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Stars don't shine

A Chrno Crusade Story


"We'll never know what our future holds.

And since we can't know, I don't want to just give up and accept things as they are.

You have to do whatever you can do.

I'll keep going right up until the end."

Rosette Christopher, Chrono Crusade Book 1


Chapter 1: Star light, Star bright

Our story begins at Magdalene Academy, a Catholic High School in New York. The strict school was separated into three main parts: a girls dorm, a boys dorm, and a gym area. The girls never made any contact with the boys since they had separate school areas within their dorms. This made all the boys of the school have no education whatsoever about the feminine race. Especially since most of the boys there had spent the majority of their lives at that school, with only being able to contact boys.

Now, within these many boys we shall focus on one, reader. His name is Chrono. Within these many twisting halls and stairways of the school, we find Chrono slugging down a hallway towards his one destination. His destination being, the one place he could call home. If you can call a boys dorm room that changes every two semesters a home.

Oh wait, excuse me, reader. But it seems that I have misnamed our character. In this school, his name resides as:

Chrono the sinner.

Well, that was his official nick name at Magdalene Academy. It's not like Chrono was bad or anything, he just looked…well…like a demon. I mean, who else has natural red eyes? He could've dyed his hair purple, but most people choose to think the truth, that it was his real hair color. It didn't help at all that his so called "best fiend", Aion made him get in all sorts of trouble either. Hmph, it seemed as if the whole World was out to get this Sinner, as if there was a certain crusade against him….Heh, Chrono Crusade.

If anyone had actually gotten to know Chrono, they'd know that he was no "Sinner" in any way. He was just a bit rough on the outside and soft on the inside… Hmm…sounds like a Snicker bar…Mmm…Snickers….Anyway, back to Chrono.

Chrono, having no "real friends" besides Aion and his group of cronies that followed Aion around, sulked in his dorm room. He stretched out on his bed and plugged in his Ipod, blasting his ears with rock music. He sighed; he had nothing to do. He had no girls to go out with, no real friends to hang with, and had no parents to call or visit.

Yes, Chrono was alone in his dorm, in the school, and in the whole World. No one truly cared for him and his life meant nothing to anyone. But luckily for Chrono, fate has a way for setting things up, no matter how many strings need to be pulled, fate must work. This went for him too, meaning, a whole lot of things for Chrono were going to change.

Let us hope, reader, that fate will help Chrono. That a sudden alliance shall become known between fate and him; so that, life will finally take a turn. And everything shall cease to remain the same…

"Damnit!" Chrono cursed, hoping that the reverend near by hadn't heard him "I hate new semesters!". Besides having to wear an outfit that looked like it came from the 1920's, new semesters meant a 'Welcoming Party". Party, the word of evil! He didn't fit in at any kind of party, he just faded in. Plus at the party, the girls dorm on the other side of the school joined in, he and girls just didn't mix- at all.

Ever since he met that girl, Mary, he didn't associate with girls at all. Girl,…another word of evil! But besides all that, back to the hating of the semester….

Down a chandelier-lit alcove, Chrono went cursing the whole way as he went up to the main office. Every student without a roommate for their dorm was requested to go there to meet the new students joining that semester. Chrono smirked knowingly, no one would pick to be his roommate. They were always too intimidated by his appearance.

He looked down the row of rowdy, talkative boys until he found an empty seat. Walking over to the seat, there was a drastic silence and plenty of stares and laughs were turned his way. He gave them all intimidating glares, they were instantly silenced. Inside, he was laughing, there was no way he was going to get a roommate now that everyone was scared of him! Knowing this, Chrono's smirk turned into a vampire-toothy grin.

This part was easy. The nuns and teachers would interview him and he'd be honest. Everyone thought he was weird anyway, so if his hobbies were posted up for the new guys to see, no one would ask to be his roommate.

(Bonus part, you can skip to the next part)


School: Magdalene Academy

Last Name: Remora

First Name: Chrono

Age: 16 years

D.O.B: 2/16/86

Record Nickname: Chrono the Sinner

Guardian (s): N/A

Religion: Catholic

Favorite Movie: Terminator 1-3

Favorite Show: Full Metal Alchemist (Anime)

Favorite Book: The Giver By Lois Lowry

Favorite Quote: "You can't wait for your adventure. You have to go out and make one." -Anonymous

Hobbies: Listening to his favorite rock music, watching stars, playing any game that isn't hand-held, and fencing (sword-fights).

Favorite Sport: N/A

Later on, all the interview papers were posted up for the new guys to see. Chrono sat at a bench nearby to watch them, just to scare them off more.

