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Chapter 1: In a Constant State of Arguments

"He's somewhere in here," said Robin. The Titans were in some sort of warehouse where they saw a man who just held up a bank run into. They didn't want to hurt him, since he was just a normal guy who seemed down on his luck.

The warehouse was very large with hundreds of aisles full of boxes of all sizes. It was rather dark, since it was night, so Cyborg shed some light on the situation with the one built into his shoulder.

"But where has he gone?" asked Starfire.

"Yeah, he could be anywhere," said Beast Boy.

"We'll split up," said Robin running off. They each took a different part of the warehouse and began to search.

Beast Boy had turned into a bloodhound and was sniffing around on the warehouse floor. He thought he could just smell the hint of the thief, but it was leading in the direction that Cyborg was searching. He quickly changed back and called out, "Hey Cyborg, I think he's near you!"

"Thanks man!" Cyborg called back.

"No problem," said Beast Boy and he went to turn around when he walked into someone. He gave a small shriek and jumped back. Then he saw who it was. "Geez, Raven, don't sneak up on me like that."

"I didn't sneak up on you," said Raven plainly. "I heard you calling out and I came to see why."

"I was just telling Cyborg that I smelled the thief guy heading towards him," said Beast Boy regaining his composure. "I swear, someday I'm gonna put a collar on you with a bell."

Raven frowned and said, "Well maybe if you were a little more aware of something other than yourself I wouldn't startle you." And with that she began to walk away. Out of the corner of her eye she just saw a dark figure pass by in the next aisle. She stopped and looked.

"So what? You're saying that I'm obsessed with myself?" asked Beast Boy walking over to her.

"Hush!" said Raven, trying to quiet him down.

"No, I wanna know…"

"Shut up!" said Raven covering his mouth with her powers. Beast Boy continued to talk and yell at her, though she couldn't make out what he was saying, but stopped when he saw something move as well. Once she knew that he would be quiet she released his mouth.

The two stood still and tried to see if they could hear anything near them. They heard something land a few feet away from them and turned their heads. As they did they heard something above them. They both looked up and saw a box move off of one of the high shelves and fall right for them. The box flipped over as it fell and four bottle of liquid flew out of it. They both jumped out of the way as fast as they could. The bottles smashed on the floor between them and the cardboard box bounced off of Raven.

From the bottles came a thick cloud of pink smoke. Beast Boy and Raven didn't have enough time to pick themselves up and they both inhaled the pink smoke deep into their lungs. They both choked and then got to their feet. As they did they could just hear the sound of someone running away from them.

"What is this stuff?" asked Beast Boy coughing and waving the smoke away from him.

"Probably nothing good," said Raven.

The sounds of a scuffle could be heard on the other side of the warehouse and the two ran towards it to see what was happening. As they arrived at the scene they saw Robin just pinning the thief to the ground and taking his handcuffs out.

"Buddy, there are much better ways of getting money," said Robin bringing the man to his feet.

"Y'all okay?" asked Cyborg. "We heard somethin crash."

"We're fine," said Raven.

"Yeah, but we were almost crushed by a box with liquid filled bottles inside," said Beast Boy a little over dramatically.

"We were not almost crushed," said Raven, rolling her eyes.

"Come on, let's turn this guy in," said Robin.

The Titans handed the thief over to the police then headed back to the tower in the T-car. Cyborg had the music blasting and he was humming and using the steering wheel like a drum. Robin had his arm hanging out the window and he was tapping along to the music as well. Starfire was in the back laughing and trying to sing along to the song. Beast Boy was in the middle seat and he and Raven kept elbowing each other to move over.

"You're on my side," said Beast Boy.

"Beast Boy, there are no sides," said Raven pushing him back over. "So stop jabbing me!"

"I will when you move over," he said shoving her. The two continued to push and shove each other back and forth.

"Yo! Cut it out!" ordered Cyborg. "I'm not gonna have you two fightin in my baby."

