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Chapter One: Down the Well

Sitting on the edge of the Bone Eaters well, Kagome Higurashi looked down and sighed. She couldn't wait to get back to the feudal age. Even with all the demons and fighting, it was much more peaceful there. Maybe not 'peaceful' exactly. But it gave her the sense that she was home. Then again, maybe it wasn't the time or the place that she was homesick for. Maybe it was the irritable hanyou on the other side of the well. She just hoped that Inuyasha wouldn't be too mad. If nothing else, he'd be happy to see all the extra ramen she packed.

Taking a breath, she pushed herself off the edge and plunged into the darkness. She waited for the blue light to envelope her and take her to past.

"Oof!" She landed badly, twisting her ankle and falling hard into the hard packed earth.

The ground was solid. It didn't open up and let her through. At first she was confused. No. At first she was in shock. Confusion came after. Why didn't it work? Why isn't it working? Nimbly her finger went to her pocket where she was keeping the glass vial of jewel shards until she got her necklace fixed. But they weren't there. Had Inuyasha stolen the shards again to keep her trapped in her time? Why?

She let the tears form and slide down her face as her fingers clawed at the packed earth until her fingers were raw and her nails torn and bleeding. Sniffling she scooted to the stone wall of the well and leaned against it. What am I going to do?

"Are you down that stupid well again?"

For a moment the girl was bewildered. It was his voice, but the well hadn't opened up and let her through. Slowly her mind began to clear and pushed the confusion away, and Kagome looked up until she saw the familiar silhouette of Inuyasha looking down at her.

"Um…..no?" She called back up with a smile in her far too innocent sounding voice.

She giggled as she listened to her best friend curse up a storm that would make even the golden eyed half demon from her dreams blush. Wiping the tears from her eyes she struggled to her feet and leaned against the wall, favoring her injured ankle. It was throbbing and hurt like the dickens, but she wouldn't let HIM know that. He would never let her live it down.

Evidently the human Inuyasha had hearing just as good as her hanyou, since he stopped cursing when he heard her sharp intake of breath when she stood.

"You didn't hurt yourself again did you, Kag?"

"It's Ka-GO-ME, not Kag."

"You're evading the question, KAG. Which means you DID hurt yourself and you know you are gonna get chewed out. You know, you'll never be an actress… or a politician." He sounded seriously miffed. "You shouldn't even bother to try lying. It is just painfully pathetic."

Kagome huffed, "Harrumph. You think you know me soooo well."

With a soft thump her friend landed in front of her, with catlike grace. Catlike, she snickered at her own joke. Her dog demon wouldn't like being compared to a cat.

"I do know you, moron. We've been friends since we were in the womb."

Inuyasha's mom and Kagome's mom had been best friends growing up. They married within a year of each other, lived next door to each other, and had their first children less than a month apart. It was an old family joke that Inuyasha and Kagome were friends while in the womb. Considering how close she had always felt to the boy, Kagome didn't doubt that for a single moment.

"What is it with you and ties?" she asked as she touched the loosely knotted tie of his more than slightly rumpled school uniform. It reminded her so much of the rosary when he wore it like this.

Of course, the extreme casualness of the tie went well with the rolled up sleeves and top two unbuttoned buttons. He never was one to care about the dress code. She supposed it was all she could ask for that he actually wore the uniform, albeit in his own unique fashion. She gave it a quick sniff. Well, at least it was clean.

"You know I can't tie these stupid things." He took the tie from her fingers. She looked carefully at the knot. Sure enough, it was the same knot she had tied for him yesterday. "C'mon, let's get out of here."

Inuyasha didn't scoop Kagome up in his arms and jump with her out of the well to safety like he often did in her dreams, but he did help pull and push her along on the way up, making sure she had a good grip on the rope ladder he had made for her two years ago when she had first started jumping down the well.

That was shortly after the dreams had begun on her fifteenth birthday.

"You know you are insane, don't you?" Inuyasha asked as he gave his friend a final push out of the well before climbing out himself.

Kagome stood up and dusted herself off, her own uniform now more than slightly rumpled as well. "Yeah, I know. But it seems so real. I just can't help myself!"

"Hmph. I finally know what to study in college. Psychology. Then maybe I can finally figure out what in the world wrong with that stupid brain of yours." With his fist he gently knocked on her head as if listening for the echo that would confirm that she actually did have a brain in there. "You've had these dreams for too long." His voice was stern and his eyes serious.

"Oh! Another dream, Kagome?" Inuyasha and Kagome turned to see their friend Miroku Houshi walked into the well house. His uniform, as usual, was perfectly starched and pressed with an impeccably tied tie around his neck. "Am I still a lecherous monk?"

Kagome rolled her eyes. "You're ALWAYS lecherous, Miroku. And yes, you are still a monk in the dream."

"Did you ever heal that wind in the hand problem of mine?"

"Wind Tunnel. Stop calling it 'wind in the hand'… that just sounds gross. And I don't control the dreams, you know."

