The boy on the bed groaned and opened his eyes, not sure where he was. He tried to use his right hand to rub his eyes. He found it to be cuffed to the bed he was currently laying on. A sick feeling in his gut and a tug at the left proved that that hand was chained down, too. After two short kicks and another sick, I'm-going-to-throw-up feeling, he found his legs chained down also. 'Warren Peace, you have gotten yourself in BIG trouble this time,' he told himself. That's when he started to struggle. He used all his strength and energy to try and break the metal hold, but to no avail.

"Peace, you're gonna wear yourself out before we start the 'fun,'" a voice said from the lightened doorway. Warren turned from his struggling, breathing heavily. He saw only a silhouette, but he recognized the voice.

"Lash! What the fuck?" Warren yelled, returning to his struggling.

Lash just laughed and walked over to his prisoner.

Warren then began to try his powers; maybe he could burn through the chains on his wrists. The flames refused to ignite.

Lash let out a new burst of laughter. "You can't ignite, dumbass. Can you feel the collar around your neck? It negates your powers. You can't use them! Wouldn't want to hurt your buddy Lash, now, would you?"

Warren swallowed hard; Lash was now leaning over him. The fireball's jacket was beginning to make him feel uncomfortable.

"Now, let's get that shirt and jacket off, hmm?" Lash asked, a smile on his face.

Warren smiled back. He could escape or, at least pry off his damn collar while his arms were unchained.

Lash caught the smile and immediately knew what Warren was thinking. "Oh, don't worry, Peace. We'll do this one arm at a time."

Warren's smile faltered, and then disappeared altogether.

"Aww, come on, War. You look so…pretty when you smile."

When Warren didn't oblige, Lash sighed and uncuffed the normally fiery boy's right wrist.

Warren's hand had snapped up to unbuckle the collar when Lash's hand grabbed his wrist.

"No way, Peace. The collar stays," Lash said, pulling the jacket sleeve off and moving the worn leather under Warren's body so he would be able to pull the other sleeve off quickly. Lash then grabbed the hem of Warren's shirt. Warren whimpered and arched off the bed as Lash's fingers touched the crotch of his jeans.

"Hmm…you like that?" Lash grinned.

Warren shook his head and replied, "I'd like it better if you let me go…"

"Ha, no. Nice sense of humor, but no." Lash grinned and tore the shirt up and over Warren's arm and head.

"Hmm…nice abs." Lash complimented, staring at said body part.

"…Thanks…I think…" Warren replied.

Lash grinned as he recuffed Warren's right hand. He then reached over and pinned the other boy's hand down before unlocking the handcuffs.

This time, Warren didn't struggle as his jacket and shirt fell to the floor. Lash buckled his hand back to the bed.

"Nice body…" Lash whispered, running one finger down the middle of Warren's chest. Warren let out a sharp gasp as the finger hit his stomach.

"DON'T DO THAT!" He shouted

"Are you…ticklish?" Lash smirked, doing it again and hearing Warren gasp with another protesting shout.

"Ooooo, Peace is ticklish! That is so cute!" Lash exclaimed, an overly happy look on his face. This would make it all the more fun.

"Leave me alone!" Warren yelled, Lash still tickling his stomach.

Lash stopped. "Aww, come on, fireball. You're so cute when you gasp and scream for mercy." He went on with his merciless tickling.

"Please! Please! Just stop! STOP!" Warren screamed, arching and wiggling wildly.

"Okay, okay. Let's just free you of a thick, unneeded material called 'jeans,'" Lash smirked, clearly enjoying his Warren torture.

"Wha- no. No motherfucking way are you-" Warren started, his face flushing an angry red.

"You're forgetting who's in charge!" Lash yelled, finally angered and shaking the chains that bound Warren to the bed. Warren's mouth fell open. He had never heard Lash angry before, and, he hated to admit, angry Lash scared him.

Lash sighed and regained his cool composure. "Alright, let's get the jeans off."

Warren, not wanting to see Lash's scary angry side again, complied.

Lash unbuckled both legs and held one down with his foot while unbuttoning Warren's torn jeans.

As Lash pulled the jeans over Warren's hips, he exposed flame boxers.

"Flames, huh? Big surprise!" Lash said sarcastically.

Warren just lay there, begging for the humiliation to end. His jeans were dropped uselessly to the floor. Now he lay before Lash in nothing but black flame boxers.

"Aww, Peace, give me a yell, a sigh, a moan, anything! I hate it when you're quiet," Lash waited. Nothing. "Fine, don't talk."

Lash then grabbed the hem of Warren's boxers and tugged them off.

"Whoa! You're bigger then I thought you would be!" Lash said, staring at a certain part of Warren's anatomy. He sighed at the sullen groan from Warren. "What's wrong, Love?" Lash asked.

"Well, I'm naked, scared, mad, and here with a crazy gay homo who likes to keep me chained up on a bed and refuses to take off his own clothes. Other than that, I'm just dandy!" Warren sighed.

Lash smirked, "I could always fix part of that statement…"

"Which part?" Warren asked.

"The 'refuses to take off his own clothes' part." Lash stood and pulled his black tee shirt over his head. His jeans were unbuckled and tossed to the floor. His boxer's matched the shoulder-length sleeves he had left on. Soon, his boxers joined the pile of forgotten clothing on the floor and he sat on the bed by Warren. His black and white striped sleeves were still on his arms.


"No, now something bad is going to happen. I can feel it."

