My first BlueBird's Illussion fanfic. Please don't flame, because I've only read about it. The lyrics in the end are from some Oasis' song whose title I can't remember. Ask Midori

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The battle of the four hundred years.

'You bastard!' The eldest homunculus cried, punch after punch, his face gradually changing from rage to anguish. 'Why won't you die?'

Were those tears of frustration, the twin pearls that glowed as he spoke? The unruffled pools of gold that were the other's eyes continued to stare at him, unmoved.

'Are you done?' his expressionless voice asked, almost taking him by surprise. His dismal look froze, almost in horror. He hit him again, harder with each time, and the one of the golden locks watched, umphazed, how his body recomposed after every attack.

The homunculus whose ouroboros was located on the left thigh, was fighting the losing battle against someone who wouldn't even consider worthy defending.

'You damn, goddamn shrimp!' he insisted, denying to himself that the greatest part of the harm was going to him, and not exactly to his body. 'Everything I had, everything I could have had went to you!'

The anger in his cracked voice was back, but was it because of the realization downed upon him? He had nothing left now that made him better than the one who stood indifferently before him.

Even his deepest, most secret pride, the pride of being biologically superior to him was proved futile, useless. They were equal.

'You had, you have everything! And what about me?'

The following punch was stopped by the cold hand of the homunculus who had ponds of gold for eyes, the sheer force of it sending him backwards, making him land on the floor scarce centimeters from him.

'You have no pride.' the other one said, his voice ringing in his ears, and sounding extremely mechanic and calculating. 'You are worthless'.

You have no pride. You are worthless. His eyes widened.

'Insolent brat! I'll show you pride!' he said, standing up violently. From his arm shot a blade that trespassed the other from side to side, sending crimson spots flying towards the walls and furniture.

The one of the golden locks shot a glare at him, and with ease removed the blade from the gap, which regenerated without difficulty.

The forest-colored hair of the older homunculus tensed, as the other one walked off, ignoring him. Pretending nothing had ever happened.

He let out a heart-wretching scream, because the title of the perfect son which should have been his, the greatest satisfaction he would always long for, was now, more than ever, out of his reach.

His envy green strands of hair feel on his eyes, as he held his head between both hands, trying to find something iside him that told him the battle of a four hundred years wasn't lost.

Down to the ground rolled tears of despair.

Outside, out of the broken window, the sun shone upon artificial golden hair.

As they took his soul they stole his pride
As he faced the sun he cast no shadow.

Oh god. I've just realized I've turned Pride!Ed into a damn ruthless monster! TT... and I call myself an Ed fan... poor thing...

Yet again, I managed to turn Envy into the victim and Ed into the bad guy..! How creepier can I get...? XX