A/N: Don't get excited. LOL This is just an index of summaries for each scene in Newport prior to the change in format to make it easier for readers (current or future) to find a specific scene. Hope this helps! Again, thanks for all your support for this story!


Episode #1: The New Arrival

Scene 1

Marissa, driving in her car, contemplates her life and realizes that she can't remain where she's at any longer. She needs a change; she needs to live for herself, so she decides to leave.

Scene 2

Ryan, Seth, and Summer arrive home for the winter, holiday break. Seth is eager for Chrismukkah, planning their festivities from the moment the scene begins. Although he complains about the tree his Mom bought, they make fun of him and his ridiculous behavior including his homemade Chrismukkah shirts her made for everyone. Too bad he dried them all, causing them to shrink. When Sandy and Kirsten share a close moment, Ryan takes Zoe to the poolhouse; Seth and Summer follow. Ryan and Seth get in a small squabble, and Seth tattles. Zoe, however, gets Seth in trouble, too. Because they get to punish each other, Seth demands that Ryan carry in all the boxes with holiday decorations in them, and Ryan says that Seth is not allowed to speak while they all decorate, no orders, no comments, no advice.

Scene 3

Marissa, after he cross country drive, arrives in Newport and immediately heads to ocean as if she is drawn to it, finding the lifeguard stand and relaxing there.

Ryan, sick of Seth's incessant rambling, leaves for some peace and quiet and agrees to help Kirsten out by picking up dinner on his way home. He finds his way to the beach and the very lifeguard stand Marissa is sitting on.

Ryan offers to leave the stand, but Marissa invites him to sit and join her. They immediately start to talk and learn that they'll both be going to UCLA in the spring and that they will have a class together. At her insistence, he tells her about his family. Also, he learns that she's living in her car until classes resume and is bothered by the idea. They flirt the entire time, ending the scene with him tickling her.

Scene 4

Ryan and Marissa continue to talk at the beach, flirting with each other and learning more about what the other person is like until Seth interrupts by calling to inquire where Ryan and, more importantly, his food was. Ryan invites her to come home with him for dinner.

Once they arrive at the Cohen's, Marissa is shocked when she sees the house and intrigued by the idea of a poolhouse. Once inside, Marissa instantly fits in with Seth and Summer, picking on Seth and making them both laugh, but she and Ryan do not tell them that they just met. Sandy, Kirsten, and Zoe join the meal. Kirsten thinks that Marissa seems familiar, but Sandy dismisses her worries. They all share a friendly, comfortable dinner together.

Scene 5

After dinner, Ryan and Marissa retire to the poolhouse while Kirsten takes Zoe to put her to bed and Summer keeps Seth from harassing Ryan and Marissa. Seth and Summer leave to go upstairs to his room where they will spend their evening.

In the poolhouse, Ryan and Marissa discuss the idea of a roommate for Ryan, but he teases her and makes it obvious that he only has one person in mind for the role: her. They end up having a very flirtatious pillow fight before Marissa insists that Ryan take her back to her car. He distracts her and ends up challenging her to predicting what type of guy he is, predicting his relationship past. She summarizes him perfectly. Eventually, he convinces her to spend the night, platonically as friends, but she insists that he take her back to her car first thing in the morning.

Meanwhile, upstairs in Seth's room, Summer is changing while Seth watches the poolhouse out of his window. Seth is excited about the development and can't stop talking about it and the possibility that maybe Ryan will ask Marissa to move into their apartment with them back at school until Summer makes him turn around to see her in a holiday inspired piece of lingerie. They go to bed.

Scene 6

Early the next morning, Summer finds Seth spying on a spooning Ryan and Marissa in the poolhouse, laying on the cement outside of this door. Eventually, Sandy and Kirsten join them, too, before everyone goes back in the house to eat breakfast, talk, and not get caught by Ryan. They get the idea to invite Marissa to stay with them during the holidays.

Ryan and Marissa wake up in each others arms, and although the situation could be awkward, it isn't, and they share a cute moment where she agrees to consider moving in with them as their fourth roommate. After brushing their teeth and changing, they go inside for breakfast.

As Sandy, Kirsten, Seth, and Summer all await for Ryan and Marissa to join them in the kitchen, spying out of the windows, they discuss possible plans for that evening for the four friends and bicker the entire time. They try to act normal when Ryan and Marissa walk in, but Seth is never stealth.

The family attempts to convince Marissa to stay with them during Christmas break, but it takes some work, but eventually she agrees. While they talk in the kitchen, they all get to know one another better. After Sandy and Kirsten leave to get supplies for the poolhouse, the four young adults have breakfast together. They all agree to have a classic movie night in the poolhouse.

After Ryan and Marissa leave to go to her car and get her supplies, Seth and Summer share a typical flirtatious round of bickering, their version of foreplay.

Scene 7

Ryan and Marissa arrive back at the house with the movies and meet Seth and Summer, who got the food, in the poolhouse. They all chat back and forth, laughing, and getting along before they watch the movie, but once they settle down, Ryan and Marissa are on the bed together while Seth and Summer curl up on the floor in a pile of cushions and pillows.

Sandy and Kirsten come out to say hello after the first movie ends, and end up borrowing My Fair Lady because Sandy wants to watch it. Marissa is touched when Kirsten calls her honey.

After the second movie is over, Seth and Summer look up to find what they assume is a sleeping Ryan and Marissa, but really they are faking. While gathering their supplies an the movies to go back to Seth's room, they let some embarrassing sexual secrets slip, giving Ryan and Marissa future blackmail tools.

Once their gone, Ryan and Marissa start to heavily flirt. He tries to get her to admit that she finds him irresistible, but she doesn't give in. She makes him agree that their first kiss will be really special – at the perfect time. It is revealed that Marissa is a virgin. They end up erotically letting their hands wander each others bodies over their clothes, trailing them over every inch before going to sleep in each others arms again.

Episode #2: Commitments

Scene 1

Summer wakes up really early and drags Seth out of bed as well, eager for New Year's Eve and wanting to start her entire day of pampering and preparations with Marissa as soon as she can. Seth complains the whole time.

Scene 2

While eating, Seth and Summer discuss Ryan and Marissa's relationship. Summer shares her suspicions that they just, in fact, met the day Ryan brought her home to meet them. Seth, of course, over reacts and makes it all about himself, annoying Summer. She kicks him out of the house with food to wake up Ryan and Marissa.

Once Ryan and Marissa are awake, Seth rambles on and on, amusing Marissa and annoying Ryan as he makes plans for Seth/Ryan time that afternoon while the girls were getting ready for that night. He reveals that he is going to propose that night when Ryan and Marissa admit to wanting to sneak out of the party early, because he wants them there. They agree, reluctantly, lamenting the fact that their plans were ruined once Seth leaves.

Scene 3

Marissa and Summer bond while going shopping for a new dress for Summer. Although Summer offers to buy Marissa a new dress as well, she declines, but Summer sneaks one for her anyway. They discuss Marissa's relationship with Ryan, and Marissa admits that they haven't even kissed yet. Summer tells her that she knows she just moved there, and Marissa reveals a little bit about her former life in Pennsylvania. As a final sign of their bonding, Summer decides that she'll give Marissa the nickname of Coop.

While Summer insists that Marissa watch The Valley, she rips off the tags from the new dress she bought her before suggesting she "borrow" that one. It fits perfectly, and Marissa loves it. They grab their things from Summer's room and head to the poolhouse to get ready for that evening.

Scene 4

Ryan and Seth, while sailing, also discuss Ryan's relationship with Marissa, the status of whether or not she'll be moving in with them, and how they met. When Seth annoys Ryan by being too nosey, he teases him about the very embarrassing sexual information he and Marissa overheard the night they all watched movies together. After Seth insists, Ryan tries to give Seth sex advice, but he's not willing to adapt. Turning the table on Ryan, Seth teases him and figures out that Ryan has already fallen for Marissa.

Once they get back from sailing, Seth calls Summer to make sure it's safe for them to enter the house, not wanting to anger her.

Once in Seth's room to get ready, Ryan teases Seth about his purple tie that will coordinate with Summer's dress, telling him he is whipped. Sandy joins them and he and Seth gang up on Ryan and insist he'll be whipped soon enough as well. Sandy leaves to get ready, while Seth and Ryan bicker over who will use the bathroom first. Eventually, Ryan just leaves and Seth rambles on to himself.

Kirsten gets home, late, and she and Sandy talk while they get ready in their room. She cannot let go of the fact that Marissa reminds her of her old high school boyfriend, Jimmy Cooper, but Sandy keeps insisting that there's nothing to it. They flirt the entire time, but eventually she kicks him out to get ready in another bathroom.

Scene 5

Ryan, Marissa, Seth, and Summer all arrive at the party, and Marissa is impressed, never having seen a party like the one they are at before. The group of friends chat for a few minutes before splitting up and going off to dance with their partners.

Sandy and Kirsten arrive, and the two couples go up to them to greet them. They make small talk, and compliments are handed out to the two younger women. Once their greetings are exchanged, the couple go back to enjoying the party and dancing.

While on the dancefloor, Sandy gets an emergency call telling him that Zoe was rushed to the hospital after she passed out. He leaves to get the car, while Kirsten goes off to gather Ryan, Marissa, Seth, and Summer to go with them to the hospital.

Rest of the Episode

At the hospital, the four friends are in the waiting room eager to hear news about Zoe, while Sandy and Kirsten are off talking to the doctors. Marissa tries to reassure them that it's probably nothing serious. While Ryan and Seth go off for coffee and to check on the news, Summer tries to call Caleb, leaving him a message, before the two girls go out for food for the family.

Walking through the hallways to the cafeteria, Ryan asks Seth about what his plans were for proposing to Summer. He admits that he had created a whole play where he would use their pet, plastic horses to play their roles in a relationship, and that the ring was hidden in a new saddlebag on Captain Oats. Seth laments that it will take him forever to think of another special proposal, but Ryan suggests he just do something normal and heartfelt.

Finding Sandy and Kirsten, the boys get good news: nothing is seriously wrong with their little sister. She was merely dehydrated, and that combined with her ear infection which threw off her equilibrium made her pass out.

Marissa and Summer return with food, and while they're getting it out of the backseat, Summer notices Captain Oats and Princess Sparkle, putting them in her purse to give to Zoe to play with. The boys meet them outside to help carry the food in.

After eating, Seth and Summer are the first to say their goodbyes to Zoe, but when Summer tries to give her the two horses, Seth freaks out, they fight over Captain Oats, and when he falls, the saddle bag pops open and the ring is revealed. Seth is forced to propose right there, but Summer accepts.

It is revealed that Marissa can cook, amazing Sandy and Seth, and she agrees to cook them a celebratory dinner the next day…with Ryan's help. Afterwards, all six say goodbye to Zoe as the four younger adults prepare to leave and Sandy and Kirsten go to stay outside of the room.

Once Ryan, Marissa, Seth, and Summer have left, Sandy surprises Kirsten by playing music for her in the hospital from a CD player he borrowed from the nurses so they can share a New Year's dance and kiss.

Seth and Summer arrive home and celebrate their engagement.

Ryan and Marissa go to the beach, eventually arriving at the lifeguard stand they met at. Just as the clock strikes midnight, they share their first kiss.

Music Montage: While Seth and Summer dance in his room, she they share the moment when they realized their had fallen in love with each other. At the hospital, Kirsten is asleep in Sandy's lap, and as he quietly soothes her hair away from her face, he talks softly to her about their life, showing just how much he is in love with his wife. Ryan apologizes to Marissa that their perfect New Year's Eve was ruined, but she dismisses his concerns, saying it was perfect, because he was where he was supposed to be, with his family and that she wouldn't change a thing about it. They share another tender embrace. Kirsten stirs at the hospital, unsure of her surrounds, but when she sees Sandy, she is calm, once again, and settles back down into his arms after kissing him. Seth and Summer share a kiss after he thanks her for loving him and saying yes to his proposal. After accepting Ryan's offer to move in, they go back to spending the rest of the night in each others arms, on the beach, kissing under the stars. (Song – Ryan Adams – "Wonderwall")

Episode #3: First Day Jitters

Scene 1

Seth and Summer wake up early on their first day back to classes, and although they find it funny that Ryan and Marissa are not up yet, they shrug it off and decide to go out to breakfast together not bothering to wake up their friends.

Scene 2

Once they return from breakfast, there is still no sign of Ryan or Marissa. They are still sleeping. Rambling, Seth brings up children, and Seth and Summer agree that eventually they want to have them. While flirting, Ryan and Marissa emerge from their room. They don't believe Seth and Summer about how late it is, but eventually Ryan realizes that they're not lying. It turns out, Marissa set their alarm wrong, and they both missed their classes, so they have to go and meet with their professors and explain why. While Ryan and Marissa get ready in a hurry, Seth walks Summer to class.

Seth and Summer handle dinner by ordering in because Ryan and Marissa are late getting home. She's off looking for a job. Because she still hasn't found one, she explains that she can't go with them to Newport that weekend for Sandy and Kirsten's anniversary party even though she wants to.

Seth and Summer plot together to have Caleb pull some strings and get Marissa a really good job at a television studio as a writing intern, because that is what she wants to do. Ryan suspects that they are up to something.

she was just dehydrated, and that combined with her ear infection which threw off her equilibrium, she passed out.

Scene 3

Julie, Marissa's mother, arrives in Newport looking ever so stylish and wealthy, and goes to The Arches for lunch in hopes of finding someone she could use to her financial advantage.

While Sandy and Kirsten are discussing their party, Caleb just strolls right in unannounced, but leaves right away when he doesn't like what they're having for lunch, instead going out to eat by himself.

Jimmy and Caitlyn, Marissa's dad and sister, arrive in Newport, and go to his parent's house, James Sr. and Jane Cooper, where they will be staying, perhaps on a permanent basis.

Caleb spots Julie at the restaurant, and sits with her. They talk, but she lies about herself, covering up her dirty secrets and making it seem as if she is much more suitable than she really is. They hit it off.

At dinner later in the week, Ryan, Marissa, Seth, and Summer discuss possible summer plans before Seth and Summer share with Marissa that they got her a job with Fox working as a writing intern with a new show in development.

Kirsten, hand delivers an invitation to Jane and James Sr. because a stack of invites accidentally did not get mailed, but she is shocked when her old high school boyfriend, Jimmy Cooper answers the door. So as not to be rude, she invites him and his daughter to their party as well, and they briefly catch up, exchanging pleasantries.

Scene 4

At the party, Sandy and Kirsten stand in a line greeting their guests. Seth and Summer go through first, talking briefly with them, congratulating the married couple on 24 years of marriage, and making small talk. After they pass through, Ryan and Marissa talk with them.

The four friends meet up, Ryan and Marissa going off for a walk along the beach while Seth and Summer dance and bicker per their usual flirting. When he pulls her close to him, it causes her to yell out in pain as she reveals that her breasts have been tender.

On the way to the party, Jane and James Sr. catch Jimmy up on the Cohens, their children, and Caleb. They all agree that their lives are better without Julie in it.

Caleb arrives at the party with Julie on his arm. He and Sandy bicker back and forth, and Sandy makes digs at both Caleb and Julie's expense, although some of them go undetected. Neither of them trust Julie right away. Kirsten remembers to tell Sandy that she ran into Jimmy and invited him and his daughter, someone, she was glad to hear, was named Caitlyn.

Julie prods Caleb for more information on his family, and they end up talking about how Caleb does not like Ryan or accept him. He mentions throwing a party to introduce her to Newport society, but excuses himself as she sees the Coopers come in, wanting to say hello to Jimmy after all these years.

Scene 5

Caleb is excited to see Jimmy and talks to him for quite a while, trying to catch up. He offers him a job at the Newport group though he doesn't run it any longer, putting Kirsten in an awkward position, and it is revealed that Jimmy has two daughters, his oldest 21, and that he's newly single as his wife left him. As the Coopers walk off with Caleb, Sandy and Kirsten start to panic and put the pieces together as to how all these new people to Newport are related.