"Nuh-uh. It'll be fun. You'll like it. I know for a fact." Lash grinned widly and set his palm on Warren's cock. Warren gave a high-pitched whimper like a small puppy and arched into Lash's hand. "Aww, how cute! You're just like a little puppy. I love it!" The stretch-tastic teen stroked his fiery prisoner's cock lightly, pulling more whimpers from the chained boy.

"P-please, Lash. Please," Warren pleaded between the whimpers. He couldn't help it or, God knows, he would stop turning Lash on with his puppy noise. "Just let me go. I'm begging you. My girlfriend is waiting for me. I told I'd see her tonight."

"Who, Serenity?" Lash was, of course, refering to Freeze Girl, Warren's current girlfriend.

"Y-yes. Please, I can't do this to her. I told her she'd be my first. Please, Lash, don't do this."

"I do what I please. You are my prisoner. You belong to me!" Lash yelled, giving a sadistic squeeze to Warren's cock, making Warren gasp and whimper louder. "And you will learn to like this. You'll be here until I decide to let you go, which probably won't be until death. Whoever dies first, you or me. Who do you think it will be?"

"You." Warren said, matter-of-fact.

"Why is that?" Lash's eyes narrowed. Was Peace planning on killing him?

"I inheirited both my parents' powers. Mom's flamethrower ability, Dad's invulnerability and immortality. I can't die." Warren said, turning his head into the pillow...well as far to the pillow as he could get being chained up.

"Love, look at me." Lash commanded, staring at the naked young man in front of him. Warren just sighed and kept his head turned. "Look at me!" Lash exclaimed, grabbing Warren's face between his hands and turning it roughly. Warren spat in the other boy's face. Lash slapped a hand to his forehead and wiped off the saliva. "Don't you DARE ever do that again." Lash's angry side was coming back.

"Fine." Warren said, trying to turn his head again.

"Oh no you don't." Lash said, his lips descending on Warren's. Warren struggled against Lash's mouth, turning his head in all directions to break the other boy's hold. Lash began to bite on Warren's lower lip, making him moan. The striped boy took advantage of his prisoner's open mouth and stuck his tongue inside. Warren protested by battling Lash's tongue with his own. Lash pulled away smiling. "I knew it! You love this now, don't you?"

"Hell no! I hate you, asshole. Hate you with all my heart."

"Aww, you'll learn to love me; you'll learn." Lash said encouragingly (not sure that that's a word but oh well...).

Warren shook his head, knowing that Lash could never know the truth. Warren DID love this, and he was getting VERY turned on by Lash's biting. Lash took a look at Warren before uncuffing his right hand. At first, Warren thought he was going to be set free, but Lash had other plans. He moved his captive's right hand to an empty cuff next to his left hand. Once there, it was cuffed. Now Warren's upper body was turnedto one side while his lower half was still flat on the bed. Not for long, as Lash had now uncuffed his right foot. Instead of chaining it, though, Lash bent his prisoner's knee and held it like that.

"Now, Peace...have you ever been fucked?" Lash asked conversationally.

Warren's eyes widened as he felt Lash position himself. He shook his head furiously.

"Oh, well I hope you like this." Lash smirked and thrust into Warren, making the boy cry out and begin to whimper again. He did it again and again, slowly getting a rythym (sp?) going. Warren cried out each time he was entered and whimpered until Lash pulled out again. Lash finally released inside Warren and pulled out. "So, how'd you like it?" Lash panted.

Warren couldn't stop whimpering to respond.

"Aww, poor puppy." Lash said as he chained Warren's foot back up and chained Warren's hand back where it had been.

"I'm going to be nice now and give you something before I either let you go or leave the room." Lash smiled and knelt between Warren's legs. His head lowered and he began to preform oral sex on his poor, broken prisoner. Warren bucked and whimpered as Lash continued. Warren released fairly quickly and Lash pulled away, swallowing. "How was that?"

Warren nodded, praying that he would be released soon, to go back to his mother and girlfriend. He could forgive Lash, forget about being raped, go back to his normal life.

"Fine, I'll let you go, but you have to promise me that you won't breathe a word of this to anyone. And you gotta break up with Serenity, you're my lover now. Agree?"

"And if I don't?"

"Then you stay here to be assaulted every night."

Warren weighted the options. Be Lash's boyfriend or be forced to have sex with him every night. Let everyone at school know he's gay or never return to school and be violated at night. The first option was more open. "Fine, I'll break up with Serenity. You're my boyfriend now." Warren said, though he didn't want to see Lash as his boyfriend.

"Good. But you have to treat me like you did Serenity at school. No more trying to kill me or calling me names, got it?"

Warren gulped. "Does that mean I have to kiss you between classes?"

"Hmm, yeah, I think so. We can always ditch classes and make out in the boy's bathroom."

As tempting as that was, Warren didn't want the other guys at school to know that he was gay. They wouldn't see him as a tough guy anymore. He barely noticed that he was unchained.

"You can take a shower over there." Lash pointed to a door in the corner.

Warren did just that, trying to scrub away the pain of being raped. When he exited, Lash was holding out Warren's clothes. "I'll take you home, love." Lash was already dressed as Warren threw on his clothes.

Once at Warren's house, Lash walked the other to the door. "Sorry if I hurt you." Lash said, looking at his feet.

Warren grasped his boyfriend's chin and brought his head up. "I'm fine." He then surprised both himself and Lash as he leaned in and kissed him. "Love you." He said with a salute and walked into the quiet house.

"Love you." Lash whispered, speeding back to his car.