Snow White looked up from the dishes she was doing to find an old lady coming.

"Hello young miss. How are you this fine day?" She asked.

"Just fine ma'am." She was somewhat wary. After all, she had almost died at the hands of a stranger recently.

"I've just been out picking apples, would you like one?" She held out an apple with her wrinkled hand.

Snow White was about to say no when she paused. A look of confusion crossed her face. She was starving right now. The dwarves had been hiding food from her. They said she was really gaining weight. "Alright." She said and took the apple, not seeing the look of evil being happy cross the lady's face. She took a bite, and as she was swallowing, chocked on it. Then the poison took over and she collapsed.

The old queen walked away singing 'The Wicked Witch is Dead'.

The seven dwarves came home to find Snow White stone dead on the floor. There was much crying and sorrow. The next day they built a glass coffin and placed her in it. They carried the coffin to a clearing in the woods and there mourned for her.

About a week later a prince rode up on his horse. "Why do you sit here looking at a dead chick?" He asked.

"Because she was our beauty and joy." One replied.

"She's dead."

"Yes, she died eating a poison apple."

"How do you know it was poison? The apple could've stuck in her throat, causing her to choke." The prince told them.

"Then get it out!" The dwarves exclaimed.

"Fine." The prince muttered. He took Snow White out of the coffin and did the Heimlich maneuver on her. She coughed out the apple bite that she had in her throat. She turned to kiss him or thank him when suddenly she pucked up bile all over his front.

"EWWWW! GROSS!" He yelled and then ran away to get a new shirt.

Snow White and the dwarves didn't really care. Snow White went back to cooking and cleaning, while the dwarves went back to mining.


So, what'd you think? I know it's short...