Ryan and Marissa, alone on the beach, decide that it is time to go back to the party though they really don't want to. While walking back, he tells her about Sandy's habit of singing to Kirsten at their anniversary parties.

Julie becomes uneasy as Caleb tells her about running into Jimmy Cooper, realizing that his daughter's former high school boyfriend shares the same name as his date.

Caleb sees Seth and Summer getting along and enjoying themselves and introduces them to Julie. Summer and Seth both become suspicious of Julie, thinking that perhaps she is Marissa's Mom, and go looking for their friend to warn her.

As Sandy and Kirsten try to find Ryan and Marissa, too, Jimmy and Caitlyn corner them wanting to meet their sons. They try to get rid of them, but after spotting Seth and Summer, they can't make any excuses up to not introduce Jimmy and Caitlyn to them. It is awkward though as the four try not to reveal anything about Marissa. Once they leave, Sandy, Kirsten, Seth, and Summer all discuss their concerns before going off to continue looking for Ryan and Marissa.

Scene 6

Ryan and Marissa arrive back at the party, flirting the entire time, and go to get something to eat. Jane spots Marissa, shocked to see her, and she and James Sr. decide to go and find Jimmy to let him know that his missing daughter is at the party with the Cohens' adopted son, Ryan.

Sandy, Kirsten, Seth, and Summer all spot Ryan and Marissa, approach them, and warn her about her family being there. She starts to panic. As Ryan leads Marissa out of the party, Seth and Summer going to help him get the car, Sandy and Kirsten run interference and stop Jimmy from going after her. Sandy even lies and says that the girl with Ryan was named Amanda, that they've never met a Marissa. Jimmy doesn't believe them and gets angry. Leaving with Caitlyn, he goes off to find his parents. Sandy and Kirsten decide it's probably a good idea for them to leave their party early and go home.

In the parking lot, the four friends run into Caleb and Julie. Caleb is curious as to what is going on, but when Marissa hears Julie's voice, she faints, causing Ryan to have to carry her to the car. They leave in a hurry, confusing Caleb. Julie tells him that they need to talk.

Inside, Jimmy and Caitlyn find his parents, and he insists that they leave so he can go off and look for Marissa. Jane and James Sr. think out loud about how potentially close the Cohens could be to Marissa. Jimmy gets upset when Caitlyn sides with Marissa and agrees that Jimmy should just leave her be for now. Leaving, they run into Caleb and Julie, their connection revealed to all.

Ryan, Marissa, Seth, and Summer arrive back at the Cohens', and Seth and Summer leave Ryan and Marissa alone. She breaks down, insisting that she has to leave, but when she says that she doesn't want to because she not only loves her new life but him as well, he tells her that he's fallen in love with her, too, promising to keep her protected from her family, that they will not get near her or take her away from him. She agrees to stay, and they go to sleep with Ryan holding her as tight as he can just as she asked.

Sandy, Kirsten, Seth, and Summer meet up in the kitchen and share their concerns for Marissa and discussing what her family could have done to her to make her react so badly to seeing them again. Worried, they all go to bed. (Song – Depeche Mode – "Precious")

Episode #4: Surfacing

Scene 1

Seth, Summer, Sandy, and Kirsten all meet up in the kitchen the next morning again, still concerned about Marissa and curious as to whether or not she slept at all. They end up sharing their nightmares, all of them revolving around being somehow connected to Julie Cooper.

Scene 2

Marissa wakes up the next morning upset and believing she has to leave again. She and Ryan end up fighting as she packs her bag to run away, because she says she can't get soft, she can't let him take care of her, but he counters by accusing her of being afraid of her feelings, afraid of letting him in. When it seems as if she is not listening to him, he pulls her up against him and kisses her passionately, challenging her to be and adult and stay, stay with him and in their relationship. Unable to respond with words, after a few seconds, she runs back into his arms, returning his kiss, and admits that she wants to be with him, that she won't leave. They end up making love for the first time.

Julie shows up the Coopers early the next morning to discuss her upcoming divorce with Jimmy, but ends up getting into a fight with Caitlyn who answers the door. After Caitlyn leaves, fed up with her, Julie then shares words with Jane, before finally finding Jimmy to talk to him about their settlement. They can come to no agreement and just end up bickering the whole time.

Scene 3

Ryan and Marissa awake later in the afternoon, staying in bed for a while to enjoy their afterglow, to flirt, and to kiss some more, making plans to speak with Ryan's family about her history and then to go back to bed. They get dressed and go inside where they are surprised to find no one waiting for them.

After getting something to eat, the family slowly enters the kitchen joining Ryan and Marissa, Summer first, then Seth, and finally Sandy and Kirsten together. While everyone decides to eat, Marissa shares her family's past, upsetting the Cohens as they feel sympathy for what she had to deal with. Afterwards, they welcome her to the Cohen family with ice cream and champagne. Summer ends up getting teased as she asks for pickles, because they tell her weird cravings are a sign she's pregnant. She dismisses them. Zoe arrives home while they're all eating their ice cream when her babysitter brings her, temporarily interrupting their party. As the family spends time together, they laugh, share stories, and bicker back and forth, and everyone enjoys themselves. Sandy and Kirsten comment upon how good Ryan and Marissa are with Zoe, pondering if they will have kids together someday in the future. Seth toasts Marissa inclusion into their family, but after everyone finishes their ice cream, Ryan and Marissa, claiming exhaustion go back to the poolhouse and Seth and Summer, suspicious of their friends, go to their room because Summer doesn't feel well.

Scene 4

While Summer talks to Marissa when she cooks dinner, Marissa shares with her the news that she got her an audition for a part on the show she works for. Then Summer quizzes Marissa about what happened between her and Ryan the day before back in Newport. Marissa reveals that she and Ryan made love for the first time. When she doesn't' want to talk about herself and her love life any longer, she turns the tables and asks Summer about Seth's endurance practice.

At the same time, Ryan and Seth are at the arcade, bonding and talking about their lives and their relationships. As they leave, Seth grills Ryan about what happened between him and Marissa the day before as well. Ryan finally admits that they slept together for the first time and, accidentally, lets it slip that Marissa had been a virgin. To turn the focus off of himself though, Ryan, just like Marissa, teases Seth about his endurance practice.

Scene 5

Spending some quality family time together, Sandy, Kirsten and Zoe go out to dinner with each other, their conversation light and carefree.

Ryan and Marissa, finally alone at home, lounge on the couch together, enjoying their privacy. After telling Ryan about the job she helped Summer get, Marissa flirts with him as they try to figure out what to do with a whole evening to themselves. It's an easy choice, and he ends up carrying her to bed.

An excited Summer shares her job news with Seth at a fancy restaurant because she wants to celebrate what she thinks is good news with her fiancé, but he does not take it well, getting angry that she is dropping out of school. They end up fighting, and Summer becomes upset. He ends up walking out on her.

An angry Jimmy crashes Sandy, Kirsten, and Zoe's happy dinner together. When Jimmy starts getting mean, Kirsten takes Zoe out of the restaurant, leaving Sandy to have a heated confrontation with him. He swears to do everything he can to protect Marissa from her family.

Once their home, Kirsten calls Marissa to warn her about Jimmy's insistence that he is a part of her life. Not to upset her though, they change the subject and she asks about her work, and is pleased to hear how much Marissa likes it. When she picks up on the fact that Ryan and Marissa are fooling around, she lets them go claiming there's a bad connection. Sandy and Kirsten laugh over Ryan and Marissa's actions, agreeing they should follow suit and enjoy their weekend as well.

Although Marissa is embarrassed because Kirsten knew what she and Ryan were doing, he dismisses her concerns, and they end up making love again.

Scene 6

Marissa and Ryan are taking full advantage of their evening at home alone, locking their door so Summer and Seth cannot barge in on them when they get home, and begin to fool around again.

Laying on the couch together, drinking wine, Sandy and Kirsten, in order to keep Jimmy away from Marissa, decide to throw the annual Valentine's Day party that year themselves at their house.

Upset and alone at the pier, Jimmy gets a call from Caitlyn as she checks up on him to see when he's coming home. He says he's still looking for Marissa. He tries calling her cell phone, but the number has been disconnected. Upset, he tosses the phone into the ocean and sits on the bench, his head in his hands, depressed.

On her way home, Summer tries calling Seth, but he ignores her call and just keeps walking around the campus, thinking, quietly to himself about what his fiancé told him that night.

Ryan and Marissa, alone in their room eating ice cream, hear Summer come in and are curious when she doesn't even say anything through the door. Deciding it's a good idea to put some clothes on, they get out of bed and get dressed, agreeing to play cards.

Musical Montage: Seth continues to pace around campus, while Summer is curled up in their bed, in pain, holding Princess Sparkle. Sandy holds a sleeping Kirsten in his arms, softly rubbing her arm. Ryan and Marissa have a good time playing cards, laughing and joking around with each other. Jimmy, still upset on the pier, goes off and hits a lamppost, injuring his hand. Back to Seth, he sits on a park bench, staring off into space while Summer cries to herself. Ryan and Marissa are startled out of their fun when they hear Summer scream out in pain. They rush to her, call for help, and calls Seth. They change and go with the ambulance as it takes Summer to the hospital. Seth eventually checks his voice mail, and, once he hears it, panics and runs off to catch a cab. The scene ends as Summer is wheeled into the ER unconscious as Ryan and Marissa watch on in concern. (Song – 30 Seconds to Mars – "Attack")

Episode #5: The Conceived

Scene 1

Seth arrives at the hospital and becomes angry at Ryan and Marissa when they, at first, won't tell him what's wrong with Summer and then accuse her of being pregnant. Finally, a doctor comes out and lets them know that Summer suffered from an ectopic pregnancy and one of her fallopian tubes ruptured, requiring emergency surgery.

Scene 2

Ryan and Marissa check in with Seth after Summer's surgery, telling him that they are going home to shower, get something to eat, and to grab some things for Seth and Summer before they come back to the hospital.

At home, Ryan and Marissa discuss Summer's condition and how it could affect Seth and Summer's future chances at having children. He goes off to shower while she goes to make muffins to take to Seth.

A nurse comes in to check on Summer and tries to reassure Seth that Summer will be alright. He ends up confiding in her about his insecurities over her new job and their fight the night before. In order to calm him, she asks him to share their engagement story.

Marissa not only packs a bag of things to take to Seth and Summer at the hospital, but she changes their blood stained sheets as well, having Ryan throw them away so they wouldn't have to see them when they came home.

Summer wakes up and Seth has to tell her what happened. She, at first, becomes angry, but then breaks down. Seth asks for he nurse to get the doctor for them so they can talk to her. He then tells Summer that Ryan and Marissa would be back soon, that they went to get them things from home.

Ryan calls home and tells Sandy and Kirsten what happened to Summer.

Seth and Summer meet with the doctor, and although she tries to reassure them that they can't overreact now and think the worst, they ask for the cold hard numbers, wanting to be prepared. Her news leaves them in shock.

Scene 3

Sandy walks into the kitchen to find an upset Kirsten silently thinking. He tries to tease and flirt with her, but his reluctance to be serious upsets her, and they end up fighting. She is very mysterious as to what is upsetting her, alluding to the fact that it has to do with children and that she probably won't have any more, Summer's health crisis affecting her in unexpected ways.

Ryan, also affected by Summer's pregnancy, brings up the topic of children with Marissa, eager to hear what her ideas are on that front. When she says that she wants to wait a long time before starting a family, they get in a fight, because he had different ideas; he thought it was a better idea to just let nature runs its course, not to prevent anything just in case something went wrong with Summer. While fighting, their words become harsh and callous and they hurt each other, ending up their conversation not speaking when they get to the hospital.

Sandy tries to talk to Kirsten again, but when he turns everything into a joke and assumes she's upset that she'll be approaching menopause soon, she erupts on him. Eventually they talk rationally, ending their fight, and she even tells him about wanting to throw a welcome home party for Summer when she gets out of the hospital. However, there is still something bothering her, something she has kept secret from her husband their entire marriage.

An upset Summer, worries that even if she'll have the chance to be a mom, she'll be a bad one, because she never even knew she was pregnant. Seth reassures her, and tells her that even if they have to adopt or have a surrogacy, they will be parents. He then apologizes for how he acted about her job and explains his actions.

Ryan and Marissa are forced to talk when they get to Summer's room and find both she and Seth asleep. Marissa tries to pull away from him, but he pushes her into an empty hospital room and they talk about their fight and their opinions on children. His love for her and passion for their future family wins her over, and she gets him to confess what he sees for them as a couple someday, a dream he had about them and their children, two already born and one on the way. They end up having make up sex in the hospital room, finding the idea of getting caught and in trouble enticing.

A still sleeping Seth and Summer are disrupted by an angry Doctor Roberts as he attacks Seth and throws him up against a wall. He is distracted when Summer wakes up, and Seth escapes to call a nurse in. When she arrives, she is not happy with the sight in front of her.

Scene 4

On the pier, Kirsten runs into Jimmy, and the two end up having an honest conversation. She asks about his hand, but he dismisses it because he realizes she's upset. She tells him about what happened to Summer, and eventually it is revealed why she is upset. Summer loosing her baby makes her think about the child she aborted when she was still with Jimmy. He tries to make her see that she did the right thing for her then. They end up going to get coffee as Jimmy makes a deal he'll consider lay off Marissa if she tells him about how she's doing.

Summer makes her father and Seth talk, giving him an ultimatum to either accept Seth in her life or leave it, saying that she was going to marry him whether or not he approved. He gives in, an they invite him to stay in LA for a few days and visit them, to get to know Seth better.

After Kirsten tells Jimmy about Marissa's new life, he agrees to back off and let her live her life in peace but insists that Kirsten needs to forgive herself for the abortion and that she needs to tell Sandy.

Ryan and Marissa enter Summer room to find her and Seth relaxing, she was watching The Valley while he ate Marissa's muffins. They quizzed them about where they were, figuring out that they had sex in the hospital and teasing them about it. They then tell them about the confrontation with Doctor Roberts. Marissa and Ryan eventually sneak out of the room when Seth and Summer start to bicker as things return to normal.

Scene 5

Kirsten arrives home to find a dressed up Sandy with a surprise for her, a special dinner. She tells him about her afternoon and talk with Jimmy, leaving out the part about her abortion though, and they decide to call Marissa and ask her to help with the party for Summer so they can enjoy their night together.

As Seth and Summer argue about what to order for dinner, Ryan and Marissa show up with food for them all. The four friends share a fun filled meal together.

After their meal, Sandy literally sweeps Kirsten off of her feet and carries her into their room where she calls Marissa and leaves her a voice mail asking her to help with the welcome home party before she and Sandy enjoy the rest of their evening.

Scene 6

Seth and Summer arrive at the apartment, bickering per usual, to be surprised by the party. Everyone has fun at the party, picking on each other, laughing, and enjoying their family. After they leave, the four friends sit in the living room and talk briefly before saying goodnight, going off to their respective rooms.

Musical Montage: On the way home, Kirsten finally confesses to Sandy that, while she was dating Jimmy, she had had an abortion. Doctor Roberts looks at childhood pictures of Summer contemplating his daughter's relationship with her fiancé. Seth gently helps Summer change into her pajamas before they get into bed together. Kirsten tries to get Sandy to talk to her about the abortion, but he says that he needs to think about it and is cold towards her. As Ryan and Marissa are getting ready for bed, she admits to him that she's changed her mind, and they agree to just let nature take its course, literally, as they make love. (Song – Beth Orton – "Conceived")

Episode #6: The Green Eyed Monster

Scene 1

Ryan arrives to pick Marissa up for a date after she gets off of work and sees her hugging and kissing a male coworker/friend goodbye, totally loosing control and getting jealous. She hates his reaction, and they end up not speaking and in a fight. (Song – Wolfmother – "Mindseye")

Scene 2

Early Saturday morning, Caleb calls and informs Kirsten that he's called an emergency board meeting, meaning both she and Sandy have to go into the office.