Now remember that really sad part about Chrono having no friends or family? Well, there's an advantage to that. Having no friends meant that you were hidden. No one knew anything really about you. Meaning, no one could turn against you, no one could talk about your secrets behind your back, no one could break your heart, no one could kill you from the inside out…

Chrono shook his head, "break his heart" brought back bad memories. Memories of her

Soon, all the new kids were gone, each of them had taken the interview sheet of the person they wanted as their roommate. Chrono smirked as he walked up to the board, his was the only interview left. He congratulated himself, he had the dorm to himself for a whole more year!


Chrono turned around, surprised that someone had addressed a "Sinner" like himself. Though he wasn't too shocked to see the guy running up to him with luggage behind him, a new guy who didn't know how scary a "Sinner" he was. Hmph. "What?" growled Chrono arrogantly, he looked up into his face, being the shortest at the academy.

The boy had deep blue eyes and seemed heavy-set, he had lumps in his shirt as if he had a watermelon tucked hidden under there. He had on a small cap with his stunning blond hair tucked into a bun in the back of him. He was wearing baggy black slacks and a white button-up shirt. "I got here late. I'm supposed to choose a roommate or something?" Chrono rolled his eyes "The board's right there.". "Oh." the boy scratched his head in embarrassment "thanks.".

Chrono ignored the boy and walked back off to his dorm to celebrate, forgetting who the very last interview sheet had belonged to…

Thank God there was no class on the first day! Chrono had music blasting in his ears and was routinely staring at the window. Suddenly something interrupted his Linkin Park madness which made Chrono fume with anger.


Who could possibly be knocking at his door? Chrono smirked evilly, probably some teacher ready to lecture him for something Aion had accused him of doing,… again. After three repeating series of this knocking pattern, Chrono opened the door coming face to face with a fist.


A small trickle of blood slithered down his forehead. "Oh applesauce! I didn't want to hit him! Are you ok!" Chrono sat up to face the face of his attacker. It was the boy he had seen this morning, his face looked slightly flushed and he was staring at him with apologetic eyes.

"Whatever." Chrono shrugged it off "What do you want?" he said, his voice raised and powerful. "Horsefeathers! You're bleeding!" Chrono found a tissue being dabbed against his forehead and soon gentle hands, checking for any signs of injury. Finally, the boy stood up and away from Chrono. "I'm sorry, I was trying to knock on the door but your head got kind of in the way…" Chrono glared, asking once again:

"What do you want!…Who the hell are you!"

The boy was a bit taken a back at his language, this was a Catholic school. "I'm Joshua Christopher!" a glare met the new boy's eyes "And I care because?' the annoyed Sinner retorted.

"Well,…I'm your new roommate."

Chrono nearly fainted right there and then. "R-R-Roommate?" "Yep!" said the boy cheerfully, he put an arm around Chrono's shoulders and hugged him as if he were a long lost brother. A very bold personality, too bad he didn't know the rules yet. Chrono easily shook away from the hug and glared at him.

"Don't touch me."

Joshua frowned at his attitude "What's with the sour attitude, buster? I just want to be your friend, we are roommates now.". Chrono froze at those words. "Friendhe wants to be my friend…". "Listen kid, we've got to try and change your room. You can't be my roommate."

Joshua seemed taken a back "Why not?" "'Cause…'Cause…Look, we just can't!". Two fierce glares met, fire burning in between "I'm not going anywhere unless you tell me why!". Chrono growled "Just forget it." he shut the door of his room and walked back over to his bed where his Ipod was awaiting him.

"Your just going to leave me standing here!" Chrono shot him a death glare. In silence, he took Joshua's bags and dumped them on the spare bed. He walked back over to his Ipod saying these last words: "Don't talk to me.".

The new roommate simply glared in his direction. He began to unpack and settle in the bed on the other side of the sun-lit room, mumbling about how rude his new roommate was…

The next day, Chrono was walking to his first class, growling about how the year was going to be the worst of his life. Great, first period was the worst, Sister Kate a.k.a Math. The subject and teacher of evil! Being seated, as usual, in the back of the class, the bell rung and the lesson began.

"As you see here, the square root can also be found by using what's called a radical-" the sister was cut off by a loud knocking at the door. Chrono's eyebrow's shifted, there was something about that knocking that was familiar… "Yes?" Sister Kate cooed, slightly annoyed that her class was disrupted. She opened the door to see the one and only Joshua. His hair was done in a messy bun, his clothes look like they were literally thrown on him, and he was sweating from head to toe.

He wiped sweat off his brow "Sorry I'm late, umm…Sister-" "Sister Kate" the teacher growled. "Right, I didn't know what time class started. I made it here as fast as I could." "Your late." a harsh voice came from the woman. Joshua gulped "S-S-Sorry…" a glare burned into Joshua's skull. This teacher was mean… "I'll let you off because it's your first day but-" she looked him in the eye "Don't you EVER be late again. Do I make myself clear?".