"Are you ever going to hook Sango and me up in the dream? If I'm supposed to be a lecherous monk, can't you let me do anything that is actually lecherous."


"You forgot to call him an idiot", Inuyasha reminded Kagome helpfully.

A new voice joined them. "At least you and Sango are adults in her dreams, she turns ME into a little KID!" Kagome laughed as a disgruntled Shippo peeked inside the well house. He hated the fact that he was always a small child in the dreams.

"She didn't jump in again did she?" the red head asked as he took in Kagome's rather untidy appearance.

"Of course she did. She's stupid you know," Inuyasha answered, which earned him a punch in the shoulder.

"Did you find more jewel shards last night?" Shippo asked.

Kagome grinned, "Yes! We found it in the head of a bear demon!"

"Don't encourage her, Shippo!" Inuyasha bounced his book bag off the shorter teen's head as he started shoving the males out of the well house. "She's already dancing on the edge of insanity, she doesn't need a push."

Kagome sniffed loudly and turned her nose up in the air. "I guess you don't want to know how it ends then." She glanced at him from the corner of her eye. She knew that he was just a big of a sucker for hearing about the dreams as the others. Though she had a feeling he was trying to analyze them and make sense of them. He was likely very serious about wanting to study psychology in college.

With a snort Inuyasha turned his back to her. "Hop on. Let's get you off that foot and go get it looked at. Idiot."

"I'm beginning to think that 'Idiot' is your pet name for me," she grumbled. But she was never one to refuse a piggy back ride, in her dreams or in reality, so she tossed Miroku her yellow book bag and hopped on.

Kagome wrapped her arms around her friend's neck and he gripped her legs. "Grab my bag too, Miroku," he said as he walked out of the well house with his cargo.

Miroku whined loudly. "How come I have to carry the bags? I could carry Kagome and YOU could carry the bags."

"Well… sure," Inuyasha laughed, "You could… if you ever learned to keep your hands to yourself. I don't feel like carrying her AND dragging your unconscious body along after she beats you within an inch of your life."

During the walk to school, Shippo coaxed the story out of Kagome about how they defeated the bear demon to get another shard. He made the appropriate grossed out faces when she got to the blood and gore parts. She always made sure to go into detail about those. It never failed to make Shippo turn an interesting color of green.

"At least Kikyo wasn't in this dream. You're always in such a bad mood when she is. Worse than when PMS-ing."

Kagome tensed. Kikyo. The girl from her dream determined to take Inuyasha away from her. The one that he loved. The one he continued to leave her for. In reality, Kikyo was Kagome's cousin. Their mothers were twin sisters. When they had daughters who looked so much alike and were so close to the same age, they thought it would be great fun to treat them as twins. They would dress them in identical outfits and attempt to force them to bond like sisters. Their moms were incredibly optimistic.

"You're choking me, Kag." Inuyasha pried her fingers from his throat. He gave Shippo an evil glare for bringing up the name 'Kikyo'.

He also hated it when she would have Kikyo in her dream. He couldn't count the times he found Kagome crying and depressed for days because of her. He knew that her heart ached. She couldn't hide the sorrow from her eyes, no matter how brightly she smiled to try and hide the pain. Inuyasha sighed. He had gone out on a couple of dates with Kikyo a year and a half ago. There was no horrible breakup. It just didn't work out. His heart wasn't in it. Shortly after, Kikyo had started making her appearances in Kagome's dreams, making Kagome's life as miserable in her dreams as she did in real life.

Strangely enough, she didn't seem to hate either Kikyo.

Kikyo wasn't an evil person, she just had a cool and aloof personality. She was also a very beautiful young woman. Her long black hair fell well past her hips in a silky curtain, and her body was trim and fit thanks to her athletic pursuits. She was even the captain of the archery club. But Kikyo was no stereotypical jock. She was also very bright and was vice president of the student council. No one doubted that she would be valedictorian. If there was an award, she was the one receiving it. Everything she did she excelled at with grace and panache.

And not a day went by without someone reminding Kagome of how poorly she measured up to her perfect cousin. It would be easier to hate her if she was cruel, but she wasn't. So instead of hate, Kagome just felt hurt and envy.

Inuyasha wanted to pound a knot on Shippo's head for bringing up such a sore subject. He was about to shift Kagome around so he could free up a fist, but she beat him to it.





Before Kagome could persuade Inuyasha to chase down their bolting friend so she could whack him some more, they found themselves in front of their school building. Shippo and Miroku walked with them to the nurse's office, though Shippo kept out of Kagome's swinging range.

"You guys run on to class. I'll be there in a few minutes." Kagome smiled and waved off her friends.

"I think I'll stick around."

"You don't have to, Inuyasha."


Kagome giggled. There were times that she could forget that he wasn't the dog demon she dreamed about. But this Inuyasha was much better than the one from her dreams.

This one was real.


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I hope you guys are enjoying the story so far. I have the next few chapters sketched out, so hopefully it won't be too long before updates. I don't want to ruin any surprises, but stick it out until at least chapter three before you decide if you like it or not, even if you aren't an AU fan.

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