Caleb meets with Jimmy and informs him that he is hired on at the Newport Group, and that they'll be announcing it at the meeting that morning. The two also make small talk and slightly bond.

Seth and Summer, bored in bed, decide to talk. She shares with him that she is planning on going back to work after her check up with the doctor as long as she gets the green light to return to her normal activities and makes sure he didn't forget about their appointment. Finally they discuss the obvious rift between Ryan and Marissa, and Summer insists that Seth try to talk to Ryan about what's wrong. Hungry, she sends him out for food.

Sandy and Kirsten, anxious because they know that Caleb is up to no good, decide to put their issues aside to work together to figure out what he is up to.

Jimmy and Caleb discuss the older man's relationship with his son in law, giving Jimmy insight into their family dynamics and what his assignment will be while working for Caleb.

Scene 3

Sandy and Kirsten refuse to go into the board meeting without Caleb first telling them what he's going to announce. He agrees and reveals that not only is he hiring Jimmy but he's also coming back full time, demoting Kirsten. Sandy quits, and Kirsten is unsure if she'll stay with the company.

Seth and Summer discuss Ryan and Marissa's obvious issues, and she admits that she's working on plan. Then they share a tender moment while having lunch when he tells her that he is ready to have children whenever she can and gives her a baby names book.

Ryan and Marissa have a confrontation. He tries to apologize but does not apologize for the right thing. When asked for a clue, Marissa recites a poem for him, but he is utterly clueless and nothing is accomplished.

Summer reveals her plan to get Ryan and Marissa to talk: Seth will trick Ryan into meeting him at the diner and Marissa into leaving her room and going into theirs where he will lock her in so she's forced to talk to Summer.

Sandy admits to Kirsten that he's not disappointed in her for having an abortion just slightly jealous. She comforts him and they return their relationship to steady ground. They then discuss their future job ideas, what Sandy wants to do since he is, once again, unemployed, and she contemplates what to do with her Dad.

Scene 4

Seth succeeds in tricking Marissa and locks her into his and Summer's room with Summer so that the two women can talk. Meanwhile, he calls Ryan who is at the library researching the poem Marissa recited to him and tells him that Marissa wants to meet him at the diner, that she wanted to talk.

Julie calls Cal's bluff and tells him that she can't afford Newport and plans to move back to Riverside where she's originally from. They agree to meet for dinner that night, and he says he might be able to help her out financially.

As Marissa gives in and agrees to talk to Summer, Ryan arrives at the diner and spots Seth, immediately annoyed. Seth blackmails him into talking him though, telling him that only he can free Marissa from where he has her locked up. As the scene flows back and forth between the two conversation, the tale is told to the two friends, Marissa reveals why she is so upset, and Ryan realizes what he did wrong, rushing out to fix it with Marissa.

Scene 5

Seth barges in on Summer and Marissa talking, but Marissa leaves to take a shower, while Seth and Summer end up bickering. To make it up to her, she makes him give her a foot massage.

At dinner, Caleb gets the idea that Julie should open up a party catering service, and that he'll have her throw a surprise engagement party for Seth and Summer to announce her new business. Even though she was hoping for a handout, she accepts the idea of the business and agrees to do it though she's not happy about it.

Ryan arrives back with his supplies for apologizing to Marissa, and Summer has Seth spy on him. He ends up asking for Seth's help in setting up, so their spying was pointless.

Sandy and Kirsten arrive home for an afternoon picnic with Zoe. The little girl, exhausted, goes right to bed, letting them spend the night playing strip chess and flirting like teenagers.

Ryan, startling Marissa while she's taking her shower, finally apologizes for the right thing: that he didn't trust her with another guy, even if nothing was happening, and that he didn't trust their relationship. In a wet, wild fantasy in the shower, they make up. (Song – Sheryl Crow – "Strong Enough")

Scene 6

Seth and Summer, quietly, watch Marissa and Ryan flirt while they are getting ready to leave for a day out together. Curious as to what they're up to, they quiz their friends, but Ryan and Marissa won't reveal anything. Leaving them, Seth and Summer go back to their room. Although they can't have sex because of her ectopic pregnancy for six weeks, they continue with the massage he gave her the night before, making it a full bodied one.

Making the most of their weekend, Sandy, Kristen, and Zoe decide to spend the day together again, going to the park and pier before coming home to go swimming and call the boys and their girlfriends.

Caleb lets Julie move into his guest house.

Jane and James Sr. meet Jimmy for breakfast and interrupt him as he reads the paper, engrossed with a picture of Kirsten.

Caitlyn, who is sitting out by the pool, is startled by the poolboy who flirts with her shamelessly. She flirts back, and it is revealed that his name is Trey.

Musical Montage: Seth and Summer, still in bed, lazily draw pictures and words into each others naked backs, flirting playfully, and enjoying their own alone time, Sandy, Kirsten, and Zoe are shown playing at the park, the perfect picture of an ideal family, and Ryan and Marissa spend their day on a secluded beach making love. (Song – Sia – "Breathe Me")

Episode #7: The Sting

Scene 1

Thursday afternoon: At the end of Ryan and Marissa's creative writing course, the professor asks to speak with Marissa alone. He makes sexual advances and attempts to bribe/threaten her into sleeping with him, using Ryan as bait. She doesn't answer him, but also avoids telling Ryan what happened.

Scene 2

This scene has three dinners that interweave together on Thursday evening:

Dinner #1: The four friends, Ryan, Marissa, Seth, and Summer, have a celebration dinner for Summer since she is back to work, but Marissa is distracted, not herself, and claims that school work is bothering her. Ryan doesn't buy it, so they talk, but she only tells him that she is handling it.

Dinner #2: Kirsten, Caleb, and Julie have dinner. Caleb explains his new arrangement with Julie to his daughter and discusses the party for Seth and Summer's engagement, recruiting Kristen to help Julie.

Dinner #3: Trey meets with Caitlyn at the diner. As they talk, Trey pushes her for information about her life, her family, her sister, and it appears as if he may know more already than he alludes to Caitlyn about. (Song – Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs - "Date with a Night")

Scene 3

Friday morning, Seth takes Summer to work. As they leave, they notice a car parked across the street, but their ignore it and go on their way not saying anything to anyone else.

Later, Kirsten is at work and Caleb talks to her about a business trip she has to take Valentine's Day weekend.

After Marissa finishes with her classes, she goes home to pack for the weekend. While there, she breaks down and cries about the predicament she is in before leaving, but she doesn't notice the car eerily still parked across the street. (Songs – Fiona Apple - "Parting Gift" and "O' Sailor")

Trey picks Caitlyn up from school as she skips her afternoon classes to spend time with them.

Finally, late in the afternoon, the four leave for Newport. Summer notices the car again, but they ignore her. Ryan drives; Marissa controls the music. (Song – Jenny Lewis – "The Big Guns")

Scene 4

Marissa wakes up Saturday morning and speaks with Sandy. She tells him about her problem with the professor, and he comforts her by saying he will think of something, that she should enjoy her weekend. They both agree that it is best to keep it a secret from Ryan.

Later that morning, the four friends make plans to go out that night at the Baitshop while they are eating their breakfast in the poolhouse. The boys announce that they're going to have Seth/Ryan time that afternoon while the girls leave to go shopping.

Scene 5

The first part of this scene takes place at the Baitshop. The four friends spend time together, chatting, and are relatively bored. Although they don't see them, Caitlyn and Trey are also there, and he very much sees Ryan and Marissa and encourages Caitlyn to tell him about her sister. Eventually the four friends separate into couples and talk together that way. (Songs – Bright Eyes – "The Calendar Hung Itself" and Ween – "Taste Good on the Bun" and Morningwood – "Jetsetter Music Letter")

The second part of the fifth scene takes place Sunday morning. Sandy recruits Summer to help with his plan to catch the perverted professor. They discuss the plans for the sting, and Summer is excited to help.

Meanwhile, Jimmy meets with Caleb for breakfast. Caleb tells him that he will be going on a business trip, a Valentine's Day business trip.

Scene 6

During the sting operation Monday morning, Sandy and cops are in a classroom close by and listening into the conversations between a wired Marissa and Summer and the professor. The professor spills all and Sandy and cops get enough information to arrest him. The girls are sent home while the dirty work is handled.

That afternoon, Sandy arrives home to see Kirsten and shares with her what happened that afternoon and the fact that he got a very interesting job offer, ADA of Los Angeles County.

The scene concludes with Marissa and Summer arriving home. Summer leaves and goes to work while Marissa waits for Ryan so she can talk to him and tell him what happened. By dancing, they comfort each other and share a tender moment. (Song – Aqualung – "Brighter Than Sunshine")

Episode #8: The Key to My Heart

Scene 1

It is early Friday evening the weekend of Valentine's Day and Ryan, Marissa, Seth, and Summer have all just arrived in Newport to find Sandy and Zoe but no Kirsten. Marissa gets an idea to give Sandy and Kirsten a happy Valentine's Day after all.

Scene 2

After dinner, Marissa finds Sandy and tells him to go find Kirsten and surprise her for Valentine's Day. The airport, she tells him, is holding a seat for him to Atlanta, she packed his bag and hands it to him, and promises to handle Kirsten's party with Summer as she hurries him out of the door.

Meanwhile, Seth and Summer are in his room. She's forcing him to help her pick out her outfit for the party, because she bought several, and she divulges her dress trick concerning Marissa and that she bought her another new dress that she'll pass off as one of her old ones, while he spies on Ryan and Marissa flirting outside by the pool.

Ryan eventually throws her in and then they disappear into the poolhouse where Seth can't wait any longer.

Scene 3

It opens Saturday morning in the Cohen kitchen as Summer is on the warpath via phone with the caterer, Seth reads his paper idly while eating, and Ryan and Marissa work together to get Zoe fed while they eat themselves.

While Julie and Caleb are eating and making Valentine's Day plans, Jimmy calls with an update on his trip with Kirsten and shares that Sandy showed up, angering Caleb.

Elsewhere in Atlanta, Sandy and Kirsten are getting up together. They order breakfast and plan their day and night while discussing what Caleb could be up to.

Early that afternoon, Ryan and Marissa are playing with Zoe while Summer is still working on the party plans and Seth is bored stiff. It is agreed that Seth and Summer will host the party while Ryan and Marissa take Zoe out with them only to return her to sleep at the house while Ryan and Marissa get some alone time.

Scene 4

Early Saturday evening, Summer, Zoe, and Marissa get ready together up in the guest bedroom of the Cohen house. Marissa asks to borrow a dress from Summer for later that night when she and Ryan would be alone. Eventually Summer and Marissa get into a slight argument over Marissa's abilities to conceive a child.

Caitlyn gets ready for the school dance. Jane comes in and talks to her about her plans, but Caitlyn hedges the truth. (Song – Nada Surf – "Blankest Year")

Ryan and Seth talk while they are getting ready for that evening, and surprisingly, they also talk about children and the possibility of them. Their conversation goes much smoother than Marissa and Summer's.

The scene ends with Jane dropping Caitlyn off at the dance and pulling away, missing seeing her get into Trey's car and pull away with him.

Scene 5

The party starts and Seth and Summer have to greet the guests much to both of their displeasure, but Summer is in her element, a regular Newpsie.

Ryan, Marissa, and Zoe go to see a movie and go to the diner for dinner where Zoe "marries" them and pronounces that they'll have a dozen kids. When a waitress becomes confused and thinks that the three of them are a family, a husband and wife out with their little girl, Ryan does not deny it.

The scene goes back to Seth and Summer who sneak away from the party to exchange their gifts.

Caleb and Julie go to his yacht for dinner. They run into Caitlyn and Trey on the pier. The scene is interesting and slightly revealing to say the least.

At the end of the scene, Seth and Summer are sharing a slow dance after the guests have left and before Ryan and Marissa have arrived back with Zoe. (Song – Deathcab - "I Will Follow You Into the Dark")

Scene 6

Sandy and Kirsten are curled up on the couch in the hotel watching An Affair to Remember as he gives her her Valentine's Day presents. They share a sweet moment.

Seth and Summer tuck Zoe into bed. For a bedtime story, Seth recounts his memories of Summer, and, even when the two girls fall asleep, he continues.

Finally, the scene concludes with Ryan and Marissa as they share their Valentine's Day together, first at the beach and then at the poolhouse. After a picnic dessert on the beach and exchanging gifts in the poolhouse, she surprises him with a cupid, lingerie costume and they enjoy each other's company immensely.

Episode #9: Two Worlds Collide

Scene 1

This scene is a Monday morning breakfast scene between the four friends. They discuss several things, Ryan's project that week, the girls' day off Thursday, and Summer's desire to go dress shopping for the wedding and that Branning needs to go with them. While Marissa teases Ryan about their lack of "time", Seth and Summer bicker, per usual.

Scene 2

Monday afternoon, the girls discuss their shopping plans with Branning.

Caitlyn calls Trey and they make plans for that upcoming Saturday night.

Jimmy and Caleb meet to discuss his next task.

Sandy returns home from his first day as ADA and discusses it with Kirsten.

Julie calls a mystery person and starts to plan something very Julie Cooper.

Seth, bored at home while listening to music, calls Ryan and speaks with his voice mail incessantly. When he runs out of time, he just calls back and keeps talking. (Song - Michael Stipe and Joseph Arthur - "In the Sun")

Scene 3

Seth, Summer, Marissa, and Branning go on a shopping trip. Summer and Branning are in their element, but a bored Seth and Marissa, who is also not feeling well, hide in the racks and talk before getting caught and getting to escape and go home.

Kirsten goes to Caleb's to work on the party plans with Julie, but the red head is no where to be found. Kirsten just stays and works alone.

It is shown who Julie was talking to earlier, Lance, as they meet.

Later that evening, Seth and Marissa return to the apartment and talk while they play video games and listen to music. (Songs – Soft - "Higher" and Neko Case - "Star Witness")

Scene 4

Kirsten gets stood up at a restaurant by Sandy, but Jimmy arrives, by coincidence, and they end up having dinner and talking about their worries.

Branning comes over for dinner at the apartment, and it is just him, Seth, Summer, and Marissa as Ryan is working on his project at the library. They notice that Marissa is distracted and upset and tell her to go and see Ryan. She gets an idea and changes into Summer's Little Miss Vixen costume before grabbing food and heading out on her way.

Trey meets with a mystery person in a parking lot across from the apartment building. They allude to plans but don't out-right state what they're up to. (Song – Nirvana – "Lake of Fire")

Scene 5

Branning, Summer, and Seth get drunk together instead of watching movies and disclose some very entertaining and interesting information. Seth and Summer make a bet that Zach is gay and that he would be interested in Branning, while Summer admits that she is jealous of Marissa.

Kirsten goes home and confronts Sandy about standing her up. They fight and he walks out on her.

Finally, Marissa surprises Ryan in the library, and they "study" each other. (Song – Zero 7 – "Waiting Line")

Scene 6

This scene opens with Caitlyn becoming annoyed as she waits for Trey who stood her up. Eventually her annoyance turns to worry. She tries calling him but only gets his voicemail. Pissed, she goes out looking like a slut to the Baitshop. (Song – Liz Phair – "Fuck and Run")

Jimmy reports back to Caleb at the office about Julie's past with Lance and warns him to watch his back.

