A/N: This was the final (and hardest) chapter to write. The ending is a little ambiguous, but that's where imagination comes in. I want to thank everyone who read and reviewed, you guys are really inspiring! I've already been playing with a new idea and have to fine tune it, but I hope to have it up soon. Thanks again, guys!

Booth smiled widely into the phone. He had been worried after she'd hung up on him, thinking that the feelings he was starting to think she shared were nonexistent.

"Hey Bones. What was that all about earlier?"

Brennan stumbled, "Uh, what do you mean?"

"You hung up on me not ten minutes ago sounding like you had something important to do."

"I had…to make a phone call," Brennan clarified, "To Angela."

"Must have been important." Booth probed.

"Yeah, I think it was."

Booth frowned, "You okay? You sound…different."

"I'm fine." Brennan said sincerely, "I just realized something and I had to speak with Angela about it immediately."

"Nothing bad, I hope?"

"No, in fact I think it's just the opposite." She said smiling for the first time since she called.

"Good." Booth paused, "So, uh, did you give any thought to what I asked earlier? About seeing each other tomorrow?"

"Why?" Brennan blurted.

Booth laughed nervously, "I thought we went over this already, Bones. I hate sitting around doing nothing by myself."

Brennan took a deep breath, "Yes, you've explained that, Booth…but why me?"

"Excuse me?" Booth stalled.

"Why are asking me? I'm sure there are others that you'd rather spend time with. You've got plenty of friends, some who you haven't seen in ages, I imagine, why not them?"

Booth momentarily stunned, paused before answering, "Bones, if you don't want to, that's all you have to say. You don't have to go into some melodramatic logical…"

"No!" she interrupted, "I mean, that's not what I'm doing…I just…" she trailed off.

"Just what, Bones?" Booth questioned. He was starting to regret his earlier decision, her rejection would hurt…and he didn't know how to handle that and their working relationship.

Brennan closed her eyes, and hoped. "I realized something today."

"What's that?" Booth asked quietly, preparing himself for the worst.

"I think, no I know…that," her voice lowered, "I like you."

Booth's brow furrowed, "What? I couldn't hear you, Bones."

She tried again, "I said, I like you." She mumbled.

Booth looked at the phone, "Bones, you're gonna have to speak up, this connection is bad and…"

"I SAID I LIKE YOU." She shouted into the phone.

Her hand flew to her mouth, and her face turned red in mortification.

Booth's eyebrows shot up. That was certainly unexpected, he had been sure she was trying to let him down easy.


"Booth?" she said timidly.



Brennan was getting frustrated. She had done something drastic, opening her feelings to Booth…and he had nothing to say?

"Booth!" she said a little more forceful, "Aren't you going to say anything?"

"I'm sorry! I'm a little speechless…"

"That's a first!" she grumbled.

"I thought you were trying to let me down gently."

"Let you down gently from what?" she asked curiously.

"It's a figure of speech, Bones." He said rolling his eyes, "I thought you weren't interested."

"Well, maybe I am." She said, her confidence building. It wasn't going exactly as she had thought, but at least he hadn't laughed or hung up on her.

Booth grinned, "Really?"

She smiled, "Yes."

Silence hung in the air as both of them sat, taking it all in. Brennan's thoughts were rattled when she heard a soft groan coming from Booth's end of the line.

"Are you okay?" she asked, concerned.

"Yeah, I just stood up to quickly."

"You should really be resting, you heard what the doctor said."

"Bones, trust me. I feel a hell of lot better right now than I have in a while, broken ribs or not."

Brennan fought an embarrassed smile, "Still, why don't you get some rest and call me tomorrow."

"Okay, you win. I'll talk to you tomorrow."

"Night, Booth."

"Goodnight Bones, sweet dreams." She hung up the phone with a soft click, and smiled.

Twenty minutes later a knock brought Brennan's eyes from her book to the door. She looked at the clock and wondered who would be coming by this late. She looked through the peephole and blinked.

She opened the door quickly, "Booth?"

"I forgot something." He said matter-of-factly.


Booth quickly stepped in and pulled her too him, not giving her a chance to avoid the kiss. His lips intensely pushed against hers, but eased after a moment. He gently pulled away, giving her a soft peck before pulling back fully.

When he stood back he noticed she stood still, her eyes still closed and face slightly flushed.

Brennan opened her eyes slowly, looking hard at Booth. "Nice to see you too."

He let out a genuine laugh, "I'm sorry."

"No! Don't apologize, it was just very unexpected." She smiled, shyly at him.

"Can I come in?" he asked, shifting uncomfortably.

Brennan flushed again when she realized they were still standing in the doorway. "Of course."

She moved aside so he could enter, and shut the door slowly. She turned and looked at him. They stood awkwardly for a moment before Brennan spoke first.

"I guess we should talk."

Booth's eyes bore into hers as he moved forward, "Bones, talking is very overrated." He whispered before leaning toward her.

Brennan's heart sped up, and her eyes fixated on his lips. She tilted her chip up to meet his lips full on. The contact sparked the fire that she had been holding in. She felt Booth wrap his good arm around her waist, and pull her to his body.

His tongue brushed her lips, the shock of the touch parting them. She thought she heard a soft moan, but her mind was in no condition to determine whether it had come from her or Booth.

She moved her arms around his neck and leaned further into him. This time her mind registered the moan she heard was of pain and not pleasure. She pulled back quickly, her eyes full of remorse.

"Booth, I'm sorry! Your injuries…" she lightly slid her fingers down the sling that held his injured shoulder.

With is good arm he brushed her face, "It's okay, we just got carried away…not that I minded." He grinned.

She smiled guiltily, "I'm sure you didn't."

He leaned in to kiss her again, but she deftly stepped around him. His eyes shot up when he felt nothing but air.

"Bones!" he whined.

She laughed, "Come on, I think you've had enough physical activity…for now." She added cryptically.

Brennan grabbed his hand and led him to the couch. She helped him sit in a comfortable position and then sat down, opposite of his injured shoulder. She turned and looked at him.

"What?" he asked amused.

"Nothing, It's just…this doesn't feel as strange as I thought it would."

Booth smiled and pulled her closer, his smile growing wider as she softly snuggled into him. He suddenly yawned, wondering how he could be tired after a two-hour nap.

"How did you get here?" Brennan asked suddenly, yawning herself.


She nodded slightly. "I'm assuming you're still free tomorrow?"

Booth leaned his head against hers, "I'm at your beckon call, Bones."

"Good. I need a new refrigerator."

"Yeah, I know." He replied sarcastically.

"Would you like to go with me?"

"You don't think it's too soon to start picking out furniture together?" he joked.

She laughed, "You're lucky you're injured."

"And you talk too much." Booth said moving toward her.

Brennan smiled against his lips, wanting to continue what they had going before she hurt him before. But a knock on the door spoiled the moment.

Booth groaned in frustration, "Bones whoever that is, tell them I'm armed."

Before she got a chance to answer, the sound of a key turning the lock drew both of their attention. Suddenly the door flew open and in came Angela.

She stopped short at the sight of her friend and the hot FBI agent on the couch. She smiled widely, "Sorry! I was just coming to grab that jacket I lent you a few weeks ago."

Angela backpedaled out the door, "Forget that I was here, and just go back to what you were doing. I'll see you guys on Monday!"

And with that she was gone.

Brennan and Booth glanced at each other, not knowing what to say.

"Well we know Monday is going to be fun." Booth said breaking the silence.

Brennan smiled and leaned into him again, "Booth has anyone ever said, you talk to much?"

Outside the apartment Angela grabbed her cell phone, "You guys will NOT believe what I just saw!"