You're Here Now

I know that some parts seem boring so far, but trust me. I have a plan. I'm just trying to work things out a little bit. I'm taking one step out of a time with this fiction. Please be patient. I'm working my hardest so that you all enjoy what you are reading and do not waste your time.

I also understand my writing errors. I plan to eventually go over them and edit them. Sorry about that. I just type really fast and get confused without realizing it.

Warning: May contain sexual content in the future

Rating: T for Teen

Couple: Takuto and Mitsuki

Disclaimer: I do not own Full Moon Wo Sagashite or any of the characters associated with the series.

Recap: Arriving in front of woods, Mitsuki became confused. There was no way she was going into that place. It looked creepy beyond reason. She wasn't one to fear lots of things, especially when Takuto was around, but that was just to much at this time of night.

"Woods?" She quizzed, hoping this wasn't his plan. End Recap

Chapter 6: Fireflies And Dating

The smell of wood and grass came to her nostrils with a gentle breeze. It was a somewhat comforting smell. Much more comforting than she would have expected it to be. She wanted to curse Takuto for dragging her through such a dark area, but it couldn't be helped.


"Woods?" She quizzed, hoping this wasn't his plan. Takuto looked at her for a long moment and then crossed his arms.

"For year you expected to die in months. You showed barely any fear at all, but this scars you?" He raised an eyebrow. She stared deep into his brown orbs and sighed. He was right. "Come on." Takuto grabbed her hand and started pulling her into the darkened area.

End Flashback

She had persisted on leaving at all once they had entered. She didn't understand that herself.

"Where are we going?" She questioned him once more. He didn't stop and kept his eyes on the path before them.

"You wanted to relax." It wasn't a question, more of a statement. "Well I'm giving you a chance to relax. I'm tired of your complaints."

"I don't..." She stopped, realizing that even though his voice sounded somewhat harsh, he was just teasing her. She smiled behind him and continued to allow him to drag her along. She considered possible destinations, but none of them fit correctly with the situation.

"We're almost there." Takuto informed. He released her hand and began to push aside a few bushes, creating an entrance. Mitsuki look at him and than the entrance. "Go on." He pushed. She nodded and passed him. Takuto heard her gasp and then passed through himself.

He smiled softly and looked at her back. She stood tense, staring at the gorgeous scene before her. There were only woods surrounding this place. It was large and open. Just being there felt like absolute freedom.

A small pond took up and ten by twenty foot area. Green, luscious grass spread out all around the vicinity. Fireflies glowed brightly around the water. With the moonlight flashing down, the scene looked unbelievable serene, astounding, perfect...

"It's... it's beautiful." Mitsuki turned back to face Takuto. A smile that almost looked sad on her face. Takuto frowned. He had expected her to be blissful about it, not sad.

"What's wrong?" He leaned his head to the side just the slightest. His heart skipped a beat as a tear rolled down her cheek and dripped off of her chin. Had he done something wrong?

"No..." Mitsuki giggled and wiped the extra salty water the tear left behind. This time she smiled brighter. She wasn't sad. She was just overjoyed. "Nothing is wrong." That assured Takuto. He tried to smile in return. Why had she looked so sad? "I'm just so happy." She walked forward, towards Takuto. He looked on at her with worry. "Thank you." Before he knew what was happening, she was slowly wrapping her arms around him and leaning her head into his chest.

Takuto had expected her to be happy. yes, but why the sudden display of affection? He blushed.

"Mitsuki...?" He grasped her shoulders and pulled her off him for a moment to look into her eyes, curious. She was still smiling.

Mitsuki couldn't explain it to him. She knew it would sound strange and corny. It was simpler than it seemed. All of her emotions throughout the past months had just been stored up within her. She had been so fatigued. She finally felt awake and relieved. She was back to her normal self again and all along it had just taken a single glance at serenity.

Staring into Takuto's eyes, Mitsuki leaned up. She was about to kiss his lips, but for some reason she settled for his cheek. They hadn't kissed much throughout the years. They weren't officially dating or anything like that, but it was close enough.

"We should go." Mitsuki grabbed his hand and began to lead the way away from the beautiful area. She hadn't even bothered to question how he had come across it, or why he had actually brought her there. None of that mattered right now. She would ask him another time and place.

One Month Later

"Thanks for the meal!" Mitsuki spoke enthusiastically, picking up her plate. All the while, her maid and grandmother wondered why she was in such a great mood so early in the morning.

As Mitsuki made her way into the kitchen she hummed. Her school uniform looked fabulous. It was similar to the one she had worn when she was younger, but the colors were different. Purple replaced pink. It was also slightly more bold.

Mitsuki's dyed blond hair swung from side to side with each step. School was finally starting up again. She was in tenth grade now. High school was much better than middle school. She had learned that throughout her freshman year.

Mitsuki was also grateful that Takuto would be visiting her class today. He was going to give a speech about the difficulties of making it in life. When she had confronted him about it, he had confessed that he didn't want to do it, but the teacher had made him feel guilty. She had to laugh at that.

She wondered if anyone would say anything. She was lucky to have no one question her that day before. She couldn't tell people that she was Full Moon. Full Moon was supposed to be older. If anyone asked she would say Full Moon was her cousin. They looked alike. Only her close friends knew the truth.

Grabbing something front the closest, Mitsuki began to pulled her blond hair up. She placed a brown wig on her head. She had really hated the idea of wearing a wig, but Ooshige had convinced her that it was best. If she had a different hair color, no one would be as curious about it.