While Summer is out, Ryan is working on his project still, and Seth is off in his room, two men break into the apartment and steal very interesting, specific objects, leave a note for Ryan, and harass/knock around Marissa. By the time they leave, Marissa is bleeding from a head wound and unconscious. Ryan finds her just moments later. She wakes up eventually and insists that they not call an ambulance. They comfort each other and worry together at the end of the scene. (Song – Nine Inch Nails – "Everyday Is Exactly the Same")

Episode #10: The Fete

Scene 1

Marissa, Seth, and Summer wait for Ryan to arrive at their favorite LA diner after midterms while discussing their spring break plans. When Ryan arrives, it is evident that things are strained between him and Marissa. They leave together after Ryan becomes agitated and upset before anyone even has a chance to order. (Song – The Magic Numbers – "Forever Lost")

Scene 2

While Summer and Marissa wait in the car for the boys to join them with the luggage, Summer tries to talk to Marissa about the problems she is having with Ryan, but they only end up fighting

Trey corners Caitlyn at school and they get in a heated fight in the parking lot of Harbor

Kirsten and Sandy fight over his new job and the fact that he is never around for his family any more

Lance calls Julie to tell her that he's being followed and they speed up the time table on their plan

The scene ends with Seth and Summer discussing the problems between Ryan and Marissa, while the on-edge couple sleeps in the backseat, and what the upcoming party is for. (Songs – Of Montreal – "Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games" and Scissor Sisters – "Take Your Mama")

Scene 3

Ryan, Marissa, Seth, and Summer arrive in Newport to be greeted by Kirsten and Zoe. While Ryan and Marissa go out to the poolhouse to get settled and Seth takes his and Summer's bags to their room, Kirsten and Summer talk privately in her room not only about what is bothering Ryan and Marissa but issues that Kirsten is having in her own marriage.

After Trey sneaks onto the Cooper's property, he gets Caitlyn to actually listen to his "excuses" for not meeting her for their date, and she, naively, believes him, and she invites him to go to the engagement party with her.

Before dinner, Kirsten goes to the poolhouse to talk to Ryan and Marissa to make sure that they are okay, prompting them to have a real conversation where Ryan reveals that he couldn't handle her pregnant right now because of his fear something would happen to her and the baby and that he's scared he will pass along his family's troubled genes to their children. Marissa reassures him.

The scene jumps forward to the middle of the next week when Marissa, Seth, and Summer are at their self-defense class. While Marissa works away, Seth and Summer talk secretly in a hallway, and she ends up calling Zach to invite him down for a weekend in LA. (Song – Bush – "Machinehead")

Scene 4

Kirsten and Julie are setting up for the party at Cal's when he comes and asks to speak to Kirsten privately. She agrees, but first makes him swear that he'll not be rude to Ryan any longer and give him a chance. Cal confesses the problems he is having with Julie.

Jimmy and Sandy meet at the pier, and, over ice cream, discuss not only Sandy's problems with Kirsten but the problems Caleb is having with Julie. Jimmy asks him to help investigate her, but Sandy is unsure, promising to give him an answer at the party.

Summer interrupts Marissa, Ryan, and Seth playing video games in the poolhouse and insists that they get ready for the party that night. Seth leaves, like she told him to, but Marissa stays back for a few moments with Ryan only to have Summer interrupt them by unlocking the poolhouse doors. After making plans to leave the party early to spend time along together, Marissa leaves the poolhouse to get ready with Summer upstairs in the main house, but Seth sneaks in and annoys Ryan while he gets showered and dressed in the bathroom.

Scene 5

Seth and Summer arrive at their own party but are still clueless that it is for them and are greeted by Sandy and Kirsten. They discuss Ryan and Marissa briefly, but leave the married couple alone as they go off to find Dr. Roberts. Sandy and Kirsten end up fighting and parting ways. (Song – Rilo Kiley – "I Never")

While Sandy goes off and greats Jimmy and Caitlyn, discussing the Julie situation and agreeing to help with it after Caitlyn leaves them alone, Kirsten finds Caleb and they also talk about Julie. (Song – Carey Brothers – "If You Were Here")

Ryan and Marissa arrive and speak with Kirsten and Caleb, who is actually nice to Ryan because of his agreement with Kirsten. Julie interrupts them, making Marissa uneasy, but Caleb helps the young couple leave the group gracefully before he and Kirsten fight with her.

Seth, Summer, and Neil all sit together and eat while talking about their lives until they spot that Ryan and Marissa are dancing. Seth and Summer excuse themselves to go and speak with their friends.

Trey arrives and surprises Caitlyn with jewelry, the same necklace that he stole so violently off of Marissa's neck, but because they are in the shadows of the party, no one pays any attention to them. (Song – 311 – "Love Song")

Sandy and Kirsten meet up once again, and, this time, they get along slightly better, discussing the conversations they've had that evening while not together. Kirsten excuses herself after she spots Caitlyn dancing with a strange young man, and, curious, she goes off to speak with her.

Kirsten speaks with Caitlyn after Trey runs off so that she won't see him. She notices the necklace she is wearing, and not only asks many questions about it but alludes to there being more behind it then Caitlyn knows, raising doubts in Caitlyn's mind that she quickly suppresses.

Scene 6

Sandy (past), Neil (present), and Caleb (future) give a toast as the 'three ghosts of Summereth' to celebrate the couple's engagement, embarrassing the young couple and making the entire party laugh many times. At the end, Seth and Summer are invited on stage to dance while Ryan and Marissa slip out of the party undetected by anyone but Trey who is still lurking in the shadows. As soon as he sees them leave, he makes his excuses to Caitlyn and takes off as well. Because of this, Caitlyn gets cab money from Jimmy and leaves the party, too, interrupting his discussion with Caleb about Sandy deciding to help them. (Song – Matt Pond PA – "Champagne Supernova")

During a musical montage, Julie tells Caleb that she is pregnant, Seth finds Summer crying by herself in a guest bedroom in his Grandfather's house, upset because their future, as Caleb told the entire party, is not as concrete as everyone thinks it is, her insecurities over the possible inability to have children escaping her, Sandy gets a page from work and leaves the party much to Kirsten's chagrin, Caitlyn takes the necklace off that Trey got her while in her bedroom at home, her mind flowing back to everything that Kirsten hauntingly told her, and Ryan and Marissa finally make love for the first time since the attack (it had been a couple of weeks), but, unlike before, they use a condom. (Song – Bush – "Glycerine")

Episode #11: The Baby Bombshells

Scene 1

While the four friends are enjoying a lazy evening at home, Seth is playing video games, Summer is painting her nails, and Ryan and Marissa are hiding behind his text book making out, Sandy calls and invites them to Seder dinner, enlisting Marissa's help for the Nana in preparing the meal. Faking a rage blackout, Summer scares all the others away so she can watch tv in peace.

Scene 2

Seth and Summer get ready for their doctor's appointment. Before the leave, Summer mentions the car she noticed sitting in the parking lot before the attack and that she memorized the license plate. They make plans to contact the police with information later that day.

Sandy and Kirsten discuss the Seder dinner and he gently lets her know that she'll have to pick the Nana up from the airport because he has a late day

Julie tells Caleb that the paternity test is that afternoon – they are distant and rude to each other

Marissa and Ryan meet with cops about the case on Trey and Dan, speak about their suspicions on why they might be doing this and where they could be hiding. They are having a hard time finding them, and there is a lack of leads.

Scene 3

Seth and Summer have their 6 week check up (although slightly late because of busy schedules) – they get bad news, 5 chance of ever even conceiving a child again, and, even if they did, she would most likely loose it before her second trimester. After Seth suggests that Marissa could be a surrogate for them, Summer becomes angry and leaves enraged.

At the hospital, Julie leaves with the nurse, and it is revealed that Lance and Julie are blackmailing her into helping them fake the DNA test results.

Kirsten and the Nana's ride home is interrupted by Caleb calling because he's bored while waiting at the hospital for Julie, but the two women, after discussing the various members of their family end up fighting and riding home in silence.

Marissa and Ryan attempt to pack, but he is upset and silent as he broods over what his father and brother did and the fact that he cannot figure out where to find them. To get his mind off the case, Marissa seduces him, but they are interrupted by an angry and rude Summer who barges in their room without knocking. She ends up dumping cold water on them to stop them from making love and gets into a fight with Ryan, saying many numerous, hurtful things about Marissa, his and Marissa's relationship, and any future children they might have. They decide to ride up separately, and, after Summer leaves them alone, Ryan locks the door and they go back to what they were doing before they were interrupted. (Songs - Margot and the Nuclear So and So - "Quiet As A Mouse" and The Cardigans – "Lovefool")

Scene 4

Ryan and Marissa arrive in Newport to be greeted by Kirsten and Sophie. After they go off to take a nap, actually tired, the two women take a walk to pick Zoe up from a friend's house down the street.

Seth and Summer arrive to an empty house, Summer leaves in a bad mood to go upstairs, but soon Kirsten, Sophie, and Zoe come back. Seth and Zoe go off to check on Ryan and Marissa after everyone exchanges greetings. They wake them up.

Seth and Ryan go off to pick up dinner together so that Seth can talk to Ryan about what he and Summer found out at the doctor's office. While he talks to Ryan, Kirsten talks to Summer upstairs, and the two scenes flow back and forth seamlessly. (Song – Hotel Lights - "AM Slow Golden Hit")

Meanwhile, Sophie, Marissa, and Zoe are discussing how Ryan and Marissa met only to be interrupted by the doorbell ringing. It is Caleb who invites himself in and to stay for dinner much to Sophie's displeasure. He proceeds to talk to Zoe and Marissa, showing a soft side for both of them.

Seth and Ryan return home with the food. Seth goes to eat immediately while Ryan and Marissa flirt and help Zoe. Caleb and Sophie watch the young couple with interest, commenting upon how their future. Kirsten and Summer join the group, but she is quiet. Sandy arrives home, and the family has a loud, fun, and loving dinner where everyone enjoys themselves except for Summer.

Scene 5

Marissa gets up early to go grocery shopping with Sophie, but Ryan has other plans and tries to seduce her. Sophie arrives at the poolhouse only to interrupt them in a very close, precarious spot. She figures out what is going on and covers for them, telling Marissa she woke up late, so she should take her time. Ryan and Marissa get to finish what they started.

Julie and Caleb meet with the doctor who reads the results of the fake paternity tests, which proclaims that Caleb is indeed the father of Julie's non-existent child.

Sandy gets up to go surfing, waking Kirsten in the process of getting ready. They discuss his work issues, Seth and Summer's bad news, and the fact that Ryan and Marissa are ready to have children, that they are not, to their best knowledge, doing anything to prevent having children. Slowly, they get on better ground before he leaves and Kirsten makes plans to spend the afternoon with Summer.

Ryan invites himself to go with Sophie and Marissa grocery shopping. They leave together, discussing Ryan and Marissa's relationship, while Seth pouts because no one would make him breakfast. (Because of Seder he can't eat his traditional bagel or cereal.)

Caleb arrives unannounced and bribes Seth into inviting him to the Seder in exchange for a lavish, carbohydrate filled breakfast at his treat. He wants to discuss the Julie situation with Sandy and needs a neutral setting to do so.

Scene 6

Ryan, Marissa, and Zoe finish cleaning up the mess from making the macaroons while the two adults flirt and Zoe talks about what she wants for her birthday. Sophie, who is cooking in the background, quietly observes them, only interrupting when she asks them to put the little girl down for her nap.

Caleb arrives. Ryan answers the door, and although their interaction is awkward, they get along. He goes to speak with Sandy, and they talk about what to do with Julie. Caleb reveals that Jimmy is off looking for the nurse who helped Lance and Julie, and Sandy suggests lulling Julie into a sense of comfort by doing exactly what she wants. Sandy insists that Cal tell Kirsten himself about his latest mess.

Kirsten and Summer get into a fight while having facials and pedicures. Summer, feeling sorry for herself, makes Kirsten angry because of her attitude, and the older woman confronts her on. Eventually, Summer breaks down, but she reveals, in a moment of weakness, that she is also bothered by the fact that she has no relationship with her mother.

Sandy and Sophie share a tender, humorous moment while setting the table for dinner, discussing Ryan and Marissa and their relationship in the process. It is agreed that she is not allowed to have the traditional four glasses of wine during dinner just in case.

Sophie asks Marissa to get Zoe ready for dinner while she gets ready herself. Ryan goes with Marissa to help.

Everyone enjoys the dinner, gets along, and shares a few laughs, except for Summer who is utterly miserable.

Episode #12: The Bended Knee

Scene 1

While in bed waiting for Ryan who just showered, Marissa talks to Kirsten online and invites her up to LA for the afternoon on Sunday. They plan on going out to dinner as a family and touring the television studio. Ryan, after he's dressed, gets down on his knees, and asks Marissa to go away with him for a weekend after their finals. She agrees. (Song – South – "Loosen Your Mind")

Scene 2

While talking to Marissa while she prepares dinner, they discuss her rift with Summer and make plans for their groups of friends to get together on Friday night because they might not get to see Branning much during the summer.

Summer talks to Ryan about her issues with Marissa and he urges her to talk to her, the four eat dinner together. (Song – The Vines – "Don't Listen to the Radio")

Sandy arrives home from work early. He and Kirsten talk about Sunday plans and share a close moment while they get dinner ready, but Zoe interrupts and catches them in a compromising position.

Caleb and Jimmy discuss plans for Julie at Jimmy's parents' while eating pizza and watching a basketball game.

Marissa tells them about her dinner plans while they eat, prompting Summer to run off with a brainstorm and secretly call Zach to invite for hat weekend in particular.

Scene 3

Julie and Caleb fight when she insists that not only she move into the main house, but that they tell the whole family of her pregnancy at the dinner they are having in LA by crashing it.

Sandy and Jimmy meet at an arcade to catch up on Julie's case. Besides talking about the fake ring Jimmy is to buy for Caleb to give to Julie, Marissa and Ryan's relationship, and the latest information on the nurse, they also discuss Caitlyn, and Sandy presses Jimmy to actually spend time with his daughter, to form a relationship with her. Caleb interrupts asking for Sandy to help him tell Kirsten about Julie. After he agrees, he hangs up, and he and Jimmy part ways; Sandy leaving the pier and Jimmy going back into the arcade.

Ryan and Marissa work on cooking dinner for their guests, flirting the entire time, and he mentions that it would be alright for her to contact Caitlyn if she wanted to, sensing just how much she was missing her sister.

Summer and Branning make small talk while Seth eats the appetizers Marissa has put out in the living room for them, but then end up harassing Seth. He leaves and goes to see if he can hang out with Ryan and Marissa, but they refuse him entrance into the kitchen knowing he'll just eat the food. Instead they have him move the appetizers to the table with Branning and Summer's help, and the three continue to talk, this time about Ryan and what he was like before he met Marissa.

Zach arrives and it is immediately awkward as Summer's plan to set up Zach and Branning starts to materialize. Seth just sits back and laughs at the entire situation, while Ryan and Marissa watch on in confusion.

Scene 4

The dinner introductions are awkward and annoying for Marissa as Zach's naïveté gets on her nerves. He is also confused about Branning and all of Summer's innuendoes.

Caleb arrives at the Cohens and he, Sandy, and Kirsten talk about the situation with Julie. Sandy harasses Caleb the whole time, making jokes, but Caleb slips up and says something nice about Ryan, much to Sandy and Kirsten's delight.

While Caleb goes upstairs to play with Zoe, Sandy and Kirsten call Ryan and Marissa and discuss the plans for the weekend, how Caleb and Julie will crash their dinner with the news that she is pregnant. Ryan and Marissa agree to tell Seth who will pass the news along to Summer.

Julie and Lance meet at the pier and she pays him off for his services with the money Caleb purposely deposited in her account for her to get Lance off of their back. They agree to not see each other for a while, waiting to perhaps have an affair until after Caleb has married her.

Ryan and Marissa get Seth away from the dinner party to share the information with him. He makes jokes the entire time about how if Julie did marry Caleb, Ryan and Marissa would technically be related, annoying Ryan to no end. After they get rid of Seth, kicking him out of their room and making him go back out with Summer, Zach, and Branning, Ryan and Marissa discuss the latest developments privately.

Ever persistent, Summer refuses to give up on her idea that Zach and Branning should date, even though Zach is still confused and Branning is annoyed and exhausted. Seth finally helps him escape, and the party comes to a close.