Joshua nodded nervously before he was directed to sit in the back. And as luck has it, right next to his good ol' roommate. Chrono banged his head on the desk as he sat next to him, this was not happening… "Hey Chrono?", Joshua said, knowing his name from the interview sheet. Chrono didn't answer, he knew better than to talk in this class. "Why's that old hag so strict?"

Chrono looked up and stared at his roommate. He could sense something bad was going to happen. Joshua had already been late, making the Sister already pissed off, but to call her an old hag? Oh Lord. Chrono, not wanting to be caught in the madness, edged his seat away from Joshua, making the boy give him a quizzical look.

Sister Kate stopped writing on the chalkboard. She turned her head ever so slowly to let the anger bubble through her before she let it loose. Within seconds, Sister Kate was at Joshua's desk and requesting for him to stand. Being shocked at how quick she was, he stood and was soon in a twisted head-lock. Now don't get me wrong, reader, Sister Kate was a nun, but she was a violent nun.

After class…

"That was the scariest teacher I've ever seen!" whispered Joshua in fear, walking next to Chrono. "Can you leave me alone? Go get some new friends!" a glare came out of the blonde "Not until you tell me why you don't want me as your roommate!". Chrono huffed out a sigh "Whatever".

Joshua followed behind Chrono, glaring the whole time. As they walked out of the boys dorm and towards the gym area Joshua couldn't help but think: "Why's he so grouchy! Doesn't he want friends! Does he have any at all!".

Next class was gym, and once again luck granted them with having the same class. "Alright ladies! Get out on the track! I want to see five laps done today!" the coach blew his whistle. Chrono sighed, he wasn't dressed for gym but he began to run. Suddenly, running up next to him was Joshua wearing a white t-shirt and navy shorts. Where'd he get the uniform from that fast?

Chrono shrugged it off that wasn't what was confusing him. Was it just him or did Joshua's legs have a shape to them? He looked at his own legs, they were muscular and healthy but definitely not rounded and shapely. Hmm…maybe he was heavy-set…But did heavy-set people have shapely hips, thighs, and slender calves? He didn't know so he shrugged it off, maybe it was some birth defect…

About fifteen minutes later…

The coach blew his whistle "Everyone in the shower! Move it! You've got fifteen minutes!". Joshua froze on the track "S-Shower?" he stuttered "Yeah, you heard him." Chrono said, his voice tired as he walked towards the boys locker room. Joshua was walking next to him, but was very hesitant to go in.

Inside, steam and the putrid smell of sweat filled the air. Chrono walked over to his locker, sat on a bench, and then began to remove his shoes. Joshua started to shake, he walked in and sat next to Chrono, sweat streaming down his brow. Chrono, seeing sweat suddenly drop to the floor was curious "You alright?". Joshua didn't answer, he was looking the other way as if trying to avoid looking at him period. What was with him?

Suddenly, a boy with no towel on passed in front of them and walked towards his locker. Joshua's eyes got wide. All of a sudden, he fell backwards over the bench.

Chrono's eyes bugged out of his head. What was wrong with this kid? He checked his pulse, it was still beating. So, Joshua had fainted. Grunting, he lifted him over his shoulder, not bothering to tell the coach who wouldn't give a damn and walked out towards the infirmary.

"So is he ok?"

The doctor, also known as the Elder shook his head. His fingers were on his chin and he had a huge grin on. Chrono sat patiently in the waiting room, knowing that the Elder was sometimes hesitant. "Where did you find this student again?"

"I told you, he fainted in the boys locker room." Chrono said for the third time that hour. Didn't he believe him? Even though he did have a "Sinner's" reputation… "Hmm…umm…Chrono was it?" he nodded "Follow me,". Chrono got up and was led into the patient room.

He saw Joshua asleep in a white hospital bed, a white cover on him and his hair out of it's bun and the length was now at his shoulder's. "Yes?" Chrono asked after a minute of silence passed by. "Look Chrono," he pulled back the cover, Chrono's eyes got big.

"Now tell me,…do boys where bra's?" Chrono jaw dropped and he stared in utter shock, staring at the straps of white lace. He quickly looked away, a tender blush occupying his cheeks. It all made sense now. The long hair in a bun, the shapely legs, fainting when he saw a naked guy

It took Chrono a full ten minutes to get over the shock and to take away the silence the room had. "So,…your telling me that…He's a she?" The Elder nodded "Unless he's gay or has physiological problems…". "Well, can you make sure, cause it could be physiological." Chrono said, hoping to God that it was. "Well,…" The Elder grinned, a twinkle in his eye "the only way to do that is…"


Chrono turned the whole opposite direction this way he couldn't see "Joshua" at all. The Elder laughed at his childishness and began to examine his patient.

A few minutes of silence went bye until…

"Hrn…what happened- YOU PERVERT!" All of a sudden, Chrono saw the Elder bang against the wall, his face looked swollen and had a trickle of blood coming from his mouth. He turned around, "Joshua" was awake. "Joshua, or…whoever you are, you just punched out your doctor!" Chrono exclaimed, amazed that his strength had taken the strong, yet old man down.