With the lengthy brown hair she seemed to look more natural. With that in mind she felt more at ease. Walking over to the door she pulled up her purple back back and slung it over her shoulder. She slipped on shoes and pulled up her long white socks.

"Goodbye!" She waved to the two seated at the table and slid open the door. Takuto was giving her a ride today. She was happy that she wouldn't have to walk on the second day.

Jogging up to the exit of the shrine, Mitsuki immediately noticed Takuto's blue sports car. He had not beaped for her out of courtesy. She ran up to the passenger's door and opened it, peaking in at Takuto. Jeans, a white top, and a leather jacket adorned his skin. As usual his hair was pulled back into a pony tail. A few stray strands curved around his handsome face.

"How long have you been waiting?" She asked, getting in and shutting the door.

"Five minutes." The door automatically locked and Takuto pulled the cars gears, pressing on the peddle. He headed down the road.

"Are you nervous?" Mitsuki looked over at Takuto. She didn't expect him to admit it. He was silent at first.

"Should I be?"

"I would, but you really shouldn't." She spoke honestly. Takuto bobbed his head.

The drive was not long. Takuto pulled into the visitors lot and parked the car. Students walked past, not noticing who was in the car.

"I should get out first." People would ask questions if they saw her in the same car as Takuto Kira, the famous male pop star. She opened the door and ducked low. Once she was out she shut the door and went around a few cars before she lifted her head up. She began to nonchalantly walk up the sidewalk, with other students.

From the side of Mitsuki's view she watched Takuto's car. He didn't get out right away. She expected him to wait until the coast was clear. The last thing he needed was to be bombarded by a bunch of teenagers.

Mitsuki placed one hand over the other on her oak desk. She leaned forward, anxious to know what Takuto was going to say when he entered. He would be talking for her last period class, the class she was currently occupying. She hadn't seen him once throughout the day, even though he had probably gone from classroom to classroom all day. She had hoped to at least see him roaming the halls once or twice.

"Class settle down." The red-headed, bespectacled female teacher spoke firmly. She stood in the center of the class. "I'm sure you've all heard about out speaker today?" The class erupted with noise. "Please hush!" She waited for everyone to calm down and then continued. "Takuto Kira is here today to speak to you about his profession and what it took to get there. He will explain the hardships and good times in his life. His main reason today is to give you all a slice of reality."

"I wonder what he looks like up close and in person." Some girl whispered to her friend. Mitsuki had overheard. She didn't pay any attention.

"Now, he should be here any moment. Stay quiet and show our guest what a well behaving class you all are." Even in the second day of school, Ms. Masami had a lot of faith in her class. Mitsuki admired that.

Mitsuki knew that Takuto was not one to judge so sternly. She was sure that he was not that best student himself. He had told her so once. Juggling school and music had been a difficult task.

There was knock on the door. As soon as it was opened, Takuto was revealed, a teacher along side him. The teacher bowed and walked away. She had obviously helped him get to where he needed to be.

There was a lot of chattering. Girls and guys each had their own opinions. Mituski stayed quiet the whole time, even though the friends that surrounded her couldn't stop talking. Excitement. There was a lot of it.

"Alright, alright, everyone!" The teacher gestured for everyone to be quiet again.

Takuto had started off explaining the death of his parents and how two men had taken him under their wing. Everyone had listened intently throughout the whole thing. Some parts seemed depressing, while others seemed uplifting and inspirational.

When he had told them about his throat cancer, everyone seemed to look at him in a different perspective. He had had to lie to them about getting it surgically removed, which was why had had stopped singing for some time. He couldn't tell them he died and when he came back to life it had disappeared.

"...and here I am today." He finally finished. He sighed in relief. He had talked so much his throat hurt and he had signed so many autographs his wrist ached. He wanted to go home and sleep for the rest of the days.

There was clapping from everyone, including the teacher. Takuto smiled, wondering why they couldn't have chosen someone else to do this, someone more experienced. There was of course the fact that he was local.

"Questions?" The teacher questioned. Students hands flew up. "You." The teacher pointed to one.

"After surgery, how long did it take you to regain your voice?" A male asked.

Takuto looked at Mitsuki. He had never really had surgery, so he figured it was best to use her experience.

"Not that long. A month maybe." He wasn't completely sure.

"You." The teacher pointed to another. This time it was a girl.

"Do you have a girlfriend?" She leaned forward, with excited eyes.

"Now, is that really appropriate?" Ms. Masami began. The girls interjected, questioning him over.

"Do you?"

Takuto blushed. He looked around and his eyes landed on Mitsuki, who also held a small blush. They weren't officially going out. They were just really close. What was he supposed to say? If he said yes, what would she say? If he said no, what would she think? His silence seemed to go on forever. How was he going to answer? It wasn't such a difficult question. He shouldn't be taking so long. Finally he gulped back worry and chose one.

"I do." He finally responded. He noticed Mitsuki's blush. The girls began talking again, some sounded disappointed.

"I never want to do that again." Takuto said as he pressed the peddle with his foot. His head was really hurting him now. Mitsuki buckled her seat belt.

"Was it really that bad?"

"It was worst than what I thought it would be like." He made a quick, sharp turn. Mitsuki leaned back, considering his earlier reply to a certain question.

"I do."

"Does this mean we're officially boyfriend and girlfriend?" She had no idea where she had gathered up the courage to say such a bold thing, but she never had time to stop herself. She blushed. Takuto seemed to be blushing even more.

"If you want it to." He spoke after a long time. Mitsuki smile.

"I do."

This chapter had a point. It was supposed to show that Takuto and Mitsuki were finally going to actually be going out as boyfriend and girlfriend. They really always acted like it, but now it's official.