Scene 5

Ryan and Marissa are fooling around in the kitchen Sunday morning as they make breakfast only to have Seth interrupt them first for coffee and then Summer as she asks to speak with Marissa.

Caleb meets up with Jimmy at the diner in Newport where Jimmy is eating a lavish, unhealthy breakfast but Cal only has coffee. Jimmy gives him the fake ring, but they end up fighting Jimmy's lack of parenting when it comes to Caitlyn and how Jimmy treated Marissa.

Marissa and Summer finally talk, but nothing is fixed between them. Summer just shares how she is feeling, Marissa tries to assure her that she can't push her away and that she wants to be there for her, but Summer admits that nothing is solved, that she still will probably become irrationally mad at Marissa because she has something she'll never have, the ability to have children.

Sandy, Kirsten, and Zoe share a cute family moment on the way to LA while the parents discuss the various things that are happening in their family. When Zoe says things she is not supposed to, revealing some father-daughter bonding activities that Sandy was trying to keep from his wife, Kirsten, playfully, gets annoyed with her husband and they flirtatiously bicker back and forth.

Julie leaves a message for Caitlyn telling her that they need to talk.

Summer and Seth meet Zach at the LA diner they frequent for a late breakfast and to say goodbye. He invites them up for a weekend in LA and they discuss the various changes that have taken place in their circle of friends, mainly with Ryan. (Song – Gossip – "Standing in the Way of Control")

Ryan and Marissa share a tender moment outside of the studio as they wait for Sandy, Kirsten, and Zoe to arrive, only to be teased by their family once they arrive.

Scene 6

Marissa and Ryan get ready for the dinner with the family, again sharing a touching moment.

The family attempts to order drinks after they are seated, annoying their waiter in the process at some of their outrageous orders or rambling. As they make small talk, enjoying their evening, Julie and Caleb arrive, crashing the party. Julie and Caleb share their "news" to the chagrin of everyone at the table, and they all play their repulsed, angered roles beautifully, annoying Julie in the process. As Caleb "proposes", Marissa runs off and Ryan follows her, according to their secret plan. Eventually, after exchanging bickering words, Caleb and Julie leave. The plot is pulled off without a single problem.

After sneaking off, Ryan and Marissa lock the door to the women's restroom and have an intense, passionate quickie, never even raising suspicion.

Arriving back at the table afterwards, the family goes on talking and joking as if they were never interrupted, agreeing to order for each other to make the meal interesting.

Episode #13: The Wedding Bell Blues?

Scene 1

While the four lounge around their living room, Summer, Marissa, and Ryan discuss their weekend plans, but Summer gets annoyed when she learns that Ryan and Marissa are going away and never told her. After storming off, Sandy calls and sets up a breakfast for himself, Ryan, and Marissa to discuss his plan to find out information on the missing nurse.

Julie informs Caleb that they are getting married that upcoming Friday, shocking him.

Caitlyn gets a mysterious phone call and leaves her room immediately in a hurry.

Scene 2

Julie waits for Caleb to leave, then orders a car, and heads out with only trouble on her mind.

Summer tries to seduce Seth while he's working on one of his final projects, annoying him, and causing a fight. They both say mean things to each other, and he ends up walking out on her as she breaks down in tears. (Song – Beck – "Lost Cause")

Marissa tries to pack for the upcoming weekend while Ryan is supposed to be studying, but, instead, he's studying her and her movement with only one thing in mind. He cheekily describes the perfect blueprint….for a woman. Eventually, she gives up trying to be productive, changes into lingerie, and he gets her rose for night, and they find a way to entertain themselves as he continues to study her up close and personal, using the rose as his pointer.

Caleb and Jimmy meet at the office, and Caleb reveals that Julie is demanding to get married at the end of the week. He asks Jimmy to stall his divorce, but he cannot be persuaded. They end up fighting again over Marissa, because Caleb is growing closer to her and Jimmy is jealous. Caleb warns him not to hurt Marissa again, threatening him with his job. They part on bad terms.

Julie shows up at the Cohens to invite Sandy and Kirsten to the wedding that Friday, but she and Kirsten end up fighting. Kirsten gives as good as she gets, and Julie leaves annoyed. As they are talking about what happened, Caleb calls.

Caitlyn shows up at Trey's where he lies to her about why he stood her up the night of the attack and makes her agree to give him an alibi.

Scene 3

Ryan and Marissa arrive late at the LA diner to meet Sandy for breakfast because they were fooling around. Sandy proceeds to embarrass them before they talk seriously. They three of them share a tender moment and make their plans for Marissa's undercover mission to the hospital to unearth information on the nurse. (Songs – They Might Be Giants – "Ana Ng" and Ben Folds Five - "Army")

Caitlyn wakes up at Trey's, and it's obvious that she not only spent the night but that they slept together for the first time. They bicker as she has to get ready for school, and he acts suspiciously when she goes to get into his drawers for something to where. After she goes into the bathroom to shower, it is revealed that he has Ryan's computer and blueprints hidden in his drawers.

Jane discovers that Caitlyn snuck out the night before and that she didn't sleep in her bed. Worried, she goes to Jimmy to speak to him about it, but he completely ignores her, ending their fight by leaving and feeling sorry for himself.

Branning and Summer lounge around her dressing room eating breakfast while she gets ready, talking. She ends up revealing to him how jealous she is of Marissa and how her relationship with Seth is rocky, sharing the details of their fight. He tries to comfort her when she breaks down in tears, but doesn't know how.

Seth calls a mystery person for advice on how to fix his issues with Summer.

Scene 4

On her way to her divorce proceedings, Julie gets in touch with Caitlyn and the two have an extremely sarcastic fight after she reveals that she's "pregnant", but Caitlyn gives just as good as she gets.

Ryan worries over Marissa asking questions and going undercover into the hospital, but she reassures him and goes anyway. Ryan's extremely behavior and level of concern over Marissa amuses Sandy and causes him to tease his son.

Jimmy celebrates his divorce while Julie broadcasts to her lawyer that she and Caleb are not only getting married but that's carrying his child, much to Caleb's dismay. They fight while leaving the courthouse as she tells that he better not embarrass her and that she has social plans.

Marissa gets the information she needs beautifully; the nurses she question never suspect that she is not who she says she is. Ryan is relieved to see her when she walks out with the nurse's address in hand. The three of them part ways as Sandy heads off to work and Ryan and Marissa go back to LA.

Summer arrives home to a surprise, Seth dressed up as Elvis. He tells her that they are going away that weekend as well, to Las Vegas, and their relationship takes a step back onto safer ground. (Song – Elvis – "Fools Rush In")

Scene 5

Ryan and Marissa stop by the apartment on their way out of the city to say goodbye to Seth and Summer only to find out that they are going out of town as well. As they leave, they not only talk about their own trip but also wonder if Seth and Summer will elope when in Las Vegas.

Jimmy finds where the nurse, Sherry, is staying and tells her what he is doing there, that he wants her help to put Julie and Lance away and that Caleb will protect her if she helps them. She agrees to speak with him, and the two leave to talk at a local café.

Caleb just walks into the Cohens house uninvited without even ringing the doorbell as Kirsten works on paperwork and Sandy plays in the pool with Zoe. Although they tease him, he is upset about not upcoming wedding and nervous that Jimmy won't get back in time with Sherry, so they invite him to stay for dinner and he ends up taking them all out to eat.

Caitlyn goes home for the first time that week to pack a bag, because she and Trey are leaving town. Jane is worried about her and tries to get information from her, but Caitlyn brushes her concerns aside. When she brings up Marissa and asks her granddaughter what she thinks her sister would think about the situation, she starts to break through Caitlyn's exterior, but she leaves anyway with Trey.

Ryan and Marissa arrive at their hotel in Monterey, and while riding up to their room, Marissa surprises him by stopping the elevators, calling the front desk, and making up a believable excuse as to why the elevator had to be stopped. They end up making love in it, just as she promised him there would be some adventures. (Song – Aerosmith - "Love in an Elevator")

Scene 6

Seth and Summer wake up in their hotel room getting along better and discuss their upcoming day and what to do.

Caleb calls Sandy panicking because Jimmy still hasn't arrived at the courthouse and he only has a half an hour before he has to marry Julie. Sandy agrees to try and help him and immediately hangs up to keep calling Jimmy.

A smug Julie gets ready for the wedding in a side room off of the judge's chambers, singing and talking to herself the entire time.

Kirsten wanders into Sandy's office and he tells her about Caleb's nervousness. While she's in there, Jimmy calls Sandy back. He's running late, so Sandy heads off to stall the wedding while Jimmy agrees to bring Sherry and meet him there as soon as he can.

Trey and Caitlyn, just outside of Reno, get into a fight, because he accuses her of being a spoiled princess and she doesn't realize where his animosity is stemming from. While fighting, the idea of eloping comes up, but both refute it emphatically.

Marissa awakes in an empty bed, but there is a surprise for her. The room is filled with flowers, roses of every variety, a letter from Ryan explaining the surprise, a beautiful dress, and a luxurious bath to relax and get ready in.

Summer gets a brainstorm after she and Seth get ready to hit the town – what if they eloped?

The episode ends with a musical montage of all the key storylines: With no one there yet to stall the wedding because Jimmy is caught in traffic and Sandy is still on his way, Julie and Caleb's wedding starts, Caitlyn and Trey pull up outside of a run down chapel and end up pulling into the parking lot with questioning looks upon their faces, Seth and Summer with ridiculous costumes on greet each other at the doors of their chapel in Vegas before walking in, and Marissa joins Ryan on the beach where he has set up a little oasis for them to enjoy that day. As the scene fades out a voice over can be heard, a male, asking if anyone objected to the marriage. (Song – The Smashing Pumpkins – "Mellon Collie and Infinite Sadness")

Episode #14: The Changing Tides

Scene 1

Seth arrives home carrying his luggage and all of Summer's and her shopping bags from Vegas to find an empty apartment. After rambling on to himself, he finds a note from Ryan and Marissa telling him they'll be late. He listens to the messages, one from Kirsten to all of them, one from his mystery woman but she doesn't leave a name, causing him to panic and delete it quickly, one from Caleb asking for Marissa to call him or come and see him that weekend so he could thank her for helping with the Julie situation, and one from Caitlyn, who is upset, as she asks for Marissa to talk to her, claiming she needs her sister. Seth gets emotional, goes to his room, leaves a message from his Mom accepting her invite to go home that weekend, and then calls Ryan to talk to his voice mail.

Scene 2

Summer's alarm wakes Seth up, startling him, but she still sleeps on, snoring. When he hears her, he sneaks off and gets the camera, but the time he returns, she is already awake. They bicker back and forth until he realizes that Ryan and Marissa are not around and begin wonder where they are. Unbeknownst to Marissa, Seth makes lunch plans for the two of them.

Ryan and Marissa are in their room having a decadent breakfast in bed. After making their plans for the day to meet up for both lunch and dinner because she has to work and he has interviews for a job, they take a shower together.

Kirsten tricks Caleb and Sandy into going golfing together. Although they are bickering, it is good natured until Caleb receives a mysterious phone call, instantly putting him in a bad mood and making it so that he has to leave immediately.

Jimmy and Sherry arrive at Kirsten's office to meet with her about finding Sherry a temporary apartment while she has to remain in Newport for the trial. Kirsten agrees, but ends up getting into a fight with Jimmy about his lack of ambition towards moving out of his parents' house and letting them care for Caitlyn.

A worried and emotional Jane leaves a message for Caitlyn on her cell phone asking her to go out to lunch with her so they can talk. She is worried about her granddaughter.

Ryan and Marissa leave their room ready for the day ahead of them and talk briefly with Seth and Summer about everyone's plans for the day. Marissa suggests that Seth call Branning after she broke the news that she already made plans for lunch, because he had the afternoon off.

Scene 3

Seth, after watching Spanish soap operas, calls Branning to set up a time for them to meet. They agree to get ice cream by the campus and then figure out how to spend their afternoon together. (Song – The Raconteurs – "Steady as She Goes")

Marissa's boss stops by her office to talk to her. He lets her know that the show was picked up for the fall lineup and asks her to join the staff full time, even after she goes back to school in the fall. (Song – Pluto – "Long White Cross")

Ryan has a job interview for a paid internship with an architectural company. Although he likes the offer, he has to talk to Marissa before he gives his would be boss his answer. He leaves the office building to meet her for lunch.

Jimmy and Sherry eat their lunch on the pier while talking. She questions him about his life, and he laments how nothing is like he thought it would be when he came home. Plus, they discuss Caitlyn, and she tries to give him advice, telling him that any relationship he could have with her, even if not perfect, would be better than none. When he is torn, she changes the subject, and they head off to the arcade.

Caleb meets with his mystery caller, Julie, in prison. She tries to convince him to make a deal for with the DA, claiming that his case against Lance is weak, and that with her testimony and Sherry's, Lance would definitely be put away. However, if he is not convicted, she threatens, he would come after Caleb's family.

Branning and Seth meet up for ice cream. They are unsure of what to do, but eventually decide to work on Marissa's costume for the graphic novel. Summer calls and tells them that the show has been picked up, insisting that they get supplies for a little celebration that evening.

Ryan and Marissa meet in the park and share their respective work news, agreeing to stay in the city during the summer and commute back and forth to Newport on the weekends, just like they did during school, except, this time, it would only be the two of them staying in their apartment.

Jane and Caitlyn are sitting in a restaurant looking at menus when Jane speaks up asking Caitlyn to talk to her. The young girl breaks down, and Jane leads her away sobbing in her arms to someplace where she can be upset in private.

Scene 4

Ryan and Marissa arrive home late that night thinking that Seth and Summer are already in bed. As they undress each other on their way to their room, Seth switches on a light, revealing that he, Summer, and Branning are all sitting up waiting for them. They insist that Ryan and Marissa stay and celebrate with them, pushing them to get the food and champagne out of the kitchen. There, they formulate a plan to get away. Faking calls, they claim they have to leave for two unrelated emergencies, raising suspicions with their friends.

Sandy and Kirsten are already in bed, she's reading and he's working on casework, when Caleb arrives at their house, incessantly ringing the bell. Letting him, in, he and Sandy bicker back and forth while he eats and tells them about his meeting with Julie at the prison. Sandy asks him not to do anything until he checks in on the case and evaluates how strong it is. Caleb doesn't promise anything.

Jimmy and Sherry are hanging out at the Coopers, playing pool. Caitlyn tries to talk to him, but he just dismisses her. Sherry sees this and wagers that if she beats him playing left handed, he has to spend an evening with his daughter.

Ryan and Marissa meet back up in the room of their apartment complex that houses the indoor pool, eventually making love in it. (Song – Jem – "Come On Closer")

Scene 5

Marissa, Branning, and Summer meet for lunch, and Branning, eager to learn information about the girls' weekends, pries. When Marisa mentions that she and Ryan are meeting Caitlyn for dinner, she is tricked into slipping up and admitting that they faked their phone calls earlier in the week and that they had had sex in an elevator before. (Song – Shorebirds – "Shiver")

Ryan and Seth talk while playing video games. Seth almost lets it slip that Summer took him to a wedding chapel in Vegas, but covers by saying tattoo parlor instead, causing an interesting conversation. Ryan also lets it slip that he and Marissa have made love in an elevator.

Marissa arrives back at the apartment, still avoiding Summer's questions, and to get Summer off of their back, Ryan tells her that Seth is playing video games and is not ready to leave. Ryan and Marissa sneak off and head to Newport before either of their roommates notice.

Seth and Summer arrive in Newport to be greeted by Kirsten who is eager to hear about their trip to Vegas and Zoe is disappointed that Marissa is not with them. Because Seth and Summer refuse to share their Vegas stories until everyone is there, Kirsten refuses to tell them what happened with Julie. They make plans to have a family dinner that weekend, even inviting Neil.

Caitlyn joins Ryan and Marissa at the diner, agreeing to tell them about her relationship issues, seeking not only her sister's advice but another guy's as well.

