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Summary: Life is full of surprises, and you can't always handle them. Sometimes, it's better to just play the part. Fin's about to get in way over his head. Read & review please!

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Playing The Part

Odafin Tutuola and his partner, John Munch, had just arrived at the crime scene. There was blood smeared on the walls, a decapitated body sprawled on the floor, and condom wrappers everywhere. Fin turned away for a moment. Sometimes, these cases were hard and the days were long. But, something else was bothering Fin. He had been having these rather bothersome feelings for the past few days. He just couldn't seem to shake the qualms off.

Lost in thought, he barely heard Munch calling to him. "Fin? What are ya doing? Come on."

Fin snapped out of it. "Coming." He made his way over. Munch was holding a camera and signified where he wanted to have pictures taken. Soon, the pictures were done and they hopped in the car and drove back to the squad room.

"What do we got?" Detective Olivia Benson asked when Munch and Fin returned.

"Joshua Gordon. 37-year-old male." Fin started.

"Decapitated." Munch interrupted. "No signs of forced entry. Warner says fluids indicated he had had sexual intercourse directly prior to death. Condom wrappers were found strewn about, and our vic here was in his birthday suit."

Fin stopped listening to his partner as he saw Captain Cragen emerge from his office. Captain Cragen noticed Fin's watchful eye upon him and signaled for him to go into the office.

"Shut the door." Cragen instructed Fin as soon as he was seated behind his desk.

"What's up, cap't?" Fin was beginning to get a sour feeling in his stomach.

"While you were at the scene, I got a call from Captain Lewis." Cragen paused.

"From Narcotics?" Fin paused as Cragen nodded. "What did he want?"

Fin pulled up a chair as Cragen explained. "Mitchell McKenzie… he passed away."

Fin closed his eyes for a long second. His face was slightly twisted when he sputtered out, "How?" Mitchell McKenzie had been his close friend since they went to high school together. They had been together in the academy, and were even partners for a while in Narcotics. After Mitch's wife died in a terrible car accident, Mitch took some time off to be with his two kids. That was around the time Fin transferred to Special Victims. Mitch didn't have practically any family. The two of them were like brothers.

"Killed in the line of duty." Cragen explained slowly. Fin's eyes, brimming with emotion met Cragen's. "You were on his emergency notification list."

Fin dropped his head. And took a deep breath. "Ok, thanks Captain."

"Fin, there's more. See, they couldn't find any of McKenzie's relatives, so you might want to go down to Narcotics and tie up a few loose ends." Cragen proceeded when Fin had nodded. "And take the rest of the day off." Fin started to protest, but Cragen jumped in. "Please?"

Fin finally conceded and left the office to get his things. Elliot, Olivia, and Munch were watched Fin walk methodically to his desk and pick up a few things before proceeding towards the door. With not so much as a "goodbye," the detective managed to stump three of New York's finest.

Fin drove over to Narcotics and paused before opening the door. Memories of his time there began to rush back to him. He didn't have the guts, or the time, to turn back because a rookie walked up to him, smiling. "Can I help you, sir?"

"Yeah. I'm Detective Tutuola and I'm here concerning Detective Mitchell McKenzie." Fin said, barely above a whisper.

The rookie's face dropped and he nodded in understanding. "This way."

Fin was led to the squad room he had been in so many times himself. Upon entering, he noticed that the normal lively atmosphere was tinted with sorrow, understandably. Right away, he noticed Captain Lewis sitting at his desk. A young teen, who looked to be no more than 16, was seated next to him. Her long brown hair hung in her face, not quite covering her eyes, puffy from crying.

Captain Lewis approached him. "Fin. Thanks for coming."

"Mitch was like a brother to me. Of course I'm going to do what I can."

Captain Lewis nodded. "So Cragen explained everything, right?" He waved his hand towards the girl, signaling for her to come near the two men.

Fin looked as confused as he was. "Not exactly…"

The captain got a concerned look on his face. The girl stopped in her tracks, a fresh set of tears forging wet trails down her pearly cheeks. "Mitch didn't have any other family. His wife died a few years back. Both their parents were gone…"

"I know that." Fin interrupted.

"All he had were his kids… and you." He paused. "You need to talk to his executive of state."

A tall, blonde haired man stood behind the Captain. "Odafin Tutuola?" Fin nodded. "He left you everything. His finances, worth approximately $2.2 million." Fin took an audible breath in. He had no idea that Mitch had that kind of money.

"Wow. Thank you very much." Fin began to dismiss the man when he interrupted.

"That's not all he left you."

"Huh? What else did he leave me?"

"Not 'what else'… It's 'who else?'" Fin was getting irritated. Sensing this, the executive continued. "He left you his daughter, Kaitlin."

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