circle slowly, waiting for one to attack first. Uncle was left to deal with Cobra. Even before Cobra got closer to Uncle, Ice barreled into him, sending both crashing against the wall. "JADE!"

Uncle looked towards the fourth two-on-two battle. Drago was crawling up the pile of rubble, growling as he went.

"Aiyahhh! Jade! Move before Drago gets you!"

"Oh, don't worry old man; I'll take good care of her for you." Smoke streaming out of his mouth was the only indication Uncle had before a huge fireball entered his line of vision.



"Hey, lizard-boy! You can't do that him! I'll make sure that you regret that!" Jade hissed. She pulled her lips back in a snarl, showing off elongated canines; smoke being released from between her teeth.

Jade lunged towards Drago; eyes glowing a feral red and growled loudly. Drago answered by meeting her head on, eyes also becoming a feral red. They tumbled down head over heels towards the ground, their claws interlaced with each other; tails wrapped around the other, hoping that it would cause the other pain. Their arms straining against each other, shaking from pressure the two daemons were exerting; mouths snapping with small flares of fire here and there. Drago finally managed to get a clawed foot between them, pushing against Jade's stomach, sending her flying off him and into a car. Metal and pieces of glass shattered, glittering when the sun hit them, giving an image of sparkling rain. Jade didn't stay there for long, recovering quickly and throwing the smashed car towards Drago; following after it swiftly so to cover where her next strike would be. Drago dodged it, the car flying mere inches away from his body; he didn't see Jade as she struck him, causing him follow after the car as she put her whole body weight into the strike.

"Jade! Jade! Stop right now! It's much too dangerous for you! Ahhh! Bad day! Bad day!" Jackie had been running towards Jade when the smashed car made its second appearance; flying right at Jackie.

"I don't think so Chan… She staying here until I get that chi and you're not going to stop me." Drago leaped from the hole using his dragon speed; lunging at Jade with claws outstretched.

He managed to startle Jade by his speed, but she made up for that by falling back in time with Drago's lunge and helped propel him further with her feet. Drago twisted in mid-air, landing softly on the side of a building, pushing himself off the side and crashing in to Jade's back as she stood. He then straddles her with both her legs and tail between his thighs; one of his hands had her wrists pinned to her own back.

"Well Jade….how nice to see you so submissive. I never knew you were that type."

"Stupid gecko! Just wait till you loosen your grip just a little…..I'll make sure you regret messing with me!" Jade bucked underneath him to dislodge him.

Drago tsked. "I don't think so Jade," Drago hissed her name out. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back, forcing her back to arch towards the ground.

Drago growled deeply his throat. "I wouldn't come any closer if I were you, Chan…it might have some…unexpected results." He flashed his claws near Jade's face.

Jackie could only watch on hopelessly as the two demons clashed. They were going too fast any human to see. The only thing that Jackie, Uncle, and Tohru could do is make sure that Ice, Cobra, and Fist didn't interfere with the fight.

"Hey D, what you what us to do, man? Are you going to take that demon chi or what?"

Drago sighed, slightly disgusted. "Did you at least get back the one Chan had?"


"I knew I shouldn't have trusted you. You three somehow mess everything up. No matter. I have this little gem here. I can't seem to extract it from her, but I just need a little more time."

Drago slowly raised himself off the ground, taking care to wrap his own tail tightly around Jade's legs and tail. He wrapped one of his arms around Jade's waist, pinning her hands between their bodies. With a now free hand, he lifted it and said a simple spell, in a language that none of them knew.


Jackie tried to reach her struggling form, but all five were engulfed in flames and vanished.