Caleb picks Julie up from jail after agreeing to her stipulations, but is utterly shocked when she continues to blackmail him, this time into letting her live in his guest house until the trial and for paying for all her expenses.

After hearing Caitlyn's story about her boyfriend, whom she does not name, Ryan suggests that she bring him with her to the launch party for the show Marissa works on so that they can meet him for themselves and judge whether or not he's bad for her first hand. She agrees.

Scene 6

Jimmy helps Sherry move into her apartment, and they discuss what he is going to do with Caitlyn to repay his debt to her since she lost the pool game. They also emphatically agree that there will never be anything between other than friendship. (Song – Beck – "Looser")

Ryan, Marissa, Sandy, Kirsten, Seth, Summer, Zoe, and Neil all have lunch together. They discuss Julie's arrest, and both Ryan and Marissa and Seth and Summer attempt to embarrass their friends by bringing up delicate subjects regarding their weekend. Caleb arrives and thanks Marissa for helping him, causing her to remember that Julie had a hysterectomy when she was a little girl, but it's too late. Caleb already agreed to her stipulations and the charges were dropped against her. As Kirsten, Sandy, and Caleb prepare to brain storm for ideas of how they could still get Julie in trouble, the four young adults take Zoe to the beach and Neil goes home.

At the beach, Seth, Summer, and Zoe build a sandcastle before going off to get ice cream. Marissa and Ryan retire to the lifeguard stand and sit in each others arms just passing the evening leisurely, discussing their plans to remain in LA during the week for that summer.

Caitlyn goes to Trey's apartment to invite him to the launch party with her. He is cold and distant but perks up at the mention of Ryan and Marissa and agrees to go with her. After she leaves, he makes a phone call, declaring that what he and his partner have been waiting for is happening, that they're striking on the upcoming weekend and no one will suspect a thing. (Song – Liar – "The Other Side of Mt. Heart Attack")

Episode #15: The Unexpected Victor

Scene 1

Ryan and Marissa get ready for bed together while discussing the party that weekend, who they'll invite, his new job, and how much their lives have changed since they met each other.

Scene 2

Ryan, Marissa, Seth, and Summer all eat breakfast together. Because Ryan can't spend the afternoon with Seth and the girls are going shopping with Branning and Caitlyn for dresses for the party, they all help Seth brainstorm for ideas on what he can do to occupy his time for the day. When they're done, they call Sandy, Kirsten, Caleb, and Neil to invite them to the party.

Trey and Dan meet under the pier to discuss their plans for the party, revealing their motivation behind their attacks on Ryan and Marissa.

Marissa calls Caitlyn and invites her to go shopping with them that afternoon. She accepts. (Song – Hotel Lights – "Anatole")

Marissa, Caitlyn, Branning, and Summer all go shopping together, laughing, teasing, and having a good time. The group splits up into two, Marissa and Caitlyn go off to find the younger one a dress and to bond, while Summer and Branning go to find a dress for Marissa though it is a secret. (Song – Feist – "Mushaboom")

Ryan's boss interrupts him while he is working and lost in thought to ask him to stay late and finish up a project for the next day, teasing Ryan about Marissa in the process.

Seth, confused in a jewelry, makes another phone call to his mystery woman asking her for advice on what to buy Summer. She helps him. (Song – The Sounds – "Song With a Mission")

Scene 3

Marissa, Summer, and Caitlyn all return to the apartment. While Marissa goes off on her own to hide a purchase she picked up for Ryan from Victoria's Secret, she checks her voice mail and hears the message Ryan left for her about work. Meanwhile, Summer introduces Caitlyn and Seth and leaves them alone, and they end up playing video games. When she goes to see Marissa, she becomes curious as to why Ryan has been so busy lately.

Sandy meets with the officer in charge of the case against Trey and Dan. There is still no news, and the case is going to be put on the backburner until something new develops.

While Marissa is cooking dinner, the doorbell rings, but everyone else is too lazy to get it. It's Jane there to pick up Caitlyn. She attempts to talk to Marissa, but she brushes her off, not interested in listen to her. Marissa confides this to Summer while Seth eavesdrops, eventually sending him to keep Jane occupied while Marissa says goodbye to Caitlyn. (Song - The Arcade Fire - "Neighborhood 1, Tunnels")

Kirsten meets with Caleb to see if he would be free that Friday night to watch Zoe, but is surprised to find out that he is going to the launch party, too. They discuss how Marissa wormed her way into his affections and reminisce about his wife/her mother.

A hungry Seth and Summer leave their room in search of food and Marissa to find the apartment void of both and a note from her telling them she took the food to Ryan and that Seth has to clean up after her, because he never appreciates what she does for him.

With picnic basket in hand, Marissa surprises Ryan at his office with dinner…and dessert, her in a new piece of lingerie. Before they eat though, they make love on his desk, agreeing that this should be something they experiment with in other places.

Scene 4

Kirsten and Sandy get ready for the party Friday night while talking to Zoe. Once they're ready, Sandy gives his daughter the rules for how she is to behave with the baby sitter, and Kirsten opens the door to reveal that Sherry will be watching the little girl that evening.

While Summer finishes getting ready, Seth surprises her with a diamond necklace, and she promises that, after the party, they will have their own little celebration.

Caleb and Neil, who are riding up to LA together, share a drink and cigar before they go, surprisingly, discussing Hayley and what she's been up to.

Ryan, who is already dressed, lounges on his and Marissa's bed as he watches her put the finishing touches on her outfit. They share a tender moment before they leave for the party.

Trey and Caitlyn leave for the party after he has a mini-meltdown over his inability to put on a tie. They fight in the car and basically call it quits then and there.

Dan packs his car full of the supplies he and Trey will need that night and pulls away, headed in the direction of LA, drinking the entire time.

Scene 5

The four friends meet up at the party and make small talk, Ryan and Seth going after refreshments and Ryan and Marissa discussing her latest piece of jewelry, when Marissa's boss approaches their table to talk to them. The girls introduce him to their respective partners, and he eventually leaves, with Seth, discussing the merits of the cocktail weenie. (Songs – Goldfrapp – "Ride a White Horse" and LCD Soundsystem – "Tribulations")

Ryan and Marissa spot Sandy and Kirsten as they enter the party and go off to speak with them. When they go to tell them their news, Sandy and Kirsten both jump the gun and assume she is pregnant, which makes Marissa extremely self-conscious. Eventually, they do tell them about their jobs and that they will be staying in LA during the week for the summer.

Seth and Summer sneak out of the party and make out in a back alley, flirting and laughing the entire time.

Caleb and Neil arrive and spot Ryan and Marissa, going to them to talk. Acting civil, Caleb shakes Ryan's hand, making Marissa pleased in the process. They help them to the table and show them where to find the refreshments where they run into Sandy and Kirsten and the group disperses into smaller ones. (Song – Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs – "Phenomena")

Ryan and Marissa, on the way to the dance floor, run into Branning, who, once again, teases Ryan. They ask him to keep an eye out for Seth and Summer.

Seth and Summer, still out in the alley, make their back inside figuring that their guests had arrived, but on their way, Summer spots the same car that had been watching their apartment before. Hurrying, they rush to warn Ryan and Marissa.

Back inside, Trey and Caitlyn arrive. While Caitlyn spots Ryan and goes to him to say hi, Trey, who saw Marissa, follows her. (Song – Living Things – "God Made Hate")

Seth and Summer arrive back inside, but are cut off by their parents and Caleb before they can reach Ryan to warn him. To get away from their family, they tell them what is going on before they all go towards Ryan. As soon as Summer and Seth tell him of their suspicions, the whole family goes after Marissa. They split up into two groups to find her.

In the alley, while she is on her phone, Marissa is attacked, a knife being pointed into her back by Trey though she can't see his face. Trey tells her what to do, but she asks questions trying to figure out why he is attacking them. She pushes his buttons and makes him angry, but when he pushes her, she fights back, putting her self-defense classes to good use and beating him up. Just as she goes to walk away, Ryan, Seth, Summer, and Caitlyn run outside to see her and the damage she has done to Trey. She runs into Ryan's waiting arms as the other three look on, Seth and Summer impressed and amused and Caitlyn in horror, because she blames herself for bringing Trey.

Scene 6

Ryan and Marissa, at home, alone, waiting for Seth and Summer to arrive, briefly discuss what Trey said to her, how he alluded to being with Caitlyn, and Marissa expresses that she is worried for her little sister. Summer and Seth come home, and Ryan and Marissa decide to share their news with them. Jumping to the same conclusions as Kirsten, they accuse Marissa of being pregnant, and completely overreact when they tell them the real news, accusing them of being selfish.

As Marissa and Ryan make their way to their room, he notices that she is bleeding; the point where Trey pushed the knife into her back having been cut. He carries her into their bathroom and dresses the wound for her after she begs him not to make her go to the hospital.

Kirsten and Sandy arrive home with Caitlyn who asked to stay there because she was afraid to go home because Trey knew where she lived. Sandy speaks with Sherry briefly as she leaves, giving her an overview of what happened that night and checking in on Zoe's behavior. They agree to forego traditional babysitting payment by having a barbeque where she could meet the rest of the family. He goes into his office after she leaves and calls Jane to let her know what happened that night, to tell her that Caitlyn was staying at their house, and to ask her to inform Jimmy.

An upset Caleb makes a phone call hiring body guards for Marissa and private investigators to find Dan.

Musical montage: Trey is processed at jail, Sandy goes into Zoe's room and holds her while she sleeps, visibly upset by the night's events, Kirsten comforts Caitlyn, holding the young woman in her arms as she cries and shares with her what happened with Trey, Neil looks at old photo albums of Summer with her mother, Caleb is on the phone once again, taking out his pain on the poor person he is talking to, Seth and Summer get ready for bed and comfort each other by holding onto their loved one while they lay silently together, Ryan finishes cleaning and dressing Marissa wound and goes to help her get changed, but she stops him, and they end up going to bed together, making love in order to comfort their partner and to assure each other that they are both safe and sound, and finally, Dan enters Newport in Trey's car, free and looking for revenge. (Song – Radiohead - "Idioteque")

Episode #16: The Collision Confession

Scene 1

Musical montage: Ryan and Marissa comfortably having breakfast together, sitting closely as they read the paper but are upset that their best friends are not there with them, Seth and Summer sit in bed eating their breakfast while she reads her latest script and he reads comics, both starting to regret how they treated their best friends but too stubborn to admit to anything, Kirsten, Sandy, and Zoe all watch Caitlyn eat her breakfast, silently, only moving when Jane arrives and Zoe tries to comfort Caitlyn, Jimmy has breakfast at the diner and unwittingly meets Dan's eyes, but he does not recognize him, smiles, and just goes on his merry way eating his breakfast again, Caleb is on the phone while he eats his breakfast, but Julie comes in and tries to eavesdrop, making him leave the room, and, finally, Ryan and Marissa are shown once again as they speak and decide to meet for lunch to try and formulate a plan to fix the problems facing their family. (Song – Rilo Kiley – "Does He Love You")

Scene 2

Seth is having another discussion with his mystery woman, lamenting about his deteriorating relationship with Ryan and Marissa and becomes worried when he realizes that she is still not feeling well (the mystery woman). Unbeknownst to him, Summer arrives and hears the end of his conversation where he tells the mystery woman that no one suspects them and that he loves her, leaving the apartment in tears, thinking the worse.

Ryan and Marissa meet for lunch, and through lots of flirting, devise a plan to make up with Seth and Summer. While Ryan, Seth, Sandy, Neil, and Caleb will have a guys' weekend in Newport, Marissa would take Summer, Kirsten, and Zoe to San Diego to a bridal expo. Although Ryan doesn't like the idea, he agrees that they have to do something for their friends and that her idea is a good one. He also gets her to admit that she needs to meet with Caitlyn, Jimmy, and Julie so that she can get checked out medically to make sure she is not pregnant or diseased. She plans on going to Newport that afternoon to meet with them.

Jimmy arrives home for the first time Monday afternoon since the previous week and starts to fight with Jane when she asks to talk to him. He eventually concedes when she tells him that something is wrong with Caitlyn. As they go off to talk, she sneaks down the stairs and eavesdrops into their conversation. She slyly gets a bottle of wine from the fridge and drinks herself unconscious. (Song – Wolfmother – "White Unicorn")

Scene 3

Julie is the first to arrive at the Coopers to speak about Caitlyn and bickers the whole time with Jane and Jimmy. When Marissa gets there, Jimmy and Julie are fighting full force. She and Jane try to stop them long enough to talk about Caitlyn, but nothing works, and Julie ends up telling them all that Caitlyn is not Jimmy's daughter. He runs off, upset, and she saunters out pleased with herself, leaving Jane and Marissa alone. As Jane stands by Caitlyn and says that Julie's revelation changes nothing about how she feels towards her Granddaughter, Marissa finally lets some of her animosity towards her grandmother go and they move a step closer to having a relationship, making a date to have lunch the next week. They plan on trying to get custody of Caitlyn given to Jane.

Caleb receives an update on the investigation detailing that Marissa has not realized she is being watched and that the private investigators think that Dan is close.

Summer goes home to Newport to spend the day with her father, because she was upset. After making small talk while playing cards, Neil finally asks her what's wrong, but she hedges the truth and surprises him when she asks about her Mom. Agreeing to spend the evening together, they leave to go shopping with the money she won from him playing poker and to pick up take out. He reassures her of Seth's feelings when she asks him if he thought he would be happier with a woman that could have children but doubts still remain in her mind that she won't share with him.

Seth ends up at Branning's appointment as he is looking for someone to talk to about the mystery woman. He's worried about her, but can't talk to anyone else because they're not home and they're not supposed to know about her. Before he even starts the tale, he invites Branning to Zoe's birthday party the next month and invites himself to stay for dinner, and an exasperated Branning just lets him, knowing there is nothing he can do to stop him.

Marissa arrives at the Cohens'. After telling them about the weekend she and Ryan planned to surprise Seth and Summer with, they send Zoe to her room to draw a picture for Ryan's office so that they can talk in private. Marissa reveals to them that Caitlyn is not Jimmy's daughter.

Scene 4

Sandy and Kirsten discuss the news Marissa shared with them and come up with a plan to try and get through to Jimmy about being there for Caitlyn and actually acting like a real parent. He agrees, after she convinces him, to invite him to the guys' weekend and, with Ryan's help, confront him there, privately, after he has been drinking some in order to help make him mellow.

After Branning fails to give Seth good advice on what he should do with his concerns about his mystery woman, Seth finally agrees that he will talk to Ryan about her but just won't say her name, keeping his promise to keep her identity a secret from his family. Once this is determined, they order dinner.

After washing the dishes from their dinner, Ryan and Marissa talk about her afternoon in Newport, about Caitlyn, Jane, and Marissa's reactions to all of the news/decisions that were shared and made that day. As a surprise to help her relax and forget her worries, he dances with her, reenacting a scene from Dirty Dancing. (Song – Solomon Burke – "Cry to Me")

Caitlyn sneaks out of the house and goes to Trey's apartment where she destroys it, ripping, breaking, and slashing everything she can get her hands on. When she is tossing things out of his drawers in his bedroom, she finds the hidden laptop and blueprints, takes them with her when she leaves, and spots Dan who is watching her, barely out running him back to her cab. (Song – The Mars Volta – "The Widow")

Scene 5

Ryan and Marissa arrive home Friday after work and are confronted with Seth and Summer who are not speaking to each other. They split up, Ryan and Summer talking while they carry bags to the car and Seth and Marissa talking in her room, each unhappy member of the couple confessing the problems they are having in their relationship and their concerns about their partner. Ryan and Marissa both spill about their weekend plans and promise to help their friend figure out what is wrong in their relationship.

