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Someone to Open the Pudding

Dr. Temperance Brennan looked around the quiet hospital room. The light from the television played out shadows on the wall and only the sounds of a steady monitor beep and Booth's even breathing rang in her ears.

Booth had fallen asleep hours ago, but she had stayed, telling herself he may need something if he were to wake up. Her eyes once again focused on his still and battered body. The bruises on his face were becoming more prominent, taking on an ugly bluish hue. She fought the instinct to trace her fingers across his brow in fear of waking him.

He had foolishly left the hospital with broken ribs among many other injuries after the bombing in her apartment…but for once she was glad he had behaved irrationally. If he had not come, she would have died. Murdered at the hands of a fallen FBI agent.

Brennan shuddered as she thought of the monster that had gagged her and hooked her to a chair to cover up his past crimes. She was a means to an end for him, nothing more. As she and Booth had watched television earlier in the evening, Brennan had dwelled on that thought. While the thought of her being killed had not crossed her mind before, she had given thoughts to why others had been killed throughout her career. Some were senseless acts of violence and others were more personal. She would have never imagined herself falling victim to murder only to conceal another crime. It seemed so irrational.

She tried to push those thoughts out of her head and focused again on Booth. Had he been ten seconds later…

He had burst in and saved her. If the experience had not been so horrible it would have made a great idea for a future novel, but she sincerely doubted she would ever write about her experience. The only thing she wanted to relive from that terrible moment was the feeling of relief as she and Booth embraced.

She would never forget how he ducked under her bound arms and lifted her off that hook. Brennan knew that it had hurt him, but at that moment the only thing she cared about was that he found her. He had left her sob and assured her it was okay. Once she heard him groan when she moved her hand she pulled back to ask him how he had gotten out of the hospital. She knew he would be fine when he cracked a joke. She was so relieved she laughed.

The sheets rustled slightly, and she turned her gaze to Booth's face. His eyelids fluttered slightly before opening fully. He must have heard her because he turned his head towards her.

"Hey Bones, what are still doing here?" Booth asked with a raspy voice.

"I thought you might need someone to open your pudding." She replied.

Booth smiled, "Bones was that a joke?"

She rolled her eyes asked, "How are you feeling?"

"Like I got blown up?"

"Seriously, Booth."

"I'm fine really. I mean yeah I got a couple broken ribs, but we're okay and we got the bad guys." Booth replied seriously.

"Yeah." Brennan answered softly.

"The real question is, are YOU okay? I mean what you been through…"

Brennan looked at him, really looked at him. She didn't see the carefree and slightly annoying partner she was used to. When she looked into his eyes she saw concern and something else she couldn't put her finger on.

"I'll be alright." She answered in such a tone that Booth recognized there would be no more discussion about that, at least not tonight.

Booth glanced at the clock on the wall, "Bones it's 2 am, maybe you should head home and get some sleep."

"Are you sure? I mean, you don't mind being alone?"

Booth grinned at her, "Don't worry, I'll let you play nurse as soon as they spring me from here. I might even be able to grab an outfit for you on my way out."

"Ugh, even incapacitated you are a pig."

"Just the way you like me Bones."

Brennan stood up slowly and smoothed her wrinkled dress. She whispered goodnight as she gathered her things and began to leave the room. As she stepped through the door she heard Booth ask quietly, "Bones, could you open my pudding?"

She smiled at him while walking to the table and opened the small dish. She paused and looked at him strangely before awkwardly saying goodnight again.

Booth stared at his pudding dish for a moment before closing his eyes. He sighed in confusion about his feelings for Bones. How could he not develop feelings for her, she was beautiful, funny…although she didn't really know it, and most of all passionate about everything she did. He just didn't know if the increase in his feelings for her had been because it had been an emotional day, or because he had come so close to loosing her.

What a mess, he thought.

Still, he saw something in her eyes tonight, something to make him hope. Booth smiled to himself before taking a bite of the tasteless pudding. If Bones had some feelings for him he was going to find out...and have fun in the process.