"We're not fighting," said Raven as she struggled to keep Beast Boy away from her.

"Beast Boy, leave her alone," said Robin turning around.

"She's the one taking up too much space," said Beast Boy.

"And what's the supposed to mean?" asked Raven, her eyes growing dark with her powers.

"Please, friends, do not do the bickering," pleaded Starfire.

"No, I want to know what Beast Boy meant," said Raven.

"You know exactly what it meant," said Beast Boy trying to move her over.

"Are you calling me fat?" she asked, her hair started to fly around her head as if it were statically charged from her powers.

"Hey, I didn't say that," said Beast Boy. "You just jumped to that conclusion."

"Well that's what you were insinuating," said Raven, growing darker and larger.

"I was not insinerating anything!" said Beast Boy. "I don't even know what it means."

"Enough!" yelled Cyborg.

"What's with you two?" asked Robin. "All you've been doing lately is fighting."

"She started it," said Beast Boy. Raven growled and showed some razor sharp teeth.

"I don't care who started it, I'll finish it," said Cyborg.

"Friends should not fight like this," said Starfire. "Fighting never does any of the good."

"I don't want either of you talking to each other until we get back to the tower," said Robin.

"You're not our parent, Robin," said Raven.

"That wasn't a suggestion, that was an order," said Robin in his leader tone.

Both Raven and Beast Boy crossed their arms and looked away from each other. The whole ride home they secretly kept pushing and shoving each other back and forth.

Once they got home Raven went right to her room and slammed the door. She was feeling very tired and very aggravated. Beast Boy stayed out in the common room where he expressed his feelings towards Raven at that moment.

"She thinks she can do whatever she wants," said Beast Boy. "Just because she can turn all dark and scary."

"Beast Boy, do not speak of Raven like that," said Starfire.

"Well it's true," said Beast Boy. "I was practically being crushed because of her big butt pushing me against Starfire."

"You better hope she can't hear you," said Robin. "I wouldn't want Raven thinking that I thought she was fat. Which she isn't, Beast Boy."

"Well her butt is," said Beast Boy sitting down on the couch.

"It is not," said Cyborg. "Ya know, you can be pretty mean sometimes."

"Good, it's time for her to have a taste of her own medicine," said Beast Boy under his breath.

"Beast Boy, I want you to stay away from Raven tomorrow," said Robin. "I know she'll stay away from you. I don't know why, but you two have been getting on each others nerves more and more often."

"Well it's not my fault," said Beast Boy. "I've tried to be her friend; she's the one who won't be friendly."

"Oh, I can't listen to this anymore," said Cyborg. "I'm gonna wash the T-car." And with that he left.

Beast Boy crossed his arms and pouted on the couch for a while. He let out a yawn and noticed how tired he was. He stood up, stretched, and then headed off to bed. He was suddenly feeling exhausted and could barely make it to his room. He pulled himself up to his top bunk and fell asleep the second his body touched the mattress.

Raven sat on her bed meditating. She didn't know why, but Beast Boy just rubbed her the wrong way. Everything about him seemed to annoy her. And now he was calling fat? The next time she saw him she was going to give him the strongest, worst wedgie of his life.

She opened her eyes, after meditating for a few minutes, and felt like the room was spinning. She sat back down on her bed and held her head. She let out a yawn and felt like she was going to pass out. She quickly took her cloak off and got into her bed. By the time her head hit the pillow she was asleep.

"I swear, sometimes I think we should just send one of them away," said Cyborg as he dried off the T-car. Robin and Starfire were there helping him.

"But I do not want Beast Boy or Raven to leave," said Starfire. "Perhaps they should go to the counseling."

"I don't think they need counseling, Star," said Robin. "But they definitely need to stop all of this fighting. A few months ago they were just fine with each other, now they can't go ten minutes without arguing."

"Maybe they just need some time away from each other," said Cyborg.

"Well, if they start up again tomorrow I'll consider separating them for a while," said Robin. "I just hope it really doesn't have to come to that."