Jane, concerned for her granddaughter, asks her to come down stairs and eat dinner with her. Caitlyn agrees, but says she wants to take a shower first. While she showers, she sobs to herself, scrubbing her bruised body so hard, she makes herself bleed, and drinks out of a vodka bottle the entire time. (Song – Toadies – "Possum Kingdom")

After unloading the cars of Seth and Summer's luggage, the couples say goodbye to each other before leaving for their weekend in San Diego, except Seth and Summer barely speak to each other and Summer interrupts Ryan and Marissa's goodbye.

Caitlyn leaves her room and joins Jane downstairs for dinner, even agreeing to eat a slice of pizza to please her Grandmother. They decide to just relax together and watch a movie. Before it starts, Jane shares that she has two doctors' appointments the upcoming Monday, one with an OB-GYN, as a precaution, and one with a therapist.

The four girls arrive at their hotel in San Diego, and it is decided that Marissa and Zoe will share a room while Kirsten and Summer do. That evening, instead of going out, they agree to order up room service and watch movies together.

While Ryan gets Jimmy away from the main group on the first night of the guys' weekend and Sandy sneaks away to join him so they can discuss Caitlyn, Seth, who overheard their plan, fills in Neil and Caleb, and they sneak off to an open window to listen in. Although initially annoyed at the ambush, Jimmy listens to what Ryan and Sandy say and leaves to think over their advice. Seth, Neil, and Caleb have to hurry back into the backyard from their spy lookout, but get caught anyway.

Scene 6

Marissa, Kirsten, Summer, and Zoe check out of their hotel, and Marissa volunteers to drive home while Kirsten and Zoe watch a movie in the back so she can talk to Summer who is riding in the passenger seat.

Neil gets an emergency page from the hospital late Sunday morning, so he has to leave, and Caleb goes to claiming he has work to do. As Sandy goes into the kitchen to start cleaning up the guys' mess, Seth sneaks out to the poolhouse to talk to Ryan. They discuss his mystery woman, and Ryan advises Seth to just tell Summer the truth. Seth agrees to call his mystery woman and tell her his predicament.

After Kirsten and Zoe fall asleep watching their movie, Marissa gets Summer to talk to her and reassures her friend that Seth is not cheating on her, telling her that she needs to talk to him about her worries and concerns. (Song – Badly Drawn Boy – "Silent Sigh")

Jimmy goes to Caitlyn's room to speak with her, finally making an effort, but she is not there, and he realizes that she, once again, snuck out of her window and took his car, despite not having a license.

Caitlyn goes to the jail where Trey is being kept and confronts him. Not only does he mock her, but, before she leaves, he threatens her as well, telling her she is still not safe because Dan is still out there, Upset, crying, and falling apart, a guard gently leads her outside. Once in Jimmy's car, she leaves the prison drinking. On her way back to Newport, still crying and drinking, she calls Marissa. Completely destroyed, she apologizes for everything she ever had to do with Trey, causing Marissa to become upset in the process. At the very end, so upset, Caitlyn drops her phone and cradles her head in her hands as she cries, forgetting that she is driving, looses control of the car, wrecks, and all Marissa can hear is the sound of crushing metal. (Song – Lit – "Miserable")

Episode #17: The Surprise Send-Off

Scene 1

Ryan is roused from a deep sleep by a phone call telling him that Caitlyn woke up from her coma. As he calls the Cohens' to share the news with them, Marissa starts to seduce him, so he makes his phone call with Seth short. Seth, bored and wide awake, uses a fog horn to wake his parents and Summer up to share the news with them.

Scene 2

Seth, enjoying an afternoon by himself in the pool, talks on the phone to his mystery woman, telling her about Zoe's party and then inquiring into her health. When she admits that she is having tests run, that something is wrong, he becomes upset, but, knowing that she needs someone to talk to, he recommends she call Marissa and gives her Marissa's number.

Kirsten and Zoe, while shopping for a new bathing suit for the little girl's party, talk about Caitlyn, and Zoe agrees to share her party with Marissa's sister, to welcome her home for the hospital. They decide to get her presents, too.

Caleb meets Sandy at the pier as he is about to go surfing and finally confides in him that he has hired private investigators to track down Dan and body guards to watch over Marissa so as he does not become suspicious if he sees men watching the house. Sandy becomes worried over Caleb's desire for revenge, but the older man walks away refusing to talk about it.

Julie, snooping around Caleb's office, finds the invitation Zoe made for him to her party and plans on crashing it.

While changing after work, Summer and Branning catch up. They not only talk about Caitlyn and her accident but her relationship with Seth as well and her reaction to learning about the mystery woman. They leave, together, for the weekend in Newport.

While at work, Marissa gets a call from Seth's mystery woman. It's Hayley. After making small talk and going through introductions for a few moments, Hayley confides in her that she is sick, really sick. (Song – Annie Stela – "It's You")

Scene 3

Marissa and Hayley finish their phone conversation by Marissa making Hayley see that she has to move back home so her family could be there to support and help her, giving her instructions of how she should go about the moving process as stress free as possible.

Sandy finds Jimmy, once again, at his favorite arcade, and the two talk about Caitlyn. Jimmy shares that he has decided that he doesn't care if Caitlyn is his biological daughter, he is her Dad, and Sandy invites him to the party the next day.

Dan leaves Newport, hitchhiking a ride to Reno.

Julie goes to jail and pays Lance a visit, alluding to the fact that she has a plan to get him out and is still trying to make money off of Caleb.

Kirsten stumbles upon a contemplative Seth as she gathers laundry, and they share a humorous yet touching conversation where he shares with her that he's worried about a sick friend. To get his mind off of it, she insists that he helps her and Zoe decorate for the party the next day, giving him balloon duty.

Ryan picks Marissa up from work as they make their way to Newport for the weekend. She confides in him about her surprise phone call from Hayley and shares with him the fact that Hayley is sick and moving back home. (Song – Plain White T's – "Hey There Delilah")

Scene 4

Early Saturday morning, Jane is surprised to find Caitlyn already awake when she checks on her. They curl up in bed together, Jane holding her granddaughter, and talk. Eventually Caitlyn admits that there is one person that she feels she can talk to. (Song – Eisley – "Head Against the Sky")
Seth, Summer, and Branning all go to the diner for an early breakfast after getting kicked out of the house so Marissa could make Zoe's birthday cake. They share a humorous morning together, and Seth and Summer invite him to the fourth of July party the family will be having. (Song - The Walkman – "Louisiana")

Caleb gets the update detailing that his hired private investigators believe that Dan went to Reno. He doubles security for the party.

Dan frantically searches a sleazy Reno hotel looking for papers Trey hid there for him. Finally, he finds them, blueprints to the Cohens' house.

Kirsten gets Zoe up the morning of her birthday party, and, while they get the little girl's bath ready, they discuss their morning and early afternoon plans to run errands and spend some quality time together.

Ryan will not let Marissa concentrate on the task at hand when she attempts to bake Zoe's birthday cake. Instead, he manages to seduce her, and they end up making love up against the fridge in the Cohens' kitchen.

Scene 5

Hayley meets with her boss, who is also her friend, and shares with her that she has decided to go home, leaving her job and life in Japan behind.

While Sandy mans the grill, Ryan and Marissa emerge from the poolhouse dressed for the party in their swimming attire and Seth, Summer, and Branning come out of the house also in their suits. The five agree to play volleyball with Seth as the score keeper. Before the game starts, he harasses Sandy about his musical taste and runs inside for his referee equipment. Caleb arrives, and Kirsten and Zoe show him outside to the party. Zoe immediately runs to Marissa's side so they can talk. Sandy and Caleb argue over Caleb taking the Dan situation into his own hands, and Sandy warns him not to involve Ryan. Branning introduces himself to Caleb as he takes Zoe with him so that Marissa can play volleyball. When Sandy leaves to open the door, Seth hides the Beach Boys CD and replaces it with a Deathcab one. Neil arrives and Sandy and Kirsten show him outside to the party. He greets Seth and makes small talk with him as they four in the pool continue to play before he goes over to sit with and talk to Caleb and Zoe. Sandy confronts Seth about taking his Beach Boys CD. A humorous moment between Sandy, Kirsten, Seth, Caleb, and Zoe is interrupted by a fight breaking out in the pool, a fight which the referee, Seth, has no idea how to solve, so he just picks a random solution, annoying Summer. Caitlyn, Jane, and James Sr. arrive at the party, and Zoe goes to see her, interrupting the talk she was having with her Grandfather and Neil, and they catch up with Caitlyn ending their conversation by asking her to always look out for Marissa. Jane, Kirsten, and Sandy watch on and Jane shares that Caitlyn has some news. The various groups rejoin to have lunch. (Songs – Beach Boys – "Surfin' USA" and Beach Boys – "Kokomo" and Deathcab – "Summer Skin")

Scene 6

While Seth interrogates Marissa about what she did all morning after she admits that it didn't take her long to bake the cake, Zoe stands up and reveals that her Mom smacks her Dad on the butt to hurry him up when he's cooking. The doorbell interrupts the awkward conversation, and Marissa, with Ryan trailing after her, goes to answer it.

Marissa and Jimmy finally discuss all of their issues, revealing a deeper insight into her childhood and their complicated relationship. She makes it clear to him that she will not stand by and let him hurt Caitlyn any longer, that he will either be a parent towards her or she'll take her away from him for good.

Outside, the lunch group has broken up. Caitlyn, Summer, Branning, and Zoe are off talking to each other poolside, while the adults sit at the table and talk and Seth and Ryan are off by themselves, chatting as well. Interrupting all of them, Julie walks out, announced after letting herself in, and causes quite the scene. She tries to blackmail them into paying her to remain quiet about Caitlyn's paternity, but no one gives in. Although she tells her daughter the truth, Jimmy denies it. Caitlyn believes Jimmy and tells Julie to leave and never come near her again.

Later, Jimmy approaches Caitlyn at Sandy's prodding and asks her to spend the next day with him just hanging out and getting to know each other better. She says no, because she is moving back east to live with the next door neighbor she and Marissa were close with before.

Episode 18: The Welcome Home Fireworks

Scene 1

Ryan gets a surprise visit from Jane at work as she brings him his laptop and blueprints that Caitlyn found in Trey's apartment, explaining how she came to have them in the first place. He invites her, James Sr., and Jimmy to the July 4th party.

Scene 2

Marissa and Hayley have a very personal conversation as Hayley quizzes Marissa on her sex life, and, after some prodding, Marissa shares not knowing that Ryan is eavesdropping the entire time. Embarrassed, Marissa hangs up on Hayley. Hot in the apartment, they both wear little as they cook dinner together, catching up on each others day.

Jimmy arrives home early and shares a few, pleasant words for Jane as she orders dinner. At the mention of Caitlyn, he runs out of the room to go and call her, obviously making an effort to be a parental figure in her life.

Caleb meets with the man in charge of the investigation of Dan at the pier and receives the bad news that they have lost track of him.

Summer and Seth are out to dinner waiting for their two mystery guests. Zach is the first to arrive followed closely by Luke. The couple invites both of them to the July fourth party, looking to elicit some entertainment for themselves as they watch the fireworks spark between Ryan and Luke as they fight over Luke hitting on Marissa.

While Sandy calls Sherry and invites her to the fourth party, Kirsten and Zoe work on holiday decorations, making a mess of the kitchen and each other. Sandy takes his daughter off for a bath while Kirsten looks on the mess with utter disbelief that they could cause so much destruction.

After going through the blueprints with Marissa, Ryan realizes that he is missing the one for the house in Newport. They assume that he just misplaced it and don't give it a second thought. After getting comfortable in bed, Marissa turns to him upset. Although she makes light of it, she is concerned that they won't catch Dan and she is eager to get their lives moving again as she is tired of the limbo they are in. He assures her that even if Dan is not caught, they will have the lives they want….somehow.

Scene 3

Marissa picks Hayley up from the hospital and shares with her that she is anxious to have a baby, even getting upset slightly. Hayley thinks that perhaps she is already pregnant because of how emotional she is, but Marissa refutes that idea quickly, knowing that she is not.

Ryan walks out Friday afternoon from work with his boss, and they settle on the first weekend in August for their trip to Vegas to check on the new hotel. Ryan informs his boss that Marissa will definitely be with him. They wish each other a nice long weekend before parting.

After dinner and while Zoe plays in the pool, Seth, Summer, Sandy, and Kirsten lounge around the pool discussing the upcoming party. They talk about why they invited Luke and a possible romantic set-up for Sherry and one of the single guys that they're inviting.

At the end of their dinner, Ryan, Marissa, and Hayley are discussing where she's going to live now that she's home. She shares that she would like to live on her own at least for a little while longer, and they all agree she should look for a place in their apartment complex so she'll be close. As she starts to fall asleep at the table, Marissa helps her into Seth and Summer's room where she'll be staying while Ryan cleans up from their meal.

Seth and Summer are out on his boat so as to have some alone time, and they discuss the changes that Summer has noticed in Ryan and Marissa. She thinks that they're hiding something, and, although they trace the timeline of their changes back to when Seth got Hayley in touch with Marissa, neither of them realize that there is more to Hayley's sickness than they were told.

Ryan and Marissa, so as not to disturb Hayley and because the view is amazing, go onto the roof of their apartment building where she has a bed of pillows and blankets awaiting them. They make love, adding another exotic locale to their ever growing list.

Scene 4

Ryan wakes up Sunday morning to find two giggling women in the kitchen making cheesecake. Despite not needing to bring anything, Marissa knew that Ryan liked it and she woke up craving it. They decide to drop Hayley off at the house in Newport so she can take a nap, her medication makes her tired, and then they'd pick her up as they're surprise later.

Zach and Luke arrive at the party where the Cohens, Neil, and Caleb are already. Because Luke starts harassing Zach about his love life, Seth, for once selfless, asks him to set up the volleyball net he brought while he shares his sex stories. Summer stays with Zach, and, while they talk, Sherry arrives. She and Summer go off to find Zoe and Kirsten after introductions are handed out, and Sandy and Zach stick together and chat. Luke eavesdrops and hears that Zach is intrigued by Sherry, but just as he goes to introduce himself, Ryan and Marissa arrive and he becomes distracted. He, along with Seth who spotted food, goes off to greet them while Sandy, Summer, Zach, and Sherry pull up chairs to watch the interaction. Marissa does not disappoint, verbally attacking Luke when he threatens Seth, and completely turning him on. Luke decides they need to play touch football, diving the teams so that it is Ryan, Marissa, Summer, and Sherry vs. Luke, Zach, Branning, and Seth. The Coopers arrive and join Sandy, Caleb, and Neil as they watch and comment on the game. Luke guards Marissa and uses the idea of touch football to his advantage, brushing his hand up against her butt and angering Marissa to the point where she shoves him. Ryan pulls her off of him, but they agree to run the same play again to teach Luke a lesson. The second time he touches her on her breast, setting her off, and she kicks the crap out of him, ending the game early and entertaining all the other party guests. Ryan and Marissa go off on their own afterwards, and Ryan takes her to a small pond off the beach where there is a canoe. Lounging in it, they relax, talk about how Ryan and Luke came to be friends, flirt, and eventually make out.

Scene 5

Sandy and Caleb have a serious discussion despite the afternoon being a party. They talk about Caleb putting pressure on the DA to move up Lance's case, something Sandy warns him against doing if he doesn't want to have a mistrial, and about what he'll do when his private investigators catch Dan. They do not see Ryan eavesdropping on their conversation, and when he hears that Marissa's guards have been pulled off of her to surround the beach; he panics and runs off because she's alone. Sandy and Caleb are nervous, but they have no idea where Marissa has gone so they can't do anything about it.

Dan, disguised in Trey's old pool-cleaning uniform, tricks the security guard at the gate of the Cohen's community to let him in, giving him access to their house.

While eating, Seth, Summer, Sherry, and Zach talk. Because the trial is mentioned, she reveals her involvement in it, and Zach is impressed by how blunt and honest she is. After he mentions Seth's underhanded schemes in high school to win Summer back, she becomes turned on and drags him off down the beach with the excuse that they left something in the car, leaving Sherry and Zach alone to talk. They share a little bit about their lives, telling each other about their families and their career goals, agreeing to go out for a date the next evening.