"Well he shouldn't of been putting his hands up my-"

"I DON'T WANT TO KNOW!" Chrono screamed yet again, flushing a purplish red color.

"Joshua" glared at the now unconscious Elder then his face suddenly went to a scared expression. "Up my…" "Joshua's" face flushed red and his hands flew around his abdomen "My bra!- you- did you see- what did you-". Chrono shook his head "I didn't see anything. But tell me, Joshua, are you a girl and who are you?"

"Joshua" gulped. "Well,…" he began sadly "I guess the jig is up…" ,his voice had 1920-style lingo. "I am a girl and my name is Rosette Christopher. But if you tell anyone…" Chrono listened intently as Rosette covered herself with the hospital sheets "I'll never be able to see my family again.".

Chrono was shocked even more than before. How was that even possible? He wanted to press on so many questions but nothing seemed to come out of his mouth. He just nodded dumbly, as if he understood every word and knew exactly how she felt and knew her situation. "I won't tell as long as we get out of here without anyone else knowing. Good thing, the old doc's asleep.".

Rosette was taken aback by his sudden kindness, especially from the first impression she was given. She nodded, smiling. "But umm…Chrono?" he nodded "Would you mind passing over my clothes?" he feel over anime-style.

When the duo had finally left, the Elder opened his eyes. "I guess it's safe to be "conscious" now…Hmm…" he smiled "Looks like little Chrono finally has himself a friend…".
"Phew!" Chrono panted, leaning back on the door of his dorm room. They had to run through the halls in order to not be spotted "cutting class". Even though they had a good reason, reader, do remember that Chrono didn't ask permission to go to the infirmary with "Joshua" who is now Rosette.

Rosette walked over to her bed and laid down, immediately taking her hair out and slipping off her shoes. Chrono walked in behind her, and reached for his Ipod. "Hey Chrono," she stopped him before "Breaking the Habit" had a chance of reaching his ears. "What?" he retorted, his attitude in his voice but it didn't sound as cruel as before "why won't you tell my secret?".

Chrono looked at her, then tore the gaze away slowly and turned his attention to the window. "You know,…when I was younger, a girl I knew told me something about stars. She said that every life had it's own star and that no star could shine on it's own." he paused, no interruptions. This surprised him, whenever he had tried to say anything no one would bother to listen or would laugh or even start a new subject in he middle of his sentence.

Hesitant, he continued "In order to make your star shine, you have to make life worth your while and help other stars out there to shine. And I thought…if you can't ever see your family again then your star won't shine. So I just wanted to help you shine…". Suddenly, he found his own hands over his mouth "I didn't mean it that way! That came out wrong! It almost sounded like I wanted to be your-" Rosette walked over to him and knelt to his eye level "friend?" she finished for him.

Chrono gulped, "…Yea.". She shook her head and stood back up, breaking the gazing between them. "You don't need to be afraid." he suddenly felt his bangs being moved from over his eyes by gentle hands. His bangs were tenderly pushed aside so that fire-red eyes were looking into river-blue's.

"A real friend won't ever tell your secrets. A real friend is someone you will always know to trust from your heart. A real friend will tell you straight out that your being a baby when your sad about what you don't have and wish you had, this way you can approve yourself and except who you are." her bangs were over her eyes.

"What do you mean by that-"

Rosette grinned a wide grin and patted Chrono on the back. "You like Rock music, huh? I think Pop's way better though.", she said knowing what kind of music he liked from the interview sheet.

"Huh!" Chrono blinked at her. …umm what just happened to the serious mood? "What about the real friend thing…" "Horsefeathers!" she interrupted "I was just in the moment, was all. Now who's your favorite artist/band? Is it Evanescence, Green Day, M.C.R, Linkin Park! Hey! Have you ever heard Madonna? Madonna's really good and-".

A hand was suddenly put firmly to her mouth "You talk a lot." Chrono said. When he let her go, Rosette simply smiled at him "I like Linkin Park…Pop's ok…". Rosette's smile grew as she began to ramble about how good Pop music was, spite his shy answer.

As the day went on, reader, Chrono for the first time really in his life, smiled. Not an evil smile, or jealous grin, or even an envious vampire-toothy grin. This smile was of pure joy. And from here on, you could tell that this just had to be the start of a beautiful friendship…If you don't think it'll turn out so, remember my message on fate, how else would life turn around? Heh, well if knowing the only girl who goes to school at the boy's dorm isn't a life turner than please tell me what is.


"Whatever you say, you're still you, Berry.

How could I quit being your friend just because you became the latest Mew Mew?

Don't underestimate me!"

-Tasuku Meguro, Tokyo Mew Mew A La Mode, Book 1


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