30. "Sitting out dances on the wall/trying to forget everything that isn't you…"


Prince Fiyero.

That was all he ever heard growing up. "Prince Fiyero" this and "Prince Fiyero" that. When he was older, Sarima called him "Fi" when they first met. Her pet name for him, it drove him mad when she said it. At Shiz it was just "Fiyero". He rather liked that. It was simple and it didn't make him sound like a dog.

However there were only two people who could call him by his favorite nickname, "Yero".

The first one wrote it all over his notebook when he thought Fiyero wasn't looking. The other was a green-skinned girl who called it out in passion when Fiyero was thinking of someone else.

But what did they put on his tombstone?

"Here lies Prince Fiyero."

He hated being called "prince".


9/19/06 2:30 pm