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If You Think You Know Me

Kagome finally had enough. Enough of the jewel shards, enough of the feudal age, and above all, enough of people in general. She was sick of it, tired of it, and wanted to get away from it. Kagome knew if she stayed here much longer it would probably drive her mad. Unfortunately, there was something keeping the poor girl from just leaving this life behind her. Honor. Simple as that. Honor held her here. That was the only thing keeping her from jumping down the old well back to her own time, and it infuriated her that she cared enough to make sure the Shikon no Tama didn't fall into the wrong hands. Namely Naraku's hands.

Kagome's friends probably thought that she stayed here for Inuyasha, and at one point that would have been true. If Inuyasha cared for her in that way he sure had a way of showing it. Kagome knew that Kikyo couldn't be blamed for his indesision. That was his own damn fault. She decided that six months ago, where as her feelings for the hanyou died one short year after she first arrived in the Warring States Era.

She thought she had loved him, but then again how many people like Inuyasha do you meet after all. Kagome had realized that her feelings were misplaced on him, and she didn't want to spend the rest of her life chasing after someone who couldn't decide if he cared for her or not.

Even the old 'sit' command was getting annoying. Seeing the bad tempered hanyou face-plant into the dirt multiple times on a daily basis could only be so funny for so long. But she continued to do it for normalcy's sake.

On a number of ocasions Kagome had even considered walking straight up to Naraku and handing him the shards she had and saying "Here do whatever the fuck you want with them I'm outta here" and leaving for good. If nothing else than to see the look on his face when she did it. Yes it was rather frightening to her when she had first started thinking about it. Now she thought of it more as a joke than anything. Though she knew that she was probably the only one in exsistance that would find that funny.

To everyone she knew here in the past her personality hadn't changed much. She was still the sunny little miko girl that they had first met. Physically though she had changed quite a bit, her figure was now that of a young woman and no longer that of an akward teen. She had let her hair grow long and it now tickled the back of her thighs. Kagome's wardrobe had also changed dramatically, from a white and green school uniform to camoflauge pants, a black tank top, and black hiking boots.

The most startling change in Kagome though happened in that last month. One day when she arrived back in the past her friends had to do a double take. Kagome it seems had spent entirely too much time around youkai. She had painted single stripes on her cheeks, shoulders, and wrists in dark green, had put purple shadow on the lids of her eyes and had purchased and applied fang caps to her teeth. Anyone from a distance would think her a youkai.

When asked about this radical change in apearance she simply replied "Well at least someone can't say I look weak." Sango it seemed was the only one who understood why she would go to such extreme lengths to make herself look stronger. Sango knew that strength was in the mind as well as the body, and if this is what Kagome needed to make herself feel confident then she would support her. She knew how hard it was on Kagome every time a youkai attacked them for their shards they would always target her because she looked the weakest out of all of them. Surely enough she ceased to be their first target in battle after her change.

Kagome couldn't stand it anymore! She could see the rest of her time in the feudal age as if it had already happened. It was always the same thing over and over and over again. Oh a jewel shards there. Oh youkai there. Oh one of Naraku's traps again. Naraku particularly pissed her off, because he was a liar. You can always trust a liar to lie to you. It was always the same with him, some kind of trap or some manner of deception. No wonder Kagura wants to get away from him. That sort of thing gets bothersome when you're on the receiving end of it. Kagome couldn't imagine what it was like having to be the one constantly setting it all up. In that instant she swore to herself that the next thing that happens, if it has happened before, if she's already delt with the situation, she was going to lose it. Big time.

Inuyasha, who had been walking ahead of her, suddenly stopped and sniffed the air. Kagome held her breath. "What is it Inuyasha?" She almost dreaded the answer. Inuyasha growled low in his throat drawing Tetsuaiga from its sheath.

"Sesshoumaru." He growled. Kagome blinked…That did it, someone was going to die today by her hands and she didn't care who it was.

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