Title: All It Takes

Series: Life with Derek

Summary: (LWD) ONESHOT: It's Casey's 16th birthday, and Derek has a surprise present in store! Dasey!

Chapters: 3

Rating: T (Language)

Words: Story: 709, Total: 821

A/N: I was lighting my incense (the smoke of which hypnotizes me and I do my best writing), and my new earrings brushed my face. So the idea kind of came from that. Don't ask how, since I can't answer it. If you want to know why I chose their birthdays, look into astrology (BTW: CaseyTaurus/DerekScorpio). If I got the age wrong, please forgive me and let me know, and I'll correct it. Thanks.


Casey sat on the couch in the living room, casually flipping channels, nothing good was on. She was more or less passing time until her 16th birthday party would start. It didn't even seem like a birthday. It was the middle of May, May 13th to be exact, and it was raining, heavy drumming rain that made the day good for staying inside and sleeping. She hated this, this patient sitting still, waiting.

And yet she waited, waited for her mom to finish baking the cake. Waited for George and the kids to finish wrapping presents. Waited for Emily and Sam to get here. Waited for Derek to do…whatever it is Derek does.

Derek had already had his birthday party, his birthday being November 6th. She had gotten him a gift card to his favorite store, since he was notoriously hard to buy for. Then he had to gloat, being six months older than her. Stupid Derek with his messy hair and piercing eyes. The way he could be completely nice to her one second and entirely evil the next. It wasn't fair. He almost always won the fights, and Casey hated to lose.

Casey wondered what he had gotten her for her birthday, as she climbed the stairs to go to her room and get ready for her party. Hopefully his present wouldn't be stupid or a gag gift, and ruin her party even more then the rain had.

Casey dressed carefully, a nice white blouse with a tan knee-length skirt, not too 'come hither' and not too 'librarian'. She carefully brushed her hair, then tied it up, and then let it down. She decided to leave it down, it was prettier that way. Coming back downstairs she saw Derek sitting on the couch, where she had been, flipping channels. She sat down next to him and sighed.

"What's with you?" He asked, surly. She looked over at him.

"It rained on my birthday, is that not a sign to you? Something is going to happen today."

"Well, you never know. It doesn't have to be a bad thing." His gruff voice replaced by one of vague but ever present secrets. He stood up, leaving her behind to contemplate the meanings behind his words.

Casey just absently flipped through the channels, landing, briefly, on MARV! a daytime talk show.

"Today's topic is: Love within the family. First up is Julie who is in love with…her step brother, Daren. Julie, tell us how did you…"

The channel got changed pretty quickly, and as she flipped to a few more channels with nothing on, the entire T.V. was turned off.

Casey groaned as she went into the kitchen, running right into Derek's back, knocking him forward, but fortunately not in to anything. He spun around quickly, pouncing on her Klutzilla status.

"Do you have to insult me on my birthday?" She asked. Apparently that made him remember something, seeing how he rushed off. "What's with him?" She asked the kitchen. No one knew a thing.

A few hours later Casey was once again standing in the kitchen, blowing out the candles on her birthday cake. After cake and small talk, everyone gathered in the living room so Casey could open her presents.

Emily had given her a copy of "The Princess Bride" by William Goldman.

Sam had given her a nice journal, green with leaf indentations.

Her mother (and George) had given her a few new shirts that she had asked for.

Lizzie had given her a bookstore gift certificate.

Edwin had given her a card with money.

Marti had given her a hand drawn card full of adorable mis-spellings.

That left Derek. She was secretly dreading and anticipating his gift, he had been so secretive about it.

Finally Derek handed her a card with a brief note inside.

'I got you a present. You can get it after the party. Love, Derek.'

The 'Love, Derek' part had shocked her. He never told anyone in the family he loved them, not even Marti. Something was definitely up. She reread the note and looked up to find him staring at her. She simply nodded as she read the preprinted card message.

'Happy Birthday, wishing you all the happiness in the world.'

End Chapter 1