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SummaryAU: Koriand'r, princess of Tamaran, is horrified to find out her father, King Myand'r, has arranged for her to marry Prince Redman of planet Earth, to end a future war between the rival planets. Things take a toll for the worst when Koriand'r meets his brother, the second in line for the throne, Prince Robin. They start an affair, one that may end tragically for both planets.


Koriand'r(Starfire)... Second in line to becoming Queen of Tamaran. Kind, gentle and beautiful.

Komand'r(Blackfire)... First in line to becoming Queen of Tamaran. Cruel, sour, complete opposite of her sister Koriand'r(who she hates with a passion).

Prince Robin(Robin, DUH!)... Very brave and presistent, motivational speaker, and tactical.

Prince Redman(RedX)... Brave, arrogant, charming talker(definitely!), and a misfit.

Raven(Raven obviously)... servant to Koriand'r tends to her bedchamber, help dresses her for special occassions, and some other small duties. Both Raven and Koriand'r show sisterly love for one another.

Scarlet(Jinx)... servant to Komand'r doing every one of the commands given by Komand'r. She is different(as in the way she looks) and was taken as a slave on Komand'rs' order after the Tamaranians invaded a small area of Earth.

King Myand'r... King of Tamaran

Queen Luand'r... Queen of Tamaran

Prince Ryand'r... Prince of Tamaran. He is sensitive and at the same time brave.Youngest child of Myand'r and Luand'r1st Komand'r, 2nd koriand'r and them him.

Garfield(Beastboy) & Viktor(Cyborg)... The two major commanders of Prince Robin and Redman's armies. Both usually argue on who's a better commander.

Web of Desire


Not Real

Koriand'r walked slowly toward the edge of the balcony, a feeling of tranquillity rushing through her veins at the feel of the cool air. Her raspberry colored hair brushed across her cheek. Usually, she had to wear the metal hair piece over her head, to look proper, her father would casually say, but when alone in her bedchamber, it didn't matter. The metal hair piece, or so called "crown", irritated her head and was particullary heavy, even for a woman like her, who possesses extrodinary strenth. Ridiculous styles like her crown were a reason royalty was not at all glamorous. In fact, nothing was enjoyable about being a royal princess now that she is to wed to man she did not know. He was called Redman, and was prince of Earth. She had seen him, and at the moment she saw the smirk plastered across his face, she hated him. Koriand'r sighed.

" How disasterous.", she said now holding back the sickness in her stomach. At the moment her chamber door slid open, and her servant, Raven, walked in carrying a blankets that were decorated with jewels. Tipical...

" What's disasterous Princess?", asked Raven carefully layed down the blankets across her bed. Koriand'r turned around and walked back into her chamber; trying to cover the tears threatening to rain out.

Suddenly, she could not hold any of the sadness that overwhelmed her." Everything!", she burst out placing her head on Raven's shoulder, who was at her side in a second.

"Please do not cry, you're stronger than that."

"Am I?", spat a know, angry Koriand'r. She knew that Raven did not understand, but she wanted to feel anything but sad at the moment.

" Understand this, I am to be forcefully wed, my sister is being more bitter toward me and I may have to leave Tamaran forever if this betrothel takes place.", she said turning away from a sad faced Raven.

"Forever? But I do not want you to go.", Raven said, stepping carefully toward her mistress, afraid of another outburst. Koriand'r turned back around and both girls stared at eachother with sadness. Then sadness swept away, and a smile crept across her face. Koriand'r grabbed Raven's hand and pulled her into a hug.

" Sister dear!", howled Komand'r as she pushed open the door, causing Koriand'r to push away from Raven quickly. If Komand'r found out about how close Raven was to her, Raven would go through torture at the hands of Komand'r.

" Sister, your precious father wants you at dinner early in the new dress he bought for you", she sneered. Koriand'r nodded and motioned Raven to leave, fearing of fight between the two sisters. Koriand'r and Komand'r would usuallly argue, most of the time due to Komand'rs' envy toward her.

" Do you have as to any clue why?", asked Koriand'r, holding back the venom in her voice.

Komand'r laughed." Probably to congragulate on how beautiful you were or how lucky he was to have such a daughter." She then turned around and trotted away.

Sadly it was true. Father often spoke of her talents, including beauty. It was sickening to hear others call her a goddess. She had long, lush hair that glistened, even in the dark. Her skin was golden bronze and was as smooth as a baby's rosey cheeks and her figure was slim and fit, with attractive curves. But most of all, folk would often speak of her eyes. Unlike the rest of her royal family, who had darkened eyes, hers were emerald green and melted with sweet beauty. Koriand'r shoke off these thoghts and walked to her wardrobe.

" Where is that child,Komand'r did you not tell her?", asked King Myand'r, turning his attention toward her.

Komand'r snapped her head away from her and huffed,"Yes father."Shen then started cursing under her breath.

Seconds later, Koriand'r was walking down the marble steps. Many at the large, cherry wood table gaped at her. She wore a silk dress the color of light magenta that clung to her thighs. The bottom half draped down to her ankles like a curtain and on her arms were gold brackets that complemented her skin. Her hair was tied up, with curls that bounced wildly all around her head. The shoes she wore were heels the color of her dress, but with each having an emerald on them, boring the same look as her exotic eyes. Glitter was spread across her face, her eylashes were a deeper darkness and her moist lips shimmered. Such a look is why the people of Tamaran call her a goddess, or more of an exotic goddess.

Ryand'r got up from his seat and accomanied to her empty chair." You truly look amazing sister.", he beamed at her as she sat down. Koriand'r smiled at the comment and looked to her father.

" Father, why am I down so early?", asked Koriand'r, ignoring the mocking of her sister who looked utterly disgusted.

" To meet our guests", he said gesturing to the iron doors infront of them. No sooner later had they opened up and in came a large, stiff man with a grim look. She then recognized him as King Grey, ruler over Earth. Dread filled her at the sight of Prince Redman, and near him a rather handsome boy. She slumped down in her chair but was pulled back up by her father.

" What's the matter, afraid your fiancee will see your hideous face?", snickered Komand'r, who was leaning toward her so no one could hear. In the back with the other servants, Scarlet giggled, probably trying to please her mistress. Scarlet was silenced at the icy glare she got from Komand'r. Koriand'r knew her sister hated when people sucked up to her, it meant they were a weak prey she had told on some occassions.

Her father spoke up," King Grey, Prince Redman, and Prince Robin, how nice of you to join us." A few servants placed them in their seats; Prince Robin across from her, King Grey and Prince Redman next to him. Prince Robin stared at her, as in a trance. She slimply looked down at her shaking hands. Something about Prince Redman meeting her gaze sickened her. He was handsome but cocky, and showed it with much pride. But not only was he full of himself, but seemed to enjoy looking at, other places.

She was horrified when Prince Redman spoke her name," Princess Koriand'r, you look very attractive and that body of yours, even more beautiful than the last time we met." When he said her name it rolled across his tongue. He desired her and she didn't want any of him.


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