Seth and Summer, off making out on a group of rocks, break apart to discuss her second attempts at matchmaking, pondering how things are going between Sherry and Zach, and, after they briefly discuss Hayley, Summer relates that it is difficult to now know where someone you're related to is or how they are. She's lost in her own thoughts, her own pain, but Seth just assumes she's thinking about his issues with Hayley and never realizes that there was a very important reason behind her thoughts. Later, they decide to race back to the party, eager to eat Marissa's cheesecake.

Marissa arrives at the Cohens' to pick up Hayley, but can't find her. After searching the poolhouse and the rest of the main house, she eventually makes her way to Sandy and Kirsten's bedroom where she finds an unconscious Hayley bound, gagged, and tied to a chair. Spotting Dan, she attempts to attack him, but he pulls his gun on her, pistol whipping her because she kicked him. Their afternoon of torture is just beginning as he has plans for them.

Scene 6

While the various groups of people play and enjoy themselves along the beach, Caleb finally gets a call telling him where Dan is. Getting Jimmy to go with him to help, they leave. Sandy doesn't notice they're missing until it's too late. He sends Summer and Seth after Sherry and Zach, wanting them to meet him at the house where he's going to call the police and his contacts in an attempt to locate Dan before Caleb does or, at least, not long after. Seth and Summer insist upon coming with Sherry and Zach, and Kirsten and Jane insist upon going with Sandy. Luke volunteers to stay and watch Zoe.

Back at the Cohens', Dan pulls out the blueprint, locates the safe, and drags both Marissa and Hayley to it ordering them to open it. If they don't, they all die; if they do, he might let the girls live. No matter what though, he tells them that Ryan will die. Marissa does not take this standing, fighting back the entire time, looking for an advantage. While they're working, a car pulls up in the driveway, temporarily distracting Dan enough so Hayley can make a phone call. Even though she doesn't talk, she lets the voices around her carry through the hidden phone. Marissa tries to warn Ryan to leave, that Dan wants to kill him, that she has everything covered, but he doesn't listen. Angry, Dan attacks Marissa, punching her and kicking her, igniting Ryan's wrath. He threatens him, but Marissa jumps in front of him continually fighting with him so that he cannot stand in front of the gun's path to protect her, trying to talk some sense into Dan. Before Dan can do anything else, the dial tone from the phone is heard as the other line hung up on Hayley, and he goes off, attempting to fire the gun at Marissa only to have Ryan jump in front of her. However, there is no shot as Caleb and Jimmy knock the gun away and restrain Dan. Hayley gets the gun, putting on the safety, as Ryan pulls Marissa into his arms and comforts her as she finally breaks down. Jimmy holds Dan, who has lost it, laughing the entire time like a crazed maniac, while Caleb goes off to get rope. Restraining him, Jimmy goes off and punches him as hard as he can, offering Ryan a chance to as well, but Marissa begs for him to stay with her and he does as she wishes. Caleb checks on Hayley and determines she's still breathing, but he is worried after Marissa tells him that she is sick. He decides to just call the cops and let them take care of Dan. The cops arrive right after Sandy, Kirsten, and Jane, taking Dan into custody. Sandy and Caleb go with the officers as they recount the afternoon's events, while Kirsten cares for Hayley and Marissa directs Jane to get Hayley a cold wash cloth and for Jimmy to get the gun away from Hayley and hand it over to the cops. Sherry, Zach, Summer, and Seth arrive. Zach starts to clean up the broken glass in the room so no one else gets hurt, while Sherry works on Hayley, agreeing with Kirsten when she says she needs to go to the hospital, and Seth and Summer look on in shock and disbelief. Ryan insists that he and Marissa go home so she can rest. Hayley wants to go with them and becomes upset at the thought of having to finally tell her family what is wrong with her, but Marissa calms her down and she stays. Ryan and Marissa leave after Caleb shares a close moment with Ryan shocking them all, and Zach, seeing that he and Sherry should not be there, leave to get the car ready to take Kirsten to the hospital. Once they leave, everyone's attention turns to Hayley who finally confesses what is wrong with her: She has Aids.

Episode #19: The Deceitful Daughter

Scene 1

Ryan and Marissa meet Sandy for breakfast in LA, and he brings a surprise guest with him, Hayley, who Kirsten and Caleb actually let out of their sight long enough for her to hunt for apartments. Ryan and Marissa share their plans to go to Vegas that weekend, and Marissa raises Ryan's concern as she seems to become upset slightly when talking about children. (Song – Ladytron – "Destroy Everything")

Scene 2

Jane, James Sr. and Jimmy are all dining together; the silence pervading the room as Caitlyn's presence is definitely missed. Eventually, they discuss the Cohens, specifically Marissa, Ryan, and Hayley and what has been going on in their lives. Jane announces that she is going to go and see Caitlyn that weekend.

Sandy arrives home at dinner time to not only be greeted by Kirsten and Zoe but Sherry and Caleb as well. Both nervous about the trial, they're there to relax. Sandy tries to tease Caleb but he's not playing along, and both Caleb and Kirsten are worried about Hayley who remained in LA to spend time with her two nephews and their significant others. Sandy has news to share with Kirsten, but he doesn't want to talk until they're alone.

Ryan, Marissa, Seth, Summer, and Hayley all have dinner together in LA at the apartment after Hayley helps them cook dinner: boxed pizza. They joke around and have a good time as the evening passes by, discussing not only Hayley's search for an apartment but also Ryan and Marissa's trip to Vegas.

Scene 3

Sherry calls Zach after she gets back from the Cohens'. They talk about the trial that starts the next morning and how they spent their days. It is alluded to the fact that she won't be staying in Newport for much longer, and they are definitely dating now.

Seth and Summer are getting ready for bed as he laments that he has writers block. As their conversation progresses, she insists that there is something important coming up. He can't think of anything, but as soon as she mentions his Grandfather's birthday, he remembers that hers is coming up, too, and lies that he has a big surprise planned for her.

Hayley goes to bed early, listening to music, but is interrupted by Caleb calling her cell phone to check in with her. He quizzes her about her day, wanting to make sure that she didn't out do it, and asks, yet again, how she got Aids. She gets annoyed and hangs up on him. (Songs – The Cranberries – "Zombie" and Counting Crows – "Long December")

After everyone has left and Zoe is in bed, Sandy and Kirsten get an opportunity to talk. He reveals that he is considering running for DA. Although he doesn't like his current job as ADA, he has no idea what else he could do, because he doesn't want to go back to working at the Newport Group, in the private sector, or as a PD. He, sarcastically, suggests a whole new career.

After Ryan and Marissa on the couch to go to bed for night, Hayley has their bed at Marissa's insistence, he picks up on the fact that something is bothering her, but she won't talk about it. He makes her promise that if something is still bothering her when they're in Las Vegas, that she'll talk to him.

Scene 4

At her office, Kirsten is busy working while Zoe plays. Caleb sneaks in and scares his daughter, causing her to swear, and then Zoe copies her. Despite her Mom yelling at her, Zoe continues to act cheeky until Caleb, without asking, picks her to take her and Kirsten out to lunch while they await the verdict for the trial.

Ryan's boss lets him know what time they are leaving for Vegas so he can call and tell Marissa. While they talk, he reveals that his wife loves to shop, and Ryan becomes worries that Marissa and his boss's wife will not get along. He calls Marissa to tell her their flight time.

Marissa, Summer, and Hayley are all out to lunch together when Ryan calls. After they hang up, she returns to their conversation. Hayley and Summer either playfully bicker back and forth the entire time or harass Marissa about her trip with Ryan to Vegas. After Marissa leaves to pick Ryan up, Sherry calls Summer.

Seth, worried and claiming to not have an appetite, has Branning over to discuss his problem – the fact that he told Summer he had something planned for her but, in fact, doesn't even have a gift yet. He tells Branning that he is depending upon him to think of something wonderful. When Seth continues to mumble, Branning goes to leave but ends up answering the phone when Seth refuses to. It's Summer. Because Seth and Summer suddenly have plans with Sherry that evening, they invite and insist that Branning stay with Hayley to keep her company. Seth also insists that they work on the surprise for him. After they hang up, Seth reveals that he really is hungry and decides to teach Branning how to make frozen pizza. (Song – Rock Kills Kid – "Paralyzed")

While Zoe finishes her dessert, Caleb picks up on the fact that Kirsten is upset about something. She is hesitant to talk to him about it, because she promised Sandy she wouldn't, but he gets a call telling him that the verdict is back and has to leave.

Scene 5

Although Branning was going to leave, Seth, Summer, and especially Hayley though sly messages with her eyes, gets him to stay with her while Seth and Summer go out. Once they're gone, she shares with him her plan for the evening: they're raiding Seth's room to find the hidden pot she him before, getting high, and, only then, thinking of a surprise for Summer.

Marissa is still upset about something as she and Ryan are in Vegas going out to dinner to meet his boss, his boss's wife, and the clients. Although he tries to get her to talk to him, she refuses to then, because she does not want to upset him before the dinner, but she assures him that she's fine and that they're fine as a couple. They flirt until his boss and his boss's wife arrive and then go into dinner.

After dinner, Caleb, Sandy, Kirsten, and Zoe are sitting around the family room discussing the trial, Lance was convicted, but then Caleb changes the subject and asks about what is bothering Sandy and Kirsten. He and Sandy end up bickering, annoying Kirsten, who takes Zoe and they end up leaving for dessert.

When it comes time for Ryan and his boss to discuss their work with their clients, his boss's wife insists that Marissa go out with her on the balcony to talk while they wait for the men to finish. She immediately starts to pry into their personal life, asking Marissa how she can handle being with a man with such a troubled family background. Marissa defends Ryan and gives back as good as she gets, leaving upset. Ryan sees her leaving and goes after her.

Sherry announces that she's moving to San Francisco with Zach, but Seth and Summer tease her about his no sex before marriage pact, getting a brain storm that they need to take her shopping for supplies to amuse herself despite her protests.

Ryan finds Marissa in tears back in their room and crawls into bed, pulling her into his arms, to comfort her. She tells him what his boss's wife said and, surprising her, he agrees that he worries that he'll pass on his father's and brother's genes to their children, too. She reassures him, but when they go to make love, without a condom since both Dan and Trey are in prison, she breaks down again and pulls away from him. Though puzzled, he pulls her back into his arms and comforts her.

Scene 6

Late Sunday afternoon, Sherry stops by the Coopers' to say goodbye to Jimmy, convincing him in a tricky way to take her apartment off of her hands, giving him and Caitlyn a real home. They part as friends, alluding to the upcoming events where they will see each other again.

Ryan and Marissa arrive home from Vegas, but they are distant. They've never been this awkward with each other, not even the first day they met. While she cooks dinner, he unpacks their bag. Putting clothes back in her drawer, he finds a pamphlet for birth control and angrily confronts an already upset Marissa. They finally talk, and she reveals that, although she thought it was a long shot, Hayley talked her into going to the doctors to see if she was pregnant. Although she wasn't, they are not allowed to try either until Marissa's blood pressure and heart rate level out, the stress from the Dan/Trey situation and upcoming trial having taken a large toll on her heath. Disappointed that they have to wait yet communicating once again, a tired Ryan insists that Marissa relax and go to sleep, their dinner and fight completely forgotten.

Seth and Branning are shopping for CD's while they catch up about their Friday nights. Branning hedges the truth about what he and Hayley did, but agrees that they'll come up with a surprise for him as long as Seth picks out the present himself. They leave to go grocery shopping.

Music montage: Hayley and Zoe are alone at the house in Newport, playing, when she looses consciousness, scaring Zoe who calls for help. Summer, acting strangely, snoops around her father's office, unlocking his filing cabinet and searching for something. When she finds something that interests her, she makes copies before putting the originals back and sneaking back out of the house. (Song – Straylight Run – "The Perfect Ending")

Episode #20: The No-so Charming Premiere

Scene 1

Marissa wakes up early and attempts to get Ryan, but he won't budge. She resorts to sneaky tactics, crawling under the covers and 'rousing' him quickly only to pull away. Although she has plans, wanting to pick up fresh fruit to make homemade applesauce and jelly, from an orchard, and he has to go into work, they take time to have some fun and shower together.

Scene 2

Kirsten and Zoe visit Hayley in the hospital and announce that she can check out that afternoon. While Kirsten is upset and fidgeting, annoying Hayley, she tells her that she won't be moving into an apartment on her own. Because she's annoying her, Hayley insists that Kirsten take a walk and calm down. Once she's gone, Zoe climbs on the bed and surprises Hayley with a Sandy Cohen breakfast her Dad helped her sneak into the hospital.

While on the phone, talking shiftily, Summer is startled when her Dad arrives home early and walks into his office. She has to scramble and cover for herself, lying so as not to raise her father's suspicions.

Still worried about Marissa's health, Ryan goes to see with the detective who was in charge of Trey and Dan's case to see when the trial might be. Although normally he would go to someone in the DA's office, they've been giving him the run around and Sandy has been preoccupied with Hayley. The officer tells him it could be as late as the next summer, but he would guess that Trey's would be at the end of February and Dan's by April. After thanking him, Ryan leaves.

Sandy and Caleb talk and decide that Hayley should stay with Sandy and Kirsten. Admitting he doesn't think he'll run for DA, Sandy gets an idea when Caleb teases him about giving Hayley lessons on the law during the day when he gets bored taking care of her.

Seth arrives home to find Marissa cooking in the kitchen. Wanting to talk to her, she insists that he helps. He does, and they discuss what he should get Summer for her birthday. (Songs – Bell X1 – "Enjoy the Silence" and The Presidents of the United States – "Peaches" and The Flaming Lips – "She Don't Use Jelly")

Scene 3

Cleaning up the kitchen, Marissa and Seth talk again, but, this time, their discussion is more serious. He pushes for information on their trip to Vegas and her relationship with Ryan. She only tells him the bare minimums, keeping the important parts private between her and Ryan. When Ryan arrives home, she kicks Seth out the apartment so she can have a few minutes alone with him while she gathers her stuff to take to Branning's so she can get ready there with him and Summer for the premiere party that night.

After putting Zoe down for a nap, Sandy joins Kirsten, Caleb, and Hayley as they discuss where she's going to live. Hayley and Kirsten get into a little tiff, but it's quickly smoothed over by Sandy when he suggests she go and lie down, relax a little bit. Hayley takes the news pretty well that she'll be living with Kirsten and Sandy.

Because the party is less formal, their dresses are as well, but Marissa is uncomfortable in the sexy dress that Summer and Branning picked out for her, but they lie and say there isn't another option and that they don't have time to get one. After Seth calls and says they're going to be late, Summer insists that Marissa tell her and Branning about the trip she and Ryan took to Vegas, annoying Marissa who just rolls her eyes.

Seth, picking up on Ryan's bad mood, insists that he tells him what's wrong before the party so as not to ruin Marissa's night. He shares how his visit to the police department went and how the waiting for the trial is affecting Marissa's health.

Back at Branning's, after Marissa confessed how terrible Ryan's boss's wife treated her, Branning shares his Mom's secret plots to get back at bitches. The mention of Mothers silences Summer quickly and puts her in a pondering mood. The boys arrive and interrupt their discussion. Seth goes to greet Summer with a kiss, but she rudely pushes past him and he lies to cover his embarrassment. Ryan and Marissa share a cute, flirting moment as he compliments her outfit and how she looks in it.

After the screening, while most people are off eating and dancing, including Seth, Summer, and Branning, Ryan and Marissa are off quietly talking to themselves. Marissa is utterly horrified by the episode they watched, disappointed at how much it was watered down and made into a cliché. Ryan agrees with her opinion, and they both fear the show will be cancelled soon after it premieres to the country. They sneak out of the party early, eager to go home and celebrate the night even if the show was terrible. (Song – "The Electric Slide")